Satellite Pro U200 starts after some time it stops after 5 minutes

Satellite Pro U200 stops after 5 minutes, then starts after some time. When she stops the
blue screen say - stop: (0x0000008e, 0xaa846f58, 0xa9f29808, 0x00000000)

Sysaudio.sys - address aa846f58 base at aa843000, datestamp 41107f1a



Believe me; It's not easy to say exactly why the BSOD appears.
It usually happens because of a malfunction or severe software hardware fault.
Have you used the operating system of the image of Toshiba?
Message it says something about sysaudio.sys.
This file is a system audio WDM filter processes and it s a part of the Windows operating system. It controls the material such as the printer or the graphics card at a lower level.

Note: The virus uses these files as a camouflage. You should always use an anti virus application.

In addition, you suggested that the laptop stops after 5 min.
Well, this looks like an overheating problem. How did you use the laptop? You know that free space around the laptop is very important due to the circulation of air. Fans should also be free.

I you use Notepad in the right position and it happen, so I recommend asking for help Toshiba service partner. They should check the laptop.

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  • Satellite Pro U200-> black screen after startup


    It happens from time to time when I try to start my PLUA1E Satellite Pro U200-02802QS4, then I get a black screen even from the BIOS.
    What is wrong and how to fix this?

    BTW, I already have this BIOS version: P0044v370.exe installed.


    This happens from time to time?
    This means that you can not reproduce this problem?

    Hmm that's not easy to say what the issue might be.
    Maybe the BIOS update will help you at the moment you can find BIOS 3, 7 victory on the European driver Toshiba page.
    If you have a lower BIOS version installed, then I recommend an update.

    It is also possible that this problem is related to some of the material; motherboard, screen, etc.
    In this case the part should be replaced but first of all it of necessary to know what part is affected and I think that the technician of the ASP for this

    What do you think???

  • Problems after Satellite Pro U200 has been accidentally deleted


    I keep having problems with my laptop Toshiba Satellite pro U200. Problems started the laptop was accidentally deleted.
    I will try to describe here:

    Laptop started making noise like buzz... all the time.
    and it's really annoying. Never, it was so loud.
    Another strange thing, it is that we continue to be: after about 4 hours of running Windows, it starts to make the buzz of his stronger and ultimately all windows just freezes. You can not move the mouse can not do anything, even ctrl + alt + del doesn't work, so I have to push turn off button for a few seconds to turn off the laptop.

    I don't know what I have to do?
    is this a hardware problem? If that's what should I change?
    If anyone has had similar problem please share what you know with me!

    Thank you very much!

    > After about 4 hours of running Windows, it starts to make the buzz of his stronger and ultimately all the windows just freezes
    I think there could be something wrong with the cooling module.
    Is that your fall, the computer laptop and, consequently, the cooling module could malfunction and might makes a strange noise.

    Usually, if don t cooling modules to work properly, the temperature rises to a higher level and finally the laptop begins to freeze due to a higher internal temperature.

    In fact, this is just my personal opinion and I can't say with certainty what s wrong.
    I think you should ask a technician for laptop for a short audit

    What I can say is that it really sounds like a hardware problem

  • No sound after installing Windows 7 on Satellite Pro U200


    I just installed Windows 7 Professional on my Satellite Pro U200 10 p.

    Available for XP Pro.

    Sound has stopped working since the new facility (which fromatting the drive - no partition) and can not find a solution. The v6.10.1.6000 of SoundMAX Integrated Digittal HD Audio Driver is installed. I uninstalled and reinstalled several times, but this doesn't seem to be the right driver. I can't find info to tell me what the correct driver can be either. The Toshiba site is a little sparse on Windows 7 drivers for this model and gives no indication that the driver may be is.

    Windows 7 does not think that there is a problem and some reports that "this device works properly." in speaker properties > Configuration information dialog box. However not coming out, the speakers or the 3.5 mm jack

    Anyone got any ideas?

    Thank you



    Go to Device Manager and check what sound chip you have exactly:

    Use this statement:
    [How to identify an unknown device? |]

    Then you should be able to find a good pilot.
    I also recommend remove/delete the sound card in Device Manager.
    Just select the audio remove card and press on, and then restart the laptop

    PS: Are you sure that the sound is not muted? Please check this too!

  • Satellite Pro U200: Display Resolution changed to 1024 x 768, after sleep (Vista)

    I have some problems with my Satellite Pro U200 (WinVista, BIOS 3.50, Display Driver

    After the exit mode standby, the display shows the correct resoluion of 1280 x 800 for a second and then goes to 1024 x 768. It's very annoying.

    I tried to uninstall / reinstall the display driver, but it did not help.

    Does anyone have an idea?

    Well, I remember a similar problem happened on U200 with Windows XP and Windows XP MCE.
    The update of the graphics to the version driver has solved this strange switching

    Maybe the next update of the graphics card driver will clear this issue

  • Satellite Pro U200: MS Office Documents open slowly after installing BT stack


    As I installed the toshiba bluetooth stack (on my Satellite Pro U200) last week, MS Office documents are very slow to open when I choose them by double-clicking from windows Explorer. If I first start Office then use "Open" to open the document, the document opens very quickly.

    The problem disappears as soon as I uninstall the Bluetooth stack.

    This issue is documented on the website and can apparently be solved using the instead microsoft bluetooth stack.

    However, I don't seem to be able to install this driver on my laptop.

    Is there a solution from Toshiba?

    See you soon,.


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    I met the same problem. The problem disappeared after the installation of the previous version of v4.88 Nokia Suite.

  • Satellite Pro U200 - no sound after installing Windows 7


    I have a problem with sound after installing Windows 7 on a (PLUA1E) satellite Pro U200. No Win7 audio driver available on the Nordic pilot site. Help, please.


    Hey Buddy,

    Have you already checked the site Web of Toshiba itself?

    I found a driver for Vista 32 bit and Vista drivers most also work on Windows 7 so it s worth a try! :)

  • Satellite Pro U200 crashes, freezes in a strange way


    I have laptop Satellite Pro U200, once by accident, it fell out of my backpack.
    Then after, I pressed on IT Windows key is not started, even though I could hear the hard drive makes a noise.
    I got my computer to Toshiba repair service.

    It was very funny so I explained the problem to repair the assistant and after he pressed windows button started working as nothing really happened.
    After some time I noticed that sometimes Windows everything freezes, as stop and that's all I can not move my mouse, keyboard does not (Ctrl + Alt + Delete included) all that I can do is hold OFF the button for everything and restart Windows...

    Now he has started to crash (gel) in particular much more often.

    I thought that if these two things are linked?
    Maybe someone of you have faced such a problem before and know how to solve?

    I think buying new hard drive, but I don't know if that would solve the problem, what do you think?
    If all I have to do is buy a new hard drive maybe someone of you knows some net store where I can find it?

    Thanks a lot for you help,


    As I understand it, your laptop start freezing and crashing after several minutes of use.
    Is this good?

    Well, if yes then I have more questions;
    Have you noticed a high temperature?
    If Yes, then this problem could be related to a high temperature and windows would freeze due to overheating.
    In this case I recommend that you clean the fans using a jet of compressed air.

    It would also be possible that your RAM module is also affected

    My laptop froze because of the modules was defective.
    I tested the laptop with other modules and could solve the problem

    Maybe my tips and tricks could be useful for you to solve the problem with the laptop.

  • Satellite Pro U200-10I - how to disable the system at startup control upward?

    : x Hi,.

    I have Toshiba Satellite Pro U200-10I and I want to disable the control system, as it is a long time to start machine. Is there a way to Devil who?

    Nedd your help! : D


    Just checking the system do you mean exactly?
    Is this based on Windows or BIOS based?

    If you mean the ScanDisk in Windows startup you can disable it in the registry:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Session Manager
    Change the BootExecute entry to: autocheck autochk *.

    After that restart the ScanDisk is disabled and doesn't appear at Windows startup.

  • Satellite Pro U200-10I: DVD UJ-850 s player not working - corrupt/lack of pilot


    I just bought my new laptop Satellite Pro U200-10I. The DVD doesn't seem to work at all. It is said, Mat * a s DVD UJ-850 drive not working - corrupt/lack of driver. Help, please.

    Appreciate your response. Thank you!



    The CD/DVD drive using the Microsoft diver who is included in the Windows operating system.
    According to this page or some registry keys are corrupt windows clean driver failures.

    I think that you must first access the Device Manager and check if the CD/DVD drive is displayed correctly.
    If you do not see a yellow exclamation I recommend to remove the drive from Device Manager and reboot the laptop.

    After restarting again the OS should recognize the new device (CD/DVD drive) and should implement the drivers again.
    Finally start the registry and delete the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters completely from the following registry key values:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

    and restart the device.

    Good luck

  • Error message "failed to load Tosrfcom" on the Satellite Pro U200


    I have laptop Toshiba Satellite PRO U200 with pre-installed VISTA professional
    After restarting, even for the first time, having the following error in the event log:

    Log name: System
    Source: Service Control Manager
    Date: 07.07.2007 01:29:15
    Event ID: 7026
    Task category: no
    Level: error
    Keywords: Classic
    User: n/a
    Computer: toshiba
    The next (s) starting or starting system could not load:



    Can't find a solution!

    someone knows how to fix this?

    Hey Buddy,

    did you have already recovered the system (installed completely new from scratch)? If it is already done, then do it and see if the same error again.
    Maybe it s just a software problem and can be solved by reinstalling the operating system.

    Welcome them

  • Set password Linux ATA hard drive / Toshiba Satellite Pro U200

    Sorry for the long post, but I want to be as specific as possible:

    I use a Toshiba Satellite Pro U200 under Linux (OpenSUSE) for some years now. Works fine without problems so far, even the fingerprint reader works. I deleted and never used the Windows XP preinstalled.

    For security reasons, I have now decided to put a HDD ATA password, in case the laptop is lost or stolen (changed drive for a disk Seagate Momentus 7200 FDE.2 SATA II with full encryption of the disk material).

    In order to get the protection offered by the full disk encryption, I need to set a password for the ATA. During startup, the Bios must request the password and unlock the drive only when the password is correct.

    My problem is: in the Toshiba laptop it is impossible to set the hard drive ATA password directly in the bios (as is possible in HP laptops, for example). Toshiba there is only one way to set the password to disk, which is a software utility for Windows XP (named 'Assist'). But I don't want to change the operating system only to set this password.

    Therefore, I tried the linux instructions

    hdparm - user-master m - security-all-pass SecretMasterPassword/dev/sda
    hdparm - user-master u - security-all-pass SecretUserPassword/dev/sda

    which are used for adjustment ATA passwords. Indeed, at first, it seems to work very well. The password is set and the drive is locked.

    When I restart the laptop, the Bios the HDD password request, as it should do.

    But he does not accept the SecretUserPassword prior to seizure. The answer is "wrong password", or similar.


    I have no doubt that the password has been set correctly: I checked by restarting the laptop through rescue DVD in linux and unlock the disc via

    hdparm - user-master u - safety - unlock SecretUserPassword/dev/sda

    in order to use it. No problem, it works as supposed to. After the release, the disc is usable as usual. And I can also disable the password via

    hdparm - user-master u - security - disable SecretUserPassword/dev/sda

    After you disable the password, the laptop starts normally again, but I have no password.

    When I re-enable the password bios Toshiba again asks the password during initialization, but does not accept the (correct) password on entry.

    Does anyone have an explanation for this behavior?

    Bios Toshiba has somehow changes the password entered by the user, before being sent to the disk? I think that this would be inconsistent with the ATA standard.

    Anyone managed to set/change the password to ATA in a way that the disc can be unlocked via the internal order of the Bios, without installation of Windows XP and the Toshiba Software 'Assist '?

    Thanks for reading this long post so far. Any response is welcome.



    As you probably know Linux is not supported by Toshiba and if you n t get some good advice here I recommend you to visit a few Linux forums and try to discuss with experts in Linux it.

  • Upgrade can not display drivers - Satellite Pro U200-10J

    Hi all

    I recently received a Satellite Pro U200, which I am very satisfied so far.

    My current display drivers are the of the 945GM Express chipset Intel. The new drivers that have been added to the drivers on the Toshiba site list 17 and are the Unfortunately, they install! I get a message just after the initialization of configuration that these drivers are not the most appropriate for this laptop and it closed facility. When I try to update the Device Manager, it simply tells me that I already have the latest drivers for my machine.

    Please notify; p


    Before you start installing the new driver remove the old. You can do this in the properties of the device in Device Manager.

    I did it with my Vista preinstalled Satellite A200 (also with the Intel graphics card).

  • Get the error message when you try an upgrade to Vista on Satellite Pro U200

    When I upgraded my Satellite Pro U200 to Vista (original CD using Toshiba), I couldn't install Config Free program. When I want to install it, I get the message 'the installation image is not corrcet' ideas for this problem?

    Thank you


    Maybe you need to download again the configfree for your machine from here:

    Just download and try to install it. I can't imagine that she won´t, I ve updated work my A100 some time ago and everything works fine.
    BTW. I downloaded all the stuff from the link above.

    Please give some feedback


  • Flash (TCrdMain.exe) error on Satellite Pro U200 card


    I have Vista Business installed on Toshiba Satellite Pro U200
    and, in the event log, the following error message:

    Log name: Application
    Source: Application error
    Date: 20.11.2008 18:06:38
    Event ID: 1000
    Task category: (100)
    Level: error
    Keywords: Classic
    User: n/a
    Computer: toshiba
    Application TCrdMain.exe, version, time stamp 0x458faba6, failed mscorwks.dll module, version 2.0.50727.1434, time stamp 0x4757b767, exception code 0xc0000409, offset error 0x002b832f, 0xe38, failing application start 0x01c94b322888a3c2 process id.
    The event XML:

    0 x 80000000000000


    4757b 767

    someone knows howto fix it or where can I download this software of Flash cards and reinstall?

    ist it this software?

    Flash Media Driver & action = search & selProduct = 656 & selOS = 26 & selType = 244 & country = 37 & language = 13 & search =

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