Scroll down out of view again button, 42 FF?

I had this problem there are several versions and no me remember not that he was treated properly.

Think of it this way... FF think are auto Windows task bar and spread its windows inside as well.

Maxing out the window helps, but only for this session. It will happen again when the site is opened later.

A site, he called to occur regularly is, a chain of food markets in the United States of the Northeast.

Now what? Just manually resize the window down, then do a Ctrl-dblclick on the last open FF?



Not having heard anything on this since a while I turned on the "new windows open in a new tab" back and have not had the problem since.


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  • When I open a Google search page and scroll down and click on the button "Next", things fail. With Safari, it's okay. Mac lion.

    A left click on the button 'Next', the screen go to pale (frosted, low text) and locking. But a right click on the button 'Next' and selecting 'Open in a new page' instead, works very well. You are using Safari normally on the same computer works fine.

    If you close Firefox, and then start Firefox in Mode without failure, in the problem? To start Safe Mode, go to help > restart with disabled modules.

    If the problem does not occur in Mode safe, then you can disable your extensions one by one until you find out that one is at the origin of the problem. See Troubleshooting extensions and themes and problems of hardware acceleration to resolve common Firefox problems.

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    An example I saw was on

    PS I'm a newbie, so please explain clearly. d.

    Thank you.

    This solution uses jQuery. When you scroll to halfway to the bottom of the page, an arrow appears on the right.  View source to see the code.

    Nancy O.

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    figured out, horizontalScrollPosition was the setting that I needed :)

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    I played a little flash game from the internet in Windows Explorer and sort, I pressed something on the keyboard that made my space bar turn into a scroll down button.  I tried to restart the computer, but it did nothing.  I have no idea of what I've tried to do this and I can't find a way to reverse the trend.  Help, please!  Thank you.

    In many applications and browsers by pressing the space bar (when you're not in a situation of entering text) causes a scroll down. When your mouse cursor is focused on a text box, or when you type in a word processor that work by default is disabled. You were able to type this question with spaces should scroll? If so, maybe you could try the system restore.

    System Restore: frequently asked questions

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    I know how to start the animation by scrolling down, but I just want that he stay there after him. Could you help me please, guys?

    Hi Tom,

    There is no native function to Muse to achieve this goal.

    Kind regards


  • two fingers scrolling down does not work

    After the upgrade to OS Sierra my Macbook air (2015) trackpad scroll (two fingers) does not work. Please provide a solution. Thank you

    MacBook Air (13 inch, early 2015), OS X El Capitan (10.11.1)

    It took a little time, but I found a solution.

    1. In System Preferences, open accessibility.
    2. Use your keyboard to scroll down on the left side of the mouse and Trackpad.
    3. Click the Trackpad button.
    4. Uncheck scroll and click OK.
    5. Click the Trackpad button.
    6. Scroll to check again, and then click OK.
    7. Check that this set.

    It worked for me. Good luck to you!

  • Weird behavior of Firefox in Facebook when scrolling down


    My Firefox has a weird behavior when I open Facebook and start to scroll, I have attached two images, first image is when I open facebook, everything is ok (I dimmed the contacts), second image is when I start scrolling down, you will see square masive black with blue navigation. That happens only when firefox is "enlarged" and not with windows. I also try to disable all addons or run firefox in safe mode I have also reinstalled it and the problem is still there. Have any suggestions, which could be bad, also if forgot to tell you that any information not hesitate to ask and I will it provide.


    Try Firefox Safe mode to see if the problem goes away. Firefox Safe mode is a troubleshooting mode that temporarily disables hardware acceleration, restores some settings and disables add-ons (extensions and themes).

    If Firefox is open, you can restart Firefox Safe mode in the Help menu:

    • Click the menu button

      click Help

      then select restart with disabled modules.

    If Firefox does not work, you can start Firefox in Mode safe as follows:

    • On Windows: Hold down the SHIFT key when you open the desktop Firefox or shortcut in the start menu.
    • On Mac: Hold the option key during the startup of Firefox.
    • On Linux: Exit Firefox, go to your Terminal and run firefox-safe-mode
      (you may need to specify the installation path of Firefox for example/usr/lib/firefox)

    When the Firefox Safe Mode window appears, select "start mode safe."

    If the problem is not present in Firefox Safe Mode, your problem is probably caused by an extension, theme or hardware acceleration. Please follow the steps described in the section Troubleshooting extensions, themes and problems of hardware acceleration to resolve common Firefox problems to find the cause.

    To exit safe mode of Firefox, simply close Firefox and wait a few seconds before you open Firefox for normal use again.

    When find you what is causing your problems, please let us know. This might help others with the same problem.

  • Lower right corner resize vertical scroll of trump if configured controls button to appear in the lower corner

    The place of my bottom right of the Firefox window is normally under the lower part of the bar to the right of the horizontal scroll bar and vertical scroll if there. The square is used to click and drag to resize the right side of the window and the substantive limits.

    This is when a web site up its vertical scroll arrow button in the lower right. I can't access the arrow key down with my mouse to cause the page scroll down a few lines at a time because when I point the mouse there, I get the resizing of the controls instead. Even if the arrow button is clearly visible on the screen, the controls resize are supported and I can't use the scroll control.

    Two example web sites display their willingness to arrow down while at the bottom of the window; and I also saw two PDF documents in the browser, too, I have a vertical scroll bar all the way down and I can not use this button arrow down, because instead I get the North-West-South-East click to resize cursor instead of the mouse pointer when I try to use this button to scroll.

    Someone on the Google Help forum was not able to reproduce this problem, showing me the screenshots of his right lower mouse behavior. But there is no resizing control which covers access to the scroll bar.

    I use the latest Firefox, I have reset Firefox, dumping so all my Add-ons and parameters customized and gave only AdBlock Plus and Cookie Monster. And, when I asked a similar question.

    I'm running Windows XP, on his last days of support. This computer is not able to run something more recent, unless I run with Linux.

    Go to, its vertical scrolling is in the lower corner and I get the resizing of the control instead of the mouse pointer arrows when I point the down key. If I disable the page styles on the view menu, I get a useful result that defines the end of the vertical scrollbar above the lower corner. If someone the idea of the style of the page (CSS) creates this problem for me.

    Go to Gmail, turning off styles gives me a useless output of nonsense, so I have to use the current page style.

    Can someone please give me some advice? This forum page has vertical and horizontal scroll above and to the left of the place of the corner down. I have access to all parts of the two scroll bars, as is done on most well-designed pages.

    My window - resize controls are always responsible for the place of the corner down even if vertical scrolling is supposed to be there.

    See also my first formulation of this question:

    Please try my extension Remove Resizer 1.1.

  • When I tried to scroll down on Facebook my page size, you will be the smallest that I scrolled down, why?

    Try scrolling down while Facebook and the size of the reduced entire page down, and even it can be read. This isn't a problem, when I tried to use another browser.

    You can have pressed the Ctrl key and the page zoom out.

    Reset the page zoom on pages that cause problems: view > Zoom > reset (Ctrl + 0 (zero); Cmd + 0 on Mac)

  • my built-in touchpad mouse will not scroll down

    original title: mouse Touchpad

    I was searching in the control panel and uninstall some programs from Microsoft (like a total fool!) and now my built-in touchpad mouse will not scroll down.  I have to use the arrows on the far right of the screen to scroll up and down.  Integrated on my lap top touchpad scroll upwards and down.   Any suggestions?  ASAP please!

    If you have a Dell, I can show you step by step. Options in Dell are not the same as the other makes it necessary.

    In general...
    Right-click on an open office space > Personalize > mouse pointers (Yes! of the mouse pointers) > from here, you will have to consider for theParameters of the Touchpad > if found, click it. Then, search equivalent of 'change settings button scroll '. If found, click it. Then, see if the "Activate " box is DISABLED. If so, check it out > OK

    See screenshot...


  • When I open Firefox > download box, I can control my scroll down, and then all of a sudden it will blast thru my files... How can I stop this from happening?

    When I open the file Downlad box in Firefox (v28) and asks me to select a file to download... as I click to scroll down the download file box things work well... then all of a sudden things scroll down (fast) at the bottom of the download file by itself.

    How can I stop this from happening?

    Thank you

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance).

    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode without failure.
  • How to stop the Notes app, scroll down to the opening

    I have an iPhone 6 s, IOS 9.3.2.

    The Notes application scrolls down when opening a Note.

    It was not used to do.  I don't like it!  Most of the time, I add a text near the top of the file.

    How can I stop scrolling down when I opened an existing note?

    I looked for a setting, but found nothing.

    just checked on the iPhone 6 + - it does not scroll down

    Do a forced reboot - after all open applications using the app Chooser - invoked by fast double pressing the home button and drag upwards on each app until it disappears from the screen.

    Meet the sleep/wake and home buttons down until you see the logo  - then release and allow normal start upward

  • How to check my hotmail (while zooming) e-mail messages without having to scroll down to each new e-mail (after pushing to the top of the arrow for the next message)?

    In other words, I want to be able to change the default value from the scroll position of "high" to "low" or customize it to "somewhere between the two," so that I don't have to scroll down before the reading of each new e-mail message.

    Have you tried the Firefox zoom feature? Font size and zoom - increase the size of web pages
    You can "zoom in" all sites using this add-on: NoSquint. After setting your overall zoom level, you can still adjust the zoom on different sites.
    After the installation of NoSquint, click on the % in the bar of the add-on call site preferences, then click the global settings button, then the zoom tab.

    If you do not have the bar the module displayed, you can click the new tab button ("+") or a box empty bar tab to the right of the item and choose the module bar on the shortcut menu.

    You can experiment with sizes greater than 125%, but I wouldn't not much higher than 150% unless you have a large screen high resolution.

    If there are sites that are still a concern, feel free to post their URLs.

    You can find more information about the features of zoom Firefox offer in these articles:

    Font size and zoom - increase the size of web pages - to zoom text only

    Font size and zoom - increase the size of web pages - to zoom the entire page (including images etc.)

  • Why does my imac start scrolling down on its own

    After that my iMac was to tell an hour it starts to scroll down on his I can stop this.

    Restart the computer if this happens again

    try to disable the keyboard and try another keyboard wired or wireless for windows or mac

    This will show if a Microswitch is stuck beside your keyboard

    If it still do the same thing with a mouse/keypad

Maybe you are looking for

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