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Hi all, black 4S disappeared from the screen.  When I call him, Siri will sometimes answer but then not to react to the voice.   When I disconnect / connect the, I hear the chime, so there (some?) power of sounds.  Any thoughts?  Thank you.


Hey daveharding1225,

It is not ideal to screen does not light.

I would suggest trying a Force as show reboot to restart your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

How to force reboot

You must force restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as a last resort, and that if it does not. To force the reboot your device, press and hold the two buttons of sleep/wake and home for at least ten seconds, until you see the Apple logo.

This should solve this problem.


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  • Reminders do not display or stick to the lock screen in iOS10

    IOS10 (10.0.1 and 10.0.2), on an iPhone (I use an iPhone 6), reminders are no longer reliable. I had several cases where the callback doesn't show even on the screen lock and many more times when the recall won't 'glue' to screen lock for more than a short period. Before iOS10, when you said to remind you at a certain time or place, the recall would display on the reliable lock screen until she has been marked as "completed".

    It is a major issue for people who depend on the application for the important tasks and calendar. There is a thread of any discussion on this point, for some reason, has been marked as "solved" even if a large number of people continues to post telling him that there is a problem for them too (as the thread located here). I wanted to start this new discussion which we hope will remain open until it is effectively resolved.

    Thank you!!! This is a HUGE problem!

    Since the update I had to reboot my phone EVERY day.

    Is the stick of reminders... or they do not. Lately they don't yet show upward. Then other things stick to the lock screen can't get rid of.

    Currently this feature on the phone is USELESS

  • What is the text on the lock below screen date, after upgrade to IOS 10?


    I have iphone, and after I upgraded to IOS 10, from dated on the lock screen (muh.5 1438 AH).

    What is - this and how can I remove it?


    Try a reboot press and hold the power button / stop and menu button hold both down until you see

    Apple logo.

    It may take 30 seconds.

    See you soon


  • Chinese characters in the lock screen

    I recently updated to iOS 10 and shortly after started to see Chinese characters on my lock screen, under the date and time. I checked the language and region settings and see only English and selected Philippines which is correct. Don't know what that other settings I need to change? I also tried to change my lock screen and the same characters are still there.

    Thank you



    Bought second hand new iPhone?

    See you soon


  • Lock screen

    It appeared this afternoon.  Can someone tell me where it comes from and how get rid of?

    It seems that it is the control center. You can control your music from this screen. It seems that something is playing, but has no album art. You play music? Have you tried to drag down on the screen? Have you tried to power the iPad extinguished/turned on to see if it gives off that?

  • Blue screen and bad RAM memory?

    My MBP 2011 early all just stopped working yesterday, it worked very well without any problem of performance for the last 5 years, and then suddenly a blue screen (of death) and it has problems starting.

    He will ring the Bell to start, display the bar loading and Apple, and then there will be a glitch on the big screen (horizontally) 1 inch above the Apple, after that, the fans speed up and all that I see a gray screen, not user interface.

    I zapped the PRAM/MSC and tried the unique memory sticks, I have no spare RAM on hand, but who will order soon.

    Tips to solve this problem?

    AHT says this - 65/4MEM/4000000000: 0x84f6f918

    Google says it is bad memory

    Here is the BSoD:

    I think you have a problem of memory, although if your MacBook Pro 15 or 17 inch, you should consider video issue as well now.

  • IPhone 6 more flashing screen

    After updating my iphone 6 more with ios10, the start flickering from the top screen and the buttons does not. stil phonse looking again, does not fall and there is not a single crash. It has already expired the warrently, I understand that there are a lot of people the same proplem faceing. We can hangout or Exchange the phone to Apple.


    First consider trying the following steps:

    If the problem persists (or if you prefer to skip this step), contact Apple support (mail service may be available) or make a Genius Bar reservation in order to have your iPhone verified and, if recommended by Apple, served:

  • iPhone glitch screen after updating to iOS 10 and 6

    Since I upgraded my iPhone 6 with iOS 10.0.2 my screen made my fuzzy words and if I have my phone unlocked for more than 5 minutes it glitches upwards and should reset every time. Almost like static on a TV, go right to digital lines and my screen will not work. I have already backed up my phone to iTunes and it said: I went on my ability to my phone, which is a 64 GB. I deleted more than 2,000 photos and most of my apps and now I have more space on my phone, but it is still some glitches. I don't know what else to do.

    Hey maddy116ul,

    To summarize the problems that you are experiencing, your iPhone screen is not clear and you have also problems with the storage space on your iPhone. Let's go over some troubleshooting to get smooth it.

    From the screen on your iPhone, take a look at the information below. Go you through a few steps that you have already done, but is part of standard troubleshooting for problems with your screen? It will also restore your device as well as to make a backup first. Given that you have a problem with the storage space and fear that the backup does not fit on your iPhone, it recommends to contact Apple more support to help with these two questions.

    If you see lines, missing sections, discoloration or poor image quality

    1. Try to reboot your device. If you cannot restart, forced to reboot your device.
    2. If this does not work, restore your device.
    3. If you still see the question after the restoration, contact Apple technical support.

    Get help with the screen on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    Take care.

  • Login screen hangs

    Hello.  Since I upgraded to macOS Sierra, my early 2015 MacBook Pro freezes on the login screen.  I tried clean install, reinstall, SMC reset, reset the NVRAM.  Nothing seems to help.  I can finally drag the cursor to the button stop, but it takes a while.  Once it starts up again it is fine... until I have restart or stop again.  Any thoughts?  Thank you.

    Try to start in safe mode (hold down the key of the SIFT when starting) once or twice. The login screen freezes?

  • Deactivation of "Press House to unlock" on the opening screen?

    I just updated my iPhone. I have just this 'Home' button that has been added and now it's another step between me and get to the apps on my phone. How can I get rid of the screen ' press the House to unlock? "? I deleted the application of my phone.

    The House app is an application of automation and has nothing to do with it

    If you have an access code you can go to settings > general > accessibility > Home button > finger remains open

    If you do not have a password, unfortunately there is nothing you can do

  • Access code is lost as soon as the screen turns off

    When I turn my wrist after that my Apple Watch screen exploded, I need to enter the access code. I turn on the wrist, the screen turns off, I turn back, screen lights up, I need to re-enter the password. And so on and so forth. The watch does not maintain the code.

    I am white white, is not dense hairs on my wrist, no tattoos and I wear the watch very well on my skin.

    The funny thing is: it is a replacement watch, I got today. The other had the same problem, but this is probably because the bottom of the watch with the sensors fell, must have damaged the sensor cable. But this one is brand new.


    Make sure the wrist detection is enabled:

    • On your iPhone, in the application of the watch, go to: My Watch (tab) > General > detection of wrist - turn on.
  • How can I get rid of the widgets screen?

    Since the upgrade to iOS 10, a widget screen when I start my phone.  How can I get rid of this sort my identification of access/contact code screen appears when I turn on the phone?

    Thank you.

    With iOS 10, if you see the widget screen by sliding the lock screen is normal and how the new iOS.  It is more action 'slide to unlock' available in iOS 10.

    To operate the unit and go directly to the password entry screen (if you are using a fingerprint recognition), press the home button twice.

    In iOS 10 from the lock screen, are the only gestures by scanning

    1. slide from right to left to bring up the camera

    2. slide left to right to bring up the widgets screen (from the widget screen, swipe down to search for).

  • cannot organize applications on the screen

    iPhone 6s - IOS 10.0.2

    change - something I can hold is no longer an icon of the application to move around on the screen?

    ALF593 wrote:

    iPhone 6s - IOS 10.0.2

    change - something I can hold is no longer an icon of the application to move around on the screen?

    No, it's always in the same way, may need to adjust how you hold on this application, so it wiggles, instead of the 3d button.

  • Word of the day screen saver loading of words but no definitions.

    Word of the screen saver of the day showing the "Entry not found" error for every word from installation of Sierra. Would welcome suggestions for fixing this.

    Try to switch the dictionary used in 'Screen Saver Options '.... »

  • How can I get rid of the words on my lock screen

    OK so I did the last update on my iPhone 5 and now, under the date on the lock screen, there are letters and words that are not really make sense. I guess that my child put them there. I looked through all the settings I can think but cannot find them to get rid of them. Does anyone else have this problem or

    I know how to fix it? Also, can I change the fact that I now have to hit my button twice to put in my code to access at home? It's rather annoying.

    I have

    Cut just the Hebrew calendar!

  • Login screen of change in the Sierra

    I wish to have an image that is displayed when the connection. How can I do that. Photo of connection used to be located in the Caches folder but no more.

    Please do not suggest changing the wallpaper in the system preferences is not what I am referring is login screen image that I would like to replace.

    Any help appreciated.

    My image of login is in the folder Macintosh HD/Library/Caches, as it has always been.

    Check again.

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