Satellite U50T-to-10F - keyboard and touchpad MOMENTUM does not

I have a Toshiba Satellite U50T-A-10F, who did the usual round off the coast and was updated last night won't however when I turned it on the wheel mouse and keyboard does not work I managed to get hold of because the touch screen still works, but nobody knows why it would update then?

Tried phone support but only open from Monday to Friday, I took out of warranty extended thanks to God!


According to the bulletin of Toshiba technical support document, the touchpad can be disabled only and using the function keys it should be possible to activate the touch pad once more.
Touchpad doesn't work anymore after upgrading Windows

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  • Flex 15 keyboard and touchpad suddenly does not work!

    Hello world. Please forgive if this is an ignorant question.

    seemingly out of nowhere my keyboard and Mouse/touchpad has stopped working. seems that some keys work... as the plane touches for example. I saw someone else post about it but didn't see no response. anynhelp greatly appreciated. This touchscreen is killing me!

    Thank you!

  • Satellite A300D-11 s - keyboard and touchpad freezes


    I have a lot of problems with my Satellite A300D-11 s (for the region of the Adriatic).

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate with installed all the drivers from the Toshiba site. Everything works perfectly... but...

    When I first time works laptop, can't initialize graphics driver, keyboard not working and touchpad is froozen. In this situation, I can use external USB mouse and keyboard, Internet (WLAN, LAN), Sound. When I reebot the system, Windows 7 loads and works perfectly and I can work 3-4 hours. After disabling laptop and put on 30 minutes, 1 hour or 6 hours, problem exists always again :(

    Then I reinstalled the system of zero, use, update to the latest drivers and issues is always present. I tried this 3 times, but I have no idea what to do. Sometimes when I close the lid of my laptop and later at the output of the keyboard and the touchpad of stand by are frozen.

    Laptop have guaranteed but last time, replaced service card motherboard and CPU. Laptop may be defective?

    Thnx and sorry for the gramatic mistakes


    > graphic driver cannot initialize, keyboard is not working and touchpad is froozen. In this situation, I can use external USB mouse and keyboard, Internet (WLAN, LAN), Sound.
    For me, it sounds like that just internal peripheral input (keyboard and touchpad) don t work more and they need to be replaced.
    What do you think about this?

    You can contact your authorized service provider. They can exchange the two parts for you.
    Check this box!

    Regarding your display driver problem, you must update the driver and install the latest version of the BIOS.

  • Satellite A300 - 1 5: keyboard and touchpad not working

    I have problem with keyboard and touchpad. Laptop satellite A300 - 1 5

    I have Vista home premium and when I turn on the computer, I put password in the user box then my keyboard and the touchpad do not work.

    In the Bios my keyboard work but when Vista starts it doesn't have.

    How to solve this problem?

    Thank you!


    First of all, please check the status of the device in Device Manager.
    Please check if the keyboard and touchpad are listed correctly without any yellow exclamation point.

    But you should try to reinstall the drivers again, even if the keyboard and the touchpad have been recognized correctly.
    In this case I recommend to remove the keyboard and the touchpad Device Manager, and then you must restart the computer once more.

    After Vista has restarted the two devices should be recognized again and should work.

    Please check this!

  • Keyboard and the mouse does not work after the release of sleep

    Original title: error keyboard and mouse

    After you have installed Windows 8 I had problems with the keyboard and the mouse.

    If the computer disconnects a half our for example, when I come back, the keyboard and the mouse do not work,
    I can not connect and I have to restart my computer to the power button.
    How can I avoid this problem? It happens every day at least once.


    1. you are using a wired keyboard or mouse and wireless?
    2. What is the brand and model of the PC?
    3. have you checked if other USB devices work on the PC after you resume the computer from sleep mode?

    I suggest you follow these methods and check if it helps.

    Method 1:
    If you use the USB keyboard and mouse, and then follow the steps below to uninstall and reinstall the USB controllers.

    (a) press the Windows logo and X from the keyboard.
    (b) type devmgmt.msc , and then press ENTER.
    (c) expand Bus USB controllers.
    (d) right-click every device under the Bus USB controllers node and then click on uninstall to remove them one at a time.
    (e) restart the computer and reinstall the USB controllers.
    (f), check the question;

    Method 2:

    The 'USB selective suspend settings' option in the Power Options can be activated.

    (a) press X and WWindows logo and choose Power Options
    (b) click on change plan settings for the selected power plan
    (c) click on that to change advanced power settings
    (d) Expand USB settings and then the USB selective suspend setting and change them to disabled.
    (e) click OK in the power settings window, and then click save changes in the Edit Plan settings window.

    Method 3:
    If this does not help, I suggest to change the power to its default settings and check if it helps.

    You can follow the steps to do this:

    (a) press the Windows logo key and X set and choose power options.

    (b) under the preferred plans, click on balanced (Recommended).
    (c), click Change Plan settings and more balanced (Recommended) option.
    (d) click on restore default settings for this plan on .
    (e) click Yes to save the changes.

    Now check the issue.

    Let us know if it helps. If the problem persists, please answer, we will be happy to help you further.

  • Satellite U500 - 1 8 - eco and touchpad button do not work

    I had to update my Windows 7 Profesional version and now I have some problems:

    1. I installed eco utility but when I press the single button of co control nothing happends
    2 start/stop pad touch button does not work (not as important)
    3. when I press the fn button context menu? (the bar at the top of the screen with shortcut explanation)

    I looked on the toshiba site, but can not find good files someone help me?

    Thanks in advance


    In my opinion, you must reinstall Toshiba Value added Package and the Eco utility. All utilities, you can get on the Toshiba site: > support & downloads > download drivers

    So I agree with the user above the reinstallation of this tools, everything should work properly again.

  • Keyboard and trackpad which does not Compaq presario CQ60


    My keyboard and trackpad on my Compaq Presario CQ60 laptop do not react and do not have external devices to see if it is an internal matter. Cannot restart in Mode safe as the keyboard is unresponsive, however it allows me to type my password to access vista! I think I just lock the computer, but do not know how unlock, various forums have specified relocation drivers etc, but I am unable to do this without functional keyboard and do not know how if I pressed a key combination that caused it. I don't know if it's a problem of Vista or Compaq/HP.

    Immensely from any help appreciated!

    as far as I know, if you can type your password on the login screen, then the keyboard works, if the problem appears after the connection or it will appear when you are on your desktop screen, it may be a problem of operating system or a problem with corruption of user account

    the keyboard would be a hardware failure, if when you turn on your nb, there will be no ligts on the keyboard will make the capslock key does not illuminate or does not at all as long as you turn on the nb

    for the touchpad, try to check if its or disable... If there is a light orange above the touch pad then sound off, toggle the switch the light to turn to blue...

    so before anything else... TRY THIS FIRST!

    1. remove the battery

    2 disconnect the power adapter

    3. no power supply at all, press in and hold the button for 1 min... Be sure that it will be 1 min...

    technically, we call this HARD RESET... This process would free electricity static that could be included on the power button spout these electrostatic charges sometimes causes harware malfunctionalities...

    then it this step does not work... do this...

    try to go into safe mode by continuously pressing F8 during startup (press F8 when you see the hp invent screen), then you will be directed to advance startup options... Choose last known good config... Then, it will boot to the last known good setting...

    Please let me know if this does not work...

    Otherwise, ' choose repair your computer "on the start options... Choose the American keyboard layout... so if asked for a user name and password, you can change the administrator username username and then put your password... If you do not use any password leave it blank... then choose Startup Repair...

    Please let me know if this does not work...

    I hope this helps...

  • Satellite L750D/L755D - its integrated and DVD player does not work.


    First of all I have no idea where to post this.
    Beside that, I'm clueless about take you over the page. (which lets you choose the computer laptop/build/etc etc)
    So here I am

    I have a Toshiba - Satellite-L750D/L755D

    He came Pentecost 7 windows, but after a lot of trouble, and since I hate windows 7 more then any other OS.
    I bought windows 8, which is now upgraded to 8.1 the last update as you know.
    Since the same beginning whit windows 7 built-in speakers not work as they should.
    And small piece I want to say at the start that they have worked... BUT for 5-10 sec, then it just stopt.

    But the strange part of it is if I connect a sound box the sound works perfectly and does not either.
    I'm not an expert in the field. but since I grew up whit it I know a little bit about it.

    I think it's something whit drivers that are corrupt or don't work well together.
    Now search across the web around trying to find a solution but not done whit no progress at all.
    You may think different, but I think that this Web site is the worst of all. lol sorry I have to be true.

    He asks what kind of satellite I what I know but who is not in the list, anywhere!
    Then try to find the right driver which is probably need is a little impossible.
    Next to this no disc drive of mine no longer works.

    No matter what or what disc I put in, after all he'll say that there is no disk or the disk is empty.
    And no, this isn't the issue because if I put in another laptop / pc, it works very well.
    I'm getting a little tired of it because I paid more than 700 euros for this laptop.
    To know that I could use it properly for 3 months, after that it started to happen.
    I'm still paying every month for this laptop, which is unusable at all.

    Why? because I had no sound, and the reason I bought a laptop from Pentecost 8 GB of ram is for games.
    Now to do games come whit a disc, if your laptop can not read you wasted more money. (new)

    I really need help whit this and hope I am on the right place for it.
    Because I'm on the point just throw it out the window.

    If you want to know more information ask around. I give you everything I know.
    But also didn't really know what to write here, next to the problems I faced.
    Oh yes before I forget, I tried to get the drivers whit me serial nr.
    And guess what? It does not exist! And no, I'm not stupid, that's good.

    Help, please!


    Hi Theo

    At first, I want to clarify one important fact: it is user community.
    I guess you did not however, I want to help you provide essential information.

    First of all some ideas concerning the problem of CD/DVD drive:
    As you probably know that the lens of the laser s internal drive is important to read or write data on the disk (CD or DVD). In case this laser lens is dirty or would not calibrate properly, the disc could not be treated properly.

    I m also an owner of some different notebooks and I had the same problem in the past. I could fix it by cleaning the laser lens using cotton tip and liquid alcohol. I was not very difficult to clean the lens, and after this procedure simply the disc can be read correctly.
    I recommend you to clean the laser lens and verify if it would help to address this problem.

    Regarding the sound issue:
    You have posted some info on the series of the laptop but I put t know which model of laptop you have exactly: Satellite L750D-xxx
    It would be interesting to know which model you have exactly.

    In any case, always is, and the problem could be related to software or hardware problems.
    Software problems could be solved by putting the laptop back to factory settings (using the procedure of recovery, Recovery disk). Of course, this would mean that you would get the Win 7 OS on the laptop and your personal data would be deleted. So save the data if it is important for you.

    Of course it would be also desirable to reinstall the audio driver.
    The Toshiba UE driver page provides all the drivers for the laptop Toshiba EU models

    Since most of the Satellite L750D-xxx models use the same sound chip, you can choose any series L750D for the right audio driver.
    Note: the audio driver should be removed (uninstalled) before beginning the installation of the new driver.
    This could be done in the Device Manager.

  • I just bought the wireless desktop 800 Windows keyboard and mouse it does not work on the Windows XP desktop

    I just bought the wireless desktop 800 Windows keyboard and mouse. It works fine on my Win7 laptop but not on my XP desktop even if it says it is compatible with XP. Any advice?



    Thanks to join Microsoft Community where you will find all necessary information about the Windows operating systems.

    You cannot use the Wireless Desktop 800 keyboard and mouse.

    The problem may occur if the devices are not detected.

    What exactly happens when you try to use the devices?

    A fixit could be used if the devices are not detected.

    See the site:

    Hardware devices do not work or are not detected in Windows

    I hope this helps. If the problem persists, or if you have problems of Windows in the future, let us know and we would be happy to help you.

  • When install Vista Home Premium computer hangs on the language selection screen. No visible cursor, the keyboard and the mouse does not.

    Hi, when I try to install vista that Home Premium 32 bits on the computer of my son, through the installation of loading files with the gray bar at the bottom, then goes to the screen language selection, at this stage, I can not select anything using the keyboard or the mouse. There is no cursor visible. Keyboard and mouse both work fine in the bios and on other machines. Have used other keyboards and mice on the machine in question, but that makes no difference. Tried another copy of vista, no difference. Tested on Windows 7 install and everything works fine!

    Very confused, thinking that it must be a driver problem, but how about him? Any help is appreciated!

    Hi Rickydg,

    Thanks for posting. Please contact ASUS and see if there is a BIOS update available for your system. Update the BIOS and then try to install again.

    I hope this helps! Shawn - Support Engineer - MCP, MCDST
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

  • Keyboard and numeric keypad does not work (Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000)

    I have no problem 'successfully' matching the two devices.

    According to the Association, only one paired device provides actually entered in the computer.
    Learn type / using the volume keys on the keyboard works; the numeric keypad does not work
    OR by tapping the keypad works but the keyboard does not work.
    Sometimes the first device remains "locked", sometimes the second devices seem to start the first.
    What gives?
    I have had this problem since I bought the unit in mid-2010.  I quit trying to solve the problem so far because I now have a need for the numeric keypad.
    I am running Windows Vista Basic Home Edition on a Dell Inspiron 530.
    I use no other Bluetooth devices.
    My mouse is wireless (non-Bluetooth).
    My LAN is wireless (non-Bluetooth).
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    Thanks for the reply.

    I suggest you to follow a few troubleshooting steps more and check if this helps you fix the problem on your computer.


    You can try to check on another user account and see if the problem still persists.

    Create a user account

    Hope this information helps you.

  • Bluetooth activate the keyboard and the mouse does not

    My compatible bluetooth keyboard and mouse do not work.  I tried to re - install using the disc Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse.  However, once you have started the program, I get the following error message... "" Sorry this version of the software is not compatible with your operating system. ""

    I have re-installed the software even before, but this is the first time this type of message has developed.

    Any idea would be appreciated on how to fix.

    How to setup a Bluetooth connection.

    Set up a Bluetooth compatible device

    The problems with Bluetooth devices

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • problem with the mouse and keyboard and windows update does not work

    Since last week to start the computer, I get an error message that the mouse and keyboard functions do not work. He then seeks the errors and then indicates that the service restarts. I want to fix this problem and according to Microsoft hardware, I should download "mkc.msi", which is missing from my computer, but when I do a search for a download, it always automatically directs me to the section "community". How can I correct this problem and get the appropriate download? I use Windows Pro 64 bit with IE 11 on an Acer laptop. I have the Acer site but it was a great help. Also, for the last 6 months, I could not update my computer windows update feature does not work and no error code is presented. I tried everything to restore or re-download the windows update feature, but nothing works, or I can't find a source. I got a blue screen 3 times indicating that windows must be updated and has been the reason for the blue screen. Unfortunately, I don't have a Windows 7 reinstall drive when restarting it spilled about 85 MG of data but not identify what has been dumped. Of course I could use help on this major problem as well even if it cannot be in the category correct community.


    I understand that you are having trouble downloading MKC. MSI. I would certainly help you to fix this problem.

    Method 1:

    If you are referring to Microsoft Mouse and keyboard Center, then check out these links to download.

    Download mouse and keyboard Center to get the best out of Windows 8

    Mouse and keyboard Center 2.0 (formerly IntelliPoint and IntelliType Pro)

    Method 2:

    You can consult the following Microsoft article if you are unable to install the updates of Windows on the computer.


    Cannot install updates in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2

    Important: When running chkdsk on the drive if bad sectors are found on the disk hard when chkdsk attempts to repair this area if all available on which data can be lost.

    Registry warning

    To do: Important This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    322756 (

    How to back up and restore the registry in Windows

    I hope this helps.

    Please report if the problem persists and we will be happy to help you further.

  • HP 530 keyboard and battery sometimes does not

    Hi all

    I would like to apologize if this topic already exists, I tried to find it but withouth success.

    I'm rather curious problem.

    The laptop my sister HP 530 keyboard sometimes does not work. (I thought it was the problem of the OS so I reinstalled Windows 7 32 bit - yes I know, 1 GB of ram is not enough, but it worked very well avant-probleme remains after a few reboots)

    All the drivers are installed and up to date (not 'things' yellow in Device Manager).

    To be more specific I will try to explain the problem closely.

    When I turn on laptop sometimes keyboard does everything just as it is not connected, but the Device Manager indicates that it is connected. After that, I have to restart several times (once 8 time!) until the keyboard work again.

    Also, at the same time where the keyboard does not work, Windows indicates that the battery is not detected. If the keyboard works, battery is detected, too.

    Would it be a program crashes?

    Y at - is it possible to fix this software based or there need for disassembly of the laptop?

    Thanks in advance for your answer!

    You may need to do the following with a USB keyboard plugged into one of the available USB ports if it is currently unresponsive keyboard of the laptop.

    In Windows go to the ORB start and click on it. Type cmd the command icon that appears above, tight-click it and select run as administrator.

    In the command line window that appears, type sfc/scannow, and then on enter. Inspect system files and replace those it considers corrupt, this will allow the Windows System File Checker. Let it run until the end.

    I hope that your results will be the same as those in the following image. If corrupted files were found and replaced, the system file checkler will advise you of this.

    For the number of battery:

    Plug the power adapter.

    Go to Device Manager and click on the triangle to the left of the battery unit to decompress. DUninstall compatible control method battery Microsoft ACPI. Make a right-click any device and select search the hardware changes. The operating system should recognize the installed battery and compatible ACPI Microsoft previously uninstalled reinstall the battery method device control. Close Device Manager, and then restart your laptop. Login and look in the systray to see if you can now see the loading icon.

    If you still don't see no change, then you need to enter the BIOS and run the diagnosis of the battery. View the results here.

    Is your laptop out of warranty?

    If your answer is no and the results of the diagnostic test was a failure, or no battery has been recognized, then it is time to replace the battery with a new one. There is no obligation to replace it with a genuine part of HP. There are several online vendors who will provide you with a compatible battery replacement guaranteed.

  • Satellite A30 - electric light flashes and the battery does not charge

    Hi guys,.

    I have the model above and recently, when I plug in my power cord to the back of the laptop instead of the usual constant green light loading, the indicator flashes and the light orange low battery always flashes as well.

    I have checked the plug, unplugged the power cord from the laptop and plugged back again but does not help. A few times it started loading so everything went well and now he again refuses to load.

    Any suggestions how I can solve this will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you.


    Looks like a hardware problem

    Usually if the power light blinks then it does not sound good because the LED provides an error code which can be read by a technician for laptop

    But before you will contact the technician for laptop for help, try to do it:
    Remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter from the portable computer
    Wait about 20-30 minutes and then reconnect the two parts.

    Then try to turn on the laptop

    If it doesn t help that it s time for the call of the ASP

Maybe you are looking for

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