Satellite U400 - Downgrade from Vista to XP

Hello guys,.

I recently bought a laptop Toshiba Satellite U400/03 s with a pre-installed version of Vista business & do not like. It came with a recovery disk for Windows XP Pro product. This confused me a bit. Can I downgrade Vista Business with XP Pro?

My next question is, if I can downgrade to XP Pro I need registry XP with Mircosoft?

Also, if I do not need to register with Mircosoft XP, where can I get the registration key of?

Greatly forward a response.

Thank you very much.



A downgrade from Vista to XP is possible. Why not?
But as far as I know, so you need to reinstall the full specifications but in my opinion, this isn't a problem because you have the XP Recovery disk. Just boot from it and follow the instructions on the screen.

But before that, you you should burn the Windows Vista recovery disk. How do you know this? You need to start only the Toshiba recovery disc creator and you need a blank DVD. Then the Vista recovery disk will be created, and if you want new Vista, you must start only on this disc. That s all because it contains the settings factory and if all the drivers and tools of Toshiba.

If you have installed XP you must register it on Microsoft. It is not necessary.
AFAIK, you must enter a product key. It of already on the recovery disk.

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    Can some guide me in degardin Satellite A 350 from Vista to XP?


    And what do you know?

    If you want to install Windows XP on the laptop, you must only start since the installation of the disk and follow the instructions on the screen everything that s!

    But don t forget to install the SATA drivers. Otherwise I think that your HARD drive will be not recognized.
    And before installing XP you must burn the Toshiba Recovery disk if you didn't already. So, you can restore the factory settings whenever you want.

    Good bye

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    I bought a new laptop of the sereies following
    * TOSHIBA SATELLITE L300-19F * of france in french version with windows vista.

    I want to downgrade * windows vista for windows XP * English version.
    is it possible to get the same guide please.
    I got a new XP CD in English.

    Where to find all the drivers for this laptop sereies
    It would be really nice if can send the link for the drivers.

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    Salim khan


    A downgrade is possible if you perform a new installation.
    If had to format the HARD disk when you start the installation with XP.

    I have a Satellite L300 and Windows too and I downloaded the driver from the Toshiba website.
    You can find all.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A500 - downgrade from Vista to XP

    Hi all!
    I received the laptop Satellite A500 with preinstalled Vista, is it possible to install XP even if Toshiba doesn't have any drivers for XP?
    Thank you!

    Generally Yes, but with the drivers, may be a little more problematic.
    Please don t start with the installation of Windows XP Home edition.
    Tell us in a first time what A500 you exactly (A500-xxx).

    What we can do is check if another model of phone has the same or similar hardware configuration. Then we can use drivers of another model of laptop that you supported WXP.

  • Satellite A300 - Downgrade from Vista to XP

    Hi all
    I just bought a new Satellite A300 laptop, preloaded with VISTA with XP Downgrade option.

    I finished the VISTA (Setup) and the recovery of the DVD. Now, I really want to downgrade to Windows XP, using the supplied with the Toshiba laptop recovery CD, but the instructions are vague.
    I tried F12 at startup and select CD/DVD as the boot, but it seems to hang on the black screen.

    There are files on the disc (3.2 GB) I covered it on another PC. I also tried the option of recovering your system start-up (F8), but it does not determine that the drive is a recovery / disk backup. I don't want to just run right XP installation of my copy of license of Volume for obvious reasons.

    Does anyone have information / procedure on how to switch using the Toshiba provided CD?

    Any help gratefully received.
    With our thanks,


    You hear that the drive reads the disc XP if you boot from it? What is the computer hangs on empty screen or if you get an error message?

    You can boot from another drive? Maybe the downgrade does not work properly or it s a problem with CD/DVD player. Check it!

    Sorry, but at the moment I can t tell more.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A210-downgrade from VISTA to XP Pro SP2 - unknown base system device

    I recently bought a laptop. On the Toshiba product page, it is listed as Satellite A210-199 (PSAFGE-05M00FG3). If I followed the link to the drivers page, he is listed as Equium A210 (PSAFGE-05M00FG3).

    the laptop came with VISTA Home premium, I don't like / want, but works perfectly. After complete installation of Windows XP SP2 home edition Professional, (latest updates, all the drivers of Toshiba home page, etc.), hardware device Manager lists a "DEVICE BASIC SYSTEM" under "system devices", for which he cannot find drivers (Yes, it automatically searches on the internet and that did not help either).

    I tried to uninstall the device and restart it, just to see what happens. And I got the ball from the standard taskbar with 'new hardware found '. Windows still do not find the drivers for it, and it still lists as a yellow exclamation in the hardware device manager. The only difference is that now he is no longer in the "system devices" section, but instead, it's an "unknown device" in the "other devices" section (you know, the big icon question yellow mark)

    After a thorough cleaning is reinstalled, it is always an "unknown device" under the heading "other devices."

    EDIT: maybe I should also mention that when I install graphics and sound card, says windows drivers I changed some important system files and I have to put the original cd with kit WXP SP2.

    Have you installed all the drivers provided on the European driver Toshiba page?

    I mean divers for card reader controller, AMD processor driver, Driver Modem, infrared Driver, etc.

    Please check all these drivers!

  • Satellite A210 - Downgrade from Vista to XP - a few more missing drivers


    I think I've fixed most of the problems driver XP now. After 3 days of searching...
    My laptop is the Satellite A210-16Y (PSAEL).

    I'm always looking for USB drivers and drivers for the Webcam (I found a bit for the cam and installed them pretty good, but when I try to press any button of the camera program, there's just a mistake (missing/not working driver).)
    The Webcam isn "t what matters... but USB is.

    Thanks for all suggestions / answers!

    Have you installed the Chipset driver? Than the one that you have installed?

    As much as I know the USB driver does not exist and for the use of the USB ports, you need driver chipset right?

  • Downgrade from Vista to XP for Satellite A210-16F PSAEL

    Other users of laptops from Toshiba greetings

    I come to you with what I noticed to be a fairly frequent problem for users of Satellite A2xx - downgrade from Windows Vista to XP.

    I am owner of a 2 - day old of a Toshiba Satellite A210 - 16F PSAEL (AMD processor) and Vista Home Premium crashes on me during the installation of an application. So I searched the forum and found a full list of the XP drivers for the series equipped with AMD (my thanks for people who have set up their discoveries). I also found a guide to downgrade to XP, but it was the Intel-based and intended for users A200.

    My question would be if there is such a guide out there for the A210 series, the AMD-based or could someone please indicate the steps to follow for the downgrade.

    Thanks in advance

    Interested, too, that's why push this thread a little, aka a friendly BUMP ;)


  • Satellite L350-170 - downgrade from Vista to XP

    Laptop: Satellite L350-170
    Part No.: PSLD8E

    Heya I write about the downgrade from Vista to XP.

    I play world of warcraft online game, I think that my laptop is good enough to run it, but I get little FPS (Frames Per Second) I do belive Vista drains your computer and is no friendly case like performance than XP. I have Vista Home Premium, I was trolling internet reading how to etc... Some forums said that some manufacturers of computer/laptop can provide a Vista 2 XP disks. I was wondering does toshiba? If this is not the case, how it would be difficult to downgrade from Vista? Is there a risk of bricking my laptop? could u do a list of things that I would need and a guide step by step on how downgrade but remembering I'm not a computer very know how nobody so keep it very basic =)
    Also - what is void your warranty? I would be able to send my laptop for toshiba and they do?

    Take advantage of my wall of text
    Thanks in advance for the help
    * fruitsalad *.


    Downgrade from Vista to XP isn't very difficult and it should be possible that you can do yourself.

    You need at least one drive in Microsoft Windows XP with SP2. Boot from it and follow the instructions on the screen. But you need the SATA drivers, the computer can recognize the HARD drive. For drivers, you need Intel Storage Manager, which can be downloaded on the site of Toshiba and this is workaround step by step how to do this:

    If you have installed XP, you must install all the drivers and tools for this. All what you need you can find on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Good bye

  • Downgrading from Vista to Windows XP Home in Satellite P200-16 b

    Hi people!

    I wonder if someone has already tried to downgrade from Windows Vista to Windows XP. I have a Satellite P200-16 b.
    I was check in the support Web site and I found most of the pilots it but I think not all.

    Please post your comments here.
    Thank you


    I used the search option and found many threads on the downgrade from Vista to XP on Satellite P200 PSPB0E

    All Toshiba drivers are published on the European driver Toshiba page.
    Of course, you won't find additional software and programs like WinDVD, etc. insofar as these software are only a part of the Toshiba recovery image and as I guess are not to free them.

    An important note; you need to install XP drivers as mentioned in the installation instructions txt file. This doc is also found on the Toshiba driver page!

    Then you should not get any trouble of installation.

    Best regards and happy new year 2008 :D

  • Satellite L300 PSLB8A - cannot locate the WLan adapter after downgrading from Vista to XP

    Model - L300 Satellite PSLB8A-01F004
    Australian model
    Place of residence current UK

    Happy new year to you all. I have a problem with the adapter wireless following a downgrade from Vista to XP Pro home. Device Manager indicates that a network adapter, which is the LAN and it does not work properly.

    I have two points with one exception - Ethernet controller and Modem on Bus High Definition Audio device.

    I find all the major engines of the Toshiba Australia but he lists three (I think) site possible WLAN - Atheros, RealTek, and one of the other manufacturers.

    I tried all three without success but am willing to acknowledge that I can have a mistake, perhaps by installing all three drivers at the same time for example.

    The indicator on the front of the box portable wireless lights on or off with the hard switch setting.

    I am also unable to locate the display of all available wireless netrworks, this can be a symptom of the driver is not installed.

    I tried to locate the wireless card, but it doesn't seem to be accessible through the background panels, including the Panel of RAM module.

    Any ideas please?

    > I have two Articles with one exception - Ethernet controller and Modem on Bus High Definition Audio device.

    The Ethernet controller is the WLAN adapter.
    I guess that the WLan driver is missing and so the wireless network card does not appear under network adapters

    Please check this Toshiba How TO:

    This will help you find the right WLan driver for this chip.
    and here you can find the drivers:

    good luck and good news 2011 ;)

  • Re: Problem with downgrading from Vista to XP on Satellite A200 - 1N1 (ETA

    Dear friends I need help for the downgrade from vista to Xp sp2. My PC is Satellite A200 - 1N1 (PSAE3E)
    Thank you very much
    Francesca Alsherif
    [email protected]

    So, what problem do you have? I mean without knowing what problem you have, nobody can help you? Where is the problem?

  • Satellite L355-S7907 - how downgrade from Vista to XP?


    I recently bought the Satellite L355-S7907 and do not like Vista I want to run Windows XP Service Pack 2 on it. Now I tried several methods, first start XP from CD, it loads for a few minutes then I get the blue screen of death, by saying that I should run ' CHKDISK F.
    I ran check disk and my my hard drive is fine.

    The other method I've tried is partition my hard drive then when Vista is on trying to install XP on the new partition. Vista allows me to install on a partition, because "Windows on your computer is newer than the version on CD.

    What should I do here? I don't like Vista and I'd love to have XP working on this laptop.

    Any help much appreciated



    Downgrade from Vista to XP isn t possible. Therefore, you must make a clean and new Windows XP installation. You wrote that you get a BSOD if you start from XP disc, what code BSOD is it exactly?

    I guess you only need drivers SATA to install XP. Have you installed them?
    In addition I recommend read the discussions here in the forum about it. You'll have hundreds of them! ;)

  • Satellite A200-1NB: Question about downgrade from Vista to XP

    I bought a 1NB A200 and I intend to downgrade from Vista to XP.
    I would like to create a CD of tools and utilities, but do I need to do before the low grade or can I do after?

    Also, I have to change the BIOS for XP before you install on the system or install XP first and then modify the BIOS for XP after installation?

    Thanks for your help.



    If possible, try to update the BIOS first, and then reinstall the operating system.

    I think you also need download all drivers Toshiba XP before installing XP on this OS. Without the LAN or WLan you will not be able to connect to internet ;)

    Good bye

  • Satellite A200: Possibility to downgrade from Vista to XP?


    Is it possible to downgrade from vista to XP? I can't find driver of HARD drive for it. Can you help me?


    It is not possible to downgrade from Vista to XP.
    If you want XP you have to pay for it and have to insatall it instead of Vista.

    Toshiba drivers, you will get: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Good bye

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