Scan-HP 7520 to entered e-mail e-mail address incorrect

I entered an incorrect email address in the printer and cannot remove it because he wants a PIN that he sent to the incorrect address. How can I remove this without a PIN email address?


Hi 9AI999,

Welcome to the HP Support forums.  I understand that you have added an incorrect e-mail address for your e-mail on the Photosmart 7520 scanning function.

Please call HP Cloud Services at 1-855-785-2777 if you live in the USA/Canada region. If you do not live the USA/Canada region, please click here to find the number of Technical Support for your country/region.

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    It is more likely the cause, you will need to first installation web services in order to use Google Cloyd Print and associate your printer with the cloud.

    Google Chromebook allow printing using Google Cloud Print, so that you need to save your printer with HP ePrint service and then connect them to the Google service.

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      For ANY country OTHER than the United States, UK, Germany, Spain or France follow these steps instead:
    3. You will receive with the ability to customize the address of your printer on the HP ePrint Center or HP sites connected.
    4. Finally, visit this link and addociate address with Google Cloud Print printer for your Google account:

    Please let me know if you're having trouble.


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    checkAndPopulate (one, seven);

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    People in the Hotmail forum should know the parameters you need. I don't know myself.

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    You will need to have separate lists (and names) for each address in address book. For example...

    NovemberGirl novembergirl [AT] [email protected]

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