script error < button id = "abp-notification-Yes" label = "" & notification.button.yes; "/ > appear at the bottom of my browser Firefox." How can I get rid of this?

When I open Firefox, I get a script error in the bottom of the browser (not in the status bar or of the 'frame', but in the current window. He cut my pages right there and just reads

<button id="abp-notification-yes" label="&notification.button.yes;"/>
 _ _ _ _ _ _ ^

My Firefox is updated (according to the site). I even deleted and reinstalled just to reappear after re installation. I tried 3 times with 'fresh' facilities (Nothing saved from the previous installation. Please help me get rid of this problem. Thank you


It was in fact TrueBlock 2.0.2. I disabled it and my problem is now gone. I re-enabled it and it pops up. Thanks for the reply. He started me in the right direction.

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