Screen broke on my A10 Pro Sat

Hi all
I have a Satellite Pro A10 Celeron, and I think that the screen is cracked. However, I want to confirm that the screen is cracked in fact.

It looks like this:

When the power is off, I can see a jagged black line of thinking, running in a shallow sloping curve in the upper part of the screen. The 'crack' starts about 4cm from the left and 3.5 cm high with a diagonal line from the top of the screen and 2cm from the left at the beginning of the crack. At the end of the crack, it is another diagonal line running to the top of the screen and is about 1.5 cm from the right side.

When I turn on the laptop black pit curved Garni is available with a flat bottom where is the crack. The screen is mostly white, but it is a band of about 1.5 cm wide on the left of the screen that works. (I can see my desktop). On the edges of the white box, there are a few very fine horizontal and vertical lines.

When I press on the screen I seem to be able to open the crack, doing little more big black!

I think it's a cracked screen...

So if it is cracked, I need a new screen. A new Toshiba will cost £323,00 TTC!

My main questions are:

(A) what is the actual type of the screen that I have, and what its part number, description, and name of the template?

(B) what other portable use this screen? I think that it is a Samsung screen and is used in other portable Toshiba and other manufacturers. Maybe I could get a screen of another laptop that would fit.

(C) where would be a good place to look for a 2nd hand screen. There must be a place full of laptops with good screens and motherboards exploded or a place that sells the savlaged screens.

(D) where can I find a tech document that will tell me how to disassemble this A10, so I can get the screen? I know that these technical documents are somewhere on this web site, but I can't find them so far.

(E) what could happen to the screen? My father said that he became aware, nothing has happened. He was put in it is transported in his car to another place and when he's out of the case and it works... Broken screen.

Help, please.




A: Satellite Pro A10 comes with two different screens: 15-14.1


B & C: Please see this page:

I also recommend to check out the offers on Ebay.

D: If you wish to have information on the replacement of more detailed material, please contact the ASP.

E: Not easy to say why or what happened. It s a physical damage. In this case, I assume that the laptop has been abandoned or something like that.


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    -faulty inverter, but they never met an intermittent converter prob so that they cannot be 100% sure
    -faulty screen

    I don't want to go forward with either that they are unsure if they will solve the problem. Anyone could do more about this light?

    See you soon



    I agree with the guys from repair center; There must be a faulty inverter of FL.
    Sorry, there is nothing to do. You should contact Toshiba service in your country to replace this part.

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    Is there anything I can do for the screeen without have to raplace it?
    If the only solution is to raplace the screen, I find the screen to this site?
    How much would it cost to replace the screen?

    I hope someone can help me with this. I bought my laptop just 2 years ago.

    > Is there anything I can do to the screen without having to replace it?
    If the screen is broken, it must be replaced. There is nothing else, you can do about it.
    > If the only solution is to replace the screen, I find the screen to this site?
    Unfortunately not. You have two options. You can contact the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country and ask for help. They can order the new part and replace it for you. Second option is to ask some independent service or a technician for replacement. Mind a bit of luck you can use Google and check if the display can be ordered online in an online store in your country.

    You know that's not easy to help with those things. In some countries, it is quite easy to order this part, but in some countries, it may be quite problematic.

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    The original LCD that has been used in Z830 was a 13.3 TFT color LCD "(HD) 1366 x 768."
    So if you want to use any other presentation, then you should pay attention to the size of the screen and the connectors.
    I think these are the most important key elements.

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    [This is an open forum, not the Adobe support, please do not post personal information]

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    Don't forget to stay signed with your Adobe ID before accessing the link below

    Serial number and activation support (non - CC)

  • Re: Sat Pro A10 and Sat 10 - the difference - need new keyboard

    Hey all!

    New ID as I am garbage to remember the passwords/log on emails...

    I have a Satellite Pro A10, which needs a new keyboard - there's loads are circulating on ebay for Satellite A10 - but not the Pro - now I'm almost 100%, it'll be the same keyboard - right? the 'Pro' ILO denounces just usually extras bits and things qhizzy-, but basically they are the same hardware platform slot - i.e. the same keyboard between the A10 Sat and Sat Pro A10


    : D thank you in advance for letting me sleep at night!

    I agree with you. There is not much difference, and the construction of the laptop is the same.
    I'm 100% sure that the keyboard is the same.

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    Outside the waiting a lifetime to make these pieces appear on ebay, can anyone suggest where I can buy replacement hinges to fix my screen on my laptop again because there's nothing wrong with the laptop in any other respect.

    Thank you.


    Generally, all compatible parts can be ordered from the Toshiba service partner authorized in your country.
    Guys should be able to provide the right hinges.

    To find the right ASP, please see this page:> support download &-> find an authorized service provider

    See you soon

  • Blue screen when installing Win XP Pro on the Satellite A100-211

    Hi all.

    I'm started to get really desperate here! I just bought my new Satellite A100-211 and now I want to install my own copy of Windows XP Professional (as the laptop comes with XP Home). But, when I try to boot from my Win Xp Pro CD (with no SP1 or SP2 integrated), I get a blue screen of the STOP just as the installation application reached the phase "the installation program starts Windows! The STOP message says something about a file named "pci.sys".

    I don't know what the problem is or how to install XP Pro! It should be so simple! I even tried the SATA drivers from intel and load the Windows XP Pro install the program installation (F6) with a floppy, but I always get the same blue screen at the same stage of the installation.

    Can someone help me please? Can someone explain how to install Win XP Pro on this laptop?

    Thank you very much in advance! I'm really really freak out with this


    Did you get this error message?
    "stop error 0x7E in Pci.sys".

    I found information on the Microsoft site that you need the latest Microsoft service pack.

  • Replacement screen for a laptop Satellite Pro broken

    Anyone know where I can buy a computer pro satellite laptop screen-I just broke mine.
    How much will cost to replace?


    In this case, you must contact the service partner for details.
    On the Toshiba site, you will find the Toshiba authorized service partner who is responsible for your country.

    Good bye

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    Accidental damage not covered by the warranty, so you must either pay for the replacement of the screen (if that's all that is needed) or pay for an out of warranty replacement.  Whatever it is, if you have an iPhone running once again, you have to pay for repairs or replacement.  Your warranty is voided when you broke the screen.

    Paying Apple for the repair or replacement will be recovering the remainder of your original warranty or provide 90 days of warranty on the repair or replacement, according to the longest period of time.

  • I want to use my old imac as a screen for my new macbook pro. Should what cable I use?

    My imac has a port mini screen but my macbook pro is not, however, it has a bolt of lightning and a HDMI port.

    What is the best way to connect them?

    update - the imac has a mini DVI port not a mini display port

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    Looking to buy a new Mac Pro.  I like to work while sitting on the couch with my feet supported, but a laptop is not very good for usability, and my neck has had enough.  So, I think trying to upgrade a number of things and to combine the entertainment center with work stations, so I can do both comfortably from my couch.  Ideally I would love it if Apple made a gigantic Retina display, but as they do not have, my current theory includes a 48 "-52" class 4 K HDTV connected to a surround sound via HDMI system, which hangs in turn a blu - Ray player and a Mac Pro via HDMI.

    If someone has done something similar?  I'm assuming that, unlike the old flat screen TV model at work sometimes I mirror my iPad on, a 4 K Pixelize text.  Is this correct?  Or should I still the same problem?  As far as the projectors are a pain, which is the only really good solution here?  Any other question, I would need to know that displays the parameters or incompatibilities if I went with the 4 K HDTV?

    May be useful to take a look at which covers the 4 K screen with Apple hardware support pretty well.

    You will encounter one of the limits is the HDMI output on the current Mac Pro supports only 4K at 30 Hz not full 60 Hz, which we are used to on most screens. You can watch a form of Thunderbolt to the HDMI connection for display to work properly at 60 Hz.

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    I want to check on a different Apple Store but have not had the chance to get a still. Given that I don't know people on the forums have several iPads, I was wondering if you could compare and see if there is a difference. The Pro of 12.9 "had a problem of yellowing after launch, but I don't think it's the same problem. I couldn't find any other mention of this problem online.

    I took some photos while I was there. The Pro of 12.9 "has my thinking about it, but you can still see the faded screen. I couldn't get the Air iPad there because it was on another table. I really want to buy the biggest Pro, but not if there is a problem with the screen. This discoloration was observed on all the advantages they had on display.

    Anyone with two iPads that lets compare the screens?

  • The screen works not the Satellite Pro a

    My satellite pro, do not know what model because the sticker is worn, but I think its something like L18850
    When I was with her today, he went to sleep, when I rebooted, it just would not come on the screen.
    I tried removing the battery, now the Start button / stop for 45 seconds etc... That did not work.

    I tried to start and stop a lot of times, it starts the desktop computer, I can hear the sound of it connection, but it seems to take more time for the sound to happen now and it seems to the connection ring twice, 10 minutes apart.

    One of the moments where I turned it on it the screen worked and it has loaded the system recovery, I chose to keep my existing files and the partition, the screen worked for the half-hour it took to recover windows, then when it restarted the screen wasn't working again...

    It's very frustrating as a week ago, that the laptop was with Toshiba repair, there is no previous problems with the screen, I sent him with a cooling fan failure...

    Any help would be appreciated, I need laptop badly I work online and need to pay the rent...

    Sorry to hear that very annoying if computer laptop / computer starts to malfunction.
    From my point of view, no one here in the forum would be able to help this issue, because I think that there is something wrong with the hardware.

    You can connect the external monitor just to check if something is not visible on the 2nd screen but of course, this would not correct the problem of the laptop.

    Maybe the problem is related to the last laptop repair? You said that the laptop has been send to the service about a week ago, it's just a guess, but maybe the technician made some mistakes last time who knows that I recommend you to get in touch with the guys again

Maybe you are looking for

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