Script error when printing a web page

Cannot print web page on attached USB printer.  Results in a script error message.  Using a HP Officejet Pro 8500 first running on a Windows 7 64-bit system.  I am able to print the web page if I choose a network printer.


I mainly use Internet Explorer.  I am currently using v9.0.8112.16421.  I used to have this problem, and it is possible that it started after I upgraded from v8 to v9.  As you suggest, I have tried with Firefox v13.0.1 and it gave me an error message about a script error, but it also printed the page.  I also tried with Chrome v20.0.1132.47 m and it printed without any problems at all.  As I said, I have my printer via the USB port and network and am also able to print from explore with no script error if I use the accessory network instead of the attachment of the USB.  When I use the accessory USB it gives me the script error and will not print.  It is said that there is no connection for this connection ID and it shows a URL of type res://ieframe.dll/preview.js

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  • When printing a web page using Internet Explorer, the printed document is a mirror image.

    I have HP Officejet Pro L7780 and Windows 7 64-bit operating system. When I print a page of a Web site that is in PDF using Internet Explorer, the printed page is a mirror image.  If I print the same page of Firefox, the page prints fine.

    Also, I recently put my husbands computer so he could also print to this printer via the network.  When I printed an email on my printer from a computer, it is also printed as a mirror image.

    I assumed that you helped the mny users, that's why I waited long before I asked again.  Thank you.  I assigned added another printer driver using your instructions.  It worked.  I'm now able to print correctly.  Thank you!

  • Error when printing PowerPoint notes pages in PDF since the upgrade to OS365

    I've recently updated to OS365 and since then I have been unable to print a PowerPoint presentation in pdf format, if you choose to print notes pages.  Print to PDF works fine for all other applications, and even PowerPoint printing full Page slide, but not when you print notes Pages.   I use Adobe Acrobat DC.  It's something I do every day and had no problems with PowerPoint 2010, only since going to PowerPoint, 2016.  Here is the error message.  According to the file, sometimes it will crash on page one and another time, he might save pages 40 + and then crash and pages that save the air well.

    I have uninstalled and resinstalled both OS365 and Abobe.

    Any ideas of where to go next?

    I found a work around but it seems to be a bug with Office 365, and I don't think it matters which version of Acrobat you have. If you save your. PPTX files in a PPT file, and then close the file and reopen it, it seems to play nice. It takes time to print to PDF, but seems to work. This also seems to be a problem with PowerPoint more large bridges (more than 50 slides) I hope that this helps you.

  • Get a script error when you try to print, and when I print the black ink is very light on the page. I replaced the ink already, it's a hp officejet 6500wireless.

    Get a script error when you try to print, and when I print the black ink is very light on the page.  I replaced the ink already, it's a hp officejet 6500wireless.

    See if this helps:

    Tom Ferguson

  • The print page opens not when I try to print a Web page.

    I use Firefox for many months and so far I have had no problem printing a Web page. I was away for a week and discovered this problem yesterday when I tried to print a Web page. Maybe there was some changes during the week that I'm not aware of?

    This happens on all websites or is it on particular websites?

    Normally, a button to launch a page in the print format appears in a new window. Blocker integrated in Firefox allows popups generated by a user by clicking, but if you have additional security modules, maybe one of them is blocking those.

    Could test you mode without failure of Firefox? It is a standard diagnostic tool to disable some advanced features of Firefox and extensions. More info: questions to troubleshoot Firefox in Safe Mode.

    Does not work if Firefox: Hold down the SHIFT key when you start Firefox.

    If Firefox is running: You can restart Firefox in Mode safe mode using either:

    • button "3-bar" menu > "?" button > restart with disabled modules
    • Help menu > restart with disabled modules

    and OK reboot.

    Two scenarios: A small dialog box should appear. Click on 'Start mode safe' (not update).

    Any improvement?

  • When I try to print a web page it says selected printer cannot be found? Never had any problems until I loaded Windows 10 down. I even updated to fIREFOX.

    When I try to print a web page, it comes up with the message selected printer cannot be found.
    It was ok until I downloaded Windows 10.
    I updated Firefox to the latest edition, but still the same message appears.

    Any ideas?

    Hello, please try refreshing firefox and see if that can solve the problem...

  • Print a web page translate several pages when there should only be one page. How to adapt?

    When I try to print a web page, the result is several partial pages. I tried to adjust the scale, but nothing seems to work. Where can I get this type of adjustment?

    Three possible causes.

    1. the page is intended for managers and each frame is print separately. If you right click on the page you will see a menu item for this framework , if this page contains frames. You'll see on this test page.

    2. a page wide margin setting. You might be able to see that in Page layout > margins/header and footer page, but some printers are able to get weird settings which do not arise here. When you look at: config these prefs are far
    Print.printer_-printer name_Printer.print_margin_left
    Print.printer_-printer name_Printer.print_margin_right

    3. a non standard paper size is defined in the properties for this printer as seen through Firefox. Could define Custom or picture size.

    This section of the support article a hyperlink by SafeBrowser.

    #2 and 3, do a reset should solve. Do the 'reset as described here:

    Make sure that you reset all the preferences for this printer.

  • Download the blank Page when you try to print the Web page

    I have a HP8600 printer set up to print wireless, when I try to print a web page from my PC all that's prints a blank page.  I use Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 11.  If I copy the Web page to a word document it prints

    Hi there, have you tried HP Smart Print webpage printing solution?


  • When I open Internet explorer in windows and I am trying to use facebook or no matter what games, I get a script error has occurred on this page do you still want to run

    Original title: not admissible error in windows

    When I open Internet explorer in windows and I am trying to use facebook or no matter what games, I get a script error has occurred on this page want to still run and also first message is unacceptable, then the error message how can I fix a script if everything they told me to do, tried of thise disable ad ons, enable ad - ons (what I have now) reinstall it IE upgrade to ie and nothing helped think I need to repair my windows xp professional, but do not have the original disc to do, and nowhere on windows can I find a repair tool.


    1. don't you make changes on the computer before this problem?
    2. what version of internet explore do you use?
    3. What is the exact error message?

    Step 1: Check if the problem persists in safe mode with networking and send back the same.

    Step 2: Also, look for error messages in the event viewer. If you find error messages after return the exact error message so that we can help you better.

    Using the event viewer

    Understanding of event viewer

    Procedure to view and manage event logs in Event Viewer in Windows XP

  • print not web page - menu "save under" if poster - unknown problem dialog box then appears. Only recently-, does not happen in Explorer?

    Try to print a Web page or a selection from them.
    When 'file' - select 'print' on the tabs of Mozilla, it doesn't. The print menu appears, but when 'print' clicked, the menu box "save under" appears. When "save under" is closed, a dialog box appears saying "unknown error during printing. Cannot print Web page unless a screen saver (ie the entire screen). This has happened only recently (update may). Tried it on Windows Explorer and all is ok

    After checking the problem existed in all places - found silly finger pain. When selecting 'print' noticed "Selected printer" had been changed from my normal i865 of "Microsoft Office Document Image Writer"!
    Once changed back all O.K.
    Thanks for your trouble

  • Printing a Web page to a .pdf or .xps file generates a file but it is empty. How can I fix it? I have Firefox 40.0 on a new computer laptop for Windows 10

    When I print a Web page to a .pdf or .xps file, it creates a new file, but file Explorer says it's 0 KB in size. These .pdf files will open, but they are white - the only thing that appears is the outline of a page, without anything in the outline. When I print an .xps file, File Explorer shows that it contains 0 KB. When I try to open it, I get a message saying that the XPS Viewer cannot open the file. These things just started for me a few days after I installed Firefox 40.0 on a new computer laptop of Toshiba Satellite with 10 Home Windows operating system. I have the latest version of Flash Player (in fact, I just tried redownloading and reinstalling the current version; that does not solve the problem). I tried to change the format by default to print to .pdf file, but that has not solved the problem. I contacted the chat Windows support site; They told me that it was not a Windows problem. Is this a Firefox problem? If so, you can tell me how to solve the problem, please?

    Thank you

    First of all, try to disable the extensions to see if that helps this, then try safe mode.

  • Why 8 Firefox unexpectedly closes after I print a Web page?

    I use Windows XP and Firefox 8. When I print a Web page, Firfox closes and must be re-opened. No messages are received.

    Run Firefox in safe mode to check if the crash still happens.


    The problems of Firefox in Mode safe


    Firefox plant - troubleshoot and prevent assistance fixing crashes

  • All-in-one HP Envy 4500: printing a Web page

    The procedure to print a web page has changed all of a sudden.

    Until today, it's simple. I clicked on the print icon in the bookmarks bar. This launches the print dialog box. I then clicked on 'Préférences' to select the print quality and finally on 'print '.

    Today, I wanted to print confrmation of a command line. When I click on anything that is in the print dialog box, another window open.

    I managed to select my printer, but when I clicked 'Print' nothing happened. In addition, I could not any setting beyond the number of copies and if you want to print on one or both faces. What is going on?

    Hi @hbf1842,

    What is the new name of the printer now listed as default printer in devices and printers? (Like 4500 or class envy 4500)

    If the class driver is installed, it would be a preinstalled Windows driver and it should not the automatic option to duplex. You will need to remove and add the urge to 4500.

    If you still experience problems, uninstall and reinstall the printer software again.

    The HPePrint driver is automatically installed with Windows 8. Just make sure that it is not selected as the default printer in the future.

    Thank you!

  • Impossible to print a Web page using photosmart premium c309a using Internet Explorer 9.

    I just installed Internet Explorer 9. Now, I can't print a Web page using my network photosmart premium c309a. I also have a Photosmart c6250 networked and I peut print for her. What gives? Am I missing something? I know that this is a known problem by searching the problem and Windows solution does not help.  I have no problem with the c309a print when I go to the internet, it's just a problem of Web page with IE9.  All/any help would be appreciated.

    HP helped me by making me install a different driver. Download and install the printer driver 6980. After installation, go to the printer properties and add a new Standard TCP/IP port and use IP address for the c309a.  I don't think I'm missing something, but I received the information from their chat support.  Then, when you want to print from IE9, choose the 6980 printer (which is actually the c309a printer).  This HP support doesn't help.  You must talk to a living person who knows something about printers.

    I hope this helps.  In fact, I switched to Mozilla Firefox as my default long ago, and it works very well with the c309a printer.  I only got this solution because I could be chatting with them on another printer and I mentioned that I could not print from IE9.

  • DeskJet 2540 is ready, but don't print a Web page

    I got my printer about a week and have used it for all necessary items with no problem until today.

    I try to print from a Web site that I had NO problem for many years but today, nothing happens.

    Also, note that anything on the web comes as a PDF file when I print, is this normal?

    Hi Avengefulangel,

    Here is a video/document way to print Web Pages in Google Chrome for Windows. I suggest also you update all your Products Adobe on your computer as most of the software of the printer and web pages to communicate.

    I hope this helps, please hold me.

    Thank you

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