Screen resolution continues to change by its self.

I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 with NVIDIA. When I start my laptop a pop said that the Starforce driver is blocked. Then when I connect to the internet my screen goes 8-bit and a pop-up warns my color depth to be over 298. I then put it to 38-bit and my resolution to 1024 x 768. When I finally have an internet screen, if I open a new tab it back to 8 bits. When I turned my computer off and restart I have to go through it all over again. I'm totally lost, as I have tried everything I can think of. Please if anyone knows what may be a problem, I'd be happy and sane. Thank you



Method 1: Update the display drivers and check if the problem persists. ' t-work correctly

Method 2: Put the computer to boot and see if the problem occurs.
To help resolve the error and other messages, you can start Windows Vista by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This type of boot is known as a "clean boot". A clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

Note: Follow step 7 to reset the computer to start as usual after the boot process.

Hope this information helps.

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  • My screen resolution continues to change itself whenever I connect to my computer.

    original title; My screen resolution continues to change itself whenever I connect to my computer. I change and then he returned for double the size whenever I connect. Why? How can I stop this?

    When I go to change the screen resolution, it is up to the time where new loggin.  I change back and then as soon as I connect it is to double the size.  How can I stop this?  I tried to check to see if something is somehow tied to my Start menu, but I don't see anything that would make the resolution of the screen to change.


    You can try to uninstall the driver from the computer graphics card and then download the latest version from the manufacturer's Web site and install it, check if it works

  • Screen resolution continues to change

    For the past few days Vista continues to change my screen resolution of 800 x 600 at startup, logon, to wake up or screen saver.  Normal resolution for my monitor is 1680 by 1050.  There are a few reboots to recover Vista decision, that I need a 800 by 600 screen.

    I downloaded and installed the latest nvidia driver for my card.  Problem persists.
    I spent my primary monitor with an old crt monitor.  Problem persists.
    I had the video card with another.  Problem persists.
    I looked in the device to a second monitor or a default monitor Manager.  There is no such animal.  It shows a monitor and map suitable and the pilot.  I checked the system startup to ensure that the basic video option has not been verified.

    Everything in searching for a reason for my resolution to 800 by 600 is under personalization > display settings.  It shows two options of the monitor.  The correct 1. HP w2007 LCD Monitor wide on NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT at 1680 by 1050.  It also shows the 2. (By default the monitor) on NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT with all of the resolution to 800 x 600.  The true monitor is defined as main display not non-existent default monitor.

    This second option will not appear under the NVIDIA Control Panel for the properties of the card or in the Device Manager, but for some reason any, whenever a connection is required the display switches to 800 by 600.

    Watch Google search that I'm not the only one with this problem, but none of the suggestions worked.  There is no dish scaling option in Nvidia Control Panel.  Switching video cards not disable TMM has not solved the problem.

    I am at a loss, any suggestions?

    It was right on the money.  Restarting the services one at the time and reconsignation in I took the problem to an .avi Divx for Windows Media Player codec.

    Good stuff, thanks for the help.

  • Satellite A300-07 - screen resolution continue to change right away after stopping

    My laptop Toshiba Satellite A300-07 has only 9 days. When I put the computer laptop, all loaded all software that comes automatically. In the last 5 days or more, whenever I stop my laptop turned on then again once, settings on the desktop keeps on going up to high resolution.

    I tried to change the display settings, but due to the huge police, I see even the bottom of the page click on apply or Ok, page opens up to what low resolution setting to high. Only and the page will not go up or down - cannot minimize yet to see the bottom click on. For some reason, last night, after I created the system recovery disk, it is back to normal.

    Today, he will not be back to normal at all and can practically use as everything is in hugeeeeee characters.

    I have not downloaded (except for msn and yahoo messengers) any software, but what it comes with it that even when autoloaded.

    Can someone help me how to fix it?


    Update the display driver and the BIOS on the Toshiba site.
    Remove any software and the drivers who might be in conflict with the display, for example Dynadock drivers or similar.
    Back up your data and perform the recovery.

    If it happens again on a new installation of Windows, then its likely to be a hardware problem (the graphics card for example).

  • Cliq 2.1, 2.0.13, 2.0.17: Cliq ringtone continues to change of its own accord...

    I noticed that my Cliq continues to change ringtones, even if I already have a game. It doesn't matter what ringtone I change it for her jumps back between the default and I chose the one guard. All this experience?


    Today, my Cliq, started with the issue of the ring again. I don't know what the cause of the problem or why. The last time I had to format my Sd Card and re add all returned using the motorola media link. I hope I don't have to do it again because it's a slight pain whenever there is an update. Any suggestions?

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  • G70 screen resolution will not change

    HP G70 - 257CL running Windows Vista Home Premium SP2

    Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family

    Have this second hand with a broken screen. Until I could get a new screen, I used the HARD drive in another notebook successfully. Now reinstalled in the G70, have everything works fine except the screen resolution.

    Reports adapter Device Manager works correctly. I uninstalled and reinstalled, updated the drivers. But no matter what resolution to choose for the screen, it remains the same.  I've currently set to 1440 X 900, 32-bit color, refresh rate of 60 Hz. But what I get is closer to 800 X 600. And it stays that way, no matter what I put it to.

    To the best of my knowledge, I uninstalled all drivers associated with the other laptop, so there should not be anything interfere. Thanks for any help, that all the world can offer.

    Hi Barnaby,.

    It doesn't sound like an exorcism is necessary. From all I have seen and know the computers that he shouldn't do that. Before you call the Ghostbusters or a priest try connecting an external monitor to see if you have the same problems.

    Thank you

  • Windows 7 has changed after the Automatic Updates - screen resolution may not change back

    Last night was automatic updates from Microsoft.  Today, the resolution of the screen and the icons are huge.   Tried to change the resolution of the screen through Control Panel but can not find the same as before.  I tried to adjust the zoom level on Chrome but now everything is long and lean.

    Tried to do a system restore, but it has a red x next to it and will let me not turn it on.  How to restore my resolution wallpapers and icons to their previous size etc?

    Completely, remove the current (or software) driver and install the latest driver available.  For instructions on how to do read everything to update the drivers of my partner JMH3143 here
  • Pavilion 17-e176nr resolution continues to change

    The resolution keeps changing on my new laptop pavillion and when I type some letters do not hit.

    Pavilion 17-E176NR.  When you are working, suddenly the resolution changes

    Hi Songbird123,

    I suggest you then call HP Technical Support to see all the other possibilities for you. If you call in North America, the number is 1-800-474-6836 and for all other regions, please click here: click here.

    Thank you.

  • Security setting Internet properties continues to change on its own / CPU of the computer goes Haywire / 15 + Instances of dllhost.exe * 32 Com substitutes

    I have seen that this is a problem for more than just me by reading online about this.


    I need the solution and you can't find it.

    Most of the places online say download all these other programs but never say what is really happening.

    I hope you guys can help.

    Windows 7 Home Premium PC


    I did add something new to my pc.  It started randomly happening...

    What I've noticed, is my computer will be stronger, as it is to wrap upward and the CPU goes crazy.

    After that research around these things, I noticed happen when this noise starts and the CPU going nuts:

    -Under Internet Security my settings changed on their own to custom

    (I then change them back only to have this all happen again minutes later)

    -When this is happening and I'm going under dllhost.exe Task Manager suddenly over 15 years * 32 Com alternatives pop up all at the same time

    I do stop by changing my Internet Security properties to default and putting an end to the tree of processes all the dllhost.exe * 32 Com substitutes.

    Then, about 5 or 10 minutes later it happens again. This has happened in recent days.  I ran safely scan and it found some VirToolWin32 - CeeInject.gen! KK (linked in Adobe Updater). This VirTool:MSIL/injector.BF has been removed but all that I mentioned above is still ongoing.

    I have apprecitate your answer. Thank you

    It arrived today.  I checked the updates as soon as I logged in and it was so maybe that fixed the issue.

    Update definition for Microsoft Security Essentials - KB2310138 (definition of 1.187.1412.0)

    I'll keep the links you posted and use them to check everything. I am running the Microsoft Safety Scanner again now, I ran it yesterday and he did not find anything.

    Another weird thing, all my update history disappeared. It says updated, ever. Now it only shows the update one alone that I did when I opened a session today.

  • my screen resolution won, t change. _

    the only option is to 640 x 480

    You need to know what your video card is

    Right click on my computer/properties/hardware/Manager

    Click on the + sign to the video card
    This will tell you what it is.  nVidia etc.

    Then, go to the manufacturese site to find drivers for it.

    Post back if you need help more after that you will find the details of your video card.

    There is a yellow splatte to the video card?


  • Is it possible to expand the text and icons in Windows Explorer without changing its framework or my screen resolution?

    I started meeting with eyestrain from prolonged use of the computer.  Of course, I must simply reduce screen time, but may not reduce significantly again. During this time, I set it on a few minor visual adjustments that might be more favorable to the eye to me.  A change would be to increase the size of the text and folder icons in my field of Windows Explorer. I tried to achieve this expansion by increasing my overall screen resolution, but that change has become cumbersome and actually greater stress perspective.  Is it possible that I can change the size of text and icon from the Windows Explorer, without giving up its current location (details) and without affecting the size of anything else (for example, my office)?

    I know that my investigation is not in the urgent category, but I would be grateful for all the advice. (Well, almost everything...?)

    Thank you now also.


    No do not trust them - it's a widespread scam underway.  They want to ask you to install support software (usually decent software, like Team Viewer, that legitimate companies use to provide assistance), but then they use it to implant viruses. Or, more often, they open an arbitrary log file, claim this means that you have a virus, and they will help you conveniently 'fix' for a fair cost.

    No one will ever 'cold call' offer to help you with your PC.

  • screen resolution changed after Windows update

    PC: Dell Vostro 220 s

    OS: Windows XP Professional SP3

    Monitor: Dell 2009WFP LCD, is the native resolution of 1680 x 1050 (according to CNET review)

    Problem: After an automatic update of Windows, my screen resolution has been changed to 800 x 600, where the police has been huge and fuzzy on the screen.  Then, I realize now the display settings only have 5 options, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024, 1600 x 1200 and 1920 x 1440.  The last of them is out of range.  So I put it to 1600 x 1200, but everything on the screen appears stretched.

    I tried system 1) at the earliest days of restoration, 2) unplug the monitor and reconnect the monitor, the monitor 3) download the Dell Web site WFP2009 driver, nothing works.

    Nothing has similar problems, how do I get the near resolution of 1680 x 1050, which is classified to the native resolution for this monitor according to the CNET Web site, and I vaguely remember what the maximum resolution in the display settings.

    Appreciate any help.  Thanks in advance.

    Hi mumimi,

    It seems that your system was shipped with Intel graphics card. As several drivers are appearing with exclamation points, I would say that you can download the latest drivers here-> enter the serial number of your system-> select OS--> download/install drivers in good order as given here.

    Please respond to the findings. He won't be far away.

  • screen resolution bug

    I have a small problem, sometimes after playing games on my computer, the screen resolution must be changed so that the game will play correctly. But after shutting down my computer and turning back on (usually with a space for a day or so between the two), the screen resolution remains the same as what was the game screen, so my office now has a larger icons, background screen increase size etc. Can I change the resolution to what it is supposed to be, but is starting to become quite annoying, especially since it move my desktop icons. Is there a way to permanantly fix this?

    Just in case people always have a problem with this problem, pls here's a solution that worked for me...

    I spent the last month trying to solve this problem, and "youemailme" (another thread here) had the correct solution for me! And so Simple!

    I noticed on Blogs that this problem has existed for at least Win98 is not your computer or your operating system.

    The question seems to be programs in your Menu has a different screen resolution to set startup, thereby causing the screen resolution change when you start your computer. This isn't a MicroSoft program error, but rather a question of "settings".

    With me, what worked were 2 things:

    (1) perform the 'clean boot process' as advised by many to determine which granted software was causing the problem... and then.

    (2) right click on the name of the program (as discovered in above) 'problem' in the Start Menu > properties > compatibility.  For some reason, there is an option to "run in 640 x 480 screen resolution", which has been verified.  This program was in the startup folder and the cause of the problem.  Then unchecked the resolution box. No problem.

    In my view, there are a large number of people dealing with this exact problem. I hope that this process of step 2 could solve their problems.

    (ps, just thinking about it now, you might not even bother with the 'clean boot process' but simply go through all your programs in your Start Menu and run the 2nd step explained above. Should work?)

    See you soon


  • Problem with screen resolution after installing Photoshop CC 2015

    I've recently updated my Photoshop by installing Photoshop CC 2015.  It works very well, but all aspects of the view appear oversized, including text, icons, tools, panels, etc.  Change the font size in the preferences has no impact.  It seems that the Photoshop screen resolution has been changed, but none of my other programs were affected.  Running Windows 7 Ultimate on a Hewlett-Packard PC.  Would appreciate any advice.

    Only, I have solved my problem.  I went to the Interface edition/preferences /.  Under scaling of the user interface, the default setting is Auto.  I chose 100%, Photoshop is restarted, and I was back to the view I'm used to that.

  • screen resolution of Windows xp continues to change

    Back to basic settinngs reboot continues to change my screen resolution, and I lose all the higher settings.

    When I reinstall the driver, it works again until I restart the computer.

    I am logged in as administrator.

    I have the latest drivers.

    Short to do a full install of XP, I am at a loss.

    XP forums:

    Link above is for XP Forums.

    There is a list of the different Forums XP to the link above to help you.

    You get the help you need there.

    Here is the Vista Forums.

    See you soon

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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