Save the changes without confirmation of Excel

I finished my program with Excel communications.  It works fine but when the program close XL, it sends a confirmation of savings, I would save all changes automatically, without confirmation

I tried with a node to invoke with the SaveAs method but he sends this confirmation and with the closing, but that does not work it shows error #97

I'd appreciate any help!

Thanks in advance!


Its a good practice to close all the references, once they have no other use, and you close all references... .but before you have completed your use.

Here is the explanation regarding your snapshot:

1] you close the reference to the Application before using the open method: reference to demand, is that of MS Excel Application, so when you close the reference, you actually made an operation output to MS Excel. If MS Excel application is no longer alive then no more sense for any operation you perform. * You must close the reference application (MS Excel) when you have finished all operations that you perform on this request, last sense *.

In the same way...

[2] reference workbooks, can say that this reference stores to all open folders, where must be closed from last second before Application.

[3] reference sheets, can say it stores references to all the worksheets in a single workbook or file, which must be closed in the last third, prior to filing cabinets.

[4] worksheet reference is a reference to an individual worksheet in an Excel file and therefore must be closed when you're done with this worksheet. Say that you work with the worksheet Sheet1, Sheet2, and Sheet3 in Excel. Each leaf has its individual worksheet reference. So, when you are finished with the worksheet Sheet1, you close the reference to the "Sheet1" sheet and so on.

[5] range reference is actually a reference to a collection (or group) of cells in a spreadsheet special (same worksheet of which it takes the reference), if you close the reference to the beach once you're done edit/update or what you intend to do with this (aka range) selection.

Hope this helps?

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    Is there anyway around this dialogue? I know that I can make a record under, but that forces JPG as the file type and sometimes we export png using the same script, then it becomes a much more complicated script if I add conditions and to save the options for the types of files and send them via the deck. I just want to save what he was already of file format and keep moving forward. Is there a force save that overrides dialog boxes? I also tried a line of code to disable (displayDialogs = DialogModes.NO) dialog boxes, but this does not work either. Is it possible to get around this problem or I have to go the other way and make the conditional script and use Save as. The annoying part is that it works perfectly for the png! Thanks in advance for any help!

    When I run your code on a jpg document that had been saved by Photoshop in the past.  Here I open a jpg file that has been saved by Photoshop and use to adapt the image to resize the image and to run your code, close "app.activeDocument.close (SaveOptions.SAVECHANGES)" I don't get no quality POPUP dialog.  It must be because your file was saved by the Illustrator in jpeg format with the Photoshop doesn't know what quality the jpeg file.

  • Photos app does not save the changes, impossible to edit photos without using other applications

    'Photos' of photo editing features does not work because it is impossible to save the changes. Photos can be edited as usual, but trying to save the changes that the photo is reinstated to the State of origin regardless of changes. There is no error message, to solve the problem, I tried to reset all settings, but it did not help.

    I have iOS 9.2.1 on an iPhone 6 s.

    Thanks in advance for your advice

    I have the same question since getting my iPhone 6. Very frustrating. Several times the photo says even "revert to original" even though the changes have been never applied, as if he thinks he has saved the changes. I asked for help with an apple store and they had never seen before and had no suggestions.

  • Save the change on issue close

    Hi all, I searched around the forum for an answer but couldn't find one.

    I have problem with is basically, I can't get rid of the recording of the dialogue changes when the application closes. Many people suggested using a variant of:

    public boolean onSavePrompt()
           return true;

    but I noticed that all the people who got to work have extended their screen. I did not extend my screen - as in the example of the Music Store tutorial - because I don't know how to use the persistent store when the screen is extended. So, if I use the code above, it does nothing.

    Finally, I would like to save the changes when you exit without any dialogue arise. Currently, I save the changes using the menu button - Save as in the tutorial of Music Store. How could do?

    Help, please! Thanks in advance!

    How do you define your screen?  -That's something like...

    SerializableAttribute public class screen extends MyScreen




    If so, just add the code of onSavePrompt() in there.

    Your screen will confirm record when he thinks there are pending changes (isDirty() == true).  So, another way to avoid it is to simply call setDirty (false) in your code before the closing.

  • How to remove the warning "do you want to save the changes to investigation.pdf before closing.

    Question: To remove the warning "do you want to save the changes to investigation.pdf before closing.

    I created a file of pdf XFA (using the LC Designer 8.2) to view this issue

    I can't attach PDF file. Without attaching the pdf file, it would be difficult to explain.

    Click event js:

    function activateUser() {}
    var PDFVersion = +; ("registered button click event");
    XFA. Form.Form1.sendForm.welcomeMsg.Presence = "invisible";
    XFA. Form.Form1.sendForm.successMsg.Presence = "visible";
    Event.Target.Dirty = false;

    docReady event js:

    function displayInfo() {}
    var res;//Added this line to display the successMsg ("docReady event recorded");
    XFA. Form.Form1.sendForm.welcomeMsg.Presence = "visible";
    XFA. Form.Form1.sendForm.successMsg.Presence = "invisible";

    docClose js event: ("docClose recorded event");
    Event.Target.Dirty = false;

    Steps to get the caveat:
    (1) open the attached pdf using Acrobat Professional.
    (Bouton 2) click on registration to confirm.
    (3) now close the document and the Acrobat gives a warning "do you want to save the changes to investigation.pdf before closing.

    The XFA pdf summary:
    It has two text fields. DocReady event field has done this & field B is rendered invisible.
    The button click event of the field made invisisble & field B are made visible.
    Closing the pdf should not raise this warning message.

    My Efforts:
    (1) found a property in js adobe docs.
    Event.Target.Dirty = false;
    It does not solve the problem.
    (2) I tried to put this logic in almost all the events listed in the designer, but I'm not able to solve the problem.

    Please help me solve this problem.


    Change the visual appearance is dirty the screen, before all data are actually entered in the form. I've seen this before.

    I think that the docClose event is too late to have the sale/requiresFullSave script. preSave does not either, as this is triggered after the warning dialog is displayed.

    For a test, I would put the sale/requiresFullSave script in the layout event: loan. Not the most efficient, but he should do after changing the visibility of the messages.

    This could be interesting:


  • Do you want to save the changes

    Hi all

    6i dev,

    I always get him 'do you want to save the changes you have done"message when I open my form and try to run the query.

    without to make anychanges.


    Thank you

    I found it, I'm assigning a value to an element in a trigger a time new form instance

    Thank you

  • Installed CC 30-day trial.  Getting the error "Lightroom can't create a catalog named"ightroom catalog on volume OC (c) because Lightroom can't save the changes to this place". Tried to "Choose a different catalog" same mistake several times.

    Installed CC 30-day trial.  Getting the error "Lightroom can't create a catalog named"ightroom catalog on volume OC (c) because Lightroom can't save the changes to this place". Tried to "Choose a different catalog" same mistake several times.


    Try resetting preferences

    Note:-back up your Lightroom Catalog beforehand and save Photoshop preferences

    * Now reset preferences Hold Down CTRL + ALT + SHIFT (WIN) CMD + OPTION + SHIFT (MAC) while starting Lightroom. A dialog box appears prompting you to restore Preferences (LR)

    Once done open again Lightroom

    Make sure you have a lot of read/write of the location where you save the catalog... To create a folder on your desktop, confirm, then try to create the catalog again it

    I would like to know if there is a question...

    Thank you


  • Save the file without the application of effects?

    Forgive me if it's dense - my first experience with audio with soundbooth CS5 was so am new and now relearning with hearing.

    If I have audio charge up and I handle the effects to try to get perfect results, it seems that I can't save what I'm doing and come back later? If I close or save the file without applying the effects on the grid, they all disappear.

    It's just mind-boggling because all other programs Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, first, etc allow you to configure effects, save, open, and reconfigure.

    Knowing that I can assume I am doing something wrong because this simply makes the hearing as a musket - do or die right now, otherwise start again - and I know what that is impossible.

    What am I missing?



    Well Yes, that's all.

    Change display is for destructive processes that modify the file for good, whether they are physically cut the file or the application of permanent changes.

    View Multtrack's mixes real-time and process that can be used to do what you have the final product without changing the file.  As long as you save the Session that you use, all your changes are retained for the next time that you open it, but the track itself is unchanged... and when you're done, you mix your session (even if only a trace) to a new file that contains all of your effects.

    In defence of Adobe, this way of working is logically to anyone who comes to the hearing of the sound aspect.  Change the workflow to match Photoshop or whatever it would probably result in loud home audio guys (who, until this version, were 99.9% of the user base).  Even when I was doing audio post production for television (a Soundstation DAR and then with the formidable Protools) it was the kind of workflow I was used.

    I hope this helps.

  • Save the changes to a tilelist component using the sharedObeject() method

    Yesterday I asked here a simple way enable users to save changes, they make a request at the click of a button backup and received an excellent suggestion which has been using the method of the shared object that stores the recorded data even after an application is closed and reopeneded.

    However, I am fighting to make it work with tilelists changes. In my application I have a text box in which the user can enter his name, a left hand tilelist populated with details of a collection of table which the user can then drag the items in hand right tilelist, a reset button that resets the tilelist, and changes to the tilelists once the user slipped and dropped points , and a backup button clicked once to save all changes to the request, but for the moment it only records the text that a user has entered in the text box.

    What I want is when the user drags an element / elements of the left to the right clicks and tilelist tilelist save it any changes made to these two tilelists is also recorded for example the button if the user drags an item from left to right, then save the clicks, next time they close and reopen the application that the article is no longer in the tilelist left and will be in the right.

    Can anyone maybe change my code for me so that it saves the tilelists too that I'm completely clueless on where to start on this.

    Here is the code for my application: -.

    <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"? >

    < mx:Application

    ' xmlns:mx = ' "layout =" " absolute "creationComplete ="initprofile1SO ()"


    < mx:Script >

    <! [CDATA]


    MX. Collections.*;

    private function profile1NewsAndSportReset():Sub


    profile1NewsAndSportAddLinksTilelist.DataProvider =




    "" , label: "BBC News"



    "" , label: "ITV"



    "" , label: "Sky News"



    profile1NewsAndSportLinkChoice.DataProvider =


    ArrayCollection ([]);


    []] >

    < / mx:Script >

    < mx:Script >

    <! [CDATA]


    public var


    private function initprofile1SO():Sub


    profile1NameSO = SharedObject.getLocal)

    'profile1Name '.



    (profile1NameSO.size > 0)

    Profile1NameEntry.text = profile1NameSO.Data.Name;


    private function saveProfile1(event:MouseEvent):Sub

    { = Profile1NameEntry.text;

    profile1NameSO.Flush ();


    []] >

    < / mx:Script >

    < mx:TextInput id=" Profile1NameEntry "maxChars =" " 10 "width = » 113 "fontSize = » 10 " x=" 5 " y=" 77.5 "

    / >

    < mx:Button click = "profile1NewsAndSportReset ()" id =" " Reset "label =" " Reset " y=" 5 "height = » 25 " x=" 5 "

    / >

    < mx:TileList id=" profile1NewsAndSportLinkChoice "fontWeight =" " "BOLD" "dragEnabled =" " true "dragMoveEnabled =" " true "dropEnabled =" " true "height =" " 292 "width =" 650 "top =" 5 "left =" 521 "columnCount =" 5 "rowHeight =" 145 "columnWidth =" 125 "backgroundColor =" #000000 "color =" #FFFFFF " " / > "" "" "

    < mx:TileList id=" profile1NewsAndSportAddLinksTilelist "fontWeight =" " "BOLD" "dragEnabled =" " true "dragMoveEnabled =" " true "dropEnabled =" " true "height =" " 419 "width =" 385 "top =" 5 "left =" 128 "columnCount =" 3 "rowHeight =" 145 "columnWidth =" 125 "backgroundColor =" #000000 "color =" #FFFFFF "" "" "" "


    < mx:dataProvider >

    < mx:Array >

    < mx:Object " link = ' "label =" BBC News ''

    / >

    < mx:Object " link = ' "label =" ITV ''

    / >

    < mx:Object " link = ' "label =" Sky News ''

    / >

    < / mx:Array >

    < / mx:dataProvider >

    < / mx:TileList >

    < mx:Button click = "saveProfile1 (event)" id =" " Save "label =" " Save the changes " x=" 5 " y=" 38 "width = » 113 "height = » 25.5 "

    / >

    < / mx:Application >

    If this post has answered your question or helped, please mark it as such.

                if( != "empty"){
                  var addList:Array =",");
                  var tempAC1:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();
                  for each(var str:String in addList){
                    for each(var obj1:Object in addLinksAC){
                      if(str == obj1.label){
                  if(tempAC1.length > 0){
                    profile1NewsAndSportAddLinksTilelist.dataProvider = tempAC1;
                var choiceList:Array =",");
                var tempAC2:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();
                for each(var str2:String in choiceList){
                  for each(var obj2:Object in addLinksAC){
                    if(str2 == obj2.label){
                if(tempAC2.length > 0){
                  profile1NewsAndSportLinkChoice.dataProvider = tempAC2;
          private function saveProfile1(event:MouseEvent):void{
   = Profile1NameEntry.text;
            var addList:String = "";
            if(ArrayCollection(profile1NewsAndSportAddLinksTilelist.dataProvider).length > 0){
              for each(var obj1:Object in
                addList += obj1.label + ",";
              addList = "empty";
   = addList;
            var choiceList:String = "";
            for each(var obj2:Object in
              choiceList += obj2.label + ",";
   = choiceList;
  • Do you want to save the changes that you did in fact 10g.

    Hai All,

    I am using oracle 10 g Forms. When I press the Search, he asks that you want to save the changes you have made.

    in fact this form has been converted to forms 6i. In forms 6i, his job very well, without asking, but in 10g, he asks.

    can someone tell how to remove this message?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards


    We therefore know what produces this message. Remove the initial allocation of the WHEN-CREATE-RECORD-Trigger one after another and see the message disappears. Then you have the field that is causing the problem. possible causes:
    a POST-CHANGE trigger on one of these elements, that updates another element in the block

    Possible solution:


    After the transfer

  • Portege 2010 - cannot find the button FINISH to save the changes to the BIOS

    I couldn't save my Bios Setup because I can not find the keys to the end to save the changes.
    I tried to hit all the keys on keyboard, but none of this save the settings.

    Can you show me the keyboard scheme showing the end keys?
    I have toshiba portege 2001 series.

    > Can you show me the keyboard scheme showing the end keys?

    I checked the user manual which you can download from the Toshiba user manual page and the END button seems to be located in the upper right corner, it s above the BACKSPACE key.

    See you soon

  • Unable to save the changes in the resolution of the screen on Satellite P20

    Recently, I have problems with the resolution/quality of images on my laptop P20.

    When I try to remedy this in the tab settings of Options Diplay it me does not save the changes to the screen resolution or image quality. I am currently using the default monitor on NVIDIA GeFOrce FX Go5200.

    Any ideas?


    For all the ideas give us more information please. I just know that the resolution of the standard screen for this laptop is 1440 x 900 and if the right display driver is pre-installed to avoid any problems.

    I used Satellite P20-303 (nVIDIA GeForce FX Go5600) nearly two years with the original display driver and have never had any similar problems.

  • Why won't my router save the changes to DNS settings? (DGN2200v4)

    I just bought a DGN2200v4 and successfully connected to the internet. However, it took me ages to figure out how to save the changes made to DNS settings. (I wanted to use "OpenDNS" on

    It turns out that if I connect to the router through, I can not change the DNS settings. When I click "Apply" after entering the new numbering, it takes 30 seconds or more for the progress bar for complete, but no change is made. i.e. it does not save the changes I made.

    If instead I connect to the router via, changes are correctly saved after clicking 'Apply', with the progress bar by taking 30 seconds or more.

    I tried several times with consistent results. Why not working then as don't? I thought they were equivalent - the webpage 'Netgear genius' is identical on both...


    JCA says:

    Also, do you recommend make a factory hard reset after the firmware update, or there at - there no need?

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Personally, I tend to reset factory and re - enter the settings manually, unless I've saved a backup of this same version of the firmware. However, I use Netgear as Access Points routers and so I have little data to re-enter. To some people will say that a factory reset is useless and very often they would be correct, but the effects of factory reset no when it may be necessary are often difficult to predict. I was moderator on these forums for a dozen years, and have seen hundreds of threads where the solution to the problems after an update of the firmware has been at the factory to reset the router.

  • Save the changes to the input parameters of circle finder

    In the finder, circle and Pattern matching

    We use some KING and setings of entry...

    I need to record this change while the application is running.

    Which method I should use...

    to save the changes


    using xml with the structure of the event function to read and write the values selected.

    Example of XML (you can write the the datastructure options circular detection directly):

    Best regards


  • Why is my Windows Photo Gallery not allowing me to save the changes I made to my photos?

    I've always been able to edit my images under "fix" and then save the changes. However, now I get a message that the changes cannot be saved because an error with my Windows Photo Gallery. Anyone know what can possibly be wrong?

    Go to this thread and the possible error code in their entirety, the list

Maybe you are looking for

  • Norton 360 is ready with SafeWeb to get the latest version of firefox?

    Some time ago, I received a warning to wait with the installation of an update of firefox because some parts of Norton 360 - I think it was SafeWeb - would not work. I later received a notification from Norton Norton is now online with Firefox. I hav

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