Save the Logo with a Transparent background

Hi, I am building a company with Photoshop CC logo. The main objective for my logo is so he married well in my site header. As you can see in my mobile phone site, I had to change the background color of the Web page to white as the logo is not transparent. How to make the white background of the logo transparent?

I know how to remove the bottom by this invisible layer but when I save the file as a JPEG or PNG image, the background is always white - which requires me to have a white background color for my Web site.

I know that you can save money with transparency, but I don't remember how I did the last time I did a logo. Anyone know how?

Thank you.


You can do this by removing the bottom completely and use the shortcut
(Shift + ctrl + alt + s) which will take to save you for web window. Select png-24 format for an image of high quality from the drop-down list and it should serve your purpose.

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    No, this is not possible.

  • AE CS5 rendering/export PS of the text with a transparent background for the web?

    I am sure that this question has been asked and answered a hundread times already, but I can't seem to find the answer. I tried Googling and looking for these forums, maybe I just bad search peramiters.

    I'm trying to create and animate the text via AE CS5 for a web site. Then, I want to use it in Photoshop CS5. I can't find this option. I know that in the past, you were supposed to make the text in the form of film of all kinds, but now I'm just lost and confused on what to do.

    If the answer is just too long to post here, could someone please post a link to a tutorial/response?

    I guess that the answer will be a little different from versions CS4 CS5.

    Thank you.

    Go to any format Quicktime or a sequence image that supports Alpha channels, and then import this file in PS as a video layer or use frames in the layer Import Wizard.


  • Video with a transparent background?

    Is it possible to add the video with a transparent background for a site of Muse? All video widgets I've found require mp4 or ogg and webm, and as much as I did the research none of these formats support alpha channel transparency. FLV seems like it might work, but Adobe no longer supports export FLV and widgets I found either. There are a few other posts on this but none of them, I found has been resolved. Any help would be great. Thank you

    You can add a custom player with defined video file format or add code to integrate with the defined file format.

    Thank you


  • How to save a graph 3d with a transparent background?

    How to save a graph 3d with a transparent background?

    File > export > save for Web (legacy) > PNG (with transparency)

    Nancy O.

  • How to import moving in first with a transparent background GIF images?

    I have an animated gif that I got from the internet, and I'm trying to import into Premiere Pro with a transparent background. The gif is a motionless, flashing video game character. Whenever I import it, it always has a white background, so I need help on how to change this.

    I went into Photoshop and removed the white background image by image, making it transparent. I have it using the magic wand tool to select the white background, then press 'delete' to make this grid of diamond, which means that it is transparent. I then select file-> save for Web. I saw each image, and it shows that the funds are transparent. I have to save it in a gif file. But when I import into Premiere Pro, the white background is still there.

    I read many forums online on the people trying to import images into Premiere Pro with a transparent background, but none of them explained how to do specifically for animated gifs. Each answer has always been "export image into a png image, which is going to work" and of course, I exported some frames of the gif, png, and these images have transparent backgrounds in Premiere Pro. But I don't want a png because that is not the animated sequences, those who may be still images. I need to export it to a gif file so that it remains lively, but gif files always have this white background dreaded in Premiere Pro.

    I guess I could export each image as a PNG, each of these frames import into Premiere Pro, then string together all the frames and twist them so they will be functionally identical to the animated gif image, but that would take forever. I am doing a video project and I need many gifs animated work, so I don't want to do this with each of them. I'm looking for a way to simply import GIF files into Premiere Pro and be done with it. If there is a way to do this, please help me.


    Try to make the QuickTime video (I think that default h.264 exports no Alpha channel).

    And in project brouser right click on the clip, film (I don't remember how it the CS6). Settings out there for an Alpha channel.

  • How to make an image with a transparent background?

    I brought a picture of PS in Illustrator and I want to put in AE and use the puppet tool. However, when I bring what it has a white background, but I got everything as the object I'll puppet, so how can I do to?

    AE does not require an image will initially come out by Illy. Just make sure that your image has a transparent background or an alpha channel, if needed, and then save as a psd file. AE take the PSD in images, unless you need a compostion and folder for the psd, created in the project list. You should then be able to use the tool puppet on an image with a transparent background.

  • How to export in Quicktime with a transparent background?

    I export my Keynote animation as a Quicktime movie, I want to import into photoshop and then export and animated GIF that I will put on a web page. The challenge that I have exported my speech with a transparent background. I set the background of a color with zero transparency but then the bottom just goes black and rest throughout the process. I look at older versions of Keynote had the possibility of transparency when exporting to Quicktime, so I hope, there is always a way!

    Thank you!

    To create a video with an alpha channel:

    On the model of slides: View > slide Maser Edit > Inspector > Format > master layout > in the background, select: no fill

    Export Quicktime: file > export Quicktime > in the drop-down menu select Format; custom > and select Apple Pro Res 444

  • How to build a rocket with a transparent background

    So I recently built a black stray light on bottom of a solid layer. There a lot of any apparent layers and pick whipped to the lens flare layer. It pulses, opacities and changes positions, she does all kinds of really cool stuff. I have a major problem, it is locked in the composition strong creation that it is a rectangular shape when they are imported into any composition. He draws up his ugly face when you try to use it by the edge top and bottom of the flare had fallen from top and bottom horizontal line of the rectangle. «I can't size the flare itself inside the composition, when you try to reduce the size of the rectangular shape of the solid is what changes.»

    I changed the blending mode to SCREEN and ADD. I tried out of key with the key light that both were adequate.

    Demand for this torch should be considerably smaller for animate around the edge of another animated object. Where the need for the flare to be as independent as a key on a blue screen that can be added to any composition.

    I searched the tutorials of AE and nothing that comes close tutorial building a rocket in AE or solve the problem I found.

    Adobe forums and creative cow forums with people trying to help him with this problem, but every question about it remains all the way back for 2010, although there are a ton of entry.

    I'm more than willing to do it again if anyone knows a good tutorial to make a rocket with a transparent background.

    The tutorial I used was amazing, and it seems not that there was a problem with this problem in his tutorial.

    If you know FREE plugins that work with AE 2015 for flares or Unmults, I am open to trying this.

    I followed the directions of Adobes to download knoll 3d flare plugin and should not be, I received the error at the opening. I also tried to download unmult-64 bit of mounds and could not successfully installed.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    I'm guessing that you're fairly new in After Effects for keeps is pretty simple.  As learn you more you will find all kinds of complexities to make things easier and better to work with.  Take tips from Rick above and use part of the resources to begin.

    In the picture above, slide A and B are which I assume that you are doing right now.  Solid Lens Flare applied was related to another layer, making the solid with passage of the torch in synchronization with the layer (in my example, a small solid yellow.)  The problem is that the rocket falls on solid boundaries, then at the edge of the round is cut when the solid is not filling the frame.

    In the example C and D, I used a sample single whip expression to bind the Flare Center of the plugin setting flared to the position of the solid yellow.  Doing it this way has two advantages: solid never moves, so the flare gets cut ever on the edges; and the rounded looks more like a real life lens flare, because the different elements of the flare shift and change depending on the position of the light source, defined by the center of Flare.

    I posted a project file with these two examples and a simple 3D so version.  The plugin after effects Lens Flare standard is very simple, without a scale parameter, so it does not really too well in 3D.  There are a number of advanced plugins Lens Flare to third, the most common being the video Copilot optical Lens Flare, but these come at a cost, of course.

  • TIFF Photoshop with a transparent background in Illustrator is no longer with a transparent background

    I have create a TIFF in Photoshop with a transparent background.

    Then I open Illustrator and the place of the tiff on a color background.

    Looks like a lot on the screen, but when I print the TIFF is no longer with a transparent background.

    The background is not white, it is always transparent, but he changes the color that I put it on.

    So when I print the green background becomes a little darker Green where the transparent background is.

    Photoshop and illustrator that I have are the latest versions.

    I did not have this problem in older versions of photoshop and illustrator.

    You have spot colors, try to check "convert all spot colors to process.

    Or try to use the .psd format that was loss of compression

  • Definition of MUSE created HTML with a transparent background for DPS

    I am currently using MUSE to create content that is then inserted in the DPS. However, try as I might I can't get the MUSE project to display in DPS with a transparent background. Any ideas?


    You must modify the CSS (bearing the same name of file to Muse) and remove the tag, for example.

    HTML {}

    background-color: #ccc;


    Works well


  • Seal a .swf with a transparent background in an XHTML file

    I'm trying to integrate a .swf with a transparent background in an XHTML file. The only answer I found so far is to use < param name = 'wmode' value = 'transparent' > in the object params and wmode = "transparent" in the embed tag. Using this code, the entire .swf file goes transparent with icons. I also read to use "export html code" in Flash (using transparent windowless in settings) but that gives me a file .html huge to make it transparent which is of no use to me. I need for the import/include in my page home using a few lines of code. Any help would be appreciated.

    I don't think that you listen to what I say.  You use the embed code is old and will not work with recent browsers, and as you have, it would be incomplete, even in those ancient times.

    You don't have to use the page that Flash produces when you publish an html page.  You can copy and paste this code in place of what you now that does not.  CS6 provides a little more efficient integration of code that CS4 will be, but still CS4 will bring something better than what you use.

  • PrPro CS4 - a video with a transparent background?

    I've been using PrPro for quite awhile, but I'm certainly not adept, so I need to rely on you, experts here.

    I do short videos for my website, One of the compatible elements of the videos is something I call a 'swoosh,' that slides at the bottom of the screen, then superimposes the name of the person in the frame, then slips again. (This can be seen on this video,, 15 seconds in.)

    The swoosh was created in CorelDraw and exported as a .png with a transparent background. But everytime I want to use it in various videos, I recreate the effect of movement, including the ease in / deceleration. I want to make the process faster and easier just to create a video clip with the swoosh already in it, but we should have a transparent background. Is it possible to do?

    I know I could use chroma key, I was hoping to avoid if possible because it still requires a certain amount of time and effort, but if that's the only way, sobeit.

    Is there such a thing as a video equivalent to a .png with a transparent background?

    Thank you!

    Export as a microsoft avi, codec no and 32-bit depth.

    This will give a videofile with transparent background and can be used in any project.

  • Insert an image with a transparent background button?

    I would like to be able to use an image with a transparent background button. I have converted my graphic files of connections with transparent backgrounds. But when they are imported into Captivate, they have a white background. If I insert a button image and check "transparent" it turns the entire image transparent. Is it possible to have a transparent background when you use the functionality of the button image in Captivate? Thank you!

    Hi Lynn, I'm sure Rick will excuse throw me in my 10 cents more.

    Try using instead of .gif .png files. I had similar problems recently and using instead of .gif .png seemed to sort.

  • Save the problem with Photo Story 3 on Windows 7

    I managed to install Photo Story 3 on Windows 7 Home Premium, 32-bit.  The program works until I come to save the project and then just before the end of the process 'save', the following error message:

    "Some photo story program files may be damaged. Re-install Photo Story 3 for Windows and then change and resave your project."

    I did it at least four times, with the same result. Any suggestions please

    Hi GeorgeTroynar,

    ·         This is the first time that you try to save the project with Photo Story 3?

    You can completely uninstall the application and then install in clean boot state and check if it works.

    For more information about uninstalling a program and a clean boot, see the following articles:

    Uninstall or change a program


    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7


    Note: After troubleshooting, be sure to configure the computer to start as usual as mentioned at step 7 of the article mentioned above.

    Let us know if that helps.

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