Scrolling effects on iOS


I have problems with scrolling effects, regardless if opacity or the movement in iOS.

I created a simple page with just a background image and a rectangle with opacity and move effects applied and in my iPhone and iPad, it has lag and scrolling is anything but smooth.

I could do to be able to use only the effect of movement on a menu bar to fix at the top of the page in the version of the Tablet?

Thank you in advance!

Here is my example:



You can check the offset of scrolling with cross-browser problem? Questions scroll javascript with safari, which unfortunately cannot be controlled since the end of the Muse that the problem is with specifically with safari, you can check the references here:

Thank you


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    new downloads cause a continuous scroll effect. currently have 12.0 and doesn't have this problem. have a brain injury and cannot have this fast scrolling
    each time new updates are coming they seem to cause scrolling the page.
    I need a mobile page where I'm in control of how it moves.
    I'm afraid that if I don't keep current updates that computer security will be compromised.
    Thank you

    Where do you find this scroll?

    Is it in a browser window or in the Download Manager window or another?

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance).

    • Do not click on the reset button on the start safe mode window or make changes.

    Please upgrade as soon as possible to the current version if you have downgraded because of this problem.

    If there is a problem with scrolling on web pages, then try to disable smooth scrolling.

    • Tools > Options > advanced > general: navigation: "Use smooth scrolling".
  • Manuals Menus move when using, do scroll effects

    I'm just using the default menu system Muse. 2015.2 version of Muse

    I have a problem with the vertical on my site, when I hover over a top-level menu item, the dropdown as usual sub elements. However when I move my mouse back to the higher level, sup jumps to the left of the screen (they would be usually just 'stay' on the screen where they were previously).

    I did some tests:

    This only happens on the menus with manual mode.

    It occurs only when the scroll effects are enabled for the menu.

    Fonts used make no difference.

    The browser he is seen actually no difference.

    The question is not performed by the page widths, master pages, breakpoints, fluid widths etc. it does the same thing with all scenarios.

    I created a completely new site, as soon as I create a menu of manual, and put it on a scroll effect, it does the same thing.

    Hello Oliver,.

    You work on a fixed width or fluid width

    I'm trying to reproduce the problem at my end.

    Thank you


  • I can't return my scrolling effects!

    I'm so frustrated right now, I can't figure out how to get my scroll effects works again!

    I know sensitive layout does not work with the effects of scroll, no problem, I was going to just to create replacement provisions. I went to the page master and played a bit with the width of the page so I would like to know where the page begins to break and what changes to do in what concerns other layouts. To do this, I temporarily changed the master page to fluid width, but changed then back to width fixed when I was through. However, whenever I try to preview my page in the browser, it says scrolling effects not be exported! I don't understand what happened, or how to get it back as it was! The captain and web pages are updated and fixed width. What is the problem with my scrolling effects? I have spent so many hours on it, I just want to cry.

    Very well. I finally solved my problem. I have created a new master page and configure it as I have the original, and then applied to the web page master page. The default setting for the master page is fluid width, and I think it should be set to the fluid width for the scrolling of the effects on my web page to work?

    I have no idea how or why it worked, but when I changed the original master in fluid width, all my scrolling effects returned correctly again.

  • How to create a unique fixed break point to allow scrolling effects?

    I am creating a site that has scrolling effects. I somehow just can't understand for the life of me how to create a 'unique fixed breakpoint. I already have a fluid breakpoint, and whenever I try adding one, it does not always activate scrolling effects. I think it's something very obvious, I'm missing - any advice?

    To use the effects of roll, your site must be fixed in width, not fluid. Scroll effects are disabled when you add a second breakpoint.


    Creative muse

  • Scrolling effects (movement) are not part of browser.  Content and horizontal bar created grave at the bottom of the page

    Scrolling effects (parallax) do not fit within the browser.  Content and horizontal bar created grave off the page.  It seems embarrassing on Chrome or mobile.


    It happens on my page 'about' as well.

    I'm checking your website on Chrome, and I do not see the content issues. What do you mean when you say "content falls off the page?

  • Broken scrolling effects in Muse 2015.1 - What warning?

    Long question:

    Anyone know why the update of appropriate Muse (2015.1) has been submitted to everyone without any warning that using it would break any scrolling effect?

    I just lost a lot of time to download the update, realizing that 2015.1 and scrolling effects are not compatible, and then re - download the app I had already before the upgrade broke.

    At least he could be an option to switch between the sensitive and the technologies of appliance to load within the Muse version.

    Small question:

    Where was the written warning before downloading Adobe where on the point of breaking all my effects scroll without alternative?

    There is no need for a warning, because the new version does not break the effect of scrolling. You cannot use scroll with a fluid design (multiple breakpoint) effects, yet. However, you continued to use fixed-size sites in 2015.1.


  • I can't seem to get scrolling effects to work

    Somehow I can't get scrolling effects to work. Menu scrolling tells me that my page needs a break point set until I can use scroll effects. What this means and how can I do? I have already set a picture as fill for browser and to scale to fill.

    For the moment, it has no effect on sensitive pages scroll.

    Scrolling effects only work on pages that are not fluid and have a single breakpoint sets.

    Right-click on the breakpoint bar and look at the properties.

    If this explantion is not enough, use the command search at the top of this page (you'll find tons of answers to your question) or have a look here:

    Muse learn, und Support resources | Adobe Muse CC

  • Scroll effects on the CC host file does not

    I'm trying to post embed a file CC animate in my Web of Muse page and use scrolling effects to advance the animation as the page scrolls down. I created the animation, published as a .oam file, it included in my Muse and added scrolling effects together to go to the section following listel. Integration worked very well and the animation is here, but there are two problems:

    (1) the animation simply autoplays as soon as the page loads and does not advance along with scrolling motion

    (2) when the mouse cursor is positioned on the integrated animation, you cannot scroll the Web page at all

    Scroll effects are defined properly, with the animation set to advance a second each 200px. I've seen tutorials on how to animate this with edge, forcing unchecking them a checkbox "autoplay" on the stage, but I can't find any such box in CC to animate. Any suggestions?

    From what I hear, the scrolling effects workflow is not supported in workflow Animate/Muse currently, as he has already worked with OAM files created in Edge animate. The team seeks to give priority to the request for a future update.

  • Muse CC Trial Version scrolling effect does not.


    How to activate the scrolling effect, step by step process of sharing.

    scroll effects.jpg

    Scroll effects are disabled when you use breakpoints. Switch to a fixed width design and you will be able to use them.

  • Cannot use scroll effects in Muse so fluid mode, each page can cause different fluids on the fixed sections?

    Cannot use scroll effects in Muse so fluid mode, each page can cause different fluids on the fixed sections?

    Example: I have 4 pages and alone is fluid and the other are fixed?

    Yes, you can have effects from scrolling on a site which is partially adapted to the needs, as each page is independent of the others. Muse only disables the effects when you add a breakpoint to a page.


  • latest version of Adobe Muse 2015.1:can use scroll effects (parallax scrolling) to create sensitive political sites with flexible page width?

    Greetings! Tell me please, when new, the latest version of Adobe Muse 2015.1 can use the scroll effects (parallax scrolling) to create sensitive political sites with a flexible page width?

    Re: Effects of scrolling in Muse CC 2015

  • Scroll effects for adobe edge animated and responsive design


    How can I stop "Animation" with piece on parchment for the animate and make sensitive edge elements.

    Thank you

    Please visit these links:

    Thank you


  • Muse of scrolling effects Question

    Well, I am struggling with the effects of scroll. I am importing an animation in Adobe Edge, I did. It is full screen and plays on top of the underlying functionality. I want it to animate and then disappear. The reason is that none of the buttons nav Muse will not work if the animation of edge is floating on top. He has a step that blocks everything. My solution was to have the animation scroll away when he did play. I tried to do that by turning on the Muse scrolling side-effects animate. Then I could float a Muse button above it all and when you clicked on the button of Muse, she jump to the bottom of the page using an anchor link and therefore get the Adobe side of the road scene. Ideally, it would be nice if edge scene could disappear after that he hosted. Make sense?

    Any help would be appreciated!


    Please visit these websites for help;

    Thank you


  • Why can not I repeat, scroll effects?

    I created an image of the logo and applied an effect scroll vertical, so that the image fades and then again as the page scrolls.  The image is pinned to make a fade in/out while the content scrolls.  I tried to copy the image, place further down the page with the same effects of scrolling so that he repeatedly fades in and out, but it does not work after the initial image.  Why is it not possible?  Any ideas?

    Well, your suggestion about the generation of new ID's got me thinking that maybe I couldn't simply copy and paste, so I created a new image identical, placed on the page where I wanted it to appear, but that did not help either.  Then I realized that I need the image to be pinned, so I couldn't put where I want it to appear despite affecting the opacity values to the location of the autocorrelation.  Given that the majority of my Web site is based on a single page with a few internal links on the page and external, the image should stay in a fixed place in the browser - so I experimented a bit.  It didn't matter if I copied or created a new image (they have both worked) what I had to do was to place images directly on top of the other and together the coordinates to the locations I wanted to the opacity of scrolling effect to take place with each image.  Of course to place the images on separate layers will help keep things organized.  I'm not sure it's the right/best way to achieve what I'm after, but it works.  It would be nice if scrolling effects had the possibility to repeat at given points using a single image.

    Mylenium. thanks for the suggestion, it's going in the right direction.

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