Satellite T135D-S1324 - where can I find a replacement screen?

Well, I don't know how, but my new laptop (buy 50 days in best buy when I travel to Los Angeles) has a broken screen. It seems that he has been hit by something, but I NEVER hit him with anything.

The excellent work of the laptop but it is very painful to see all broken lines in the screen, but I hope that I have fly can use and work very well.

My main concern is that I can't FIND ANY LED BACKLIGHT SCREEN 13.3 of TRUE HD, I'm of the Argentina, and here, they only replacement lcd screen. A friend told me that he can buy the replacement in the Amazon but I can't find screen replacement Toshiba led (only from hp)

Anyone know where to find replacement screen for this notebook?
or if all the screen works in my toshiba?



To be honest, I also don t know if another screen replacement would work

AFAIK T135D-S1324 is for the American market, then you should contact the guys there. Maybe they can send you a screen replacement or something else. Simply contact the guys.

Laptop parts are specific designed for a laptop series you should buy a replacement of an official authorized service provider.

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    Waiting in anticipation. Carol

    Hi carol,.

    You need to contact a service provider authorized in your country. Guys can fix your laptop and order all spare parts Toshiba. Then get in touch with the guy and ask for help.

    Here is a list of them: > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

    Good luck! :)

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    Thank you
    Best regards.


    Since it is a more recent series of portable, Win XP drivers are not available for this laptop.
    The fact was that Win XP and Win 7 is now it s future The Win 7 is the King of operating systems you know

    If you want to install Win XP, then you will need search and collect XP drivers at your own hand

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    Good luck

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    Thank you to.


    Not seem that all Win 7 32-bit drivers are available for the C670 at this time.

    Since the VAP is not related to series of specific portable but the system (Windows 7 or Vista), you can use the VAP released for other series

    I recommend the C660 series and released for download the VAP.

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    Search on the Toshiba site. You will find all the drivers. decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Good bye

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    Hey Buddy,

    You can download all the drivers on the download page of European driver of Toshiba where your model is listed because it s a European model: > support & downloads > download drivers
    Laptop > Satellite > Satellite A > Satellite A660

    Check this box!

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    Did you look on the page of the Toshiba driver?
    If this isn't the case, please do it!

    I checked this site and I found the necessary drivers.
    Please choose: computers portable satellite Satellite L Satellite L20

    Good bye

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    The drivers can be downloaded on the Toshiba site.
    I searched and I founded your laptop. Check it!

    Good bye

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    I think it's pretty easy because you have to search only on the Toshiba site :) downloads
    Click then on * view all designs * next 3. Choose the model

    Now, you can choose the Satellite A15-S129.

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    Hi mate,

    You can get all the drivers for your laptop on the Toshiba site: > support & downloads > download drivers

    Your model belongs to the series of PSAE0E.

    Do you find them?

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    It is still under warranty. Unless someone can tell me of a possible reason for this [someone]? so I guess I should probably send it in for repair.

    Where can I find the serial No. information? It is stored electronically on windows anywhere? I have only a rough idea of what is the serial number - I managed to write most of it when I noticed that he had started to rub. I don't think that my laptop is saved online and I don't have the paperwork that came with the laptop in its box.

    Thanks for any help



    I m wondering really that you can read the serial number on the underside of the t more after a week not where you use Notepad?

    In any case, I have the Satellite L300 too with Windows XP preinstalled. If I start Diagnostic PC Toshiba tools I can visualize all the details on my laptop and see also the serial number.
    Check this box!

  • Where can I find a new screen for Satellite L40

    Where can I find the screen for satellite L40?

    The screen is broken and he is almost nine laptop.

    Please let know me.


    Screen LCD of Satellite L40 and other laptops can be ordered from your local ASP (authorized service provider).

    Seems that you need a pan of 15.4 inch WXGA (1280 x 800) glossy TFT.

    I also found a 3rd party site that offers these screens;
    [Toshiba Satellite L40 LCD display |]

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A205-SP5820: where can I find the init file V1.0.4.0 GST?


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    Do you mean the Toshiba Power Saver?
    If yes then you can download the Toshiba Power Saver since the European driver Toshiba page.

    Good bye

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    PS. SRY for my English


    Normally, you can find all the drivers on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    But for Satellite 2800-200, I can only find driver sound and BIOS update day but perhaps other Satellite 2800 models (e.g. 2800-600), you can use these drivers.
    It s worth a try! ;)

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