Script for random switch between different waveforms


How correctly to write the script to switch between different waveforms when generating?

For example:
We use the niFgen allocate named Waveform VI to allocate three waveforms. When you run the generator, the first forms of wave of work. Then the generator is activated and used in the following waveforms only second and third.

Or, we have configured 10 waveformsand by train to spend no fixed cyclically between everyone, but only between 2 and 5 waveforms.

If it is possible to achieve?

Max O.

Developer of software and engineering,


Hi Max,.

Each stage needs, too.  End ifs should take place at the end.  For example:

If scriptTrigger0
generate a myWfm0
on the other
If scriptTrigger1
generate a myWfm1
on the other
If scriptTrigger2
generate a myWfm2
on the other
/ etc...
end if
end if
end if

Of course, it must all be encapsulated in a repeated structure to continue checking for triggers.

Kind regards

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    Sorry but I don't understand what exactly you want.
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    But its worth a quick glance and you can check other extensions if you don't have the legs of tile that might be the cause of the problem.

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    It used to be very controllable move a tab on, now it is erratic and moves quickly and the unexpected tabs regardless of the slowness, I do the gesture of rotation. It's the main reason I use Firefox on Chrome and I will continue to do so unless there is no solution for this.

    Just put the browser.gesture.twist.threshold to something around 15-25.

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    in the input languages, there is a list of language to activate, and then it will work immediately

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    Ensure that the AuthenticationBridgeService is enabled in your EnvironmentSettings.config, and the user to remote access container is configured by using the SetupAssistant.


    If the remote container Service fails, please contact Support with precision since the event logs.

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    2011-08-01-2011-09-01 Title2
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    title4 2011-08-28 2011-09-11

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    Heading1 08-22-2011 2011-09-11
    2011-08-01-2011-09-01 Title2
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    This is my example query:
    SELECT * FROM items WHERE trunc (es.date_start) > = TO_DATE('2011-08-22', 'YYYY-MM-DD') AND trunc (es.date_end) < = TO_DATE ('2011-08-28', 'YYYY-MM-DD')

    but I can not get the expected results. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    not read your question properly before...

    Please try this

    Select * FROM items
    WHERE (TO_DATE ('2011-08-22', 'YYYY-MM-DD') between TRUNC (es.date_start))
    AND TRUNC (es.date_end)) OR
    (TO_DATE ('2011-08-28', 'YYYY-MM-DD') between TRUNC (es.date_start))
    AND TRUNC (es.date_end))

  • How to structure the DMA buffer for SMU 6341 DAQ card for analog output with different frequencies on each channel

    I use the outgoing/incoming analog DDK with the DAQ 6341 SMU map.

    The examples, for example aoex5, show a single timer (method outTimerHelper::loadUI), but the example shows the DMA loaded with same size of vector data.

    There is a comment in the outTimerHelper:call rogramUpdateCount, which implies that memory sizes different pad per channel can be used.

    (the comment is: switching between the sizes of the various buffers is not used)

    Nobody knows what should be the format the DMA buffer for data from multiple channels with different frequencies?

    For example, we want a0 with a sinusoid at 1 kHz and a1 with a sine wave of 1.5 Khz.  What looks like the DMA buffer?

    With the same frequency for each channel, the data are interleaved, for example (ao0 #0, ao1 #0; ao0 ao1 #1, #1,...), but when the frequencies for each channel is different, what the stamp looks like?

    Hello Kenstern,

    Data are always intertwined since each card has only a single timing for each subsystem engine.

    To AO, you must specify the number of samples that will be released to the AO. You also specify the number of channels. Because he didn't is that a single engine timing for AO, each AO will be channel will be updated at the same time to update clock tick. Data will be interlaced exactly as shown in the example because each channel AO needs output at each tick of the clock to update. The data itself can change depending on the frequency you want to copy.

    kenstern wrote:

    For example, we want a0 with a sinusoid at 1 kHz and a1 with a sine wave of 1.5 Khz.  What looks like the DMA buffer?

    With the same frequency for each channel, the data are interleaved, for example (ao0 #0, ao1 #0; ao0 ao1 #1, #1,...), but when the frequencies for each channel is different, what the stamp looks like?

    In your example, you must come with an update rate that works for the two waveforms (sine waves of 1 and 1.5 KHz). To get a good representation of a sine wave, you need to update more than 10 x faster than your fastest frequency... I would recommend x 100 if possible.

    Update frequency: 150 KHz

    Channels: 2

    Then create you stamps that include complete cycles of each wave you want to produce based on the frequency of update. These buffers must also be of the same size.

    Buffer 1: Contains data for the sine wave of 1 KHz, 300 points 2 cycles of sine wave

    Buffer 2: Contains data for the sine wave of 1.5 KHz, 300 points, 3 cycles of sine wave

    You can Interleave them as before. When the data are performed through the ADC, they are out different sine waves, even if the AO channels are updated at the same speed.

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    Thanks in advance,


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    Thank you for reaching out to the Community Support from Apple. I know how it is important to keep your Mac running properly, and I want to help him.  Whenever we see the behavior as what you described, it is a good idea to test the symptoms in a separate user in safe mode. This will help us determine if the remanence of the icon is linked to a problem with the user account or if it's a question broad system. The articles below will guide you through these steps.

    How to test a question in another account on your Mac.

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    Use Time Machine to back up or restore your Mac

    How do I reinstall macOS

    If the behaviour continues or if you encounter difficulties, the entire community is here to help.

    Best regards.

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