Satellite Pro U200 - need drivers HDD Protection & footprint of VISTA 64-bit

I have toshiba Satellite Pro U200 [Greece] and I need drivers for fingerprint utility and disk protection hard can you help me? It is very important too me.


I think that gives you about boyfriend chance seems Toshiba 64-bit tools and drivers at the moment unfortunately, nothing to see :(

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  • Re: Satellite Pro U200 - cannot install HDD protection Utility?


    Know somwonw why I can't install:

    HDD Protection Utility
    Toshiba Windows Vista 32bits World Wide

    on my PLUA1E Satellite Pro U200-02802QS4 with Vista Business 32-bit?


    And why you can install t HDD Protection Utility? You get an error message?

    Please explain your problem exactly because normally Satellite Pro U200 support this utility.

  • Satellite Pro P300: Need driver "Mass storage controller" of Vista 64-bit

    Hi, please help.

    I just upgraded my laptop from Windows Vista 32 bit Vista 64-bit.

    I managed to find all the drivers apart: the driver "Mass storage controller" (yellow exclamation in Device Manager).

    I don't know where to look for this driver.

    Any help would be appreciated. Al


    I guess you didn't search in the forum for similar issues? Is this good?
    I think that I m straight because I searched the forum and found that Toshiba FAQ doc.

    + No driver Windows XP for PCI Memory Controller +.

    Here you can find this text passage:
    After the installation of Windows XP, there might be a yellow exclamation by a "PCI memory controller" or * "Mass storage controller" * in Device Manager.

    _Solution: _
    This unit is probably the module of Robson former Turbo Memory.
    This material will be supported only by Windows Vista.
    There is therefore no Windows XP driver.

    Now, everything should be clear ;)

  • Satellite Pro C650: Need drivers Win XP


    I am looking for a drivers audio xp for toshiba satellite pro c650-10J computer laptop.
    I found on the toshiba support site only Conexant drivers that are not good.

    Someone knows, where can I find different drivers?


    Conexant audio driver on the European driver of Toshiba page is good.
    You must choose this driver v

    But note; It is very important that you should install SP3 BEFORE install you the audio driver.

    There are some other threads in this forum about it, and the driver is ok.

  • Satellite Pro A120 - need drivers Server 2003


    I have Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 with XP Pro. But now, you have installed Windows Server 2003 because of certain practices, but he on ethernet and audio drivers. Can someone guide me how can I intall and can access the internet.

    Thank you.

    To be honest, what do you want with a server on your laptop operating system? I'm a little confused on this m.

    However, Toshiba does not support this operating system on your laptop so you have to look to external Web sites for drivers.
    I put t know what Satellite A120 you exactly so that I can t find drivers, but you can find the driver on the site of the factory.
    For example:

  • Satellite Pro L10 - need drivers XP

    I recently did a new install of Windows XP Pro on my new HARD drive and got a list of other devices of the yellow question marks on them. They are;

    -Controller Audio multimedia
    -PCI Modem
    -Video controller
    -Video controller (VGA Compatible)

    Anyone know how I can get the drivers for these devices that I can not find an any of them on the Toshiba downloads/support page

    I had a Satellite Pro L10.

    I would appreciate the help as I do not have sound on my laptop.

    Thanks in advance


    The laptop Satellite Pro L10 is an OLD series.
    Drivers and tools have been moved to the area of _ARCHIVE_ on the European driver Toshiba page.
    Recommend to check this area for some XP drivers!


  • Satellite Pro M10: Need drivers for PS630E-G206D

    No, model PS630E G206D EN

    Please point me in the right direction so that I can get all the required drivers for my system.

    I looked on this site, but still miss me several drivers, IR, wireless etc.

    Sincerely, Jackie

    Have you already checked Toshiba download under page?

    Infrared driver is listed there (version Regarding WLAN driver check it please your other display.

  • Upgrade SSD on Satellite Pro U200


    I have a laptop (Satellite Pro U200-PLUA1E-00X007HU of the v3.70 win7 32-bit bios), I want to upgrade with a series of Samsung 830 64 GB SSD. I read that the SSD need AHCI mode. My laptop supports AHCI mode? What can I change in the bios before installing the new storage?

    Thanks for the help!



    I see you're confused
    First, he must know that the laptop supports the SATA controller.
    This means that you must use hard drives SATA or SATA SSD.

    Second: AHCI means SATA some BIOS supports only a SATA mode, and you can switch between compatible (IDE) mode and AHCI (SATA) mode.

    If this switch is not available in the BIOS mode is always set to AHCI.

    However, to SSD drive question:
    I put t really no problem using an SSD.
    It must function as the SATA controller support

  • Need new battery for Satellite Pro U200-182


    I m needing help on the purchase of new battery for Toshiba Satellite Pro U200 - 182
    No model origin. what I found on old battrey is PA3356U - 3BRS with parameters: DC10.8V - 4700mAh

    When I tried searching on the web I found that this trick
    http://smart-parts.NET/bsearch.php?brand=Toshiba&name=satellite%20PRO&SER ie = U200% 20Black & model = U200-182

    I would like to ask if I can buy it (if this battery will be compatible) and also if its possible to buy the battery longer "life."

    Thank you for the help

    I found the info that for your laptop model there are two types of battery only:

    So if you use Google and put these numbers, you should be able to find an online store where you can buy these compatible batteries.
    By the way: link you posted is OK and I don't see the reason why you shouldn't order of it. It is listed as compatible.

    To extend the life, you need battery with more cells and ability, but it is unfortunately not available for your laptop model.

  • Upgrade can not display drivers - Satellite Pro U200-10J

    Hi all

    I recently received a Satellite Pro U200, which I am very satisfied so far.

    My current display drivers are the of the 945GM Express chipset Intel. The new drivers that have been added to the drivers on the Toshiba site list 17 and are the Unfortunately, they install! I get a message just after the initialization of configuration that these drivers are not the most appropriate for this laptop and it closed facility. When I try to update the Device Manager, it simply tells me that I already have the latest drivers for my machine.

    Please notify; p


    Before you start installing the new driver remove the old. You can do this in the properties of the device in Device Manager.

    I did it with my Vista preinstalled Satellite A200 (also with the Intel graphics card).

  • Need the manual online for Satellite Pro U200

    I heard people talking about the online manual for the Toshiba Satellite Pro U200, especially when it comes to upgrading the memory. But I never saw a link to the manual online. Someone can it give?

    Neffe :)


    Visit > download & support > Support home page.
    Under download, you will find Toshiba manual. Click on it and choose your model of laptop.

    I check the manual and it is ready for download. ;)
    If you need more help please write again.

  • I need the last CD of Microsoft Office - Satellite Pro U200-125

    I just bought Satellite Pro U200-125 without the last set of Microsoft Office CD. Does anyone have this CD?

    Thank you


    Hi Musallam

    Sorry, but what you mean with last Microsoft office defined? Office 2007 perhaps?

  • Satellite Pro U200-10I - need of detailed specifications

    Hello guys,.

    I have the laptop mentioned above and I want to know the specification of this laptop. I tried the Toshiba Web site but I failed.


    Maybe I can help you my friend
    To my knowledge, the satellite Pro U200-10I belongs to the series of PLUA1E and it supports these devices:
    -WIDE XGA 12.1 CSV "
    -120GB (5400 RPM) SATA
    -Mobile Intel graphic Chipset 945GM
    -1 GB OF RAM (512 + 512 MB DDR2 667 MHZ)
    -Wireless network card

    I hope it can be useful a bit

    Welcome them

  • Set password Linux ATA hard drive / Toshiba Satellite Pro U200

    Sorry for the long post, but I want to be as specific as possible:

    I use a Toshiba Satellite Pro U200 under Linux (OpenSUSE) for some years now. Works fine without problems so far, even the fingerprint reader works. I deleted and never used the Windows XP preinstalled.

    For security reasons, I have now decided to put a HDD ATA password, in case the laptop is lost or stolen (changed drive for a disk Seagate Momentus 7200 FDE.2 SATA II with full encryption of the disk material).

    In order to get the protection offered by the full disk encryption, I need to set a password for the ATA. During startup, the Bios must request the password and unlock the drive only when the password is correct.

    My problem is: in the Toshiba laptop it is impossible to set the hard drive ATA password directly in the bios (as is possible in HP laptops, for example). Toshiba there is only one way to set the password to disk, which is a software utility for Windows XP (named 'Assist'). But I don't want to change the operating system only to set this password.

    Therefore, I tried the linux instructions

    hdparm - user-master m - security-all-pass SecretMasterPassword/dev/sda
    hdparm - user-master u - security-all-pass SecretUserPassword/dev/sda

    which are used for adjustment ATA passwords. Indeed, at first, it seems to work very well. The password is set and the drive is locked.

    When I restart the laptop, the Bios the HDD password request, as it should do.

    But he does not accept the SecretUserPassword prior to seizure. The answer is "wrong password", or similar.


    I have no doubt that the password has been set correctly: I checked by restarting the laptop through rescue DVD in linux and unlock the disc via

    hdparm - user-master u - safety - unlock SecretUserPassword/dev/sda

    in order to use it. No problem, it works as supposed to. After the release, the disc is usable as usual. And I can also disable the password via

    hdparm - user-master u - security - disable SecretUserPassword/dev/sda

    After you disable the password, the laptop starts normally again, but I have no password.

    When I re-enable the password bios Toshiba again asks the password during initialization, but does not accept the (correct) password on entry.

    Does anyone have an explanation for this behavior?

    Bios Toshiba has somehow changes the password entered by the user, before being sent to the disk? I think that this would be inconsistent with the ATA standard.

    Anyone managed to set/change the password to ATA in a way that the disc can be unlocked via the internal order of the Bios, without installation of Windows XP and the Toshiba Software 'Assist '?

    Thanks for reading this long post so far. Any response is welcome.



    As you probably know Linux is not supported by Toshiba and if you n t get some good advice here I recommend you to visit a few Linux forums and try to discuss with experts in Linux it.

  • Satellite Pro U200 - hard drive upgrade


    I have a Satellite Pro U200-128 and you want to upgrade the hard drive. I can't find detailed specifications to show me the compatibility, drive type and therefore the size of a disc that I can buy.
    I think that its SATA, but there is a lot of info on SATAII, not sure if it will work in my model?

    Any help appreciated

    Hi ollieg72,

    You re right. Satellite Pro U200 already uses the HARD drive with SATA interface if you need a HARD SATA 2.5. In addition, it should be possible to use every ability because on SATA interface, there is no capacity limit.

    Anyway, SATAII HDD is also working because they are compatible to the old interface of SATA1 downgrade. So it makes no difference if the HDD is SATAII interface or not. ;)

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