Satellite U400 and factory reset

I'm having a problem regarding my HDD RECOVERY, which is not present in any option when I try to factory reset, no assistants or something...

Here are some photos of HARD drive recovery, and as you can see the disk RECOVERY file HARD is in E (4 GB).

Here is the picture of my computer management where you can find my recovery partition... uh when I try the F12 thing, there was recovery options the other 2 HARD drive but when I click on the HARD drive option, his does not.


On this older machine there is not some sort of recovery partition. Recovery image is recorded on the second partition of HARD drive in the folder called HDDRecovery.
Recovery image installation can be started as described on-

Start your laptop using F8. S repair your computer option available or not?

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    Satellite L750D
    psk361 - 038008

    My hdmi suddenly stopped working, tried things usual fn + f5 / f8, win + p key, enable / disable lower resolution etc. so decided to factory reset but still pc hdmi does not graphics card.

    tried it on my panasonic usual tv nothing works, tested on samsung tv without result, the pc detects the tv and even sets the audio to my TV but no sound from the tv. tried unplugging tv cable and pc stop feeding and took out the battery for 10 sec, trendy everythign on all together, still does not work.

    I checked the hdmi cables with other devices and work on the two TV - using the shortest cable to test the laptop.
    honestly, I thought that it was a software problem because it can real detects the TV but no picture or sound work, which indicated the hdmi cables, but they work with my ps3.

    so, it is not the cable, not the TV, not the software, hardware maybe? but it detects my TV...?

    so I am really confused here more info please ask first time using the help forum :(

    8mnth old pc, who is sitting on a rail so it is not at all, overheating hdmi worked perfectly since the day I got it, I didn't have any changes when it has stopped working... > _

    any help much appreciated sincerely.


    If all goes well he material s no problem, but I m afraid it could be
    I think it might be a hardware problem, because you said that you have already configured the laptop back to factory settings and this has not solved the problem.

    I understand this correctly? You used the recovery disc or HARD drive recovery?
    Is this good?

    What you could do is to check if your BIOS is up to date.
    On the European driver Toshiba page, you will find the latest version of the BIOS.
    Check if you can update the BIOS.
    In addition, I recommend setting the BIOS to default and settings to save the changes.

    At least a graphics card driver might be updated also. Its worth a check however, I m really not sure if this might help you

  • HP ProBook s 4530: hard reset and factory reset the same thing?


    I wanted to know if the hard reset and factory reset are the same things?

    my laptop does not light and I discovered that I can reset hard, but I don't want any of my data on HDD to erase. is this possible?

    (I stop before so there is no data on the RAM)

    Thanks in advance.


    No, the factory reset will bring your machine with status (time opening the box) byt hard reset will not.

    Kind regards.

  • I lost the code for the option menu 'limitations' of the iPhone 4, how can you do then? so I can come and factory reset, it is a 4 digit code, so I can be able toexample factory reset the phone, don't know if this is the right forum for my question but

    I lost the code for the option menu 'limitations' of the iPhone 4, how can you do then? so I can come and factory reset, it is a 4 digit code, so I can be able toexample factory reset the phone, don't know if this is the right forum for my question but

    Sorry, but the restriction password cannot be reset, it is part of the backup and restore a backup that was taken after the restrictions were activated, restore this code again.

    You will have to start without the help of the data backup, configure the phone to factory settings and start over. Follow the steps mentioned in this article:

    Use iTunes to restore your device to factory settings - Support Apple iOS

    If you lose or forget your password restriction, you must erase your device and then put it up as a new device to remove the restriction password. Restore the device by using a backup does not delete the access code.

    copied from: Sur les Restrictions (parental control) on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple Support

  • Satellite L750-115 and Factory Reset

    Hello, I watch/read thousand video's / forums on how to factory reset in the Toshiba Satellite L750-115. Everywhere I found that "press 0 during startup. But it didn't work for me. When I try to get help from the toshiba Web site, I can still get my cell phone.

    If anyone can help me, it will be very nice...

    In General, you have two options:
    You would use HARD drive recovery option to recover the computer laptop back to settings factory, or you must use the recovery Toshiba (disk or USB) media which must be created using the Toshiba recovery media creator software.

    But this means of communication should be established as long as the laptop works properly...

    Have you created this support in the past?
    If this isn't the case, you can use the option of recovery of HARD drive, BUT ONLY if the HARD drive and partitions are not affected!

    I guess that Windows 7 is pre-installed on your laptop.
    Well, in this case power unit, then press F8
    Then you should get the advanced boot menu... Choose here: fix my computer...
    Then Toshiba HDD recovery.

    If this is not possible, drive HARD recovery is not possible and the only way of recovering the laptop is the use of the recovery disk...
    As mentioned, if you do not have the disk, you can try ordering this support here:

  • Satellite C855 - windows factory reset

    My wife bought me this laptop toshiba Satellite C855 for Christmas last year and it came with windows 8, but Icouldnt do for windows 7 ultimate had instead put, but my son has been so screwed up then that Ive been working away while I would do a factory reset and how would that work

    Disk recovery or recovery Flash Media key appeared in the past by using the preinstalled software called Recovery Media Creator described and mentioned in the user manual as?
    Isn't it?

    That s no good guy.
    In this case, you can simply follow the advice coming from Ilay.
    You wish to order this disc of the Arvato. Link above.

  • Satellite U400 and Vista - Apple iTunes installed error message

    The Toshiba Satellite U400-157 equipped of Windows Vista is running in many errors.

    The last instance during the installation of the software Apple itunes 10.5. On an initial installation with the present. He gave the itunes error has an invalid signature, it will not be installed. After you uninstall the itunes and trying to install version 10.5, it gives instant error attached messages.

    Can someone please suggest what I might be able to do with vista. I need to upgrade to windows 7, this will help. I don't want to see a message that it will not install Windows 7 after having paid for it online.

    > Please refer to help and Support for more information...
    In the window title is iTunes and Toshiba doesn't support this request so I'm afraid, you're on the wrong here m support page.

    What do you think? Maybe you should contact Apple support. They have the best experience with own product.

  • Satellite U400 and WXP - No WLAN LAN not internet

    Hello everyone and thank you for reading my post.

    I just bought a new Satellite U400 - 12R PSU40E and installed quickly clean Windows XP 32-bit with SP2, the installation was flawless after changing HARD drive in compatibility mode mode. Downloaded and installed all the drivers from this site for my model which included the Realtek network drivers for the Marvel Yukon for the LAN and wireless. No yellow dot in the currency manager and the system is just perfect.

    However, for the life of me, I CAN NOT connect this bloody thing for any LAN or WLAN, the funniest is when I connect the LAN cable in my office in it, the little icon in the status bar displays connected and all of the ip addresses are correct, same COMODO starts to automatically download the updates and full updates after a while but I can't surf the internet to all.

    I even installed Firefox and chrome and with any 3 browsers I can browse the internet, even if all the anti virus, COMODO, or windows firewall all turns off.

    Please help me in anyway or advice or pointers I might have missed.

    Thanking you in advance.


    Thanks for the comments! :-)

    I had the same problem as you for years. I had Zone Alarm and if I close this application I do not have access to internet. Thus, the application should still work.

    However, I hope you don t also this problem.

  • Satellite U400 and dynadock PA3542E-2PRP - jerky monitor

    I installed all the drivers under Vista properly on my Toshiba Satellite U400. But the connection is far from high performance. The display is very choppy.

    What is a problem?


    What display driver that you have installed for your Satellite U400? Have you installed the latest driver from the Toshiba page directly? decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Assume you mean the external monitor then have I you tried another cable for it? You can test it with a high quality cable please?

    Maybe a BIOS update could also be helpful

  • Satellite L450 - 18 d and factory reset

    Hi to all readers,

    I'm trying to reset my laptop to it's out of the box. Have you tried the widely recognized method to turn off the unit for 10secs and then restarting while holding down the button zero and waiting for the bleep unit, no beep occurs, the only results in a page is displayed showing details of the Celeron processor? I did drive recovery

    Can someone help / advise either procedure?

    Thank you very much for the research, I hope that someone out there can HELP?

    Best regards

    Recovery image installation can be done on two tracks:
    Recovery image installation - HARD drive -
    -installation with recovery DVDs

    If possible start HARD drive recovery facility as described in the document of Toshiba. If this doesn t work using disks of recovery if you have.

  • Re: Satellite T130 - 11H - Factory Reset questions


    I had to reset my Satellite T130 - 11 H to factory settings to try to stop the issues with my internet and computer in very slow summer and unresponsive, but now when it starts it states that it is "complete the installation may take several minutes" then restarts on its own starts again, then restart again and again!

    Now it is tell ing, the same message but just hangs and does not go on my counter top?


    Thank you


    I know during a recovery procedure you laptop will restart several times. So, don't interrupt and wait. If it restarts always for a long time, you can restore the settings to factory using recovery media, you did

  • Satellite L655-16F - Factory reset using Recovery Media discs

    OK so I'll try to reset my Toshiba Satellite L655-16th back to factory settings, then he started giving me the out of memory error message, but I don't have that drives it asked me to do when I got the laptop, so when I do the F8 all start up and go to the screen with the Toshiba HDD recovery resetting thing and click on it It gives me this error message:

    * HDDRecoGUI *.
    Operating system recovery is impossible!
    Not found the HDD Recovery folder on the second disc of the first hard drive.
    There is no valid disk HARD recovery environment on this computer.

    I tried various different things; Press 0 - which gave me a screen asking you what operating system, I wanted to use (there is only Windows 7) then just continued to load as usual. Put the first disc in and restart my laptop (which I have pretty well every time anyway) - which did nothing. etc.
    So yes, is there a way to create the file from HARD drive of mystery I need the disks, or maybe another way to use the disks that I have not already tried?

    > Not found HDD Recovery folder on the second disc of the first hard drive.
    > There is no valid disk HARD recovery environment on this computer.
    This message appears if you have deleted the recovery image or changed the structure of the partitions on the HARD disk.

    If you have created disk or recovery disk that you can install the recovery using the recovery DVD image.

    Start your laptop and meadows F12 repeatedly to enter the boot menu.
    Place the recovery disc into the optical disc drive.
    In the menu choose the CD/DVD drive.
    Press ENTER.
    Follow the menu on the screen.

  • My phone locked and factory reset

    Oh boy. I had never been asked to use a password to unlock my phone, except when I created my work email sync account. There is a password that I had to use because my company uses a system of RSA SecurID authentication code. All Sync ok, my Sync of calendar with the calendar of my work, my work e-mail came through, beautiful. I then turned off the wi - fi and also have an app that turns off (I'm experimenting with settings for my trip to Europe, where I don't want not data crawling in except for via wifi) the given 3G, and clicked the button to lock the phone. I've never had to enter a password to unlock the phone before, but the next time I went to unlock the phone it was the case. I thought it had to do with my work e-mail account, but it was weird because I updated the manual synchronization. I tried to enter in what I would come to my work email, but it did not work, until the phone did a reset to factory. I was grateful for that, better than be locked up on the phone. I would like to know why this happened and how to prevent it. What other password might the phone asked for? What would a password 'phone' had been setup?

    You can check with HER. I heard that it may be possible for them to impose a password lock remotely. I have no experience with exchange, so I can't say with certainty.

  • The hard disk Partitions and Factory Reset


    I bought my HP Pavilion g series and I used it for awhile, then I decided to install Ubuntu as well as I want to do shows. I partitioned my hard drive and I made a mistake, and the hard drive is now labeled as 'Simple Volume'.

    I want to change the Partitions to 'go primary. " I tried to do a sytem of the HP recovery partition recovery, but the option is disabled.

    Also, I want to partition my Hard drive as I have 100 GB for Windows 7 and the 650 GB remaining for my files and documents so that I can access from my Ubuntu as well.

    If there is a way to change the Partitions back to primary Partitions and safely the partion it again, I will be relieved to hear and to implement.

    Thank you

    Try EaseUS Free Edition to convert your dynamic hard drive in Basic.You will have to delete the extra partition you made first.

  • Satellite T130 after factory reset problems

    As the title says I have problems with starting laptop because it always displays the first menu to boot from. Toshiba.
    Why my topic has been deleted?

    The subject was not deleted but moved to another section.
    You can find all threads by clicking on your nickname ;)

    By the way: you must follow the first thread to avoid misunderstandings.

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