"Scratch" feature Sports Watch :)

Hi all!

Already 6 months to my 'Sport Watch 42'. I really like it, but there's one thing large 'print to spoil. ION - x glass is a low point in this very good product (I already agreed battery of low capacity and the weakness "to life".) I'm really frustrated that apple decides not to install Sapphire in a sport version. (The main point for 'sport' product name is waiting for some more useful "harder" of the product, than other versions of "business/style")

So, I have 3 main qusetion:

(1) is it possible to replace 'officially' ion - x in saphire?

(2) it is or will be in advance, kind of official 'polishing' service program?

(3) is there another advises Apple, to maintain the good condition of ion - x without foils of protective glasses (they look terrible and spoil the entire view).

Best regards!


Apple does not currently of each service (questions 1 and 2).

I'm afraid that nobody here can tell you what that this either on Apple's plans for services or products without notice (it is a community of technical support user-based) and it is not allowed here to speculate, either.

A good quality screen protector (film type) can be effective in concealing or reducing the visibility of traces on the screen, as well as to provide some protection against future damage.

The screen has a coating resistant to fingerprints fingerprints and repellent. It is normal that this coating to wear away under normal conditions of use. Apple recommends not using products cleaning or polishing or Polish the watch with abrasives; These will carry away the coating and can also scratch the glass under.

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    So are a lot of people including myself according to the quality of the gold. There is no real gold in the sport watch.

  • Scratches on Apple Watch Sport

    I have a Apple Watch sport and I was recently noticed a large number of scratches have been forming is there a way I can get rid of the scratches without get the screen replaced?


    Do not try to remove the scratches that can make things worse.

    Limited Apple warranty

    Limited Apple warranty covers your Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and accessories brand Apple against defects in materials or manufacture for one year from the date of purchase. Your Apple Watch Edition or Apple Watch Hermès is covered for two years. Our warranty does not cover cosmetic or accidental damage or damage caused by unauthorized changes. Check the warranty for more details.

    Read the limited warranty from Apple
    Check the status of your warranty
    See details of consumer law
    Learn more about the coverage of the service

    AppleCare + for Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport extends your coverage to two years from the original purchase date1 and adds up to two incidents of cover against accidental damage, each subject to a service charge ($69 for Apple Watch Sport, $79 for Apple Watch) more tax.2 there

    If you bought Apple Care + > http://www.apple.com/support/products/watch.html

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    Hello, I would like to suggest any Sports Apple Watch band (made by Apple) or any Nike Apple Watch Bands (made by Nike). I hope this helps!

  • Sports Watch do not start

    Sorry, im a German, my English is so good also.

    I have a watch of Sport by Apple. Tracks Abbout a Halve jear without problems. Last Friday the battery goes down and I forgot to start the watch of loading.

    I can't start with the watch. It is completely dead.

    Also pushing the Crown + button at the same time on 10 sekonds brings without success. She's DEAD.

    Y at - it everyone who can help me... ?. ??

    Thank you very much and greetings from the Germany

    Guten Tag, Gerhard!

    Try to charge your watch for at least 2.5 hours - and preferably longer (maybe let it charge overnight). In doing so, make sure that you follow the instructions here:

    Check your battery and load your Apple Watch - Apple Support

    After this period, if it has not already restarted automatically, remove it from the charger and:

    -Try to restart it (by pressing the side button until you see the Apple logo).

    -Then try force it restarts again (pressing the two buttons until you see the Apple logo).

    - Apple Watch neu starten - Apple Support

    If it still does not start, I suggest that you contact Apple technical support or make a booking Genius Bar in order to have your watch checked under warranty:

    Contact - Support official Apple

  • Can I still me Apple Care on my sports watch 1 week ago, I bought at Best Buy?

    I bought a Apple Watch Sport at Best Buy 1 week ago today and I was wondering if I can still get Apple Care for her.


    AppleCare + peuvent be purchased within 60 days of the date of original sale of the watch either by:

    -Visit an Apple Store: inspection of the watch and a proof of purchase are required.

    -Call Apple: requires you to run a remote diagnosis and provide proof of purchase. In the United States, call: (800) 275-2273.

    More information:


  • Apple Watch sports watch have the GPS function or it is just a basic watch?

    I'm curious to know if she can make google maps and what-not during the race.


    Non - Apple Watch doesn't have a built-in GPS.

    It is not possible to map runs when you use the watch on a stand-alone basis.

  • Apple sport watch

    I can't display that you change the face with. I've done the hard early and I did an update still does not work. Everything works fine, just that.


    To customize the watch face: when you view the dial of the watch, press firmly on the screen.

    -The press should be more difficult than a normal, but much less firm than a hard tap.

    -Try pushing it slightly while quickly and gradually increasing the strength of your press.

    -You will feel a pulse haptic as the screen changes to display the customization options for the dial of the watch.

    Once the Customize button, swipe left / right to display the available dials, and then on the one you want to use.

    -After selecting a face of the watch, swipe left / right to change characteristics.

    -To change the complications, select an and turn the digital Crown to select a complication for this location on the dial of the watch.

    -When you have finished, press the digital Crown once to save your changes.

    More information:


  • Apple Watch scratched screen

    I got my Apple Watch since Christmas and I love it.  Recently, I noticed a scratch on the screen.  Not sure how it happened.  It does not interfere with something else and shows only when light hits a certain way, but it's boring.  I kept thinking this is a task, but when it doesn't come off, I saw that it was a scratch.  I have a first generation 38mm sports watch rose gold.  Is there a way to replace the screen?

    Hello Lorraine99 and welcome on Apple Support communities! As a Apple Watch owner myself, I know the importance of the watch is its owner. On that note, here's a link were you can discover how to repair your Apple Watch: Apple Watch response Service - Apple Support

  • Apple Watch scratches

    I was recently cleaning my Apple Watch and saw a small amount of micro scratches on the stainless steel case.  I was wondering if there is a way to remove scratches on the watch case?


    You ensure that your watch keeps all the features, Apple does recommend no buffing or polishing with abrasive Watch (including the mechanical polishing) or the use of soaps or cleaners.

    More information:

    Cleaning and port Apple Watch - Apple Support

  • The sport is now a special edition watch with band marine?

    I have a sports watch 42mm provided with stripes Navy Blue Gold. I noticed that this is one of the only models with a pine of gold on the strap. Is it a specific edition?


    Your watch is one of the latest configurations of watch case colors and strips.

    Internal hardware and features are the same as the other models Apple Watch Sport.

    More information:

    http://www.Apple.com/shop/buy-Watch/Apple-watch-sport/42mm-gold-aluminum-case-wi th-Midnight-blue-sport-band? product = MLC72LL/A & step = detail #.


  • timelapse on sports Dial Watch

    Hey there,

    I intend to buy a sport watch. just visit a store nearby, where they have the Apple Watch sport on a usable display.

    but I couldn't find the dials of timelapse 24 HR from New York, Lake Mack, London, Hong Kong and Shanghai on these watches of demo. just the faces of standard watch. I saw these timelapse clockfaces last year shows a friend, and they are brilliant.

    So just to make sure: are the 24 HR timelapse dials available on the sport model as well, or is it just a limitation of watches store demo that they cannot be selected it?

    I'm a fan of timelapse myself and get to know some of the artists who produced these timelapse 24 HR for Apple dial faces. I know, these films are a unique, very iconic artwork. Add to this that an insane amount of work, knowledge and dedication are gone in their production, 24 HR timelapse loops being technically the Holy Grail of the timelapse and super hard. I've never seen such perfect loops 24 HR, add to that crazy light pollution in some of these places photographed, it must have been a nightmare to photograph and to treat only images.

    in any case, it would be nice to at least have a sport watch to be able to see and enjoy the timelapse dials, I don't want to crank more money for basic watch sports. I'm a freeskier and jogger as well, so the watch will be very convenient for sport, impatient for there.

    a pity that they did not bring the 24 HR timelapse clockfaces on iPhone or iPad, which would have been a really cool feature it as well. and I hope that they don't new in the future other places like Europe, Australia etc. so or related scientists, for example the NASA Houston in Texas, imagining a rocket start. CERN Large Hadron Collider, Seoul or Northpole, Mauna Kea telescopes of day and night and other. It would be great.

    No confirmation of this feature on the popular Sports Watch.

    See you soon



    Yes - the face of Timelapse is certainly available on all Apple Watch Sport models, as well as all the other faces that are detailed here:


  • Watch download my tomtom on my ipad sports

    I'm on vacation next week and want to be able to download data from my tomtom sports watch. I usually use my iMac. Can I download on my iPadAir with a suitable plug?

    Thank you


    The only thing that you can transfer to an iPad using the Camera Connection Kit is photos.

    Your shows have Bluetooth capabilities? If so, TomTom may have an app. checking the App Store.

  • Can I swim with my Apple Watch Sport

    I've seen videos from YouTube many people swim with their watches to Apple. I'm a passionate swimmer myself, but due the fact that I do not have Apple Care, and also because the Apple Watch is just so expensive in South Africa, I'm afraid to take a chance. What's the verdict on the Apple Watch Sport - it's a sports watch - can I take it swim?



    Hi Omar

    Apple Watch is splash and water resistant but not waterproof. You can, for example, carry and use it during the year, in the rain and all washing their hands. Immersing, however, is not recommended.

    Apple indicates that the following can affect Apple Watch water resistance and should be avoided:

    • Swim or bathe with it.
    • A fall or submit to other impacts.
    • Immersing in water for long periods of time.
    • Expose to water under pressure or high speed (for example, showering, water skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, jet skiing and so on).
    • He wears in the sauna or the hammam room.

    More information: https://help.apple.com/watch/#/apd707b42a5e

    Apple is not responsible for damage arising from failure to comply with the instructions for use of the product. The same applies with regard to both the limited warranty of one year and AppleCare + (including coverage for accidental damage, unintentional abuse).

  • Do I need a case for my Apple Watch?

    I just bought the sports watch (38 mm with Silver Aluminum case) and I'm trying to decide if I should buy a case. I know that watches are made to be durable enough and I really prefer not to sacrifice the design but I'm worried that I would need the case. I work a lot and teach fitness classes - a case would be useful in the watch of sweat and bumps protection against equipment? Colleagues who have the shows say they are ok with a case, but I'm worried he might get banged up in the gym. Also, I work in a restaurant, and think that the case might help against protect them against damage from water. Any advice?


    The answer to your question is a matter of personal preference.

    It may be useful to read the comments of the protective case on a site like Amazon.

    Issues with Apple Watch cases / protectors (in general) understand that they can, for example: fall pretty easily, reduce the sensitivity to touch, scratch quite easily get moisture dirty (on the outside), trap or trap small items of debris under them (which can cause scratches on the case or display).

    With the help of a case can make it also more difficult or less convenient to monitor your own and dry. Cleaning and drying of your watch are recommended, for example, after exposure to sweat and other liquids in order to maximize comfort and avoid damage to long-term of the watch.

    More information:

    Cleaning and port Apple Watch - Apple Support

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