Satellite U500-10F - Dungeon fan turning ON and OFF all the time

Hello world

Just bought my u500-10F and installed Windows 7 Enterprise on this.

Having a very weird problem, the fan keep turn on/off all the time every 10 seconds or more, even without any CPU load. Any ideas? Is there a fan control software?


As you know that Win7 is not released and without support, there is therefore no Toshiba Software for any type of power control and the fan at the moment.

Have you noticed the same behavior of fan preinstalled Vista operating system?

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    I hear fans ramping down when I do and reported by the BIOS fan status seems to support my theory that the fans really slow. Unfortunately, I do not yet have equipment controlling software installed on my PC so I don't see no confirmation of the fan speeds up when running in Windows 8. [HP has none of these tools?]

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    This seems to be the problem with your bios on the desktop.
    Discover the same fan speed if you have only the keyboard, mouse and the power cord is connected.
    Also check out an update of the bios on the desktop.
    This would probably solve the problem.
    You have a bios update available on the HP Web site.
    Click on the following link.

    Link -

    Check to see if that fixes the problem. Or other RESPONSE.

  • M35 satellite turns off all the time

    My Satellite M35 turns off all the time.
    Trigger, then it dies.

    Advice please

    Seems to be a problem of overheating!
    Usually, this happens because the cooling modules cannot turn with maximum performance and cannot cool the internal devices properly!

    Why is this happening? Well, the reason is the dust and debris that prevent the fans work properly!
    I recommend cleaning with compressed air stream fans that can be purchased in most computer resellers!

    Good bye

  • Windows Explorer does not work properly and hold all the time

    I have Windows 7 Professional as a platform. In the end, I find windows Explorer does not correctly and hold all the time. Pls advise on how to solve this problem. Note I am not a computer Savvy and I need a step by step approach.

    Thank you for your time and enjoy your time.



    Use the startup clean and other methods to try to determine the cause of and/or
    eliminate problems.


    References to Vista also apply to Windows 7.

    What antivirus/antispyware/security products do you have on the machine? Include
    everything you've ALWAYS had on this machine, including those you have uninstalled (they
    remains of leave behind which can cause strange problems).


    Follow these steps:

    Try these to erase corruption and missing/damaged file system repair or replacement.

    Start - type this in the search box-> find COMMAND at the top and RIGHT CLICK – RUN AS ADMIN

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    How to fix the system files of Windows 7 with the System File Checker

    How to analyze the log file entries that the Microsoft Windows Resource Checker
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    Also run CheckDisk, so we cannot exclude as much as possible of the corruption.

    How to run check disk in Windows 7


    After the foregoing:

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows
    Vista or Windows 7

    Use advanced tools to solve performance problems in Windows 7

    Problems with the overall speed of the system and performance

    How to troubleshoot performance issues in Windows Vista

    Optimize the performance of Microsoft Windows Vista
    To see everything that is in charge of startup - wait a few minutes without doing anything-
    then right click on taskbar - task manager - take a look at stored by -
    Process - Services - this is a quick reference (if you have a little box on)
    Lower left - show for all users, then check that).

    How to change, add or remove startup programs in Windows 7

    Is a quick check to see who are loading method 2 - using MSCONFIG
    then after a list of these here.

    Tools that should help you:

    Process Explorer - free - find out what files, registry keys, and other objects
    processes have open, which DLLs they have loaded and more. This unique
    powerful utility will show you even owned by each process.

    Autoruns - free - see what programs are configured to start automatically
    When your system boots and you connect. Autoruns also shows you the complete list
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    Process Monitor - Free - monitor file system, registry, process, thread and DLL
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    There are many excellent free tools from Sysinternals

    WhatsInStartUP - free - this utility displays the list of all applications that are
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    the information is displayed: Type of startup (registry/Startup folder), Command - Line
    Channel file, the product name, Version, company name, location in the registry or
    file system and more. It allows you to easily disable or remove unwanted programs
    that runs in your Windows startup.

    There are many excellent free tools to NirSoft

    Window Watcher - free - do you know what is running on your computer? Maybe
    not. The window Watcher says it all, every window created by each execution of the statement
    program, if the window is visible or not.

    Many excellent free tools and an excellent newsletter at Karenware


    Think about it an absolute must - manually update your drivers.

    Vista and Windows 7 updated drivers love then here's how update the most important.

    This is my generic how updates of appropriate driver:

    This utility, it is easy see which versions are loaded:

    -Free - DriverView utility displays the list of all device drivers currently loaded
    on your system. For each driver in the list, additional useful information is
    Poster: load address of the driver, description, version, product name,.
    company that created the driver and more.

    For drivers, visit Maker as replacements and system manufacturer of device which are
    the most recent. Control Panel - write - graphics card - device manager
    the brand and complete model of your video card - double click - tab of the driver-
    Note the version information. Now click on UPdate Driver (this can do nothing
    MS is far behind the certification of drivers) - then do a right click - Uninstall - REBOOT
    This will refresh the driver stack.

    Repeat this for network - card (NIC), Wifi network, sound, mouse, and keyboard
    If there are 3rd party with their own software and drivers and the other main device drivers
    you have.

    Now, go to the site of the manufacturer of system (Dell, HP, Toshiba as examples) (restore)
    and site (Realtek, Intel, Nvidia, ATI, for example) and get the manufacturer and device
    their latest versions. (Look for the system to update the BIOS, Chipset and software updates
    Site of the manufacturer here.)

    Download - SAVE - go to where you put them - right click - RUN AD ADMIN -.
    REBOOT after each installation.

    Always check in the Device Manager - drivers tab to be sure the version you are
    installation actually appears. This is because that some rollback of drivers before the
    later is installed (particularly that audio drivers) so install a driver - reboot.
    Make sure that it is installed and repeat if necessary.

    Repeat to the manufacturers - BTW to the device makers DO NOT RUN THEIR
    SCANNER - check manually by model.

    Look at the sites of the manufacturer for drivers - and the manufacturer of the device manually.

    Installation and update of drivers under Windows 7 (updated drivers manually using
    the above methods is preferable to ensure the latest drivers from the manufacturer of system
    and device manufacturers are located)

    If you update the drivers manually, then it's a good idea to disable driver facilities
    in the updates of Windows, which leaves on Windows updates, but it will not be installed
    pilots who are generally older and cause problems. If updates provides a new
    driver then hide it (right click on it) and then go get new ones manually if
    you want.

    Stop Windows 7 to automatically install device drivers

    How to disable automatic driver Installation in Windows 7 / Vista

    Turn off Windows Update Device Driver search prompt in Windows 7 / Vista (for the)
    Professional, comprehensive and Enterprise edition)


    Refer to these discussions because many more excellent advice however remember to check
    your antivirus, the main drivers and BIOS update programs and also to solve problems
    with the first method cleanboot.

    Problems with the overall speed of the system and performance

    Performance and Maintenance Tips

    Explorer Windows stopped working

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Bug in version 6.2.1 of the filter? (flag to reset filters turned off all the time)

    I love working with the filter with indicator / without indicator with my photos.
    With the 6.2.1 last version, with indicator filter go back "filter off" all the time.
    Example, 3 pictures are marked, I select, I merge them into an HDR... .and when you finish the filter is reset to filters turned off.
    Also edit a photo in Photoshop... .returning to lightroom... .filters off

    Quite boring!

    also ask, if you merge 3 pictures that are flagged (picked) in an HDR, it would be nice that the merged result is marked as?

    I think that you have unlocked filters.  Make sure this file > library Filters > Lock filters is verified (the lock is also represented by the padlock on the right end of the library filter bar - make sure that it is locked).  When it is locked, the current filter is not changed by Photo > merge pictures (at least in my 2015.2.1 CC).

  • opening program minimizes and optimizes all the time

    progam start showing some problem of its own.

    progam was started for the first time after starting the computer indicates a sound problem, windows Explorer minimizes and optimizes all the time until he is arrested. Pls suggest a solution for this type of problem.

    1 did you do changes on the computer before the show?
    2. you receive an error message?
    3. what version of operating system you are using on the computer?

    Method 1:
    You can run a Microsoft security scanner to make sure that the computer is free from virus infection:
    If you run the antivirus program that is infected by the virus scan will get deleted. Therefore, reinstall the program. Also if the files and folders are affected by the virus, while they might even get deleted

    Method 2:
    You can also perform a clean boot and check:
    Windows XP: How to configure Windows XP to start in a "clean boot" State
    Windows 7 and vista:
    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7
    Note: When the diagnosis is complete do not forget to reset the computer to a normal startup. Follow step 7 in the above article.
    Method 3:
    You can also try to run a SFC scan, it will scan and try to correct some of the system files.
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  • Slow and freezing all the time

    My computer runs windows xp and its also kind of the ancients in regard to computers today, and I recently installed all updates and microsoft security system. Now my computer is running very slowly and crashes all the time! Help please! Its driving me CRAZY!

    Hi DawnMichelle,

    You can update the computer with the latest device drivers by visiting the manufacturer's Web site.  In addition, make sure you have the latest Windows updates installed.

    See also:

    Increase the speed of the PC: optimize your computer, help your PC run faster

    Windows XP performance

    Hope this information is useful.

  • Satellite A135-S4666 - cooling fan turns on and turns off every 20 seconds


    I'm from the Argentina... I just bought a new Satellite A135-S4666 and I noticed that the cooling fan turns on and turns off every 20 seconds.
    It is a little annoying and it disctracts me of what I'm doing... is there a solution?

    Thank you very much.

    Hi Martin,

    This behavior is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. If you find the noise irritating cooling fans you are likely to change their behavior by using the utility of Toshiba power where you should be able to set the cooling mode to run more quietly. I think trhe default is to allow the CPU to run at full speed, which will, of course, the fans turn every few seconds, but by reducing the speed of the CPU, the heat produced will be lower and therefore the fans will run less often.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite A300D - Turn off all the time

    My wife has a Satellite A300D (model PSAK4E) and it keeps closing. The two randomy and when induced under certain conditions

    Previously, I tested the HARD drive and found bad sectors then replaced with a 64 GB SSD. I tried to install Windows 7 but it kept fault towards the end. So I reset the machine without a battery and now the power button for 2 minutes to clear the memory. Installed Windows 7 + updates.

    I was worried about stopping all the time but flashed the BIOS. Flash worked.

    Laptop resets always? I have reviewed several possible causes and wanted to get other peoples ideas
    1 HARD drive - replaced and even resets
    2. battery - ran on power sector only and even resets
    3 overheating - sometimes under certain conditions (memmory tests or you try to run certain applications) or randomly (without reason)
    4. a broken circuit somewhere on the motherboard
    5 - completely new OS + software resets the laptop when using some applications from a live disk.

    Thank you inadance for the help

    Hi me_in_oz,

    Theoretically the laptop turn off itself due to a higher internal temperature to protect the equipment against damage.
    In this case, you will need to clean the laptop using jet of compressed air to blow the dust from the cooling fans. It is easy and takes only a few minutes to check out this article:
    [How to clean a Toshiba laptop cooling system? |]

    Otherwise it seems to be a serious hardware problem and your laptop should be checked for professional people. Probably it s a malfunction of the motherboard

  • Satellite Pro 6000 turns off all the time


    I bought a 2nd hand Saturday pro 6000. And now it has started to cut, but it turns on when I press and hold down on the actual case, and when I let him go, he just died... He starts to get on my nervs now I even cleaned up the dust, and he does not know. And there is an orange led flashes all the time everyone knows what is happening or what I can do?

    Thank you will be

    Already seen on the Pro 6100...

    You can read more here:


  • Automatic Updates turned off all the time XP

    Updates automatic turn off XP SP3 its own WARNING all the time constantly security - I have Kaspersky internet security 2012 worm, 8 GB of Ram. Intel CPU machine compatible PC.

    I saw the other posts on this - doesn't seem to be one definitive solution other than to search for malware.

    Is there any software/malware known that this may be because of this?


    I am happy to know that the problem has been resolved and that I could be useful.  If you have any questions on Windows then post in this forum.

    It will be useful.

  • Whenever I have use Bridge to edit photos in camera raw it works incredibly slow and crashes all the time

    Why does Adobe Bridge work so slowly? And why it crash all the time? I have Windows 8.1 and use Photoshop 2015.

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    • Operating system and version number
    • The full text of all error messages
    • What you were doing when the problem occurred
    • Screenshots of the problem
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  • Tecra series fan turns on and off without stopping


    I have a Tecra A3 - 185 with processor 1.73 and 504 MB of RAM, which otherwise, I'm very happy for. The only problem (but important) is that the cooling fan constantly turns on and turns off. When the standby power system is turned on high-performance computer (when browsing, emailing or even doing nothing) active fan cooling for 25 seconds it turns off for 20 seconds, is it on again for another 25 seconds and so on.

    There is no even when he uses 0% CPU. I tried to change the power settings so the processor speed is reduced to 3-6 (whatever that means) with some success, but it's not really dealing with the problem all together.

    I had an another Toshiba before without any problems of this kind. Could someone tell me if it is supposed to be like this? (As I'm about to throw the computer out the window close-very annoying with this turn ups-thing) and if it is, give me some settings of the device which will take care of the problem of energy saving.

    Please check this:
    Here, you posted the same.

    Uttered in another thread, it's normal behavior. The fan starts to spin when a certain temperature level has been reached and stops turning when the temperature drops.

  • How to change the fan turning on and off in Tecra 8100?

    I would like to know if this is a way to tell the Bios or the utility how to set temperatures and speed to keep my cool computer of the fan.

    There are several utilities in internet for this but they do not work on Tecra 8100...

    Thank you.


    Toshiba Power saver is preinstalled on all Toshiba units.
    This software controls the function of the cooling module and CPU usage.
    You can set the processor speed and performance of the fans.

    This request has been pre-installed on the image of Toshiba.

  • Playback devices are turned on and off at the same time.

    Somehow, my audio devices have all been disabled and enabled at the same time. I have speakers and bluetooth headset and it shows they are both active in the playback Panel devices and my headset as default device. The equalizing bar which usually goes next to them has disappeared, however. When I try to disable them, nothing happens. When I run a convenience store on one of the devices, it says that the problem is that the device is disabled and says to activate manually. But I can not because it is already activated. Do the side slide to open the control panel displays the volume button dimmed with the text, "disabled" underneath.

    My operating system is Windows 8. My bluetooth device is BTH220. My speakers are realtek high definition audio.
    I updated all my audio drivers and restarted my computer several times. I tried disabling and disconnection of the devices and convenience stores running. Nothing seems to work.
    Thanks for any help you have!

    I don't think that problem is related to the audio drivers

    Try to update the other drivers starting with bluetooth

Maybe you are looking for