'Save for web' seems to be stuck on gif - how to fix?


I've just updated my Photoshop CC 2014 (today) and hoped that this problem should go away.

When I "save for web" for the past weeks, the changes that I have on the right do not affect the image. Saving to gif format and do not change size, etc. as before.

See the screen shot comparison. Thanks in advance for any help with this.


Your screen Capture Png leader showing save for Web in high quality Jpeg setting has a color of the monitor profile.  This seems strange to me. You wrote that with these settings save for backups of Web, an image. gif.jpg not.  You did not post the Gif, nor capture the current backup file that record the dialogue for web displays before the Save.  If indeed save for Web but one gif not a .jpg file try to reset your user ID Photoshop Settings.

Also what color space are you publishing in?  Image png you posted has a display profile not a normal color space, changing in like sRGB, Adobe RGB or ProPhotoRGB... Image posted on the web should have colors sRGB in the and do not need a color profile.   A PNG file on the web with a display color profile is not what one would expect to see...

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  • Save for Web file default in Illustrator CC 2015.3

    Following the upgrade to Illustrator CC 2015.3, whenever I want to export my work using ' export > save for web... "it is by default in GIF file format In previous versions, it is lacking in any format that you used previously, but now it always goes to the GIF format.

    I have made online and product and can't find anyway to change that. It's a minor change, but when you are exporting multiple images in the creation of digital assets for marketing campaigns is incredibly frustrating and lose time when you must always choose the type of file you want.

    I've noticed this time when you use Illustrator at home on my PC and Mac at work. There is the option "Export for screens", but that can be a bit of a faff, especially when you have to go and rename each file after export.

    In short, is there a way to change the default file format 'save for web', says PNG?

    We have released a fix for this problem. Please update.

  • How to 'Save for Web' in the latest update?

    Hi, I made a GIF in Photoshop with timeline of the framework thing but I can't find where the selection "save for web" is to export to a .gif file. I know it used to be under 'File', but I've just updated again CC Photoshop and can't find it. Thank you!

    Hi jamesg,

    Please click on file > export > save for Web.

    I hope this helps.

    ~ UL

  • Save for Web not available in Illustrator CC 2015.3

    Always counted on save for Web in Illustrator. Now, it seems to have been deleted. What are the other options?

    Running a Macbook Pro with the latest operating system and 16 GB of RAM.

    Thank you.

    S4W now has a new home inside the menu export. Please see the snapshot.

    We have also added a new export route. Please try the new quick export feature and tell us how you feel about it.

  • Unable to save a slice with the original size using save for Web


    For some odd reason, I can't increase the percentage more 45.84% in the section of the dialog Web Image size, save for

    so whenever I have save a slice, it ends up to half the original size.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 13.19.01.png

    I remember ever change a setting that can get there... How Photoshop could prevent you to save your image in original size?

    Please help me. I manage to get the slice in the original size now to meet the deadline for my project.

    As far as I know, photoshop for the web economy imposes a limit of size about 8182 pixels height or width and if the range or image is larger, save for web shows that the image/slice has been resized.

    The strange part is if is not a click on one of the options the Image size, the image/slice seems to be saved in the original format, even if it is greater than 8192 pixels in height or width.

  • 'Save for Web' vector adapts to the bigger than the jury of art?


    In the past, if I wanted a vector drawing to save for Web to a different size I create a new Council of art to a larger size, copy the drawing and it intensified. Then save for web, this new work plan.

    However I have noticed that I can increase the Save for the size of the Web image at greater than the size of the artboard - this automatically to vector drawings scale? Or he will zoom just in a raster image?

    It seems scaling vectors, which is great and will allow me to save a lot of time, but I wanted to check?

    Thank you


    You get as well a raster by definition x pixel image size in pixels in the window to the size of the Image.

    This is also where you can check Art (or Type, whichever is more relevant) optimized.

  • How batch save for web to 100 k

    In Photoshop Creative cloud, how to create an action where I batch optimize large groups of images, when you set the size of file (100 KB) rather than set the quality slider? Here are the steps we follow to a single image. How can I automate this process for effectiveness?

    Starting with an image that is 1500 x 1500 px px and 72 dpi, we go to save for Web in JPEG format. Then we change the quality slider until the size of the file indicates 100 k (give or take a bit) in the lower left corner. Then save it.

    I tried clicking on the drop down menu in the top right corner to 'optimize for file size... '. ", then setting that 100 k, but I get inconsistent results because it seems that the action that I create retains the quality on everything that worked for the image I used to create the action. I need to this quality slider should be set to whatever makes the image 100 k.

    Any ideas?

    Hi michelleb68019062,

    • File/save for web
    • Choose under predefined "jpeg".
    • Next to it is a small arrow to the right, click on this and an option will come "to optimize the size of the file.

    Choose 100 k

    • It will create of fairly low quality JPEGs - maybe you want to downsample them as another step

    Kind regards


  • Save for Web function has stopped working in Photoshop CC - let's get a DEFINITIVE answer!

    I keep seeing this in the forums and nothing has answered this question, so I put another post on the forum.

    I am running Photoshop CC 64-bit in Windows 7. I've lived this exactly the same problem with Photoshop CS6 and was never able to solve the problem. Now I find that after using Photoshop CC for about a month, I'm going to save for Web and I get the error message: "the operation could not be completed. The system does not have the specified path. Motivated by nothing. Just randomly started to gush this error message Monday morning, and I had used the SFW function on all throughout the day on Friday.

    After that reading the forums and being on hold with Adobe supports for a half hour (with a "timeout of 3-4 minutes felt"), I was unable to reach anyone know what to do. Forum suggested other messages deleted the backup of the levels of preferences Web in AppData, what I've done. I also deleted all my preferences in Photoshop without result. The only step I've seen in the forums so far has been uninstalling and reinstalling Photoshop CC. Surely, there must be a better resolution that uninstall the program.

    Can I please a representative Adobe real to help with this? I see it all the time in the forums is of course not a rare event. Thank you.

    WHOO! After that 45 minutes of tech support from Adobe, we discovered the issue. I don't know if this could be the problem with the many others that I've seen on these forums, but I hope it helps someone.

    Seems the reason mine stopped was a simple permission problem. I use PS to work and the administrator did not have TOTAL control over my Adobe programs. It is fine... until there is an update to Windows or the system update. Then you have problems. Basically the admin just restored all permissions for me for Adobe software and VOILA! It worked perfectly. If you use the PS to work, talk to your system administrator and see about getting full permissions for Photoshop CC.

  • Save for web in gray


    I've been using the 'Save for web' feature for centuries. All of a sudden its grayed out.

    I'm under cc2014 8.1. I'm not aware that I did something different from usual

    I tried several opening JPEG files and creating an image for scratch.

    Please, what is the problem


    Thanks for the reply.

    In the end I've sorted it. It turns out that an update had not lived properly. Once I have updated the PS itself rather than through cc, everything seems fine, I also reinstalled cc.

  • Generator is not using the algorithms of "save for Web"?

    I use the generator for a while, but I noticed that the files are different in size and quality, so if I just saved for the web.

    It seems more like the generator uses "save under" two save files and not the "save for web" which is the standard for preparing files for the web and devices

    If anyone else has noticed that? can confirm?

    OK - generator does not use SaveForWeb, but uses instead a stand-alone library to save its image files.

  • "Save for Web" did not remember to save file

    Hi guys,.

    I use registration to web feature to save a large number of files (not batch save).

    Usually, when I open a file and start saving for the web, he forget not the folder that I recently exported to and by default, open this folder for this file until I have 'save for web' in a different folder.

    Out of nowhere apparently, save it for the web seems to "forget" this folder (and any other folder, I tried to save to) and now by default in the 'Documents' folder, causeing me have to click to access find my desired destination folder.

    Any ideas? Google did not help on this one, I can't seem to find someone with a similar problem.

    I'm on CS5 & Mac running Mountain Lion. On my work computer (exactly the same, Mac + Mountain Lion), I use CS6 and have not encountered this problem.


    I think it's a question of OS.


  • Save for web which distort/pixellisant/corrupt


    I am trying to save for web, but get a super pixelated, disorder distorted a file. I use the latest version of Illustrator CC.

    Please see the screenshots below. Have tested all types of artwork, images, text, vector etc forms. I also tested with different versions of Illustrator to create files. All seem to be wiped out, including the display of original art! Any help would be much appreciated.

    Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 12.58.01.png


    You have to edit > Preferences > General > work of Anti-Aliasing and checked Art Optimized in the window to the size of the Image?

  • 'Save for web' and PS issues touch the color?

    Thanks to those who help on my last request.

    Another thing I couldn't see, is how I can maybe 'save for web', similar to that in the full program of the elements. A handy feature that I can't not far back in the Touch program.

    Maybe this isn't a feature included, because I do not know there had to be several Cup back to facilitate the price of the touch program.

    I use the installation of 'filler' for the background to get the color as close to my site I can get.  The problem is that when I format the following image on my list, the color, I selected previously is no longer listed, so have to use the slider to get to back to the color.

    Is there a way I can save my colors, or better yet use colors 'web '?

    I think the thing about web colors in the elements is so that the color is the same view of any monitor, for example a customer looks at one of my Web site? Or of course I could be very wrong here!

    Thanks for any input.

    Post edited by: blackleyk

    In elements I use 'Save for web' and select the background color as CC99CC - for example, it would be the same thing every time.

    Whereas it is in contact, this does not seem possible?

    Customize your color to 1

    Once finished, press 2

    Press 3 to add color to your palette. This color should be available next time. (Don't forget to type 2. This is where your custom colors are stored).

    As far as the "web safe" colors go, the best thing to do is to use the icon between 1 and 2 and specify RGB and enter the values associated with the colors of the secure web. You can then create a palette using the method above. (TIP: to get rid of colors in a palette, just off flick.)

  • Photoshop CS6 save for Web doesn't work do not

    I use photoshop CS6 (cloud) on Mac (10.7.5) and when I use the save for Web > save, I got the following popup:

    -Adobe save for Web error-

    Unable to complete this operation. An unknown operating system error has occurred.


    I've been using CS6 for months and it worked fine yesterday before closing did. Today morning to start it did not work more.

    I tried uninstalled and reinstalled photoshop, erase my presets, shut down/start, drive repair, repair permissions, without success.

    The backup levels of web service always works in CS5.

    Any help will be appreciated,

    Raphaël K.

    Hi RaphDuBus and thanks again;  I was able to solve the problem, in my view, completely.  The explanation is long, and I just included it in the thread at http://forums.adobe.com/message/5242626.  Gasoline seems to have been in the actual permissions manually (via Get Info) on the folder (the whole folder) to the user/Library/preferences.  I have no explanation of how they may have changed;  they have been changed in the CS6 download / update processes, perhaps because of a certain inconsistency 10.5, or that they had been changed earlier, and for some reason any did not prevent the save for Web working in CS5.5.  More details are in the thread referenced above.  Thank you!

    I would add that the second problem related to the error message that appear on Photoshop (a message about not being able to save the preferences file) to quit smoking was also fixed.  It makes sense, both the Photoshop preferences and levels of preferences Web backup are included in the folder that was apparently the issue.

  • Problem with save for Web in Action

    We do hundreds of images to our fine print main client. As part of the work, they want to the final image through save for Web registered as file a .jpg and .png to 1000 pixels wide.

    The problem is, if you try to create an action for this, the size of the action records is a percentage and not a width in pixels. It is therefore impossible (so it seems) to record an action that sets the scale as a sizing with a fixed output of 1000 pixels wide. Since images vary in size and he insists on registration of the size as a percentage, you can not create an action that will work.

    I tried to see if there is a way to change the action to change the output of a width in pixels, but didn't see how to do it. Is it still possible? We would save TONS of not having to manually open each image twice as much work and savings for each format.

    Yes, there is a bug with this script.

    The bug got into CS5 and was not attached to the CS6.

    You can download the fixed script here...


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