Satellite Pro U400 - how to upgrade the BIOS from 17/07/08

I downloaded the update to the bios - the following file: bios -
I unzipped. But the way I did it twice and then I can not find the file to install this update.

The first file of the sip consists of another zip file and in the second, there are 3 foulders: BOOT, EFI and SOURCES and 1 file BOOTMGR that is not a program.

Can someone tell me what should I do with this update in order to install?

Hello, Olga

Updated the BIOS, you can use 3, 00 - WIN version. Extract all the files listed on the desktop, run WinPhlash.exe. Update BIOS version WIN can be done under operating system running.

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    Another point of view - I bought MS Windows XP Pro and haven´t you have a PC to install it on. Can I install this OS on my Satellite? Will it work? Where can I find the drivers for touchpoint etc etc... Normally, the Toshiba works with Windows ME and I can not use ITunes on ME... if XP would be great - what do you think?

    Hello Jürgen

    In my opinion, if you install the operating system on the unit you you use the recovery CD provided because it has been tested and it works without any problem. But if you want to install another system on your laptop, you can use the original Microsoft OS and all the necessary drivers, you can find the Toshiba site.> support & downloads

    The update of the BIOS and the important information (i.e. how to upgrade the BIOS) you will find also on the Knowledge Base Web site

    Good bye

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    Any suggestion? Thank you!



    I think that in this case, you can use a network switch.

  • Satellite A100-386 - how to upgrade the BIOS?


    I wanted just to update my old Satellite A100-386 with 4 GB of RAM (2x2gb Crucial) instead of 1 GB, as I am now running Windows7 Pro 64 bit instead of the original XP 32.

    I read that I had to upgrade the BIOS as mine is v2.00. So, I downloaded the last of them.
    It seems to be an automatic upgrade of BIOS (S10V600.exe) as mentioned on the site Web of Toshiba.
    But when hit the .exe, I have a box of error message saying:
    "LOADPEDRV. "EXE: could not start the service.

    My question is: do I have to be 32-bit OS to run the upgrade of the automatic BIOS or is it possible to Flash the BIOS with a Windows7 64 bit OS run?

    Thanks a lot for all answer as I found no 'how to' in search on this forum.

    Best regards

    Hi FPSim,

    Who said that you need to update the BIOS to upgrade RAM? The maximum RAM capacity depends on the motherboard and chipset and not BIOS.

    Official website of Toshiba, I have seen that the model supports 4 GB of RAM so the BIOS update is not necessary. Increase the RAM and everything is ok.

  • Re: Satellite P100-429 - how to upgrade the BIOS?

    How do install the BIOS after download as I canoe find the beginning of the installation in the downloaded files?

    Any help is appreciated as I am new on this.
    I have a Satellite P100-429 PSPA3E

    You must start the WinPhlash.exe file to start the update of the BIOS.

    In addition, here are some practical info on the update to the BIOS:

  • Satellite Pro 460CDX: how to get the BIOS to recognize the disk external drive port?

    How do you get the BIOS to recognize external floppy port?

    HEEE? ?:|
    Are you sure you know how to update the BIOS?

    Come on cheshire! The update of the BIOS is risky If you n t know how to do!
    Usually, you don't need additional software to recognize the USB FDD drive or driver!

    I hope you have downloaded the good BIOS and use the correct procedure to update BOS, because if you do this in the wrong way to damage the motherboard!
    It is important to first read the BIOS update guide lines! You can find it on the download page of the BIOS under more information

  • Satellite Pro U400-11V - Installation using the floppy from XP downgrade


    Yesterday I had to replace my HARD drive once it is simply dead.
    I didn't know it was a big deal that I had lost any data.
    I would just like to re - install Windows XP using the Downgrade XP disk came with the laptop.

    It turns out that: I have about 10 discs Downgrade XP each almost identical looking and everyone, I assume, associated with a particular Toshiba laptop my company bought at some point.
    Now, I have no idea what drive is the one that came with my Toshiba Satellite Pro U400-11V.

    What I did:
    -We selected at random.
    -Installed Win Xp Pro.
    -Tried to activate Windows.
    -It indicates that the product key is bad (and some drivers are missing, so it is obviously not the disc that came with the laptop, but he got me so far).
    -Correct the product key according to the key that is located on a sticker at the bottom on the laptop *.
    * On the sticker, this key is an OEMAct Windows Vista Business key, the OS of the laptop came with.
    -L'activation of Windows will not accept the key to the sticker.

    So I have 2 questions:
    1. is there another method of re - install Windows XP Pro using the * original * Downgrade XP disk that came with?
    2 (leading to #1) is it possible to identify which drive is the one shipped with my laptop? Perhaps by checking some serial numbers on the disc?

    Worst case scenario I'll have to make (at most) 10 Windows installs until one works.
    But I was really hoping some help & advice.

    I can't wait to hear all the answers,
    Thank you!


    > I have about 10 discs Downgrade XP each almost identical search and each, I presume, associated with a particular Toshiba laptop my company bought at some point.
    > Now, I have no idea what drive is the one that came with my Toshiba Satellite Pro U400-11V
    Your ad is really funny :D

    I put t know how your Win XP drive looks like. My laptop came with the recovery disk and it was mentioned on the label that it's Toshiba recovery disc.

    In addition he s already enabled so I put t need to activate the operating system by using this key.
    Also, the key at the bottom of the unit belongs to the preinstalled operating system and it will NOT work with the new Win XP or another operating system.

    But back to your Win XP disks
    I recommend that you check the single disc... maybe a disc is already activated

  • Satellite Pro A40 - how to enter the BIOS

    I can get to safe mode, last known good configuration, but I forgot how to get BIOS. Please notify for the satellite Pro A40

    What and press ESC F1 immediately after power on

  • Satellite Pro U200 - how to access the BIOS?


    HOWTO access / enter in the setup of the BIOS of Satellite Pro U200-PLUA1E-02802QS4?


    I checked the forum and you should try to press the ESC key.

    It work? ;)

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro 2100: How to enter the BIOS?

    I have a sat 2100 pro, I find nothing in the manual on the subject to get into the bios, I have tried a few F keys but without success, what am I doing wrong? How to do in the bios?, as I get a beep sharp inside the computer laptop beeeeep, what is this? its not an overheating?

    Thanks for your time.

    Try the ESC and then F1

  • Satellite Pro A10 - how to upgrade the RAM?

    How I'm sure that when I go buy the memory that it adapts to the motherboard. ?
    Sorry for my bad English

    Is it enough to know that its DDR motherboard?

    Hi kichenin

    Until you buy new RAM modules, you should check out what specifications you need and how much memory is taken in charge.

    I checked the specs on the Web from Toshiba site and your laptop supports up to 1 GB of RAM. The specification for the RAM is PC2100 DDR - RAM. You can also buy some RAM with higher specifications (PC2700 or PC3200), but they will operate at the speed of the PC2100.

    Recommend brand for Kingston memory for example.

  • Re: Satellite Pro L - how to upgrade the drivers?

    I found this site, found the driver update page for my laptop, and he said there were 61 available updates, and the wonderful long list there. The problem is any icon or word I click on, I don't know how to download.

    Maybe its really obvious, but would somone please tell me how?

    Thank you very much

    Hi Frank,.

    I just have a simple question first: you have a problem with your laptop and it works correctly? If everything is ok, I can only say don t make updated driver! In my opinion, these updates are needed only if you have any problems, otherwise it of really not necessary.

    Never touch a running system! ;)

  • Satellite Pro 2100: how to upgrade the processor?

    In my toshiba SP we processor 1.5 GHz depending on link . What is the best processor I can put in place of the one I have now?

    What bus speed and cache size? Am I allowed to put something like 2.8 Ghz with 512 cache size and the higher speed of the bus? where is the limit?

    Toshiba delivered this unit with two different processors Celeron (1.5 and 1.8 GHz). As you know the processor must be compatible with the hardware architecture and if you want to make a few upgrades that are realistic and do it with recommended CPU or tested.

    Another problem is that replacement of CPU on Toshiba laptops is not always possible due to the method of connection permanent CPU called TCP (tape carrier package).

  • I lost Windows Vista on Satellite Pro U400 - how to get the original configuration


    I missed upwards at the start of my new laptop... I fail to use Vista.
    So I used the system recovery DVD. a version of Xp installation crashed the Vista partition!

    How can I get the original installation of this machine...?

    Any help is welcome...

    Kind regards...


    Try with

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro U300 - how to reinstall the system from original Vista operating?

    My Satellite U300 (bought in 2008) came with Vista and a fallback to option of XP pre-installed. I drove back to XP at the time. Now, end of support from Microsoft for XP, I would like to re - install the Vista operating system.
    I have the recovery disks, but there is a wizard to help the resettlement?

    Or is there a function to restore to original factory setting, which I guess would be Vista? (I backed up all my files where a clean install is required). Any help appreciated, thanks.

    I checked the specifications of the laptop and this laptop model was offered with Vista preinstalled and DVD recovery Windows XP Home edition. In General original recovery image can be installed with the recovery disk. You got laptop with Vista pre-installed (without the Vista recovery disk) allowing you to create the Vista recovery disk using the preinstalled Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator.

    There is also the option of HARD drive recovery, but it works with the factory only settings. After installing WXP that this HARD drive option will not work more then now you Vista recovery DVDs. Unfortunately in your ad I didn't understand whether or not you have the Vista recovery disk.

    If so, just start your laptop and press F12. When the boot menu appears put Vista recovery disc into the optical disc drive, has chosen the CD/DVD on the list in the menu and press ENTER. ODD will start to read the recovery disc and all what you need to do is follow the menu on the screen.

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