Satellite R850 - cursor moves at random while typing

I use this R850 because it was provided by the work.
I found it almost as frustrating as the HP, I got to my previous job... and it's for the same reasons!

-The cursor moves randomly, then when typing I find I type completely in the wrong place.
-It removes random pieces of my work - particularly frustrating on a web page where there is no "undo" button
-When you use functions like drag in the editor, or highlight text, the touchpad is not always cooperative.
-Some random/spaces etc. letters do not occur despite proper pressure.

Quite frankly, it takes too much time to do things and I want to throw out of a dam in a deep lake.

No liquid has been spilled on it.
Are no crumbs in the keyboard.
This seems to be a defective product as the "HP Elitebook" I got last year!


This happened to me because I accidentally touched the touchpad while typing.
In my case I could solve this annoying problem issue but the option settings: disable the touchpad while typing.

This setting should be available in Control Panel-> mouse-> avancΘs

The other option is to disable the touch pad using the function key

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  • cursor moves irregularly... typing very difficult because it moves independently running programs...

    Let me look at what I've done.

    • I had to reformat my hard drive.  I rebooted my Windows Vista (Home Basic) and made Windows updates on a daily basis.
    • Cursor of the laptop worked very well.  Now, after reformatting, my cursor will move... he can move at the beginning of the sentence or at the end of the paragraph, or even a response, send button or turn off the page completely.  It is random.  Cursor movement happen everywhere... online on a site, the same wrote this question and it happens if I use word, excel, or Notepad too.
    • I typed slowly, being careful NOT to communicate with the touchpad while typing.  Despite this, the cursor will always flow.
    • I tried to make changes in the settings of the control panel mouse and touchpad settings.   That didn't work... actually, I can't even find the touchpad settings more.  In the mouse property settings, I tried the options for "click lock" and "pointer options"... that does not work either.
    • I was at a loss, so even if I don't have a mouse attached via the USB port, I have updated the mouse only driver files that I see.  I've updated the two sets of files for driver for the keyboard and the mouse and nothing has changed.

    Any ideas?

    1 million thanks for any help!

    * & #$* I ^ #$IH #.

    Angela in Atlanta

    Thank you for your response.   I had to reload my drivers of Dell devices since access to my settings of touchpad (in the settings of the mouse) were absent.  Now I'm adjusting the touchpad settings, hopefully it will work.

    PC - Dell - Inspiron laptop 1521.
    32 bit OS

  • my cursor jumps again post while typing which makes typing it very difficult

    installing updates and hope that a solution could be included

    You are using a laptop with a touchscreen?  Chances are good that you accidentally touch the touchpad while typing, and that moves the cursor.  Go to start / Control Panel / mouse and see if there are controls for adjusting the sensitivity of the touchpad or to disable the touchpad while typing.  Go to the web site of the manufacturer of your and download the latest device drivers, firmware, and software for touchpad you and your mouse (if you also have a mouse - you may have to go the manufacturer of the mouse for these drivers, if she did not come with the system).  New updates can offer options that did not exist before like the ones I mentioned.

    This happened to me also and I bought a separate mouse and disabled the touchpad and the problem disappeared - but he had me past for awhile until I finally figured it out by typing differently (with my hands up higher so the Palms do not touch and had no problem).  Even if this isn't the problem, update the drivers, firmware or software can solve the problem on its own.

    If none of the works above, we will need either to run a complete troubleshooting procedures (post back and I'll meet with them) or the touchpad or mouse is defective and must be replaced.  You can discuss these last with the computer manufacturer when you talk to them (if you talk to them).

    I hope this helps.  If you have any questions along the way, come back and I'll do my best to answer.

    Good luck!

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  • Portege M780-102 cursor jumps erratically around while typing

    Just got my new Portege 780-102.
    But irregularly, the cursor jumps around when typing in any application.
    (.. .and no, this isn't my sleeve brushing the mouse pad)

    Search the Web...
    Seems that Toshiba portable computers have a bit of a history with this type of problem .

    There is a suggestion that I have to re - charge the pack of bluetooth applications.
    Try to talk to Toshiba in the United Kingdom, but they are on a holiday.

    Has anyone else had the same problem and have you known the problem solutions?

    Thanks a mill! Katie x

    Hi mate

    I read on this issue of cursor on the different laptop models (from different manufacturers).
    But in most cases, the users didn't note that the touchpad was accidentally while typing of touchpad.
    You said you checked this hmm but in any case, try to disable the touchpad while typing just for test purposes

    In addition, some have said that the BIOS update can also be useful
    So if the most recent BIOS is available, updated it!

  • The mouse cursor moves randomly while typing.

    Hi guys, I was typing in mandarin especially when I use windows live messenger and have no problems with him. Lately about 2 days back, this problem started.  The problem that I am facing is that at random times when I place my mouse to a position where I want to type something, in the races of cursor. By example, if I want to type something in one of my windows live contacts messenger chat box, the cursor blinking indicating the type runs. Then a little box will appear on any where right above the task bar and I start typing in this little box. Next to the box, there will be an arrow which I can click and he said: "complete the chain. I suspect that this must be my language setting I messed up with and have no idea how do to reverse the trend back to normal. Someone has an idea how to fix it?

    Thank you. Any help will be much appreciated.

    The link below shows the small box that appears just above the taskbar



    If it is a laptop, please set the sensitivity of the mouse.  This could be the cause of this problem.  In addition, I would consider doing a restore of the system at a time and one hour before this problem occurring.

    -Create an another user account and check if you still experience this issue.

    -Test in Safe Mode

    -SFC / Scannow

    I hope that this information is beneficial.

    Thank you

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  • The cursor moves at will while I type and live your work I've done. I can trash the model

    Is it possible to reduce the sensitivity of the mouse pad?

    I have a laptop that is still under warentee.  It has been in the repair shop and I contacted HP support twice.  I can't type a full sentence without the cursor to jump to another location and screwing up what I already typed.  I know there is a double click on the mouse pad to turn off, but this is unacceptable, because I have to keep turning to move the slider to a different spot to activate a function then shut off again.  I can be: go back to HP for a real computer, or, let the neighbors dog chew on it for a few days then throw it in the trash?  I have a HP printer that works fine for me, but for the money spent on this computer, I do not think that all other HP products are in my future if this problem is not resolved quickly.

    At this point, there wasn't anyone who seems to understand how to fix it.  The phone Wizard really tried to find a solution, but it probably wasn't something that was covered in her flip chart.

    I had other computers and not one of them was like this...  Maybe I bought a top of the cell line for no!

    It is a Pavilion dv6-6149nr.

    It is run out of warentee July 1st of this year.  I am discusted with it and the lack of help for the problem.  I've set up with this problem for long enough.

    Harry Payne

    North West 912 1630

    Orem, Utah 84057



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  • I can't move my touchpad while typing

    I bought a laptop (HP g094sa) purple and have downloaded the 'minecraft' game in order to play the game, you look around (using the touchpad) and walking (using the keys w, a, s and d) I can't use the touchpad when using w, a, s and d. Please help me as soon as possible!


    This problem may be caused by a touchpad setting which is intended to avoid any accidental activation - for example if your Palm brush the touchpad when typing.

    You can change this as follows.

    Open windows control panel and on the top right, next to the display by: select "large icons".  In the new page layout, select the entry of Synaptics.

    The hardware/software version will depend on real option that you're looking for (see the example below), but it is usually called 'check' Palm or Smart Sense'-disable this function and apply the changes.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Laptop HP 15 15-f271wm: cannot move the mouse while typing

    I'm playing video games on my pc, but it won't let me push a key and use the touchpad at the same time. I have searched all over the web but cannot find something that works. Help please.


    Normally, you just have to disable SmartSense or PalmCheck Control Panel of Synaptics - but from what I've seen, it seems no longer works for Windows 10 versions of this driver.

    You may be able to work around this problem as follows.

    First, download the Synaptics driver on the link below and save it in your downloads folder.

    Version of the Synaptics driver

    Disable your wireless card (should be f12 ).

    Open Control Panel, open programs and features, right click on the Synaptics driver and select uninstall.

    When finished, restart the laptop.

    When windows rebooted, open your download folder and re-run the installer of Synaptics - when it is finished, restart the laptop.

    Open the Synaptics settings panel, disable SmartSense or PalmCheck , then check if the touchpad works now with a key on the keyboard is pressed.

    If so, turn on your wireless card and use the utility on the following link to prevent Windows 10 to update automatically the Synaptics driver.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • What is the cause of the movement of the erratic cursor at random points while typing?

    Most often occurs when you type in Word 2010 and emails, but also occurs just by filling in the fields of online forms.

    Most often occurs when you type in Word 2010 and emails, but also occurs just by filling in the fields of online forms.

    Using a laptop? If so, you are probably accidentally brushing your hand against the touchpad while typing.

  • Satellite A100-165; while typing the cursor jumps to the other place


    When I write with the keyboard sometimes the cursor jumps to another location.
    Just this moment, he jumped at the entrance of 'topic' of wire.
    It's pretty random where he jumps but very annoying, I'm running a Toshiba satellite a100 165;

    Anyone got any ideas of what this could be?


    I had the same problem
    I t has not noticed that I touched the surface of touchpad accidentally while typing.
    This is the reason why the cursor jumped.

    You can disable the touch pad using the FN + F9 key combination

    In addition the BIOS update would also be desirable.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P300: cursor jumps to different positions while typing

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite P300
    I have problems when I type.

    When I type using the keyboard, the first two words are ok, but then the words started typing in the wrong place, for example more away in the middle of the sentence, I type.

    Anyone please help? Thank you

    Hi dude

    I had a similar problem.
    By typing the cursor is everything at different positions, and I wasn't able to finish a sentence.

    I though that there could be something wrong with the keyboard, but finally I have opinions that I touched the surface of touchpad accidentally while typing?
    I disabled the touch pad using the fn + F9 and questions went

    So maybe it of the same reason for you

  • the movement of the unusual cursor while typing in ms word

    While typing in ms word, cursor suddenly moves to another location and start typing there. Therefore, I need to see my monitor hit every time as I type. In addition, it makes my slow typing because of spending a lot of time to return the cursor to the original postion. He bathering me. I went to the section mouse of the heart for the edition Control Panel to change the pointer option. It don't did not help me.
    I use windows vista home Edition. I have MS Word 2007.
    Thanking you in advance for the help


    If the Touchpad is too sensitive and even the slightest brush of the hand or sleeve (wrists) causes the laptop thinking that you "click the mouse". This makes the insertion point jump to where ever the cursor is being located. What you need to do is to go into the setup for the Touchpad and disable the mouse click simulation or change the sensitivity of much lower. that is, if you go to control panel, mouse, you should be able to change the sensitivity of the touchpad or disable the function 'click '. Or if you have an attached external mouse then just turn it off. Reduce the sensitivity option low and verify if you are able to work with Word normally.

    Insert a USB mouse and check if you are facing the issue. If it works great, I recommend you contact your pavement tactile manufacturer for additional support.

    Kind regards

    Yama - Microsoft technical support.
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  • The cursor moves erratically while I'm typing

    With Windows 7, the cursor moves while I type in email, Word ais nd th same ias (this is an example of my problem).  Even as I typed this, thersor cu

    the cursor jumps back to this line and the line above.  Very frustrating!    Problem is in Windows 7 to purchase; correction was made when I bought in January 2010.

    Have reconstitute last month and the problem reappeared.  Can't seem to fix. ;

    This unit has a cushion of tack Synaptics, and there is a setting in the drivers called "Palm Check" or something similar. Check it tells, basically, the touch pad to try to detect when it is your Palm (in typiing) compared to a finger.

  • Satellite A350 - cursor jumps while typing


    I have an A350. While the strike from time to time the cursor will jump suddenly while I wrote in a different place.
    I don't know if I accidentally hit something by mistake, or there is a problem with the PC.

    Everyone knows this?
    See you soon



    I had the same problem, but it wasn't really a problem.
    I touched the surface of touchpad accidentally while typing and so my cursor has jumped to different positions

    I disabled the touchpad while typing you can do this as well by using the FN + F9 key combination

    Check it out

  • Cursor jumps while typing on my Satellite Pro

    In recent weeks when I type the cursor jumps somewhere else, at first I thought I type fast then press something I shouldn't, but now its driving me crazy, even in msn or facebook all the ideas everyone.

    Thank you.


    Can I ask you what model of laptop you have exactly?

    I had the same problem on my laptop, but it wasn't really a problem but a mistake while typing.
    I touched the affected surface accidentally while typing.
    Then I disabled the touchpad through FN + F9 and it solved my problem
    But like I said above; It was more my mistake

Maybe you are looking for