Scans scrambled

Scan a document, find it in my documents, but when I open the document with Word is all the scambled?


Hi khartman,

Thanks for the quick response!

If you have installed using the software CD, you would have the full features software installed.

If you scan in PDF format, you will need to open the document in Adobe Reader (or another program of PDF document reader). If you open it in Adobe and it is blurred again, I would say in making sure that your Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player are updated on this page update of Adobe.

If you are eager to analyze a document, which you can change, you want to take a look at this how Scan: Windows 7 the document, click on how to analyse with the HP software, then how to scan as editable text (OCR) to see how to do this.

I would like to know how it goes

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    How can I scan from HP Envy 4500 to computer after downloading macOS Sierra?

    Hello wdemetris,

    Thanks for asking for scanning helps here in the Apple Support communities. I understand how it is important to have access to your scanner and am happy to offer help for this.

    As a precaution, we always recommend that you have backups to make sure that all your data is safe. You can perform a backup using Time Machine and an external hard drive. Use this article to help make a backup of your Mac: use Time Machine to back up or restore your Mac.

    Then, in accordance with article help: printer and scanner for Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, and the Mavericks macOS software, the HP Envy 4500 e-all-in-one is supported for printing and scanning. The drivers must be installed, but if not, if it please go to the App Store and check the updates tab to see if there are updates for HP. If there is, please install.

    If you have only general questions about how to get your updated scanner in place or how to scan pictures, please check out these two articles: macOS Sierra: implement a scanner & macOS Sierra: scan images or documents. If everything is configured correctly and you still have problems scanning, please visit this help article: macOS Sierra: scanning troubleshooting.

    Thanks again and have a great rest of your day.

  • Scanning PC settings appears every day

    Whenever I have begin to macOS, I get a window of "Scan-from-PC. It does list some scanners and does not include the option Add / Remove. There is a "Scan of operating Panel settings" button which takes me for a nearly identical and all as useless screen. And there is a? Help button that signals "the subject is currently unavailable.

    Any suggestions on how I can do this, go far? Granted it's only a click, but it's a nuisance that I get to enjoy every day.

    Thank you.

    Uninstall the scanner software - it doesn't seem to be compatible with macOS Sierra.

    You can also check the preferences > users and groups > [you] > login items and remove (with the minus sign) any scanner related Articles.

  • Not able to scan with the preview after upgrade from Mac OS Sierra...

    After upgrading to Mac OS Sierra. I'm unable to use the preview to scan.  Before this upgrade, it worked fine.  The HP scanner software does NOT work something like OS 10.8 or 10.9.  Preview worked perfectly so far.  If anyone knows how to solve this problem, your contribution will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

    Have you tried scanning with Capture of Image instead? It worked for me.

  • Impossible to scan on Canon MB2350

    I occasionally scan using the Scan 2 IJ of Canon utility software.

    I just tried to analyse a contract and that's all that I can get this message:

    It worked fine the week last under OSX.

    I have a network wired ethernet LAN connection.

    The printer can print OK.

    Any ideas please?

    Kind regards


    I contacted Canon, they have yet to get their act together (my words) and, at this late stage, realized that some of their software, drivers, etc., is incompatible with the Sierra.

    Their recommendation does not upgrade to Sierra if you want their kit to work.

    No time estimated for fix.

    Either by the way, Nikon have now identified a problem.

    Maybe Apple should have an Upgrade Advisor as Microsoft do...

    Thanks for reading this.


  • Canon MG7100 prints but will not scan after update of the iMac? How to fix?

    Canon MG7100 worked very well with the iMac - scanning and printing. After doing the updates of the iMac and installation Siri scanning does not work. Always printing. The printer/scanner Canon said - Set PC to start scanning - I have MG7100 added on the iMac. I opened (and re-locked) firewall to let in the Canon UJ utility. I deleted the all-in-one Hi - and added MG7100.

    doesn't look like canon has a printer that takes in charge the newer versions of Mac OS x, if I were you I would take contact them to see if they plan on support of new versions, apple made no drivers for the hardware they don't and if hardware manufacturers does not provide a working driver head can group with the new version of Mac OS x We have to rely on manufacturing to have a download on their page

  • Giant PDF scans from Sierra update

    I like to use the 'digital images' app to scan documents and save them directly as a PDF. Ever since I updated my system to Mac OS Sierra pdf files created when scanning are about three times the size they were before and I can't find a place to change the setting for that. I don't want to use a different software since it worked perfectly fine before the update. Any ideas?

    Same question. I have been in contact with Apple Support who had no idea about this, and it should report a bug. Most of the reports are more likely to get noticed:

  • New feature of memories do not scan all the photos

    I've updated to Sierra and was really looking forward to memories in pictures. I turned it on and it said that it would take some time to analyze my library. I thought that. I have a library of 60 GB. However, the bar has not moved for several days. So I left and reopened the photos. He then invited me again to activate the memories. After only a few times to quit smoking pictures and allowing the memories, it seemed to take. A couple of souvenirs presented themselves (3).

    However, now its more than a week later and there are no more. I can't understand how to trigger memories to analyze my photos.

    Does anyone know how to force the re-scan for souvenir Photos? Or has had a similar experience? Found a solution?

    Thank you

    The f

    I can't understand how to trigger memories to analyze my photos.

    Memories will be triggered by adding more pictures, naming faces, names of places and in some time.

    I often see new memories appear as "on this day". For example, if the date is the same day of AAS, when I was on vacation and shot a lot of photos, a memory 'on this day' will appear.

    You have the preference ' Photos > Preferences > memories: holiday events Show "enabled?  Then you should see a lot of memories of family get-togethers as well.

  • PROBLEM when scanning multi-page pdf


    Since the update of the sierra, I have a problem when scanning multiple page document. If I check the checkbox "merge pdf" in the scanner window, first page works fine but when I scan page #2 or one of the more page don't merge in the file pdf which flashes briefly in the sidebar, but still with only one page...

    I tried with another scanner (diff brand and model) and the same problem, so not a driver issue...

    any idea?

    Thanks in advance

    Stephane likes

    Best I can tell with Sierra make a pdf of many a scanner using the preview page is completely broken. Time to report through

  • How to scan a document multi-page with preview in macOS Sierra with Scanner and printer Dell network?

    Hello, I know that macOS Sierra had a big problem with PDF / scanning due to an update to the pdf engine. Here we have Dell printers / scanners Dell C3765dnf Color MFP. We usually scan with Preview app (import of the device). But with macOS Sierra, the scanner scans all pages but the first page is available after the scanning process. Maybe can someone help?

    Have you tried scanning with Capture of Image?

  • Scan with preview - several Pages of a PDF THAT does not work in Mac OS Sierra

    Hello everyone,

    I had upgraded my Macbook Pro (early 2011) to Mac OS Sierra. A famous feature of older versions of Mac OS is to use Preview to scan documents to PDF format, joined the pages scanned all of a single document.

    After upgrading to Sierra this feature does not work correctly. The pages are not more combined into a single PDF. Anyone who has observed the same problem?

    Best regards from the Germany


    Yes, it's been posted here several times.

  • Library of photos never scans

    Whenever I open the pictures on a Mac OS or IOS 10 starts the scanning process, but nothing happens even after many hours.

    Please explain

    You say you have El Captain - what analysis do you expect? 10 IOS it is for some functions, connect to Photos for Mac is a totally different system - better to ask questions of IOS in the IOD 10 forum or the forum iPhone or iPad


  • His MacMini 4.1 scrambled after upgrade to Sierra

    I have a MacMini 4.2 (mid-2010). He ran ElCapitan and I never had any problems with it. I installed macOS today Sierra and now all sound is garbled. I checked and tried everything in system preferences and configuring Audio and MIDI, same reset NVRAM, LANDAU and SMC, but no change. This system worked perfectly before the upgrade, someone has an idea of what else I could try to get my sound back to normal output? Since I use this MacMini as a media server for music and movies, I am extremely frustrated by the sound issue because it makes the Mac unusable

    What do you mean by scrambled?

    You use a special exit software? MIDI?

    This sound output do you use? USB? Headphone Jack?

    Try a different output.

    You have a problem when booting with the SHIFT key? It's the safe mode?

    You have problem if you log on as a different user?

  • HP OfficeJet Pro scan is no longer with Sierra

    I am running OS X Sierra on 2012 MBA with an HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 printer / scanner.

    I noticed that after the upgrade to Sierra that the scan function no longer works... I tried to uninstall / reinstall the device, but the problem continues... I have checked the Apple Web site and notice that the HP OfficeJet 8600 is listed as a compatible scanner.

    I note also that the 8600 OfficeJet is connected as a printer via WiFi network and worked perfectly with the captain.


    1 has anyone else experienced this problem?

    2. What if anyone has found a solution / workaround?



    responsibility to provide drivers to work for an update of the OS is with the developer of this device, not Apple. visit the page of the developer for your make and model camera and see if they offer drivers, otherwise contact the developers. Apple will sometimes provide printer drivers, but if a device is a legacy printer the developer may choose to retire it from use.

  • Using the function of scan macOS Sierra HP Officejet 7300 series network printer does not work; He had no problem with El Capitan...

    Printer HP Officejet 7300 network series that allows to work flawlessly with El Capitan does not work after the upgrade to Sierra.

    With macOS Sierra, when used as a network print service printer works fine however scan does not work. Programs like the Image Capture, HP Easy Scan etc does not see the printer. However, if the printer is directly connected to the Macbook Pro using the usb cable, a new printer is added to the list of printers (it shows print and scan functions while the printer network in the list shows only printing function) and the scanner works well with Image Capture, etc. If the usb cable is removed disconnects this printer in the list and there is no way to turn it on. I have the latest update for the printer installed from the App store. It looks like a driver issue, but I wonder if there is a work around for this problem...

    Open Under file in the menu bar, you see import of 'name of your scanner?

Maybe you are looking for