Satellite U400 - can't change brightness after reconstruction

Had a problem with my laptop in December, which gave rise to a new backlight and Ribbon being installed on the back. Wouldn't power for me after that so I had to me TI usinf rebuilt recovery disks :-(

Since then, although everything seems to work fine I can't adjust the brightness of the display. FN F6/F7 does nothing - even if the bar goes up and down that the brightness of the display does not change. Have been in the power management options, and once again although I can change the settings it the display does not change. I set at full intensity when the power and about 25 percent when it is on laptop battery, but there is no difference, no matter what source of energy that I use.

I'm running Vista 32 bit

Have updated my BIOS to V5.00 (26/10/10)
Check my display adapter is running on the latest driver
Download and install the latest chipset utility
Download and install PVAT

Someone at - it suggestions - the lack of brightness gives me shocking eyestrain

Thank you very much


> FN F6/F7 does nothing - even if the bar goes up and down that the brightness of the display does not change

If you see the bar moving left and right using the FN or FN + F6, F7 then this means that the executed software ok and has been installed properly.

Maybe the problem is not related to the software, but the parts that have been replaced by ASP. As you said the backlight and reversed tape have been replaced and I think something can go wrong when replacing.
Maybe the technician made a mistake

But please check it;
Need BIOS and the BIOS by default.
Save the changes and restart the device.
Then try again to change the brightness.
If you do not succeed, then I recommend requesting the ASP to check this

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    Start the recovery process once more!
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    Then the new window will open and there you can choose HARD drive recovery.
    Usually we have to ask once more what version you want to use.

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    Acually was updated to the latest version of the bios fix this... do it or ignore my previous post...

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    Log out and back in? Or restart your mac? If you didn't do it and let us know.

  • Satellite U400 - PSU40E Synaptics touchpad problem after the recent update to BIOS

    Toshiba welcome,

    I've tested this in reverse, this is why the statement in the subject as it looks. After upgrading the bios of 3.00 to 3.50 touchpad loses its precision. Very rude and useless its like that.

    I tried different drivers, everything, but the only way to really solve this problem was it downgrade to 3.00 OR uninstall the driver Synaptics completely. Second solution, unfortunately, is unacceptable, because then I lose some features, like click on contact, which I don't use and control.

    Best regards


    Hey Buddy

    I U400 and the BIOS has been updated to the newest one.
    The touchpad works like a dream. I m using Win XP and Vista and there is NO problems after BIOS update!

    In your case, this may be only a software problem and I think you can use the Toshiba Recovery disk and could reinstall the whole OS from the Toshiba drive

    It is a really radical solution because the whole HARD disk may be formatted, but if the resettlement of these two drivers touchpad didn t help then I think this would be the last solution.

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    Select the appropriate language and OS of your system.

  • Satellite U400-128 does not start after hibernation


    I currently have problems with my Toshiba laptop. I use it for internet, games, multimedia, programming... Yesterday, when I went to bed, I close the lid that does the same thing as usual--went to hibernation. But today when I tried to start the following things Notepad occur:

    1. If battery is in and laptop is plugged into AC - Laptop starts but after 1-2 seconds it stops again
    2. If the battery is out and the laptop is plugged into AC - same thing
    3. If battery is in and laptop don't is NOT plugged AC - computer laptop starts but nothing is displayed on the screen (it's not far, it looks like even a wink or something). Strange thing is that I can't turn off the laptop and then pressing the power button / stop. The only way is to take out the battery.

    The lights seem to work - well they are the right things.

    THX in advance for any guy advice;).


    It's strange and looks like a hardware malfunction.

    In your case, I'll try to remove the battery and the AC adapter. Wait up to an hour and then put in the battery again und plug in the AC adapter. Try it and maybe it works.

    In the worst cases, you must go to a local ASP and ask a technician for help laptop.

    Good bye

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