Satellite U200 getting more slower and slower - 5 minutes to stop

My U200 becomes slower and slower - 5 minutes to stop! and now it crashes when I try to install the drivers for "Cakewalk Sonar THE"- so I need help.

I think I need to re - install Windows XP, however, I only got a "recovery disc" with the laptop - which will reformat my hard drive - there no way to reinstall xp without reformatting?

If I have to reformat-how can I recover my Express Media Player & Norton Protection? -(I bought the laptop in January this year)


HM, I think that you won´t get around this recovery thing, because I think your system may be heavy software problems.

Regarding the Media Player and Norton: were they not installed as you bought this machine?

Welcome them

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  • Satellite U200-181. Slow touchpad on Linux

    I use two operating systems on my Toshiba Satellite U200-181.

    They are: MS Windows XP Home and Debian GNU Linux (stable) Etch.

    MS Windows XP, the touchpad features work very well, but there are problems under Linux:
    -cursor moves very slowly when I move my finger on the touchpad surface. Acceleration of speed of Changind pointer in the mouse preferences dialog does nothing (I use Gnome 2 desktop environment).
    -by typing on the touchpad surface is emule not left button pressing as it does under MS Windows.

    Can someone help me configure the touchpad so that it works under Linux than under MS Windows.

    Thank you, Mikhail.


    As you know, Linux is not supported and you will be very happy if someone can offer a solution to this. For more info on Linux on Toshiba laptops, you can visit:

    Good bye

  • I don't have the money to buy more ram, how to remove programs to get more memory and how do I know which programs remove

    I need of more memory, I can't afford to buy it, how to remove stuff to create more memory and how do I know what programs are ok to remove

    I think you're confusing terms and certainly confuse us.

    RAM/memory (they are identical) is the memory on the computer that is used by programs running as a temporary store for data.  How to reduce the amount of memory used is to close unnecessary programs or does not work as much.  for example close the browser and your e-mail so that the execution of Word program.  You do not need to uninstall programs, run just not, to save memory.

    IF you talk about not having enough disk space to store your programs and data, then the way to increase the free space on the disc IS to uninstall unnecessary programs - only you can decide what programs you don't need.  One way to increase disk space is to make sure you have emptied your Recycle Bin to delete the old data files, you don't want to, and uninstall programs.

    You need to tell us exactly what error messages you get so that we can determine what your problem is.

  • My bb bold blackBerry smartphones get more heated and stops loading

    I have a bb bold 9780 which is about 9 months old... recently I started having this problem with my battery to reach extreme temperatures of 45 c and then sign shows a card that supposed to happen when my battery is fully charged, but gets to 40% and does not load then... I have to put my personal number near the ac to cool up to 29 c to recharge it. even the battery life is very poor... She is barely 4 hours on a full charge... I have 2 batteries... I have a 9000 "BOLD" and I of the 9780 and the two we live the same problems...

    Thanxx in advance

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    It is possible that your battery or BB has encountered a problem... to test, this sequence is necessary:

    1. Get a known good and already fully charged battery... use it in your BB and see what happens
    2. Get access to a BB good and the same known... use your battery in there and see what happens

    The results of this will show if your BB or your battery that has the problem.

    What you describe, it is likely that your BB, which is the root of the problem... to test, I recommend that you try to start safe mode:

    • KB17877 How to start a smartphone BlackBerry in Mode safe

    It will take several attempts to get the combination of keys ESC (press/release/hold) OK, so be patient. When properly in Safe Mode, see what happens.

    If the behavior continues, then well... think what happened just before this behavior started? A new application? An update? A theme? Something else? Think carefully that the slightest change can be causal... and try to undo all that was.

    But if the behavior continues mode without failure, you may need to consider more drastic measures - WIPE, OS Reload, BBSAK Wipe/Reload and the process of reloading OS 'skeleton '. To prepare, you should be sure that you have a full backup of your PC... Please see the Backup link in my sig auto on this post for instructions.

    You may also use these tips:

    It is also possible that your BB has a problem at the level of the material which is the cause... and, of course, the internet remote diagnosis and operating system/software recommendations will be nothing if this is the case.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • lost wireless certificate and get more slower

    I have windows xp pro on old toshiba. When first if it was very fast. What I do is use the internet and email and facebook. No games. I have very little knowledge but defraged, run a cleaner regularly, made as much as poss memory space by deleting some photos and I wanted to keep. But laptop even slower per day. I caught a virus at one point and called microsoft who has taken over and deleted many things but still no help. I run avg security. Also think that I accidentally deleted the certificate wireless because when I try to connect I get a message saying that a certificate is not found. I can restore that? I tried to restore the earlier time settings and do work tho has in the past. Rpet insufficient virtual memory. Any help appreciated. Can not afford another laptop or pay someone for sorting.

    First of all, let me say you use XP Pro and you are in the Vista forum. You also use Windows to manage your wireless network. Windows requires a certificate that does not exist. To do this: Control Panel, network connections, right click Wireless Network Connection, choose Properties, wireless networks tab to select, double-click your connection in the box, or click once to highlight and select Properties, now choose Authentication tab, uncheck the box enable IEEE 802. 1 x authentication for this network. When this check box is selected in Windows is set to request a certificate. Windows is no longer will request one now. You should now be able to connect. If this isn't the case after back and I'll tell you what else to do. Also, after return and tell the forun if it worked. Good luck

  • Premiere Pro problem: everything get more big, and that part of the clip will be exported...

    Schermata 2015-08-27 alle 20.12.17.png

    on the left of the original item, right how looks like I did the color correction. I don't know why it displays only a part of the clip. I can also export only the part that you see on the right.

    It is the same for all projects! :-(

    Set your monitor to MADE it (goes to 100%, where the zoom).

    Open the if who does not show a screendump of parameters of export with the exit on the left.

  • Nothing in my 3D tab is active except for "get more content" and the 3D printing utilities. Confused?  All the answers.

    How the 3D tab is enabled?  Nothing beats using lights.

    In mid-2007, iMacs have a 256 MB vram video card. It would not the Cup for the 3D features. No need to paste the information system.

  • I transferred the master collection of iMac and after 10 minutes it stopped working

    I'm looking for help transfer my license. I have a serial number and I downloaded CS5 master collection on my new mac and put it in the serial number. My MBP I used it master collection on has been disconnected from the internet at this time, so he accepted the sn on my new mac and the collection worked. I then turned on the wifi on my MBP and the software on my iMac it was serial number incorrect ana. I then tried to disable my MBP and then use the sn on the iMac, and it did not. I tried to save it online and it said it was invalid, if I could always disable and reactivate my MBP with her.

    Error "serial number is not valid for this product". Creative Suite

  • Satellite U200 163: a bug in the bios with linux

    on my u200 163 (with the new bios 1.3 works well on XP), linux (2.6.17) as Mandrvia 2007 or Ubuntu Edgy new distributions does not start ok. After grub starts, two lines talking about the bios bug and memory address not E820 reserved and not using MMC...?
    Y at - it a bug in the bios? Can I change something in my bios?
    These linux distributions work very well on other PC...

    Thank you!

    Hi ft

    Unfortunately I have no explanation for what is happening exactly to your device, but don t forget that your device is not supported under Linux and also designed for Windows XP.

    Satellite U200 is more recent and it is possible that in a month next someone will do some Linux experience on this unit and reported it here.

    Good bye

  • Satellite C50D-A-133 slow and unusable

    We have a C50D satellite, which is now 18 months old... He has since the end of the warranty, seem to be getting more slower and slower when you try to do anything whatsoever, and even more noticeable when you attempt to use Internet through IE... All updates still exist and we are at a loss for what is the problem... Our internet is running at 20megs and other devices are fine... I also used the recovery option, just in case there was a problem, but, even with the factory settings, it's still useless... any advice would be appreciated before there to meet his maker!

    Try a more likely with recognized software spyware scan, it's a software problem
    Try a new installation of windows

    Worsedcase scenario replace cooling paste on the processor by a new one and try to clean the fan
    And output fan air most likely air is blocked by
    A clogged or dirty output

  • My Vista crashed and I've switched back to XP. Now I have 1mil more old files compressed that I can't get rid of and it slows down the computer. How can I get rid of these files

    My Vista crashed and I've switched back to XP. Now I have 1mil more old files compressed that I can't get rid of and it slows down the computer. How can I get rid of these files.


    1 are. what type of files?
    2. when they are stored?

    3. What is the size of these compressed files?

    Try to perform the clean boot on the computer and check if that helps.

    How to configure Windows XP to start in a "clean boot" State

    See the bottom of the articles that might help you resolve this problem.
    How to make a computer faster: 6 ways to speed up your PC
    Slow PC? Optimize your computer for peak performance

  • everytime I have start watching videos sreaming they all start as they should, but later, they get real slow and it the effects of the performanced spped PC

    everytime I have start watching videos sreaming they all start as they should, but later, they get real slow and it the effects of the performanced spped PC


    1 how long have you been faced with this problem?
    2. don't you make changes on the computer before this problem?
    3. what browser do you use?

    In response to the questions above could help us help you better. However, you check to see if the problem persists in the clean boot state.

    From your computer by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs so that you can determine if a background program is interfering with your game or program. This type of boot is known as a "clean boot".


    How to configure Windows XP to start in a "clean boot" State

    When you are finished troubleshooting, follow these steps to reset the computer to start as usual:

    1. click on start and then click Run.

    2. type msconfig and click OK.

    The System Configuration Utility dialog box appears.

    3. click on the tab general, click Normal Startup - load all services and device drivers and then click OK.

    4. When prompted, click on restart to restart the computer.

  • Satellite T130-30 - is slow inrecdible

    I just got a new Toshiba Satellite T130-30 because that my last laptop was able to get better after a heavy virusattack.

    Brand new from the store I had problems at first. Windows wouldn't install and kept restarting. Fortunately, this one went. Now, the major problem is that the computer is incredible slow, even more than my previous computer of old virusinfected. I use the processorspeedometer and its almost always 100% even if I don't use programs. I have just installed anything yet, mostly because its so slow and the few programs I have (like internet or mediaplayer) keep crashing all the time. It can't be like that, so far, this is the worst computer I've ever had.

    And I'm not very technical so its really hard to solve this problem. Here, any help would be greatly appreciated. Please answer quickly because I'm close to throw this model against the wall. Extremely annoying that it is so slow and lags and stops all the time. desperate CIHI people... :)


    Hi martin_henna,

    I can t imagine that your Satellite T130 is so slow. I bought the same laptop to my girlfriend and she is very happy with this laptop. She wanted a small notebook, but it should be fast. In my opinion, the Satellite T130 is the best choice for this.

    In any case, I think that there is something wrong with the configuration of your software. Do you have an error message during the installation of recovery?

    In your case I would try reinstalling Windows again. Maybe something messed with the registry or Windows files. You can solve if you reinstall Windows. Therefore, you can choose the option of HARD drive recovery.
    You know about it? If this isn't the case, please consult your user manual!

  • My Satellite A500 is extremely slow

    Hi guys,.

    First of all my apologies if I'm not in the right sub-forum here.

    For about two weeks, my laptop (Satellite A500) is e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y s-l-o-w. Very often (not always) I get an error message after commissioning (which takes about 15 minutes) on a "JIT debugger" and click ok if you want to cancel the request or Cancel if I want to debug.

    What does all this mean? Where did it come from?

    More information:
    (-) I have not installed any new programs or anything for at least 6 months now.
    (-) Recently, it takes about 15 minutes for the laptop at the start and another 15 minutes to log on to the net (via a usb wireless modem)
    (-) I have one run a virus check (just in case ;)) and nothing was found.)
    (-) I did a "gentle formula" that I found preinstalled on the computer. Apparently, this type of format gets rid of all your mistakes without having to reinstall all your programs. This 'soft' formula has not improved the performance.
    (-) I brought up in the Task Manager to see which application causes the problem of JIT-debugger, but Task Manager area is empty. Nothing of what is running in there.

    Could someone plllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaas sssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee informed me what could happen and how I could possibly fix this problem? Your knowledge and your help would be greatly appreciated!

    Good luck everybody!

    I don't know if this will help. It should be.

    I have an A660.

    First... NEVER use your laptop on a cushion, OVERHEATING. Use a USB fan tray to sit if he walks home user...
    Once I had my motherboard replaced.

    Why did they portable who need vents inspired air from under warm days?

    TOSHIBA (have a 'free' another idea)

    Regarding the PROBLEM REAL being separated for a hardware issue...

    Mine did the same (ran only run stutteringly slow s...l...w.freezes trouble... a lot of time and frustration (battery in and out) caused 3 hard disks lost (shaken baby syndrome).) Lost thousands of precious family memories and important documents.

    So... instead...

    (1) download MALWAREBYTES free version (from a trusted as Cnet site or web page of MW).

    (2) install and run.

    (3) allow to find Trojan horses that slow down your laptop (mine was 300 [and I have Norton 360 installed 2013]). Automatic adjustment.

    (4) re - start normally. Try Windows again. May or may not still be issues. Qoy TO BE SURE a certain...

    (5) start in Safe Mode (pull on the plug and the battery if you are unsure how to do this).

    (6) run Malwarebytes. Get rid of all the Trojans.

    (7) re-boot... It MAY take five or six minutes to start.

    (8) If you have Norton Antivirus or McAfee run it to check that it is nothing... you CAN get a message saying there is a conflict between her and MALWAREBYTES... He told me to uninstall Malwarebytes. So, I did. BUUUUUUUUUUT, on restart computer has had a black screen... (I couldn't even at BIOS)...


    Normally I would give 'going bonkers' a little... but I expected as well... and waited and waited... and waited...

    (9) repeat PC programs. It should be much better.

    (10) re-boot... IT CAN TAKE FIVE MINUTES... don't worry... next time it should be good if you had the same questions that this laptop had too many times.

    P. S.
    ALWAYS check if you download Flash ADOBE or a MS C++ Update update, or an update module of any site, make sure that you click Yes to anything... BUT instead, GO to the REAL SITE for these programs.
    Some questionable sites, to PRETEND TO DO AN updated VERSION OF YOUR plug-in, such as ADOBE FLASH or Adobe Reader or something else... but they have a PREFIX of the name of download with ADOBE in there (or [common] update no matter what he tells you everything)... and then you secretly have a Trojan horse that will unpack a few weeks later and multiplies... and does what it is designed to do.

    Foam in Africa tend to find the details of your credit card.

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  • Satellite Pro M70-275 slower than the Satellite M70-110?


    A couple of weeks ago, I bought a portable Satellite M70-110, with Centrino 1.7 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM. Last week, this computer got stolen from my apartment. (Damn them thieves low-life..)
    I wanted to buy exactly the same model again, but he could not find anywhere. Instead, I bought a Satellite Pro M70-275 because he seems to be pretty much the same thing, with a great 2 GHz. processor, it's going to be a little faster then, I thought.
    The problem is that it feels like the new is slower; I don't understand why. No more slow, as when you are working with graphics heavy, cause I don't have, but slower at startup, when this regime between programs and so on.

    The old used XP Home Edition, the new one XP Pro. This could be the problem; XP Pro requires more RAM?

    The old man had an ATI Radeon x 700, the new a x600se, but I can't imagine that this could make a difference with the applications that I am running.
    I use a Soundblaster PCIMCA card in the new. This could be a problem?

    Any ideas appreciated!

    Johannes Ogren
    Göteborg, Sverige


    As much as I know there is not much difference between WXP Home and Pro, and I think that the use of the PCMCIA card. Try to turn off the sound in the BIOS and also disable it in Device Manager.

Maybe you are looking for