Satellite U400 - error - Bluetooth is not started

I used my u400 3 months without problem...
Then all of a sudden happened several problems with bluetooth...

When I tried to use BT for example OBEX, I got the error msg: "Bluetooth has not begun."
I tried to reinstall the driver for bt, but I couldn't. I got this error msg: 'Please insert the battery BT '. So I decided to reinstall windows vista with the recovery disk. On the new installation of vista, there is no pre-installed bt driver. So I installed the drivers and everything was going well for 2 days...

Now, bluetooth does not work still... can NOT reinstall drivers becouse of error msg once again (Please insert battery in LV) (of course, the wifi switch is on)... The interesting thing is that in device manager is no BT hardware...

Any ideas?


Hey Buddy

I have a U400 too and I never had problems with BT
I updated the BIOS to the latest state
Did you do that too?

Otherwise you can try to update the BIOS
Also I recommend that you enable the BT using the FN + F8 key combination
Using this button, you can turn on and off Bluetooth and WLan

Check it!

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    I have improved my Windows7 laptop at 10 now. While upgrading to windows 10 he messaged device RFCOMM Bluetooth may not work with Windows 10. So now, my laptop Bluetooth not working do not. Opening of Bluetooth, it shows "Error-ECCentre-1.exe - Application Error (Oxc000007b)". Currently installed Bluetooth Stack is - v8.00.12 (T).
    My Toshiba laptop is Satellite U400-17Y.
    Kindly help please as soon as possible.



    I have improved my Windows7 laptop at 10 now. While upgrading to windows 10 he messaged device RFCOMM Bluetooth may not work with Windows 10. So now, my laptop Bluetooth not working do not. Opening of Bluetooth, it shows "error-ECCentre-1.exe - Application Error (Oxc000007b)". Currently installed Bluetooth Stack is - v8.00.12 (T).
    My Toshiba laptop is Satellite U400-17Y.
    Kindly help please as soon as possible.


  • Satellite E200-002 - Bluetooth does not start

    Hello community of bluetooth.

    I just bought my Satellite PSE20C-002002 (I think that's the model number) and noticed that I don't have built in bluetooth hardware after buying a bluetooth mouse. I went and bought a bluetooth adapter (adapter micro usb 2.1 iogear bluetooh, model #: GBU421) and after the installation of a new plateau is supposed to open in the lower right to the process of connecting with bluetooth devices. Well as you can imagine it isn't here.

    Could someone point me in the right direction? Thank you for the time.

    -Under Windows 7.

    I agree with eBye. If the software is installed correctly the icon should appear in the taskbar.
    Under Win7 small icons are not listed as we WXp or Vista.
    You see how he is shown HERE.

  • Bluetooth does not start at the L850-BJS Satellite during the installation of Flash cards

    With the flash cards installed Toshiba Bluetooth does not work, when I delete all work.

    Your ad is unfortunately not quite understandable.

    What operating system do you use?
    You have installed the clean version or you got laptop with OS preinstalled?

    If you want to use BT you must install battery page BT Toshiba BT - and activate properly using FN + F8 key.

    For better understanding please post more info and a little more than one sentence.

  • Satellite U400-177 with the slow start of vista

    About two weeks ago, I bought a computer laptop satellite U400-177, with an operating system installed vista Home premium. Since the first moment, when I turn on the machine, the operating system startup is desperately slow! It takes about five minutes for the laptop end the beginning to start working! Is there something I can do to compensate for the departure faster?

    Thank you!


    I m U400 owner.
    I must say that a lot of apps is preinstalled by Toshiba and this could affect the startup time

    First of all, you must either update the Tempro tool or you should remove it (if you need t n).
    Second, you must start the msconfig and in the Startup tab you could disable some not important background processes.
    I put t know what is important to you and you want to use applications.

    If you n t know the meaning of some process then google for that in most cases, you could get a few details

  • Satellite P850-132 - Bluetooth can not be installed

    Dear *,.

    I have this machine:
    model name: SATELLITE P850-132
    Part No. PSPKAE-00E001N5

    OS: Win 7 64-bit, SP1, the latest version of the Bios

    I had to reinstall the machine from zero (changing OS language), I could install all the drivers that I found in the drivers section, with the exception of the bluetooth stack.

    It starts the Setup program, but when comes the "Setup bluetooth device" popup is stops the progressbar immediately and never continues. It crashes. I can cancel. The main installer window says success, and I can see the Bluetooth folder in the Start Menu. This icon appears in the lower corner on the right.

    Can I use the Windows icon at the bottom right to transfer files (for example), but I can't launch applications bluetooth (under the TOSHIBA start menu folder). When I run one of these bluetooth Installer come once again and did the same thing. (Stop the progressbar and never ends). If I press Cancel, then the application does not start.

    I tried to turn on/off the bluetooth during or before this window, but it does not help.

    Please help me solve this problem.

    Thanks in advance,

    Before you begin installing BT stack you must install the filter of Bluetooth driver Package initially.

    You have installed this package?

  • Satellite A300-15 a does not start after the installation of the alcohol program


    Satellite A300-15 has, I bought yesterday and after completing the installation of Vista, I tried to install "Alcohol" but my judgment of the laptop and now I'm not able to boot up the laptop.
    It does not start in any mode.

    I forgot to make recovery disks. I think that alcohol is not compatible with Vista. Error I get is below.

    Can someone tell me the solution?
    Please help urgent

    "A problem has been detected and Windows has shut down to prevent damage to your computer.
    If this is the first time you've seen this Stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps: blah blah... "

    Looks like a problem familiar to me, as I had the same one with the Daemon tools. After installing these tools, I couldn't start my Windows XP. I guess that it somehow mixed upwards of some drivers or registry entries, but not sure about that.

    OK, you can try to uninstall tool first start Vista in safe mode (press F8 before Windows starts upward).
    You should then be able to enter in Vista without problem.

  • Satellite M50D-A-10W does not start after the battery is completely empty

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite laptop Satellite M50d-A-10W AMD A, 15.6.

    I have problem when the battery is completely empty I have to use the needle achieve hard reset the switch behind the laptop... so I can't enter in bootmode with f2

    How can I solve the problem?

    Thank you

    I guess you are talking about the shutdown procedure force as described in this document:

    This problem can appear in case the PC freezes, do not start or has a power failure.

    I think that the laptop turns off in case the battery is completely empty. In this case the system does not close properly.
    As the default state, the system keeps laptop but usually the unit carries out a stop of the hybrid. This procedure allows the laptop to start much more quickly, but it could affect the system startup in case something goes wrong during the process of closing.
    You can disable this hybrid mode and in my opinion, it is also recommended.


    However, to avoid these problems, it of very important to correctly perform the closing procedure.

  • Satellite A300-1J1 - Vista does not start, a lot of corrupted files

    My PC (toshiba satellite A300 1J1) suffered some random freezes for the past month. A few days ago it froze so I restarted and it could not start. He got as far as the scrolling green bar under the name of microsoft and then progress any more. I tried to start it in all different modes but without prevail. I tried to do a system restore, but it can't find any restore point, or all the files to reset to factory specifications.

    The hard drive works as I could locate all my files via the command prompt. When I run the check disk tool it says many files are unreadable, so I want to reset the PC but can't due to lack of points on each side of the partioned reset disk.

    My PC came with no recovery disk and I fear that in the past, I accidentally deleted file recovery on the HARD drive. What can I do? will be Toshiba sent me disks so I ask them or I have to wipe the drive and buy windows 7 as a last resort?

    > will be Toshiba sent me disks so I ask them or I have to wipe the drive and buy windows 7 as a last resort?

    No, dude, it won't send you free and you must order for money you can also install Win copy yourself if you get the windows disk.

  • Satellite S50T-A - Bluetooth is not working properly

    Why the Bluetooth does not work in laptops Toshiba Satellite S50t-A?
    It sends data, but does not receive any! and says still 'not connected' to paired devices.

    Hey mimo

    After reading your ad, I tested BT with my S50 - B Satellite and I noticed the same situation.

    The first thing I did was check software BT. Originally was pre-installed Intel Bluetooth Filter Driver Package 3.0.1342.02 version. I ve removed from the system and installed Intel version 17.0.1428.01.

    After doing this paired phone has successfully connected and logged status was there.

    I tested send and receive files, and it works without a problem.
    When you want to send files from your laptop to the mobile phone, for example, click with the right button of the mouse on the file saved on your laptop and choose send to > Bluetooth device.

    In the case where you wish to receive the file from the mobile phone to the laptop, click with the right button of the mouse on the BT symbol in the taskbar and select receive a file. After that make you will see the transfer of BT file on the screen window. Select the file on your mobile phone and send it using BT connection. On the screen you will see download or transfer process. When finished just browse in the right place and you will find files all transferred there.

    An interesting thing is that, after some time my cell phone is listed as not connected (to manage Bluetooth devices), but everything works fine.

    Please test and send feedback.

  • Satellite A300 - rotates but does not start


    I have a Satellite A300. I had several probems for the boot since 2 months ago: when I want to turn on my laptop, it turns on but the screen keeps black and it does not load the screen "Toshiba Leading Innovation". 'Satellite' (to the left of the mouse) light is on (it would go only about a second then to start and then turn off) and it will turn off.

    I try again for so many times with all the possibilities: without battery, only with the power adapter, two, but it does not start. I don't know what I can do. I always Hibernate my laptop because I'm afraid of can not start it the next day.

    Could you help me? If she cares: I had to buy a new battery (not original from Toshiba) because I had to change the original. No more changes to my laptop.

    Thank you very much and sorry for my English written: S


    Hey Buddy,

    > I had to buy a new battery (not original from Toshiba) because I had to change the original. No more changes to my laptop.
    Of course, it s always advisable using Toshiba original spare parts only, but if you notice the same problem with AC adapter only it s not related to the new battery.

    Just to make a better diagnosis: If you have connected an external monitor? The internal display is perhaps the problem and doesn't turn on and it would be useful if you are testing the situation and an external monitor.

    But this noise as a hardware problem serious and in this case, you can wait to contact an authorized service provider. Technicians professional diagnostic tools to make an accurate diagnosis and to Exchange defective equipment parts.

  • Satellite C660-1CN - touchpad do not start with Windows

    I have problem with Toshiba Satellite C660 - 1CN PSC0QE.

    Touchpad do not start with Windows 7 Home Premium.
    All the drivers are up to date.
    BIOS - lastest.

    After logon, I need to click on * double * "FN + F9" and after it is OK until the next reboot.

    I tried:
    several drivers of Synaptics - no change.
    Reinstall Windows - no change.
    Mini Windows XP Hiren - no work.
    Default BIOS - no change

    After that I installed 'toshiba value added package' I can't turn on the touch pad at all.

    To be honest, I never heard the show. According to specification for laptop, your laptop came with Win7 home premium 64-bit. With factory settings touchpad should be activated after the OS has started.
    I can read you have reinstalled Windows. Have you reinstalled with the original recovery image and tested with factory settings?

  • Satellite L50-A-160 does not start after the Bios Update

    Hi, first of all, this is first post.

    I have 2 satellite L50-A-160 with bios 1.1

    Problem: seems to go to sleep after a few minutes, even working on them (even with both)

    So, I found an updated version 1.9, downloaded and running on one of the laptops. the biosupdate tool found matching the BIOS and a race.
    In the middle of flashing, he fell asleep. turned on and not start. What can I do? Recovery options? I guess the same thing will happen with the other too...

    What is the problem with these computers?

    Besides; very poor battery, always shows 0% available and not charging...
    Does anyone have a solution?

    Best regards
    -always in the hope.

    Have you tried to change in Power Options?

    See screenshot and try to change the ones I marked (it can refresh the settings, just change the values) and see if this solves the problem.

    and for the other laptop with no boot, a laptop sleep by updating the bios will surely mess it.

    what I don't understand is why your sleep laptop BIOS update, as far as I know the sleep settings is active then on windows (since this is controlled by windows)
    He does not sleep while in the BIOS you leave 1 year, sleep settings active only after loading windows.

    have you tried to check the time of processor for your laptop? Maybe its overheating causing auto-off

  • Satellite L300D-11 a - do not start Windows vista


    When I turn on my computer, I get the following error message:

    Error recovery for Windows

    Windows cannot start up. A change of equipment or software that has been recently achieved may be the cause.

    If the windows files are damaged or misconfigured, you can start the repair tool to help you diagnose and fix the problem. If the power was interrupted during startup, choose start windows normally.

    Start the (recommended) Startup Repair tool
    Start windows normally.
    After a while windows automatically selects the first option and try to load windows in recovery mode, but then, I get the following error:

    "The installed software could not start. Click ok to shut down the computer.

    When it stops and I start the computer again, I get the same error message when I started with the 2 options of recovery mode or start windows normally.
    When I select 2. option (start windows normally), it loads windows and after some time restarts and then I get the same error with two options.

    I tried to boot from the CD (recovery disk, vista bootable cd) and computer attempts a while but then he gave up and start again starting from the HARD disk. (I changed to boot from the CD first in the BIOS).

    Anyone know how to fix this?

    I have laptop Toshiba model nr: L300D-11


    If I understand your message, you tried to boot from recovery and MS Vista CD disc and no recovery disk worked not the Vista CD.

    Is this good?

    Hmm that's very strange... Perhaps you could remove the laptop HARD drive and could put it into a USB external HDD enclosure.
    Then you could format the HARD drive using another computer.
    After that, you could try to reinstall new OS

    Please also enter the BIOS and set it to the default settings the compatible SATA mode value and try to boot from the Vista CD again

    Good luck

  • Satellite Pro A60 EN does not start after you have used the recovery CD - isapnp.sys missing or damaged

    Help am stuck with it.

    Necessary to perform a recovery on the laptop and used the recovery CD 2 they seem to work OK. No error during installation, but after that they finished and it restarts didn't get the following message.

    Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:

    You can attempt to repair this file... etc but I don't have any original installation CD all have is the recovery for the Toshiba.

    I have a setup of Windows XP for the PC disk, but when I try to run which, but it starts just the configuration. Setup is loading files and after the kernel debugger get error

    "File ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded.
    The error code is 4, sometimes it's 7.

    I tried to delete and recreate and formatting partitions, so I can see and I can copy a file to the C: drive

    So any suggestions as to what wrong here

    Thank you very much

    I put t know if this Microsoft Knowledge base article would be useful for you, but you should check it out.

    [You receive a "Windows didn't start because the following file is missing or corrupt: Isapnp.sys" error message at startup |]

    Microsoft has a solution, and I would like to know if you can solve this problem by following the steps of the solution described in the article.

    Feedback would be much appreciated

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