Scanner does not work on my Hp Printer and I can't find a way to see my ink level

Hello!  I uninstalled HP Support Assistant, did an update of Windows, installed on official site, and still I can not scan from my printer (you had to make a shortcut to scan from my computer), and I do not know my ink level.

Any ideas on how I can see my ink level?

Any ideas on how I can scan (even if it's a low priority because I did this work around)

I go back to the site of HP and HPSA (ensuring that everything is updated), but I don't see that the HP Digital Imaging Monitor icon is msising and HPSA advised me a custom installation and to include that when installing.  It is the icon/program to see my ink level.  But I can't seem to get there. Not an option for installation.

Any other ideas?

Thank you!


Hi linsjean,

I see that you have lost the ability to use the HP software to scan and check the ink levels. You can continue scanning as you are now, simply download and install HP Print and Scan doctor to check your ink level, or you could perform a full uninstall and reinstall.

Click here to download and run the utility > HP print and Scan Doctor

Or you can use the steps below to complete uninstallation and reinstallation;

  1. Hold down the Windows Logo key () on the keyboard and the 'R' to open the dialog box run, type %temp%
  2. Delete all files and folders in the temp folder. Choose Skip if all pop ups seem to say all files cannot be deleted
  3. Download the software and choose Save as, save to desktop > click here, choose your operating system, click Next, select the product software driver installation and download your software.
  4. After downloading software and extracts, reopen the temp folder, use the instructions in step 1.
  5. Locate and open the folder starting with 7z (example: 7zS2356)
  6. Open the folder Util
  7. The CCC folder
  8. If you have a computer HP run the L3uninstall.exe. If you have an non HP computer run the L4uninstall.exe
  9. Once the uninstall is complete, reboot the computer
  10. Follow these steps to reset the registry settings and options for Windows Installer.

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  • Office jet 6500 a Plus: Office jet 6500 Scanner does not work on iMac

    I have a printer, scanner, fax Officejet 6500.  Before the update of my modem, printing and scanning wireless worked perfect.  After a new modem only the printer works.  Bought a USB cable to connect to iMac running OS - El Capitan.  Printer works fine but the scanner does not work.  I uninstalled HP applications, printer deleted from system preferences.  Restart the computer.  Reinstalled with the latest drivers and add printer in system preferences.  Printer works fine but still no scan.  During the call to the top of the scanner/printer in system preferences, I see two options, one for print and other to analyze.  Queue only appears.  Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    Hey @Tg2020,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I see that you are not able to scan from your Officejet 6500 a Plus e-All-In-One to your computer Mac OSX 10.11. I can help you with that.

    To resolve this issue:

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    At this point, you should be able to scan your printer wireless. If you are unable to do so, please let me know what happened following my directions and I should be able to help more.

    If it solves your problem, please let me know by clicking on accept Solution below my post. Also let me know if you have any other questions. If not, have a great day!

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    I don't know if your solution works.  My problem was that the drivers WIA, well installed, could not.  Once activated, everything works fine.

  • Scanner does not work on HP Officejet 6500 Wireless with MacBook Pro

    I have the all-in-one Officejet 6500 wireless and print fine but the scanner does not work even after the implementation of suggestions on the Web site.  I recently installed Mac OS x 10.6.8 but I had the same problem with the previous software.  Scan worked fine until the last few months.  I get the message that "HP Scan Pro quit unexpectedly" or "Sorry, an unknown error has occurred", but no additional information.  I have re-installed the software HP twice but to no avail.  What can I do?

    Try the scan using the Image Capture in your Applications folder.  Click your scanner on the left side, click "Show details" on the bottom.

  • Scanner does not work for all users on the computer Windows 7

    Photosmart 7510 Scanner does not work.  My scanner has the habit of work.   Now it does not for one of the three users on my Windows 7 desktop.

    I spent over 3 hours on the phone with HP.   They had me restart the computer, Plug and unplug the printer, reinstall the software twice under different names. The software depending on what user id, it is installed under allows access to the scanner/printer to one or more users.  The scanner works with Windows Paint software for all three nicknames.

    HP response is that some user control prevents the scanner software, who used to work on all three nicknames on the computer, which now works on one or more of the users.  They couldn't tell me which user control need changing.

    The HP solution is to restore my system when I could scan for all users of three.   I don't want to do that.   Does anyone have a better solution?

    The real problem is HP error messages.   When I click on scan a document, there is no answer.  Nothing happened.

    Then I tried to scan using Windows Fax and Scan.   I got an error message which helped me locate the source of the error.   I was able to fix the problem without creating a new user account.  I had deleted bu error the file MY Document.   Restore this file fixes the problem.

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    Recently my HP 8500 A909g scanner does not work.  I did not change my system.  I use Windows 7.  When I click on scan in the HP Solution Center, I get the message that the HP imaging device is not found.  Several solutions are listed I tried each of them several times.  I even uninstalled my all-in-one, downloaded the new HP software and re-installed.  The extended error message is 8, [(1.0,-2147221502)].  I'm addicted to the HP 8500 A909g wireless. Printing works fine, it will be not just scan and I desperately need to scan several documents.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


    Thank you for reporting the issue. There are several ways you can scan from the printer

    1. ensure that you have downloaded latest software HP and installed it.

    2 to PC, launch HP printer application (start-> program files - HP-> model-> printer model Hp series) or the center of solution and double click on the scan link to do the analysis

    3. a third of applications like paint program, click on file and choose Insert the image from a scanner.

    4. If it is connected to the network, then you can use your browser to scan, here is the video

    If one of the above option does not work, then download the application print and scan of doctor and run it.

    Here's the site:

    Good impression

  • Scanner does not work in a series w/All

    scanner does not work with the Deskjet F4100 series.  My printer disappeared when I tried to print a PDF file.  I had to uninstall/reinstall, but now I don't have access to Solutions HP Digital Imaging Monitor has it always says "no device found" and closes.  I have Window Vista 32. I tried to find the ".exe" file, but the errors say file is not found. The printer works, but the scanner. It shows that I have scanner Xerox Work Center but the profile shows no resolution or file name.  The properties that the scanner does not work properly, but solutions HP cannot detect a device.  Help


    I received an update from HP on sat urday and when I finished the update (took about 3 hours) the long w/reinsert the disc provided F4100 w / all in one, I could finally connect to the Solutions Center, and now I can scan. YEA! When I turned on my computer the update automatically came and the restore point during a previous installation attempt.  Thank you very much, it means the world to me.  I will also send this message to someone else who was helping me.


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    We will restore the system again:

    -Go to System Preferences > print & Scan
    -Right (or control) click in the rectangle listing your printers and select Reset Printing System.
    WARNING - This will remove ALL your printers!
    -Select the sign more to add a printer. Select the default tab on the top of the window. Search for the printer, select it, and wait until the button 'Add' becomes available. Until it clicks.

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    Please indicate where to go?

    Thank you

    Hi Suzanne,.

    Sorry, I Don t understand why you want to buy a new scanner. First of all, it would be nice if you tell us what satellite you have. Other useful information would be exactly, what does NOT work on your satellite and your 'all-in-one '...

    Please provide more information on this subject and maybe you shouldn't buy a new scanner.


  • Neat scanner does not work with El Capitan

    Neat scanner does not work with El Capitan

    You should check if there is a driver or firmware of the neat scanner that works with El Capitan.

  • When I print, the photo viewer rises and am OBLIGED to print from that program. The problem is, that it does not work - the colors are inverted and incorrect. All attempts to correct in the color management failed.

    Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone!


    • When I print, the photo viewer rises and am OBLIGED to print from that program.  The problem is, that it does not work - the colors are inverted and incorrect.  All attempts to correct in the color management failed.  Some images are color reversed negatively. and others not when the print window picture viewer options are increasing. and every time I print a normal color on the picture he reverse out come.
    • Recent changes to your computer
    • What you have already tried to solve the problem

    didn't work :/

    It may be interesting to try to remove all color profiles in the color management.

    Windows 7 - change color management settings

    If this does not work... update or just reinstall your printer driver may be worth a try.

    Good luck...

    Volunteer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience J - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - * proceed at your own risk *.

  • Epson v500 Scanner does not work after driver update!

    I recently bought a V500 photo and scanned my first 35mm using Epson Scan v3.7.4 negatives. The colors seemed off so I download and installed the latest v3.7.7 of support to hoping that it might help.

    Following the upgrade of the driver, the scanner has stopped working! Loads of Epson Scan, but after 5-10 seconds, I get the message: "no response from the scanner. Make sure the scanner is turned on and connected properly. If you use the transparency feature, remove the reflective document mat. »

    Then I restored the latest install w / restoring Windows but still could not get the job to scan. I drove back to the pre - Epson scan install date and tried to reinstall the earlier version but still no luck to get scanner work.

    I then followed the steps of uninstall on the support site removed all the drivers and the software with the scanner turned off and unplugged. Then I reinstalled the old version of Epson Scan of the CD because he had worked at the start. I reconnected it the scanner it plug it in and turn it on. But it still does not work! Ditto for uninstall and reinstall with the latest drivers.

    Notebook P7350 using Windows 7 32 bit SP1. Scanner is connected directly on the laptop, not through a hub. I tried all 3 ports USB in the hope one would work, but no luck. All connections between the pc and the scanner seem robust.

    Any suggestions to get scanner work?

    Thanks for the reply of adeline. In the meantime, Epson come back to me when I contacted them again but only after I have disabled cookie blockers in Firefox when visiting their support site. The first time I've done this, and the support form has not sent correctly.

    It turns out that the scanner must be completely turned off and unplugged then reconnected after that driver installed. I discovered one of the records was not too tight that it should have been :-0 if I was sure I had checked it earlier.

    Thanks again.

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