Scratches on Apple Watch Sport

I have a Apple Watch sport and I was recently noticed a large number of scratches have been forming is there a way I can get rid of the scratches without get the screen replaced?



Do not try to remove the scratches that can make things worse.

Limited Apple warranty

Limited Apple warranty covers your Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and accessories brand Apple against defects in materials or manufacture for one year from the date of purchase. Your Apple Watch Edition or Apple Watch Hermès is covered for two years. Our warranty does not cover cosmetic or accidental damage or damage caused by unauthorized changes. Check the warranty for more details.

Read the limited warranty from Apple
Check the status of your warranty
See details of consumer law
Learn more about the coverage of the service

AppleCare + for Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport extends your coverage to two years from the original purchase date1 and adds up to two incidents of cover against accidental damage, each subject to a service charge ($69 for Apple Watch Sport, $79 for Apple Watch) more tax.2 there

If you bought Apple Care + >

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  • Problem loading Apple Watch sport

    Hello everyone

    Since last week (after update watch OS) do not charge my Apple Watch sport

    more than a minute...

    After a minute, I get an error message saying that 'charge with. "

    This accessory is not supported"even I use the original White

    Magnetic charger and I've never had such an error before.

    I tried to disable the twinning and restart the watch it dosent help

    any suggestions?

    Thank you


    Try charging your watch once again. In doing so, check that:

    • All the plastic film was removed from both ends and both sides of the cable support (consult closely on the head of the charger).

    • On the back of your watch and the head of the charge cable are clean and dry (clean with an abrasive, lint cloth).
    • The head of the load is properly aligned with the back of the watch, with the concave side / curve touch fully:
      • Some docks of watch, brackets, cases or protectors might hinder it. If you use one of these accessories, try to load the watch by plugging it directly into the charging cable, without using the.
    • If possible, test using a different Apple genuine magnetic Charging Cable (for example, by borrowing one from a friend).
    • If you reload your watch by plugging the cable into the socket:
      • Check that the magnetic charge cable Apple USB connector is fully engaged in the USB power adapter.
      • Check that the USB power adapter is fully committed in the socket.
      • Try to use different maps of the following:
        • Adapter USB Apple that was provided with the watch, or;
        • A 5W Apple (iPhone) or 12W (iPad) USB power adapter, or;
        • A third-party certified 5W (MFi) Apple USB power adapter.
      • Try using a different take (one that is known to work properly).
    • If no other suitable adapters are available, try to load by plugging the cable into a USB port.
      • If loading via a USB port on a computer, make sure that you use a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port, the computer remains turned on and awake, and the cable is plugged directly into the computer (not on, for example, an external keyboard).

    If you identify a problem with a particular component (adapter, cable, or watch) or the question otherwise persists, contact Apple support (mail service may be available) or make a Genius Bar reservation to have your products verified and, if recommended by Apple, served (either under warranty or through a service fee and out-of-warranty):

    To check your warranty status (the serial number is on the back of your watch):

    More information:

    Check your battery and load your Apple Watch - Apple Support

    If your Apple Watch does not load, or it lights - Apple supports

  • What is the advantage of Apple Watch Nike + Apple Watch Sport?  Vice versa?

    I am looking to buy a 2 Apple Watch series and contemplating on whether to get Apple Watch regular Sport or a Apple Watch Nike +.

    What are the benefits of a Nike + Apple Watch Sport vs?

    What are the benefits of Apple Watch Sport vs a Nike +?

    The software and hardware are identical except for the band and the Nike + app?


    Apple Watch Nike + has an exclusive group of Sport Nike, two Nike exclusive dial faces (as well as all the standard watch faces), and tighter integration with the Nike + Run Club application.

    Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Nike + otherwise offer the same characteristics of internal hardware and the same standard features of the watchOS 3.

    More information:

  • Allergy Apple Watch sport - protective film

    My wife Gets a skin irritation while wearing the Apple Watch Sport.

    So I'm looking for a protective sheet to the back of the Apple Watch.

    I have haven´t found such a tool.

    Can anyone give me a tip?


    You can find this product, for example, interest:

    Also consider guidance from Apple about the skin irritation and the potential for allergic reactions:

  • Pitting on the back of the Apple Watch Sport 42 mm gray space Aluminium box

    I noticed that the back of my

    Grey Aluminium housing space Apple Watch Sport 42mm

    shows a significant amount of opposition to the arrival.  Everyone knows this?


    Contact Apple support (mail service may be available) or make a booking Genius Bar in order to have your watch checked (under warranty, if it qualifies):

    To check your warranty status (the serial number is on the back of your watch):

  • Can I use a bunch of Apple Watch on the Apple Watch Sport?


    I watch sports of Apple, 38mm

    Can I also connect Apple Watch 38mm normal bands?

    Kind regards


    Hi Martin

    Yes - any band of Apple Watch 38 mm fits a 38mm Apple Watch Sport.

  • What is the difference between Apple Watch sport and Apple Watch?

    What is the difference between Apple Watch Sport42mm space aluminum case gray with Strip black sports and Apple Watch 42 mm space with black Sport band black steel box?

    Hi Mathias

    There is no difference in the features of the software or the specifications of internal material between the Apple Watch models (with the exception of a few faces of exclusive watch on Apple Watch Hermès).

    The only differences are the materials used - including watch boxes, tapes, and views.

    For example: Apple Watch Sport models are designed to be as light as possible, using aluminum and glass aluminosilicate for the screen. Apple Watch models use heavy stainless steel case and sapphire glass for the screen.

    Your best option may be to make an appointment to try on Apple Watch in an Apple Store, see and feel the difference.

    More information:

    Try on Apple Watch - make an appointment

  • How can I get my Apple Watch Sport update to watch OS 2.1?

    I have a Apple Watch Sport on watch OS 2.0.1 and I'm updating the watch OS 2.1. Whenever I try to download and install the update, I get a popup saying: "Impossible to check updated" "watch OS update could not be verified because you are not connected to the Internet."

    My iPhone more 6 is currently in the last update, iOS 9.2.1.

    I made sure that the Apple Watch is:

    • in the range of my iPhone connected to Wi - Fi
    • connected to its charger
    • at least 50% charged

    Because it did not work I tried to adjust the watch next to the phone, keep it on my wrist, restart both devices, and I even restored the two devices to factory settings once.

    Now, I know that the message said: it's because I'm not connected to the internet, but I assure you, I am. The rest of my House very much work and the phone and the watch can even make things with the connection to the internet. The speed of the internet home is also 100 MB download, is more than capable. I also tried several other connections wi - fi and turn off completely and try with LTE, even if it is said to use wi - fi.

    Please help if someone has an answer.


    It can help to disable the twinning and re - pair your watch.

    The app shows on your iPhone shows backups automatically, including a new when the disparity with the app choose this option to restore the watch (backup restore) when provided the opportunity during the whole. Most of the data and settings will be restored, with a few exceptions (for example cards Pay Apple, access code).

    - Pairing your Apple Watch and Support Apple - iPhone

    - Set up your Apple Watch - Apple Support

  • Loop leather band 42mm Apple Watch Sport

    Hi guys,.

    My group loop leather for my Apple Watch (Sport, 42mm) is too long for my small wrist.

    (about 3-4cm)

    What can I do?

    Thanks for help


    Depending on when and where you bought your band, you may be able to return for a refund or an Exchange.

    When you buy additional strips, first to measure the circumference of your wrist and then refer to sizing guide, which compares all the strips of Apple:

    Apple strips are available for purchase here:

    To ensure the best fit, you can schedule a test appointment in an Apple Store:

    Try on Apple Watch - make an appointment

  • Can I swim with my Apple Watch Sport

    I've seen videos from YouTube many people swim with their watches to Apple. I'm a passionate swimmer myself, but due the fact that I do not have Apple Care, and also because the Apple Watch is just so expensive in South Africa, I'm afraid to take a chance. What's the verdict on the Apple Watch Sport - it's a sports watch - can I take it swim?



    Hi Omar

    Apple Watch is splash and water resistant but not waterproof. You can, for example, carry and use it during the year, in the rain and all washing their hands. Immersing, however, is not recommended.

    Apple indicates that the following can affect Apple Watch water resistance and should be avoided:

    • Swim or bathe with it.
    • A fall or submit to other impacts.
    • Immersing in water for long periods of time.
    • Expose to water under pressure or high speed (for example, showering, water skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, jet skiing and so on).
    • He wears in the sauna or the hammam room.

    More information:

    Apple is not responsible for damage arising from failure to comply with the instructions for use of the product. The same applies with regard to both the limited warranty of one year and AppleCare + (including coverage for accidental damage, unintentional abuse).

  • Is the ability to only Apple Watch sport as a little fit?

    I mean, is there a difference between the sport or not because some say as a bit adjustment

    All Apple watches perform the same functions be they sports (aluminum body), Watch (stainless steel) or edition (gold).

  • Hi I have a new Apple Watch - sport Strip. Is it possible to buy separately strips that can be used with the watch?

    Hi I got a new Apple Watch as a gift at Christmas - sport band, white, 42 mm. 7000 series. Since this is my first Apple Watch, I wonder if I should check all options at the store before opening the box. Is it possible to buy separately strips that can be used with the watch?  Thank you, in advance, for any advice, guidance, you can offer the wisdom.

    Hi, Kate

    Yes - any band Apple Watch 42 mm fits your Apple Watch.

    Non-Sport bands have different lengths, then check the circumference of your wrist and see Apple Watch Sizing Guide (that compares all the Apple strips) before you buy separate bands:

    Try them in an Apple Store, it's also a great option.

    The Sport of Apple Watch also has an anodized aluminum housing, while the non-sport bands have different metals of cards and/or links (this does not affect the compatibility, only appearance).

    Information on how to pass the tapes: change your Apple Watch band - Apple Support

  • Apple Watch sport does not work correctly. The display is 'crazy' once or twice a week and I need to force restart it. Do you know what is happening with the watch? Is this a common failure?

    Apple Watch isn't working properly. The display is to be 'crazy' once or twice a week. And I need to force restart it. Is this a common failure?


    This isn't a failure or defect.

    Zoom (an accessibility function) has been activated on your watch and you are zoomed accidentally tapping on the screen in a particular way.

    • To turn off the Zoom:
      • On your iPhone, in the application of the watch, go to: My Watch (tab) > general > accessibility > Zoom - put it off.
      • Or on your watch, go to: homescreen (via a simple press on the digital Crown) > (cog icon) settings > general > accessibility > Zoom - tap and enable / disable.
    • If the accessibility shortcut has been enabled and configured for the Zoom, you can also enable and disable functionality more conveniently:
      • On your watch: quickly press the digital Crown (the round button) three times.
    • To set up accessibility shortcuts:
      • On your iPhone, in the application of the watch, go to: Watch My > general > accessibility > accessibility shortcut (bottom) > select / deselect Zoom.
  • my Apple Watch sport does not turn!


    I was listening to music with my iPhone and my Apple Watch was paired with my iPhone. When I went to see the time on my Apple Watch I pressed the button, but my screen did not show at a time. at first I thought that maybe it has turned off that's why I pressed on and hold the side button to turn it on. but it won't turn. It was 60% charged.

    could you please help me? How can I activate my Apple Watch?


    Try restarting your watch force: hold down the side button and the digital Crown for about 10 seconds, until you see the logo.

    If this does not help, then try to charge your watch for about 2.5 hours, making sure that you follow the instructions from here:

    After this period, if it has not already restarted automatically, remove it from the charger and:

    -Try to restart it (by pressing the side button until you see the Apple logo).

    -If necessary, then try force it restarts again.

    More information:

    If your Apple Watch does not respond or won't turn on - Apple Support

  • Digital State on my Apple Watch Sport difficult to turn or do not meet pressing

    It started last month: my Apple Watch did not meet the tapping of the Crown and the Crown was hard to turn.

    Looking at the Crown, there was no trace of dust or dirt or parts that comes out. However, I tried the fix described here: get help with digital on your Apple Watch - Crown Apple Support

    But rinse the watch does no change.

    Because I did a tour and were far from all cities with the Apple stores I couldn't have the watch checked.

    As if by magic, the problem itself after that I came home to a temperate climate.

    Now, I suspect the problem with the digital Crown stuck may be partially related to the use of the watch under a tropical climate.  During my vacation during the day, the temperature was often above 35 ° C and the humidity is very high.

    This document does not mention the digital Crown: Keep Apple Watch in temperatures acceptable - operation Apple Support

    < published by host >

    I see that I need to rephrase my question: is there a problem with the port of the watch under a tropical climate? The temperature was not much higher than 35 ° C, but the differences in temperature between the outside temperature and the air conditioned rooms was great.

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