Satellite R630-144: faded for a few seconds the time display time


I have problem with my laptop.
From time to time the screen greyed out for a few seconds and restore again.
It is not serious laptop runs on battery or plugged in.

Can someone give me an advice?



Theoretically, it could be just a problem of software; for example, display driver starts to do strange things in this case, that I recommend the update or reinstall the display driver to check if it could contribute

But it could also be a hardware problem; FL-inverter
FL inverter is a small part that controls the backlight so theoretically, it could also be the FL inverter malfunction, but that's just my guess
This should be checked by a technician for more information.

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    I have the MacBook Pro (retina, 15 '', Ende 2013)

    Thank you for your answers, I would appreciate all comments regarding this issue.

    Reset the PRAM.

    Reset the SMC. Choose the method for "on Mac Laptops with non-removable battery.

    Boot mode safe.

    If this does not help, run EtreCheck and post the report here.

    Download, open the download folder, click on it to open it, select "Open" in the dialog box to execute.

    Click on the button "Report share" in the toolbar, select "Copy to Clipboard" and then paste it when replying.

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  • My Aspire S7 stops responding for a few seconds from time to time, randomly

    Aspire i53317 S7 256 G (2 * 128)

    When using, the system stop meet occasionally for a few seconds, sometimes more than 10 seconds, click of the mouse and keyboard does nothing, while it is happening, after it is passed, it works very well for a random delay then reappears.

    I can't reproduce the problem by a fixed usage model. It seems random and happens to different software.

    I trid to reinstall the system settings-> change the PC setting-> General-> delete everything and reinstall windows. and it still happens.

    any help or any suggestion where the problem may be? I need more information before to send it to ACER, I won't return for a few days and then be said «we have no problem...» »

    Thank you


    I have had a look and it seems that your model does not use technology Intel Rapid Storage Technology. However, I can cheat me so check your event log for the error I described in my first post. If you have cleared your newspapers, wait for the problem to appear once more and then check again. If you do not see the error that this correction will not help you (application do nothing other that add clutter to your registry).

    A bit of history...

    Intel Rapid Storage Technology (IRST) added originally entered in the registry during installation. Since version 10, Intel changed the application to use the settings by default, embedded in the program - registry entries are no longer used by default. However, TSRI seems to check the entries and if necessary, he would use. The problem arises that if version 10 is a new installation and the default settings do not meet your equipment needs. When this is the case, you might well live temporary blockage. It wasn't a problem if you upgraded of course you would have entries in your registry database.

    The solution is to simply add the appropriate entries.

    It is an export of the Scriptures that I added:


    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


    "BusType" = dword:00000003


    "LPM" = DWORD: 00000000

    "LPMSTATE" = DWORD: 00000000

    "MISCONDUCT" = DWORD: 00000000

    "LPMDSTATE" = DWORD: 00000000


    "MISCONDUCT" = DWORD: 00000000

    "LPM" = DWORD: 00000000

    "LPMDSTATE" = DWORD: 00000000

    "LPMSTATE" = DWORD: 00000000


    Copy the lines between the '-' (but do not include them).

    Paste it into a text file and finally, change the .txt .reg file type

    Double-click the file and follow the instructions to add to the registry.

    Note that I have included the second entry (Port1) because I have a DVD player. Honestly, I don't know if I needed to do.

    You should try this? Well, that's a decision for you! You can do a bit of reading (or a lot!) on the Intel site to better understand.

    All I can really tell you is that I had the problem of gel (10 to 20 seconds or more) as well as the error in the log. After I made the registry changes I have * never * had a freezing episode since. Nor I have seen the error reappears in my journal.  My machine (M5-581TG) is lightning fast, so I'm more than happy that the fix has had no adverse effect.

    Finally, if you decide to give it a go, I'd say you first check your registry database, and if you can't find this entry, export them before you add mine so you can put back them if need be.

  • CC 2015 Multicam freezes for a few seconds each time I pass cameras

    I am modifying a project of 4 cameras multicam in 2015 CC and whenever I click on a camera or select a camera with the keyboard shortcuts, reading about all the cameras freezes for a few seconds, then starts again. Audio playback is not interrupted. Of course, this is a very frustrating issue because I didn't happen on other projects making, and it is impossible to cut quickly from the camera to the camera when I don't see what I am cutting. It should not be a performance issue because the media on the SSD internal and rendered and replacement with Cineform has no effect on the issue.

    Turned off the coast of GPU acceleration reading the parameters of the project and the problem has been resolved.

  • Video freezes for a few seconds, several times, but audio still ok

    Flash freezes for a second or three; Audio still ok.
    Happens usually seconds, about 8 seconds to maybe 3 times and
    intermittent after (sometimes works fine the rest of the way). Have Vista64
    IE9 - Chrome and FF will freeze not only IE. Hardware acceleration disabled (
    software). NVIDIA 440 drivers up to date. Flash up to date: object ActiveX control:
    (shouldn't that be the same as the object?). Not a buffer problem that it loads
    usually at a good pace in front of the video game. Local storage attached to 10 MB buffer
    (tried the upper and lower parameters without joy). Would like to have 4 HD audio drivers
    installed something to do with this problem? (noticed in Device Manager). Previous
    versions of back a few months did this too so decided to go on this forum. Thank you.
    Hope that I don't miss anything.

    The last update flash for IE9 seems to have solved the problem of stuttering. I've just updated and tried - running smooth as silk. Thank you Adobe for finally fixing.

  • Satellite P750/P755 - screen freezes for a few seconds a game


    Evreytime I play a game that's not mater if it is a new game or old game all the time that I have the screen for a few seconds practly freez ruin all games...

    I try to reinstal windows I did all the updates from Nvidia to sounds, etc...

    I tried to reinstal the game, I tried evreything I could find on the internet but the problem still persist.
    The laptop is going to simply lost and some time ago he worked very very good with maxim in the game settings.
    0 lag!

    The laptop was clean recently, please, any help will be welcome!
    Sorry for my French, there will be little things on my laptop the DxDiag.

    I don't know what to do more, but I don't know that it must be something simple...

    Information System

    Time of this report: 14/02/2014, 22:38:59
    Computer name: LEROS-PC
    Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium 32 - bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.130828) - 1532
    Language: English (regional setting: English)
    System manufacturer: TOSHIBA
    System model: P750 SATELLITE
    BIOS: BIOS Date: 13/07/11 15:48:44 worm: FRIEND APTIO 2.10
    Processor: Intel (r) CPU of Core i5 - 2410M 2.30 GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.3GHz
    Memory: RAM 8192MB
    Available OS memory: 3236MB RAM
    Page file: 1707MB used, 47 to 63 MB of available space
    Windows Dir: C:\Windows
    DirectX version: DirectX 11
    DX setup parameters: not found
    DPI setting: Using System DPI
    System DPI setting: 96 DPI (100%)
    DWM DPI Scaling: disabled
    DxDiag Version: 6.01.7601.17514 32 bit Unicode

    Hi guy,

    I think that it of difficult to say exactly why the screen / the game freezes for a few seconds during the game. There are too many different factors that can affect the game, laptop performance.

    For example the GPU performance can be clocked down due to a higher temperature or memory might be full and the data has be moved to the HARD disk using the paging file.
    Maybe the CPU's load a few seconds due to various processes that run in the background (anti-virus, etc.)
    Maybe its GPU driver problem. Who knows

    I think first of all you must disable all security and antivirus software that could run while you play a game. But do this only while game.
    You can also try to reduce the graphic details in the game settings.

  • Satellite P200-140 - Toshiba Logo appears for a few seconds, then disappears

    I have a problem simular with a P200-140.

    When he starts the Toshiba Logo appears for a few seconds, then disappears, if I tilt the screen I can see that the image is there but the screen does not light.

    I used my projector SVGA output and which works very well. Sometimes after having started a few times the display returns and will then work fine but disappear again without warning especially if yiou closes the screen.

    I don't know if it's maybe a switch problem?
    Y at - it a contact microphone that could stick when you close the lid?

    I tried deleting and reinstalling display drivers and booting in safe mode, neither makes the difference.

    Hi Mortiss,
    Maybe the backlight of the lcd screen went... (I don't think)
    or broken wires... (!)
    or the lid switch is defectiv (rare)

    ask a servicepartner to help...

    deassemble unity... or watch this will kill your warranty...

  • Satellite R630-144 with Broadcom 802.11n only with 65 Mbps

    This is my first post here - just got a satellite R630-144 and after complete installation, I tried to start inet via broadcom 802.11n adapter (which is a NVR).
    The connection is stable - unfortunately only with max 65 Mbps. cannot find any point in the settings that allows to increase the bandwidth up to more than 100 Mbps.
    Can anyone help?
    If there is no option to improve - anyone know how to change the map - Broadcom or how to open the bottom of the Satellite R630-144.

    Thanks for the replies


    Maybe you should check the WLAN driver version first and install the most recent version of the Toshiba WLAN portal -

    Please post comments.

  • Satellite Pro A300D-132 sutter all few seconds


    I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite Pro A300D-132 and since the start, I have problems with the sound.
    Once I start to play music, all a few seconds the his stuttering.
    I also note that other programs seem to stutter graphically, even as I type this.

    I protection antivirus and spyware to date and have been on the Toshiba site for relevant audio drivers. I always have problems.

    Any suggestions?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance... Ste

    Could you please explain that you issue more accurate?

    Is that the sound stuttering playback mp3 files stored on HARD drive or CD playback audio or listen to audio streams on the internet?

    And graph?
    How would you say that? The picture stutter movies DVD, DVIX files, videos on the internet?

  • Touchpad not working not for a few seconds after I touch it with your finger, then a more...

    I already tried SMC and reset the PRAM, but who doesn't. I found someone with such a similar problem (Trackpad doesn't work sometimes on MBP after upgrade OS X 10.8.2)

    but the measures that seem to work for them do not work for me.

    Thus, as described in the title. the touchpad works very well as long as I just touching with a finger, so scrolling with two fingers or by changing desktop computers do not work. the mouse freezes for a few seconds after I hit with 2 fingers. After about 3 seconds it starts working again.

    If there is someone with the same problem let me know!

    Technical specification:

    OS X El Capitan 10.11.6

    MacBook Pro (retina, 15 inch, mid-2015)

    Processor: 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7

    Memory: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

    Video card: Intel Pro Iris 1536 MB

    flash memory: 500 GB

    I propose a date at a bar in engineering of the Apple store for a FREE evaluation.


  • When I use HDMI to connect my macbook to the TV - it lights for a few seconds, then disappears?

    When I use HDMI to connect my macbook to the TV - it lights for a few seconds, then disappears?

    I tried all 4 HDMI ports

    my computer is 2013 macbook pro retina - tv is a 1 year old samsung

    Try this support article > use your TV as a monitor

    If you have an Apple TV, you can use AirPlay to the screen of your Mac on the TV via HDMI.

  • YouTube videos are green for a few seconds when they start, quickly moving and switch between fullscreen and windowed mode

    suddenly, last night something happened with youtube. whenever I run a video on youtube its green for a few seconds, then it goes back to normal. its also green when I fast forward/jump and when I change between full screen and windowed. I linked to a screenshot of how it looks as if I googled this problem I find something else where people get a green screen but no picture at all and that it lasts the entire video.

    I tried updating the drivers for my graphics card. I tried to play on my nvidia card rather than use my intel graphics hd 4600 and still got the same result, but instead to get a green image, it was really dark almost black. I also tried to reinstall flash even downgrade to an earlier version, but nothing does. and the strange thing is that I only have this problem on youtube and only through firefox so I even tried reinstalling firefox, but that did not work either

    I found 2 things of this kind of help.
    the first solution is to disable hardware acceleration, but instead to get a green image for a few seconds, image frozen for the same period of time and then play and she is like when its Green, when I start it up, jump and change to full or windowed.

    the second solution I found in support for mozilla, to change the HTML5 player. But even if this player works great I really like it. for some reason any the break from the drive when I change between full screen and windowed mode and I don't like these pop-up windows get you that its now in full screen and I can press ESC to quit.

    These are just little things, but I would like to return the standard player.
    If anyone knows anything that could help me with this please let me know.

    This is the screenshot:

    What a little wild speculation?

    YouTube uses a technology that has chopped videos in individual pieces, which is probably video serve more easily, but could create more opportunities for issues when moving in the video. There is an add-on called Center of YouTube that allows you to disable this technology and back to the days of one big file. Might be worth a try.

  • Firefox hangs for a few seconds when you try to suspend videos or skip commercials on Youtube.

    Hi all!

    My problem is that YouTube freezes for a few seconds when I try to put a video on a break or skip or run advertisements. The video freezes while the sound continues to play until, at the end of say 5 seconds, youtube is finally what I tell it to do.

    This does not occur if the video is embedded on another website, nor is it on Vimeo, Dailymotion etc. I can play YouTube videos perfectly when you use Chrome, IE and Windows 8 Youtube application that I have.

    After the first freeze all commands start works great, at least until I've opened a new video.

    I noticed that many people are having problems with youtube while using firefox and I have tried a few things:
    -uninstalling and reinstalling flash and java
    -from Firefox in safe mode
    -using the different antivirus software
    -Reinstall Firefox

    I read that this could be a problem with the whole Google being all buddy-buddy with Adobe thing, but I'm skeptical.

    So, is it possible to get YouTube working properly?

    Thank you!

    You can check for problems with the latest version of the Flash plugin and try these:

    • disable an eventual extension of the browser for Firefox Plugin RealPlayer Record and if installed RealPlayer update
    • Disable protected mode in the plugin Flash (Flash 11.3 + on Windows Vista and later versions)
    • turn off hardware acceleration in the Flash plugin
  • Qosmio F20: MCE image freezes for a few seconds

    My f20 my media center tv picture freezes for a few seconds then the transformers fan intervenes and the image comes back. This is related I checked the ariel on other devices and the signal is ok


    In my opinion, the picture freezes for a few seconds because the CPU starts a new background process. As far as I know similar problems occur if the use of processor performance is to 100%.

Maybe you are looking for