Satellite U500 - 11G - noise of the fan speed after BIOS update


I have the Toshiba Satellite U500 - 11G.
I've recently updated the BIOS because my CPU fan did not work under Ubuntu,
But after the update, my CPU fan speed is faster then normal and make a lot of noise (even if the CPU is cool) when I use Windows 7 is still stay on fast speed making a lot of noise.

Do we sort of degrading the BIOS or thw way to earn the slow CPU fan speed?



Update BIOS because of Linux? You know that Linux is not possible on this laptop model?

In any case, to reduce the fan sped Please reduce the cooling in saving settings method.
Control Panel > Power Options > go to your preferred power plan settings and choose advanced power options > Toshiba saving settings > cooling method > set to optimized battery.

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    So I have my bios Satellite C850-PSKCEV update version 6.80 (I bought my laptop in 2012), about 6 months ago and since then the fan turns at low speed and will never run full speed as before, and therefore, the laptop overheats prematurely and very quickly and even when the laptop is not in use but market it overheat also game isn't possible as any game that I run (even with the smaller settings) Gets a drop in fps every 5 seconds and lasts for 5-10 seconds that makes even the lightest unplayable games, also I have fear of the continuous overheating of components of the laptop.

    I clean the fan and vents the dust and there is not even a particle inside of them and still the fan will not run fast and I can't feel but very slight air flow from the orifice as apposed to tough before this problem.

    Laptop model Toshiba Satellite Ref. C850-A811 PSKCEV-00S00FAR
    Intel Core i5 2450 m - AMD Radeon Hd m 7670
    8.1 Windows 64-bit

    After updating the BIOS, you should enter the BIOS and should load the default settings.

    In addition, you can try to decrease the max CPU to 98-99% performance.

    This can be done in the settings mentioned by Liam and to be honest, this change would not really affect the performance of the laptops.

  • Satellite C660D - software to control the fan speed?

    Just brought a C660D. Someone knows the software to control the fan speed?

    My laptop CPU fan always turns to 74-80% of max speed. That's a lot of noise. I tried cpucool, but it did not work.

    If does not work, the fan speed will remain at the temperature of 0 with cpu at 38 oC. But with any operation tiny, like the click of the mouse, it will change again to 74%, CPU temperature does not change.

    Hi Polaralbatross,

    Have you ever tried the Eco mode that uses the cooling battery optimized method?

  • Satellite U500 - 11G - cannot activate the upgrade to Windows 7

    Really sorry to this topic, but with the new Satellite U500 - 11G can not activate the upgrade to Windows 7. Keep told by entering the serial number that it was origonally installed with Vista, but no info on how to activate it.

    Any help here please?

    Hi mate

    The Toshiba pre-installed Vista OS has already been activated.

    AFAIK if you upgraded the operating system Vista to Win 7 using the Toshiba Windows 7 upgrade kit then a Win 7 must be already activated and does not need to be enabled separately

    See you soon

  • Satellite A500-1GL: 2 questions: the fan speed & graphic card driver failures


    I have 2 questions, hopefully someone can help me with that.

    * The first question - quick fan *.

    I'm on online gamer second life and world of the craft of war) recently my fan speed crank up to 90 percent for about 5/10 minutes before leaving quiet. Then speed up again after a period of time. I'm confused as to why he did this because when I check my cpu temp is only make 40%, and I use a cool buffer table.

    I'm looking for some advise here because all said Toshiba was making sure I had the latest bios update. But I would have thought it is not the processor overheating the fan must not be crank that quickly. My laptop is only 2 months old.

    Can anyone help, should I be worried?

    * Second question - graphics driver *.

    Also on a couple of times I got my screen briefly go black and then recover. A pop up appears saying something along the lines of the core of the graphics card.... Driver recovered. It flashes if fast, that I never see the entire message. Don't you think that something is wrong with the graphics card? (card nividia geforce gt300m)

    I really hope that someone can offer more help that Toshiba has done, as I am a bit unhappy to be problems on a 2 month old laptop.

    Thank you for reading and I look forward to any Advisor.

    (> I'm on online gamer second life and world of the craft of war) recently my fan speed crank up to 90 percent for about 5/10 minutes before leaving quiet. Then speed up again after a period of time. I'm confused as to why he did this because when I check my cpu temp is only make 40%, and I use a cool buffer table.
    > I'm looking for some advice here because all said Toshiba was making sure I had the latest bios update. But I would have thought it is not the processor overheating the fan must not be crank that quickly. My laptop is only 2 months old.

    The cooling fan is controlled by the fan table in the BIOS. Fan table contains information about the temperature and the fan speed that means the depands on some level temperature fan speed.
    Over all the possible game features as the CPU, GPU, produce heat and the heat dissipation is high
    Cooling modules would begin to turn faster if the temperature level would be exceeded
    This is nothing exceptional everything at stake

    > Also on a couple of times I got my screen briefly go black and then recover. A pop up appears saying something along the lines of the core of the graphics card.... Driver recovered. It flashes if fast, that I never see the entire message. Don't you think that something is wrong with the graphics card? (card nividia geforce gt300m)

    I read on a similar question, and apparently, the graphics card DRIVER crashed during games
    Maybe it's a compatibility problem between game and pilot
    In most cases the graphics card driver update should fix this and I read on some forums that it has helped in many cases

  • Satellite A200 - the fan speed with BIOS v2.50


    I have laptop Satellite A200 - 28 p PSAE6E I bought 2 monts ago. I made a terrible mistake 2 days ago and updated the BIOS on the computer of the Toshibas website to v2.50. fan began acting very strangely that he starts every time that runs for 20-25 seconds 30 seconds later stops again which is really annoying.

    I study at night which is very quiet for the fan noise is very disturbing. I would like to downgrade the BIOS with a version more old if someone could help me I would be very happy. I talked with the guys at toshiba and they said they cannot do anything,
    Thank you...





    I hope this will help u

  • Satellite L500 - system hung on the splash screen after Windows update


    I hope that someone can help you. My Satellite L500 is suspended on the blue startup screen after it restarted after a windows update, the mouse arrow moves and it seems to be a hard disk with a twinkle activity in the system lights. Except that nothing? Any ideas?

    Thank you


    > hung on the blue startup screen after it has restarted after a windows update
    This means that you get a blue screen after Windows update and more, you can start Windows t?

    You can start Windows in safe mode?

  • Satellite A300-20 b - Touchpad does not work after BIOS update

    I've updated the BIOS on my Satellite A300-20 b latest version 2.00. Update succeeded, but when I rebooted system touchpad has stopped working.

    I tried to find the solution, resettled drivers (windows XP system). In the Windows Device Manager there is no problem with Synaptics PS/2 Port Touchpad, I see. Software Synaptics shows no problem I can enable and disable the touchpad, but it does not work for the touchpad. I tried Linux live CD and in this system does not work as good touchpad. I think there is problem in this version of the BIOS.

    Does anyone have the same problem?

    Hey Buddy,

    Have you tried to turn the touchpad on or off if you press FN + F9? Check this please!
    Also, try to load the default settings in the BIOS.

    What happens if you connect an external mouse to the laptop? It work?

    I can t imagine that the BIOS update causing this problem. If it doesn't work, you need to contact a service provider for help. They can check the touchpad and replace.

  • Satellite A500-17 x - micro does not work after BIOS update

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A500-17 x which I have just updated the BIOS to version 2, as recommended by the tempro software. Now with the new update my microphone does not work. Where can I download a copy of the old BIOS?

    ({I used winphlash64 in advanced mode to restore the original backup, it does to the computer, but it just gives the new bios to}) Thank you rich


    BIOS cannot be demoted in windows mode.
    Even if you use an older version of BIOS update, you will get an error message saying that the latest BIOS version is already installed. So, forget the downgrade.

    By the way: I put t think the update of the BIOS assigned the microphone.

    Go to control panel of-> sound-> recording tab.
    Here you will see all the available recording devices (micro)

    Activate the microphone it (in this case the people with reduced mobility) and set its default value.

    Where it works: reinstall the audio driver.

  • Satellite L30 - 14F - battery low CMOS and delivers after BIOS update

    For 1.5 years, I have a Toshiba Satellite L40 - 14F PSL4CE.
    I encounter the error of CMOS LOW battery but I was unable to find to replace. Where he is?

    Second problem: after a BIOS update (version of the site) with the same setting in Windows XP, after I left the lid downwards and then save the workbook hesitates for about 2 seconds and the music stops. These problems were not present before the BIOS update.

    Thank you for the cooperation.


    The BIOS battery can be replaced by only authorized service. to do this the laptop everything must be dismantled. By the way: see s operating manuals. You will find info how to load the BIOS battery.
    If I remember correctly the laptop must be connected to the adapter sector more than 48 hours. Check in the manuals.

    Maybe is my bad English, but I do not understand second problem.
    Can you please try to explain it again? I'm sorry.

  • Satellite A135-S2286 - USB ports does not work after BIOS update

    I recently had the dreaded BIOS password prompt problem. I checked online to the toshiba support site and took the laptop to a toshiba authorized service center and is fixed by getting the updated BIOS updated to 1.60, but after update BIOS, none of my USB ports work.

    When I connect a USB device, a warning from yellow pop up comes up unrecognized USB device. The same USB device works fine on other computers/laptops. I searched online for a solution and found on a lot of people have the same problem, but did not find any fix for this error.

    It will be useful, if someone has a solution for this error.

    Hey Buddy,

    Is there yellow exclamation marks in Device Manager next to USB ports or they appear correctly?

    If you notice a yellow exclamation you must remove the USB port and restart the computer. All USB ports are installed automatically, you do not need an additional driver.

    I hope that it helps :)

  • No noise/driver does not work after BIOS update

    Hey, I'm having a problem with my audio drivers. I have what I think is a HP P5RC - motherboard (I'm still not positive, because it was given to me, and I not found any precise identification on it), and I use the onboard sound on this subject. I've had versions of Windows 7 on this computer since the Release Candidate, and at the time I had to manually download the Realtek audio drivers to get the sound to work. I had to do the same thing when I got the full version of 7 Ultimate. After installing Win7, I had various problems. I was able to trace the problem down to the motherboard, but wasn't sure if it was a hardware or BIOS problem. I tried updating the BIOS to Bishop 3.08 since this page and found no big difference, apart from the fact that the sound did not work. I tried redownloading and installing Realtek drivers and restarted, but I still get all the sounds. What is another problem with the material of the motherboard, BIOS update problem or a driver problem?

    Thanks in advance!


    Edit: I should probably note that I built the computer and used the motherboard that was given to me in this document is not an HP computer.

    Edit 2: Another note - I have an Asus EAH3450 video card, which has a HDMI port on it. HDMI audio driver has two audio devices in the control panel and Device Manager. However, I do not have a compatible monitor HDMI, so I need the built-in sound card.

    Because your video card can also function as a sound card you must go into the BIOS and change your sound option to 'Auto' (which is probably trying to use your card as the audio device video by default) for the on-board sound of motherboards.

    If you found my answer helpful please say thanks with a KUDO (click on the star).

  • Satellite L755-1GH - noise from the fan always on

    I own a laptop L755-1GH which has its fan always on, producing a large amount of noise. Temperature is not the 80 ° c but nor least fan is already blowing less than 70º, for now it is at 58ºC and it is already underway.
    The pc is still in the warranty period, but I can't be without the pc, because that's my work pc.
    Any ideas of how I can solve this problem?

    The Turbo is already disabled, and I use a cooling package... already blown air to clean the dust a few sec.
    If I open it, I'll be out of warranty and I can't send it to the warranty...
    Is there some Toshiba diagnostic tools?

    You can reduce the activity of fan if you change the option in the parameters of the method of cooling.

    Power profile open that you use and go to advanced power settings.
    You will find Toshiba power saver options and method of cooling.

    Change it to optimized battery.

    Please, do it and post comments.

  • Satellite L735-103: one key does not work after BIOS update


    I got a Sat L735-103, part no: PSK0CE - 00N0OUEP and I download the bios for this pc, toshiba Web site.
    I have updated bios with no problem, but now a realization thatm a key (the key located in the good of "* f ' and 'z') of the keyboard does not work.
    I have a plate with windows and linux, and the result is the same.

    Maybey I need to go back to the old bios, but in the toshiba Web site only have a bios download: (.)


    Somehow, I can't believe that this button malfunction has something to do with the new BIOS.
    Have you noticed the anomaly key immediately after the update of the BIOS?
    You have default BIOS? If not, access the BIOS by pressing F2 when starting the laptop.
    Here, you can set default BIOS and then save the changes.

    If this is not enough, I would recommend contacting the Toshiba ASP because the technician must check whether the button is defective. In this case, replace the keyboard. The technician would be able to downgrade the BIOS as well and could check if it of really a BIOS issue.

    To find an authorized Toshiba (ASP) Service Provider anywhere in the world, please visit:> "Support and downloads"--> "to find an authorized service provider" (down in the menu maintenance & repair).

  • Unknown device on the Satellite A100-153, after BIOS update to 5.1

    ACPI\TOS1901 * TOS1901<--- this="" is="" the="" unknown="" device="" after="" bios="" update="" to="" 5.10="" on="" my="" satellite="" a100-153="">

    Vista now shows it in as unknown device manager; the TOS1900 showed up too, but after installation of Toshiba Value Pack for Vista, it went.

    Help, please. WHICH IS: ACPI\TOS1901 * TOS1901


    ACPI-> Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
    ACPI defines hardware and software interfaces that allow focus on the OS configuration and power management to enumerate and configure motherboard devices.
    For example: ACPI is necessary for the standby and hibernation mode.

    Now your question; the new BIOS has been updated and configured to using VISTA.
    It seems that VISTA was not compatible with the previous version of BIOS because the ACPI interface. Now you can install Vista on the laptop, but it seems that you need a driver. Possibly new chipset driver version might help. But as you probably know, the drivers are not available at this time. Unfortunately

Maybe you are looking for

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    We get this message on the touch screen when you try to copy. All other functions work correctly. Unfortunately the detailed resolution of the "Try Again" does not seem to correct the error. Any ideas would be very grateful to you. Thank you.