screen saver goes too fast

Vista Home premium 32-bit

I use my photos in the screensaver and I fixed it to slow, but it's still too fast.
Anyone know how I can slow down as you would in win xp


Hello tang258,

Take a look at this answer/tips from Michael Murphy, who could help you just below:

Michael Murphy

Looks like you're out of luck with Microsoft.

There are 3 rd Party slideshow screensaver downloads claiming to do this and that, but most of them are mounted virus and/or unnecessary
This is a response to a post about it:

Keith Miller MVP
Re: Settings Vista photo screensaver
Don't know. The settings for the screen saver are located under this key:

"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Photo.
Gallery\slide show\Screensaver.

but the values of 'Speed' seem to be 0, 1 or 2 (slow, medium, fast),
they are not in a few seconds.

Good luck

Microsoft MVP [XP Windows Shell/User]

Hope this helps you. Let us know anyway. Make it a great day!

"In the end the love you take is equal to The Love You Make" (The Beatles last song from their latest album, Abbey Road.)

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    Thanks for the information. I checked the "components", and they seem to be OK. I suspect that the problem may be the quality of the paper (dried, perhaps). I'll mark this as resolved.

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    Is it possible that you have active corners enabled and you moved the cursor in the corner and trigger the screensaver?

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    The open document has also no point red, yellow, green on the upper left corner. The top (to reduce or close the page) toolbar is not available on the page ATTACHED himself to THE TOP TOOLBAR and new documents, so I can't move it even.  After clicking on Windows/Zoom and it attaches. I don't have to do!


    You are in full screen view. Press ESC to get out.

    Or while in the WSF, the cursor on the top of the screen, the menu bar will descend.

  • Screen saver goes to black screen after a few minutes

    My screensaver goes to a black screen after a few minutes


    It is supposed to do that by default

    normally a screensaver lights after 10 minutes then after another 10 minutes, the screen will become black according to the parameters of exact time for her

    It is a function of energy saving

    If your problem is different from the above, please explain in more detail

  • An enemy following me around the screen, but not too fast

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    I use the POINT at the moment to send my HERO to where the mouse clicks.

    I could send the BUG there as well but using less x and y increments.

    It would be too heavy for the processor - too much going on with the music as well?

    still, do not remove:

    var speed: Number =. 99;

    public void onEnterFrame(event:Event):void {}

    var xDistance:Number = clickPoint.x - this.hero.x;

    var yDistance:Number = clickPoint.y - this.hero.y;

    If (Math.abs (xDistance) > 10) {}

    var angle: Number = Math.atan2 (yDistance, xDistance);

    This.Hero.x += v * Math.cos (angle);

    This.Hero.y += v * Math.sin (angle);

    } else {}

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    enemy1.x = speed * enemy1.x +(1-speed) * hero.x;

    enemy1.y = speed * enemy1.y +(1-speed) * hero.y;

    If {(clickPoint.x>=hero.x)}

    this.hero.gotoAndPlay ("right");

    trace (Math.ABS (xDistance));


    If {(this.hero.x>=clickPoint.x)}

    this.hero.gotoAndPlay ("left");

    trace (Math.ABS (xDistance));



  • Go to active windows and screen saver comes up.

    Original title: need more time

    My active pages are going and I get my screensaver, then I have to click back in my browser. I looked at my aid centres, nothing. I feel stupid like all out them, but can someone help me? God bless you.

    If mean you your screen saver "comes" too early, right-click on an empty area of your desktop, choose Properties, the screensaver tab and check your adjustments there.

    Click OK to save the settings and close the dialog box.

    If this isn't what you mean, you need to provide more details.

  • A bug? Reading Photoshop Action is too fast, after upgrade CS5 - CS6! My action does not work

    On a PC

    I upgraded to CS5 in CS6 (cloud) over the long weekend and I'm now facing a massive headache. Process actions that I use extensively for my work are all foxed by the simple problem reading action going too fast for the script on two documents to stand. I've tried everything I can think of, but the only thing that allows the action to progress substantially (as in previous versions of the software) is the step by step playback mode. It's too slow to use on an ongoing basis.

    The problem is caused by the following sequence

    Save as a document (on the desktop)

    Opened as a document - open that Camera Raw - after settings open in Photoshop

    Select all


    Closed - registration No.

    (PS automatically selects previous document)

    +++ Paste +++ command ERROR paste is not currently available

    This is where Photoshop choose the previous/underlying document before applying the Paste command. Since the upgrade its been trying to paste the Clipboard in the fraction of a second after the closure and by selecting the previous document and have reported no documents available to all. Slow down or if stop playback with step by step or stop and continue works around the problem but the workflow causes to slow down considerably.

    Is it possible to script a break during this time crucial one? Or is there a setting preferably I forgot it's breakage behaviour?

    This thread solved my problem

    This is a bug. The work around is to record a change in the speed of reading before and after the paste.

    Adobe would you want to fix this problem please?

    While you are, you would also look at "less than 50% of the pixels are selected," it would be really great if we could cancel this warning when batch processing of images and using measures.

  • Screen saver comes on too fast

    Original title: Shut Down

    When I read a page & items on the screen do not move I get mixed with the screensaver within minutes I. But I can do something else (like watching movies) & it does not! How to fix?

    Right-click on an empty area of your desktop, and then choose "Customize". Click the screen saver. Try to increase the time or the value none screen saver. If this post answers your question, click mark as answer .

  • screen saver; have a screen saver password photos. As he passes, the screen goes black and stays black. What can I do?

    have a screen saver password photos.  As he passes, the screen goes black and stays black.  What can I do?

    have a screen saver password photos.  As he passes, the screen goes black and stays black.  What can I do?

    I don't know what is causing this problem but would be
    suspicious, it is related to a corrupted or obsolete
    video driver.

    Might be interesting to try to reduce your graphics
    Hardware acceleration instructions
    in the following article.

    How to put in back of graphics hardware acceleration
    (scroll down to: "If you are using Windows 2000 or XP")

    If they improve the question, you should look for the
    site Web of MFG. your video card
    a updated driver Win XP compatible video. Or...
    If your computer is a laptop... Search support
    site of the manufacturer of your computer.

    If you do not know the make and model of your
    Video adapter, see the documentation that
    supplied with the computer.

    Also you can find info on your video by driver
    go to Device Manager: you can launch
    By clicking Device Manager on... Start/run and
    type or copy / paste:
    And then press ENTER.

    Expand "Graphics cards" and right click
    the name of your graphics... then
    choose... Properties / tab pilot... FYI.

    You should find the make and model of your
    adapter display as well as the version of the driver.

    If the driver on the Web site is no longer
    current than you run...
    Download and install it. In addition, installation
    instructions that should be followed closely
    should be available on the support site.

    Once installed the new video driver... you
    can restore your full acceleration.

    Good luck...

  • I often get frequent blue screens on internet sites. Blue screen too fast for me to record specific error message. How can I put an end to the blue screen to get the error message?

    frequent blue screens often to internet sites.  Blue screen too fast for me to record specific error message.  How can I put an end to the blue screen to get the error message?

    en blue screen too fast for me to record specific error message.  How can I put an end to the blue screen to get the error message?

    If your computer is restarted when the BSOD appears, then you must change the by default for what to do in case of system error. It is easy to do, but takes a lot of mouse clicks to get there:

    Start | Control Panel | System | Advanced system settings (need for credentials for the administrator to spend here |) Advanced | Startup and recovery / settings.

    On this screen, uncheck the box under system failure that says automatically restart. The next time the BSOD appears, your computer will not do anything else until you press the reset button, so you'll have all the time you need to read and copy the error codes. Paste here, verbatim, and someone should be able to point in the right direction.


    In the control panel choose reports on problems and Solutions (problem of type in the START search box), go to historical problem, right-click your error and choose check for the Solution. You can also examine the details.

    In administrative tools, choose the reliability and performance monitor and click on MonitoringTools then the reliability monitor (type reliability in research on Start). This list is a chart of the software installs, uninstalls, updated Windows and crashes by date. See if your plant has started to happen after you installed or uninstalled something.

    It may be useful to eliminate equipment defects

    Type of memory in the search box of start and choose Memory diagnosis

    In a command prompt (type command in the start search box then right click and choose Run as administrator) type

    CHKDSK c: /r

    If you have more than one drive replace C: with the other drive letters.

    Search for corrupted files by typing at the command prompt


    You can clean boot troubleshooting

  • My laptop is to expire too fast and goes into screensaver mode.

    How can I change my screen saver time-control. Looks like a minute and then the screen goes black, then begin photos screen saver. It is very targeted and irritating. Usually, if I press a button on the keyboard it will come back, but not always. Please notify.


    1. If it works much earlier, if yes then remember to change your computer recently?

    Follow these steps to change the screen saver timeout settings:

    a. right-click on your desktop and select "personalize" from the menu that appears.

    b. click "screen saver" in the Customize menu.

    c. use the up and down arrow keys next to the 'wait' box to select the number of minutes during which the computer to wait to enable the screen saver. You can also type the number of minutes directly on the box.

    d. click 'OK' to complete your settings.

  • Cannot adjust the brightness of my screen. It is located at full speed and my dough goes super fast.

    My Sony Vaio w/Windows 7 recently crushed and Geek Squad put in a new hard drive. Everything works fine except that I can no longer adjust the brightness on my screen. It is located at full speed and my dough goes super fast. Please help me solve this problem. Thank you!! :) - AdamH

    Original title: help! AAARRRGG

    They installed drivers for devices from Windows 7 for your make and model. If this is not the case, then go to the support web site factory and download Windows 7 drivers to a folder on your PC and then first install the drivers for the card mother/chipset, followed by USB, SATA, LAN, Audio and all other pilots.


    Another way to find your computer manufacturer's support Web site.

    Also to check the graphics card Sony or download site of manufacture for the latest Windows 7 drivers for your card.

    J W Stuart:

  • Windows 7 Professional 32 bit, service pack 1, is not activate the screen saver, or it goes to sleep

    Windows 7, never off monitor, screen saver lights never will never sleep

    tried the wake disarming by keyboard and mouse

    nothing works...


    Hi Etty,

    You can run the Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) command and check if it helps.

    You can follow the steps to follow:

    a. open an elevated command prompt. To do this, click Start, click principally made the programs, on Accessories, right click invite, and then click run as administrator. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password, or click allow.

    b. type the following commands. Press ENTER after each command.

    DISM.exe / Online/Cleanup-image /Scanhealth

    DISM.exe / Online/Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

    Note: Look for the space after 'exe', 'online' and 'image'.

    c. close the command prompt and check if the problem is resolved.

    Thank you.

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