Satellite U200 - sound does not work after the installation of Win8.1

Hello guys,.

I have some old Satellite U200-165. I installed windows 8.1 Enterprise assessment successfully after that I changed the hard drive SSD, but the sound does not work. Windows showing that his work perfectly, but it does not come out.

An advise please.


Satellite U200 is a pretty old and not supported for Win8 or Win8.1 machine. I think that we have no report on this forum how this old piece of equipment works with Win8.

If the sound card is properly installed, have you checked all the sound settings?
I presume that the same problem is with a headset, right?

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  • Sound does not work after the installation of beats audio

    Laptop: HP DV6-7001TU

    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium (the laptop came with HomeBasic, I got a copy of used HomePremium).

    I came across this problem recently which was not there before, I bought the computer as soon as I bought almost 5 months ago, I did a format complete and installed Windows 7 Home Premium (hate the bloatware that comes + it came with HomeBasic).

    Audio worked fine uptill now, my brother got a new laptop DV6 with beats the other day, and the sound was better than what I had. So I thought it was the default sound drivers I had. I went there and am myself the audio drivers. Now, since I update the drivers, I have no sound on my speakers if I use not his for a long time, if I restart the noise comes back, but if I do not use anything his bound for awhile and then try to use it again, it disappears.

    The solution that I found (to restart the computer every time), is that if I click on the vloume icon in the taskbar and then click on the speaker icon that opens "speakers and headphones properties" and then click OK in the window that opens, the sound comes back.

    Things I've tried so far

    1. Once I have no sound, again, I tried the windows "Find and fix audio playback problems", he found nothing.
    2. I have uninstalled/cancelled codec IDT of the Manager of the devices, the drivers were responsible for default and the sound was back, once I did a Windows reboot find the IDT drivers and the problem was back.
    3. I have uninstalled/cancelled drivers IDT, uninstalled the software programs IDT add & delete, downloaded a new copy from the link above and installed again, same problem.

    Help, please! It drives me crazy, I get a lot of Skype calls during my work hours and I have to constantly to cling on my clients and that the correction of the sound and to recall them once again, this is highly inconvient.

    Software IDT uninstalled, deleted/rolledback the pilot programs, downloaded the HP Support Assistant and recommended IDT software, installed via HP Support Assistant. Everything works fine now.

  • Satellite L655 touchpad button ON / OFF does not work after the installation of VAP

    Why the Start button / stop the touch pad does not work after the installation of vap?

    May I ask what system and what PPV version do you have installed?

    I assume you mean on the Fn + F9 key combination...
    Is this right?

    Another FN button work as shouldy?

  • LIP does not work after the installation of a local language, writing in my windows software 8

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    This icon is hidden... and there is no preview in the installed LIP.
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    You use the Microsoft Account or Local user account?

    Create a new user account and check the status of the question in the new user account.

    Create a user account

    You can also refer to:

    User accounts: frequently asked questions.

    Thank you.

  • Satellite L655 - sound does not work on the new install of Windows 7 Pro x 64

    Howdy all,

    I bought a Newegg L655-S5111, which was on sale, put an SSD, and then installed a legitimate copy of Windows 7 Professional 64 - bit, I got from my current employer (I'm a computer scientist). I've updated to the latest revision of the BIOS (1.70), and I have all the updates installed Windows, all drivers installed, including the correct drivers Conexant HD Audio and ATI HDMI Audio. Unfortunately, the sound does not work. Sound works briefly during my first install of Windows 7, then I cut it up until I could get it set up with a helmet. When I disabled it, she had stopped working.

    This laptop is less than 3 weeks at this point, old and I get no audio on headphones or speakers, even if Windows displays clearly no problems with the drivers, they have the latest version on a new installation, and I can see the audio mixer game. The laptop built-in microphone captures sound as well. I think that's probably not a matter of the physical interconnection, but more likely a software problem, I just have trouble identifying where it is.

    I have also no related error message than any where in the case of newspapers.

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    Can you please do a test and install original recovery image Toshiba, that you got with your laptop on this new SSD, just to see if it will work with the original image.

    Recovery image contains all the necessary drivers and OS is perfectly configured so each piece of hardware in your laptop should work correctly.

  • USB ports on the Satellite L30-105 does not work after the downgrade from Vista to XP


    Model: Toshiba L30-105 PSL33E-02S02HFR.
    USB ports (2) do not work after the downgrade from vista to Windows xp family. All the drivers downloaded from Toshiba Web site.

    Thanks for any help,


    Have you installed Win XP all service packs?
    SP2 provides some patches on the USB feature.

    You definitely need to update the Win XP OS

  • Satellite A200 - 1 M 7: the sound does not work after the downgrade to XP


    As in the topic I have a problem with my sound card - it simply does not work under Win Xp (under Vista everything worked).

    In Device Manager I have two 'points of inquiry:
    -Controller\ PCI memory
    -Unknown device
    I assumed that the unknown device is my sound card, but still can't make it work :/

    I've already upgraded the bios and install page of toshiba Realtek drivers.

    Really need help.



    No sound after installing XP operating system. What to say man I searched here in the forum similar threads and it seems that it is a common problem.

    But you worry about don t; I think that I found the key ;)
    After installing win XP, you must update the latter State. Install all the patches and hotfixes provided by Microsoft. You must use the website to update Ms. The tool on this page checks the system and selects all necessary updates!

    Very important are the patches; KB888111 and KB835221
    These hotfixes must be installed before installing the sound card driver.

    The Realtek sound card driver can be downloaded from Toshiba or on the official website of Relatek page.

    By the way; It is very important to install drivers in the correct order. On the Toshiba page, you will find the installation instructions. So please follow the guidelines mentioned in this doc.


  • Satellite L350D - WLAN does not work after the recovery disk


    I just got a L350D. I ran the tool recovery disk, without any other program running. It is on a good way to end the second disc and that: BAM! blue screen. Since start-up, my LAN and WLAN does not work.

    He always says ' WLAN 2.0 bg adapter "to which no driver is found. The driver is a Realtek WLAN and LAN.

    Don't you think that the crash of the WLAN and LAN module fails?

    I tried the things:

    System reset
    Reinstalling the driver

    but nothing has worked.

    Someone at - it advice?

    Thank you very much!



    I put t know what is the reason for this BSOD when installing, but you can post the BSOD code? For example, you can search based on Microsoft Knowledge for this code.

    In addition, I would try to update the BIOS of your laptop that you can find on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    After you have updated the BIOS to try to update the WLAN and LAN card driver, or try to reinstall Windows using the Toshiba recovery disc.

    Good bye

  • Audio does not work after the installation of Vista on Satellite Pro a series?

    Done a format and a new facility with vista ultimate and can't get the audio from realtek to work.
    The drivers install properly but don't have still no sound.

    Download realtek 97 and drivers HD, but still no luck.

    I had this problem some time and fixed it but I can't find where I found the solution of :(

    Any help would be great, thanks!


    First if all would be very useful to know which model of laptop you have.
    Second, you could find the driver of his right on the page of Toshiba and so you n t need to test several audio drivers! The one on the Toshiba driver site works for sure.

    I read about a similar problem on Vista OS and these Toshiba document should help you:
    [Audio cut off (no sound) after the installation of Windows Vista: 758xml & sliceId = & dialogid = 54568603 & stateId = 0 0 51373343]

    Check it out!

  • Intel WiDi does not work after the installation of update Windows 10 anniversary. X 1 yoga

    I get a message Notification of Windows ' cannot run this application on this PC: Intel WIDI software display does not work on this version of Windows. "

    This message appeared after the upgrade to Windows 10 anniversary.


    Microsoft to Intel Widi support was eliminated in 10 Windows. WIDI has been replaced by an application called Miracast. If you try to run an application depends on Widi, you may need to upgrade the application or to find a new use.

    For more information, see this Intel review:

    Thank you

  • Windows Server Update service does not work after the installation of KB2720211

    I have a Server 2008 SP1 32-bit Standard, which had the role of Server Update for the Windows software installed connected to a WSUS upstream server and everything worked, with 17 clients connected to him and get everything their approved patches.  It was a new server starting with WSUS added at this time 1 months ago.  He had to be upgraded to SP2 S2008 which I did and WSUS have continued to function.  After being on SP2, there was another 152 patches to be applied and after that WSUS does not work anymore.  It appears 1 patch that has been applied has been KB2720211 that seems to cause problems for a number of people.

    The problem is that the update service does not start.  An error message comes back that the service has not responded in a timely fashion and I can't find the log files anywhere on what it is.  Here is what has been done so far all that in the same issue:

    1 deleted WSUS and restarted and installed it again.

    2 Remove WSUS and Windows Internal Database, restarted and installed it again (using the download of KB972466).

    2.1 install SQL Management Studio and logged to an internal database SUSDB and checked it is not set to single user (I believe it is set for multiuser name but I'm going from memory)

    3. install the KB2720211.

    4. installation KB2734608

    5 remove WSUS and Windows Internal Database, restarted and installed it again (using the download of KB972466).

    I am looking for any information on how to solve what is the question, because there is nothing in the log files I can find and no event in the windows event viewer.  I am ready to start with the server however if there is something I can look at to possibly solve the problem, please let me know.


    Post your question in the TechNet Server Forums, as your question kindly is beyond the scope of these Forums.

    See you soon.

  • Qosmio X 500-webcam does not work after the installation of W7 Ultimate

    I have a big problem.

    First: Sorry English is not my native language and I can't find a German support forum here.

    I have a new laptop Qosmio X 500, and I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 - Bit of news. I try to install all the drivers from the site Web of Toshiba, but it't really didn't work with the Webcam.
    I can't install it. It works once, I can install the "Web camera Application", but he says that it cannot find the web camera. Then, I uninstalled the "Web camera Application" and try to installed new.
    Who does not work now too. He asked: "if I'm going to delete all" but I delete them all! And I can not install the "tinstall.exe" I don't know what it is, but it is from the WebCam Driver of Toshiba.

    In the Device Manager there is no Web camera too.

    All means what? Is the WebCam broken? I've had the laptop for 5 days.



    Qosmio X 500 shipped with Win7 64 bit OS so I really put t understand why you use clean install of the OS. Ultimate version is so important to you?

    At first, I must say that the Qosmio X 500 is more complicated for laptop for any new OS install and all things must be installed in the correct order.

    But back to your questions:
    > All means what?
    It probably means that you are missing something
    > Is the WebCam broken?
    Probably not. Install original OS, you got with your laptop and test the features of cam again.
    > I've had the laptop for 5 days.
    This statement is not relevant at all. If you do something yourself and it works not that's problem and even your laptop is 5 hours old.

    What now? is original OS install an option for you?
    You have created recovery DVDs until you have installed the clean version of Win7? I hope because without DVD, you won't be able to install it using the option of HARD drive recovery.

  • Sound does not work after the computer Windows XP formatting.


    I am the customer service representative who is to ask your question on behalf of the client. After reformatting his computer Windows XP and installed all the drivers, its only driver no longer works. It has an Assembly of Dell 3000 Windows XP Professional. The device that is not working is a Soundmax audio controller that has yellow mark in the Device Manager. It ran Windows update troubleshooted it and restarted the machine and the problem persists.

    Perhaps the sound card must be replaced.

  • Internet and the sound does not work after the ATU Vista 64-bit

    I really didn't want to display in the hope I would find the answer using Google, as I did in the past, but this one i can not find the answer for.   2 days ago I d/l a program called Advanced System Care. I was told by 3 of my friends it works well to clean your junk files, Defragging ect ect.

    After d/l and the operation of the program, I had to leave and shut down the system. Today I start everything is fine, and then I noticed that I have a red X on my speakers. This is not the red X you get when cut there a smaller lower-right next to the speaker in the toolbar. When I mouse over it, it says "Service Audio work not" when I click it to repair, so good it shows all is working (volume mixer control is non-interactive) then I go to control panel and click on the speaker and I get "this computer cannot play audio because the windows audio service is not enabled.»   You want to enable "I click Yes and it brings back me just in the region, that I was when I clicked on the small speaker in the toolbar with the red x.»  Everything always looks the same as it was when I put in place.

    Is there anything else I can look?

    Second problem happened at the same time.  I have the same red x on my 2 computer screen in the toolbar on the bottom right. When I try to repair it it says this "this service cannot be started because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated ' when I go to Device Manager and check to see if it is still showing my d-link wireless there is black! on a yellow background. When I try to access the computer to find local internet connections, it says that it can't find. I know that my Linksys is working because my Iphone is connected.  I already tried to install a cord between my router and my system and it still does not notice the internet even when you try to reconfigure.

    I read where I can make a dirty windows vista installation and fix it. but I really hope that there is a better way.  I also tried to restore my computer to last week when I made a back up and it seems after the use of this program, that he got rid of that as well. So now im out with to be able to roll back before I D/L this close program useless lol

    I'm using Vista ult 64 bit, that the computer is built for gaming and music. OCed Q6600 to 3.2 4gig ram 8800gt 2 in sli on a configuration card XFX mother if any other system or other questions please do not hesitate to ask.  I hope that someone has had this problem and can help me to solve it.  I don't want to reformat my HD or what I really want to pay Microsoft to talk to them on the phone

    Thanks for your help

    After 3 hours on the phone with the microsoft problem solved. Seems some how using CSA and the update of microsoft it limited my computer to start all programs at startup.

  • Sound does not work after the creation of DVD

    When I saw my movie in still the audio works but after that I have export to DVD, it no longer works. Any ideas?

    Thank you


    Well, you've done most of the things I would say. This individual WAV would be high on my list.

    This leaves wondering what brand of blank media are you burning at?

    Also, as a test, you can burn the file and then play this folder with DVD playback software? How does it work?

    One last thought, your audio is connected to your set-top player, or whatever it is you are testing on. Please don't laugh, as has happened at least two other posters over the years.

    Good luck


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