Scan.msi keeps the display on the taskbar and won't go away.

"installation scan.msi just lies in the taskbar and is there any - old dell.


Have you ever had an HP printer?

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  • When I re - open FF, on the page it says restart the session, but when I click on that page reduced in the taskbar and won't do anything more

    PC toshiba laptop Vista SP 2

    I'm glad it works again, thanks to the previous display.

    If you have problems after the back again. When you stop using Firefox always try to use the option in the Firefox Button instead of just saying by clicking the top right or closing down Vista. Firefox is more likely to behave herself if she is correctly gave a chance to the judgment.

  • When I start Windows XP, my screen flashes, a help option is displayed in the taskbar and my audio and video have disappeared.

    After I start my system (XP) my audio system works very well. After some time the HELP screen flashes option appears on the taskbar and my audio and video sounds have disappeared. I can hear system sounds. I downloaded Fixit from Microsoft Support for its repair. But when I run it I see a runtime error 80040402. 2-3 days back, I had installed Avast 6.0.100 to get rid of a deadly virus that infected my flash drives. Since then, I have this problem. Help, please?

    original title: Sound stops working after a while


    Follow these methods mentioned below and check.
    Method 1: run a scan for viruses with Microsoft Safety scanner and check.
    Note: Before performing safety analysis make a backup of important data.
    Method 2: The scanner (System file check) SFC and check if there are any file system corruption.
    a. to do this, click Start, click programs, on Accessoriesprincipally made, right click guestand then click run as administrator. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password, or click allow.
    b. type the following command and press ENTER:
    The sfc/scannow command. analyzes all protected system files and replaces incorrect versions with appropriate Microsoft versions.
    More information on SFC scan found in this document:
    Description of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 System File Checker (Sfc.exe)
    Method 3:
    How to update a sound card driver in Windows Vista and Windows XP
  • HO to keep the taskbar on the screen

    original title: the task bar how to find

    My taskbar shows only at the bottom when I'm in the office window. Hidden taskbar are not verified and trying to drag up with cursor will not work.

    Hi Jack 10.

    Perform the following steps to keep the taskbar on the screen:

    1. Right-click on the taskbar
    2. Select Properties
    3. On the taskbar tab, clear the Auto-hide the taskbar
    4. If you want to change the position, use the drop-down selections
    5. Click apply
    6. Click OK
  • To display the taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box

    To display the taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box, click on? in the context menu of the taskbar.


    1 are. which option you referring?

    2. what you trying to accomplish?

    I suggest to check the following links and check if it helps.

    Taskbar of Windows:

    The new taskbar of Windows 7:

    Hope this information is useful.

  • My cntrol of flight went I try toput it back in the taskbar and it says that I need to go to ad remove programs and install Sndvolcon32exe but its not how doi fixit

    My cntrol of flight went I try toput it back in the taskbar and it says that I need to go to ad remove programs and install Sndvolcon32exe but this is not how can I solve this


    Follow the steps listed in the link below: Volume icon is not displayed in the notification area, and you may receive an error message when you try to add:

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • How to stop windows that open up behind the taskbar and sidebar

    I was wondering if there was a way to stop windows from behind the taskbar and sidebar of Vista SP2, I currently have my taskbar on the right side on the same width as my sidebar, located on the left side of the screen. Both have been set to keep above other windows. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

    Even if it meant having the image of the shrunken desktop so it fit perfectly into the space remaining.

    Also, is it possible to have a mobile wallpaper?

    Oddities of the operating system, I think. Having the bar spots on the side at least gives you a chance to save a program window. I run the taskbar double wide at the top, and some programs insist on opening umderneath it. I have to resize the task bar if I want to be able to move the window anywhare. Also happens in Win 7...

    DreamScene animated backgrounds were for Vista Ultimate only, but Stardock has called the Scapes desktop that will run on other versions of Vista, but you must pay for it. Mike Hall MVP - Windows Experience

  • When I click on the exe that the thing charge to the taskbar and not going on the bureau after clicking

    When I click on the exe of firefox it loads my homepage but it does not load on the desktop it remains in the taskbar and when I put the cursor on it I can see the loading of the page but when I try to access it pop on the desktop, nothing happens uninstall a fact a reinstalled same prob a repair done same problem did a system restore and the sill not duty use google desktop chrome and I hate thatbold text

    computer resarted couldn't always get firefox will appear so I rebooted my system operating safely moce and reset all default settings on firefox resarted computer and it works now just need to find the bad addon now

  • Windows appear on the taskbar, but won't focus, other 3 goes, only 1 that seems to be the main window is not found

    Windows appear on the taskbar, but won't focus, other 3 goes, only 1 that seems to be the main window is not found

    ALT + tab select window; ALT + SPACEBAR; maximize; sigh

  • How can I keep the dock and menu bar in the window

    How can I keep the dock and menu bar in the window

    First of all, go to System Preferences and select general:

    Under the dark menu and dock option, uncheck "hide and show the menu bar automatically".

    Go back and select Dock Prefs system:

    Make sure that "automatically hide / show the dock" is not checked.

  • Move the taskbar and start menu

    Somehow the menu task bar and start to settles at the edge of the right hand of the screen. How can I get the taskbar to the bottom and the ti back on the start menu on the left side?

    Right-click on the taskbar and make sure that it is no longer blocked. Take an empty place and slide it downwards. Lock the taskbar. Bruce Hagen
    MS - MVP October 1, 2004 ~ September 30, 2010
    Imperial Beach, CA

  • Volume icon disappeared from my system tray, and the option is grayed out (don't let me check it out) in the taskbar and start menu properties screen /Notification

    I don't know how to recover my volume icon - can anyone help?  Thank you!


    If one of the system icons is out, you can reactivate the as follows:

    Right-click on the taskbar and select Properties. This will bring up the tab "properties of menu taskbar and start. It's where you mentioned, it is gray. It is very well...  From there, you can click on Customize button in the icon section. Look for the icon that you are missing, and check the status. The type of report should read "Hide icon and notifications", change that to "Show icon and notifications".

    If this does not resolve the issue most likely you have a problem with group policy on your machine. This can be corrected by following the instructions on the following link:

    Hope this helps,

    Steve <> Microsoft Partner

  • 'Volume' in 'the taskbar and StartMenu' properties is greyed

    In "Windows Vista Home Premium" how re - install the volume control in the "Notification area" when the

    "Volume" in the properties of the 'taskbar and StartMenu' is grayedout?


    As method 1 is not available for you, try Method 3 in the link:

    "How to activate or disable the Notification area system icons in Vista"

    You can also try a system restore to before that was the problem:

    «How to make a Vista system restore»

    See you soon.

  • the icon start at the bottom left and the taskbar at the bottom disappeared with notifications i.e. time etc, in Panel I cllicked on the taskbar and the start menu icon, but I get nothing.

    Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone

    • My icon start at the bottom left is gone also the taskbar at the bottom with the notifications inside IE clock etc.
    • I moved the mouse to the edges of the screen and dragged to the rear but no task bar.
    • In the control panel in Classic view, there is the taskbar and the START MENU ICON, but when I click on it I do not get the Advisor news, I get nothing if clicked.


    1. press Ctrl + Alt and WAITING, press DELETE key > select Task Manager > file > new task (run...) > in the Open box, type explore> OK

    Is back on the taskbar?
    If so, make sure that lock you the taskbar, right-click on the taskbar > check 'lock the Tasbar.

    2. If the above does not help, go to safe mode and see if you can see the taskbar at the bottom.
    Here's how to get safe mode:

    Shut down your computer > turn it back on and immediately and repeatedly tab key F8 until you see a black and white screen. The top/down arrow and select Safe Mode.

    If you can see the taskbar in safe mode, please do a system restore. Choose a date where you did not have this problem as your restore point.

    Start button > Search box, type system restore > press the Enter key > uac prompt > click on choose a different restore point > next > select dates as your restore point, until the click > next > finish
    To sit and wait. The machine restarts when it's done.

    For the benefits of others looking for answers, please mark as answer suggestion if it solves your problem.

  • What is the best way to resize an image, but keep the height and width of the same original size or format?

    What is the best way to resize an image, but keep the height and width of the same original size or format?

    I tried to use the function of the size of the Image, but when I changed the size of the image, the width has not changed with it.

    Thanks for the tips!

    Hi Landon.Luu,

    You want to keep the relationship between the width and height to be the same?

    Click the constraint between width and height to keep the ratio intact.

    Kind regards


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