Satellite R630-13U drivers Intel HD

Hi guys,.

I need your help. I need Intel HD drivers for my video, my OS is now running 32-bit Windows 7 Professional.
What material is a "PCI of Simple Communications controller"?, I can't find the drivers for this hardware.

Thank you.


Thanks for the comments.
In any case, if you have any other questions, you are welcome. ;)

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  • Re: Satellite R630-13U and support for Win 7 32-bit professional

    Hi guys,.

    I just bought a Satellite R630-13U pre-loaded with OEM Windows 7 Home 64 bit, but I had problems to launch our database application causes it does support 32 bit operating system. So, I intend to change the operating system to Windows 7 Professional 32 bit. However, I was really doubtful if this laptop supports the 32 bit OS.
    So is - this compatible model for 32 bit OS? and also, if I changed and format of the preloaded operating system does it void the warranty?

    Your advice before I change anything is appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Satellite R630-13U
    Reference No.. PT31LE-00V012AR

    At first, I must say that you can install anything you want on your laptop. It has nothing to do with security. Before you install any other OS create recovery DVDs using the preinstalled Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator. One day, when you want to reuse original OS, you can use this disk to install Win7 64 bit OS.

    You can install OS 32-bit without problem ay but always is he that Toshiba doesn't offer drivers for Win7 32 bit, but I think that it is possible to find most of the drivers.

    Create recovery DVDs and install the 32-bit version. Let Win7 search all the important factors. If some of them are missing please let us know. We can try to help you find more important drivers.

  • Satellite R630-13U - driver need for the WLAN/BT function key

    Dear Sirs,

    I have problem with my Toshiba Satellite R630-13U

    I have not found any driver for the wireless hot key windows 7 pro 32-bit to be able to turn on/off the wireless or Bluetooth.

    Thank you


    You need to install additional package from Toshiba. Several different tools, this package, and one of them is utility of Flash cards.

    Please install, test and post comments.

  • Satellite R630-13U - quality of the Webcam is not good


    Toady, I just bought Satellite R630-13u and I tried to use the built-in webcam, but the quality is vey very poor, even in the right place of light. I tried to call my self through Skype iphone and my laptop, the quality of the image in the iphone is larger than the cell phone!

    I'll take the comture downtown sevirce to check that there should be some settings to adjust or a sticker placed on the camera where I can not remove it?

    your help is appreciated int his case



    It's not easy to talk about the quality of the webcam without seeing and you shouln t compare the quality of the webcam with different products. The built-in webcam is very small compared to USB webcams or very practical cameras.

    But you can improve the quality of the webcam: I found an interesting article about it on the Forum from Toshiba:

    Internal bad quality of image when using the webcam in the Dim light

    How to change the settings for the built-in webcam If the image is very dark or black

  • Wireless will not work in the Satellite R630 - 13U Code: PT31LE-00V006

    Hi all

    I bought a new Satellite R630 - 13U Code: PT31LE-00V006CE two weeks ago. Problem is that I am not able to connect to any wireless network (or open or encrypted with WPA or WEP).

    In my laptop I got it with Windows 7 installed. I am able to see the icon for wireless next to the clock in the bottom right of the screen, as I am able of netwoks that detects the pc and see select it in the list. Then once I have selected the network he asks me the password, and if I have entered a wrong password, I get the error of law.

    Problem comes when I introduce the correct password... then after a few minutes where I can see the screen of "process"bar that I get an error message that just said ' not being able to connect to the "network name"

    As I said I tried with several open networks or security, with two levels of security (WPA or WEP). I tried with different networks, with different routers and in different places... but never had a laptop computer with this new wifi connection.

    I tried to uninstall the Broadcom card and reinstalling by downloading the driver from the official site of toshiba, also I've installed the latest version of the "value package"... but still does not work.

    I have other friends with HP, o DELL who use Windows 7, which are able to connect to networks that I'm not, and no problem...

    What else should I try to fix this problem?

    Thank you very much

    > Can only connect to my home network if I disable all security.

    This means that your router supports different encryption settings as the WLan card.
    I would recommend using encryption that is supported by the router and WiFi card so

    By the way; update you the driver WLan to the current state?
    What to DO: Here you can find the latest version:

    What about BIOS: check if the BIOS is up to date also

  • Need some drivers Win7 for my Satellite R630-13U

    Hey guys,.

    I recently created wire
    and its coastline. In any case, I did change the Win 7 Professional 32 bit windows. However I find the drivers in this model, some drivers I had drivers toshiba download page works but I can't find the other drivers.
    Looking for the video driver Intel HD, cause right now the windows has loaded the default driver in my video and its Standard VGA Graphics Adapter, but the video resolution is terrible, im pixel is not that strong. So, I was looking for the might of drivers Intel HD it will help to refine the video resolution.

    I am also looking for a PCI of Communication Simple controller, I can't find the driver as well.

    Help, please! Thank you.

    Satellite L500 has the same graphics card, you can use the driver to display HERE.

    Can you please test and confirm that it works correctly?

    PCI Simple Communication controller:
    Please try to identify the device. How to do this, you can read it here -

  • Can satellite R630-13U - I recover the password of the BIOS?

    Hello, toshiba the entire community, I write from Spain, Seville.

    My question is this. How can I reset or remove the bios password?

    Informcion my laptop:
    Model: R630-13U Satellite

    You can do it yourself. Only the Toshiba service can do for you.

    Contact the nearest service Toshiba and ask for help.

  • Satellite R630 - ability of Intel wi - di

    There are a few posts on this but none aimed specifically at my question. If I understand correctly, the R630, whatsoever, is not compatible with Intel wi - di. The processor is compatible, as this is the map of graphics Intel HD, OS, etc., but the wireless adapter is not compatible.

    My question is, if I can replace my adapter wireless with one of the following cards that are compatible with the wi - di? :

    Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 1000, 1030
    Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6200, 6205 or 6230
    Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N + WiMAX 6150
    Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250
    Intel® Centrino® Ultimate-N 6300

    These cards are pretty cheap and I know that swapping physically cards is quite simple. But what are the cards, if any, are compatible with the R630? What I have to change something to activate the wi - di feature? Will this void my warranty?

    Thanks for any help.

    > This void my warranty?
    Unfortunately I can't help you with the compatibility with cards or abilities, but I think I can answer your last question.
    Yes, physically swapping cards is simple but to do this, you must open your notebook (remove the keyboard) and this step is not for end-users and, as far as I know, this will void your warranty.

    Of way General Toshiba supports RAM and disk HARD upgrade, but it is unclear to me that Toshiba supports any other implemented to hardware level part. Be careful with this.

    Why you n t Toshiba service and ask it. They know which of course what card is compatible and that kind of upgrade you can do everything alone.

  • Order of the necessary drivers for Satellite R630


    I have a Toshiba Satellite R630, and I had some problems to install the drivers. So I would like to know the order of installation of the drivers and if I too istall any drivers or only Windows 7 drivers (for example for the common Module only exist a version of Windows XP)

    Any help is appreciated

    Thank you

    Can I ask you why you must install drivers?
    Ave you have your laptop with OS preinstalled or not?

  • Can I use Satellite R630 with Netgear and Intel wireless display technology

    Dear all,

    I am a user of a Satellite R630-105 (processor i3 M350). I would use this laptop with Wi - Fi on my plasma on the wall display. Recently, I heard about Intel wireless display technology connected to the Netgear adapter as a possibility for wireless connection to the screen.

    Can I use my computer with this technology? If so, what is the process? If not, is there an alternative, using cable is very inconvenient. I'm at the beginner level.

    Thank you very much, to come.


    > I would like to use this laptop with Wi - Fi on my plasma on the wall display.
    Can you please me for what purpose you need this connection?
    I mean what kind of data you want to transfer?
    With other words you do exactly?

  • Satellite L300: Update the graphics drivers Intel Vista

    Hello, a few days before had been developed new drivers for GMA X 3100.
    I downloaded on the Intel site, but I can't install it.

    I found a driver for this card graph on the Toshiba site, but the drivers were too old (September 2008).

    Why not the Toshiba L series are updated?


    The graphics card drivers on the Toshiba driver page are the latest Toshiba drivers that are available for this graphics card.
    Don t mix drivers Intel of origin with the drivers from Toshiba!
    There is a difference!

    Intel driver don t support the overheating protection, but make the Toshiba drivers!

    Of course, you can install Intel drivers using another method. You can install the drivers from Device Manager and could point to the place where the Intel driver was stored on the HARD drive.

    But note; This Intel driver is not certified by Toshiba and you can ONLY use it at your OWN risk.

  • No 3D video on external projector not connected to the Satellite R630 - 14H

    I bought a projector that supports 3D 1080 p videos.
    I plugged in my laptop Toshiba Satellita R630 - 14H with a HDMI cable which should also support 3D.
    I used reading software that should also support 3D and downloaded a few demos to the SBS format.

    But when I play these videos, they are really displayed side by side and not as 3D.
    When I say the beamer from 2D to 3D, it always says that the entrance is not in 3D.
    The program of Intel graphics driver that has been pre-installed lists a 3D option.

    What version of HDMI the R630 - 14 H uses?
    Support 3D-video?
    Am I missing something else?

    > I plugged into my laptop Toshiba Satellite R630 - 14H with a HDMI cable which should also support 3D.

    Where did you get or find information about the 3D on this laptop support?
    Technical data Toshiba Satellite R630 - 14 H says that this support unit unit internal Intel HD graphics.

    Sorry mate but this isn't 3D capable graphics card and I don t think 3D release would be possible.

    To be able to use an external 3D monitor or projector, you would need a laptop with compatible 3D graphics card. For example a GPU nVidia Driver compatible 3D display, (NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit) 3D glasses and 3D compatible monitor or projector (120 Hz).

  • Satellite R630-105 - touchpad freezes in time

    Hi all

    Toshiba Satellite R630-105 model.
    When writing for some time (using the keyboard) without any regulated touchpad icon character appears on the screen, and sometimes the temporary blockage appears.

    At the same time, I use a USB mouse, and I disabled the touch pad using the Fn + F9 Tin order to eliminate the problem.
    Disable the USB mouse using the internal keyboard to score in the option panel-> mouse menu.

    Currently installed Synaptics driver version dated the 11.03.2010.
    I also tried the drivers install later, but don t get a good result.

    I tried the solutions but it doesn't this link:

    If you would appreciate a fix or suggestion for a solution.

    + The message was edited: assignment has been translated.

    If I understand your question, the touchpad icon appear while typing and this can be solved temporarily disable the touchpad by pressing the FN + F9.
    Is this correct?

    To my knowledge, you can disable the touchpad while typing by selecting the option in the control panel > mouse-> tab device pointing (in some cases its Advanced tab)-> setting button

    There are area called operations during key entry
    And here, you can choose the option is called tapping to disable and turn off scroll function

  • Satellite R630-141 - view becoming over-saturated/bright


    I have a portable Satellite R630-141 running Windows 7. During the last two weeks, I noticed that I had the machine will be during the suddenly very too saturated color and very high contrast. This makes it impossible to see some fine lines (e.g. the gray contours stars in gmail disappear completely) and become completely distorted faces and bands of color. Restarting the computer solves the problem. I have the latest drivers for the graphics (

    I was wondering if anyone else had a similar problem and if I should send it the laptop in return?

    Thank you

    Hi cueball,.

    This strange s version the pre-installed Windows 7 in Toshiba or is it your own installation that you are using right now?

    This probably has nothing to do with the display driver that it would be interesting to know what is happening with an external monitor. So if you connect an external monitor, you may notice the same problem or everything is ok?

  • Satellite R630 - 12G: Chipset and Bios support hardware virtualization

    No one has tested hardware virtualization with Toshiba Satellite R630 - 12G?

    It work?

    Thank you


    Laptop supports processor Mobile Intel HM55 Express Chipset and the Intel Core i5 - 450 M processor.

    Virtualization depends on the CPU.
    If the CPU compatible Intel VT virtualization should be possible.

    According to Intel, the Intel Virtualization Technology (VT - x) page is possible

Maybe you are looking for