SDHC card do not work on the Satellite A200-1J0 with a clean Vista install


When I bought this laptop he had 32-bit Vista preinstalled and as usual some Toshiba drivers and software. As I remember there wasn't that no problem with no built in memory card reader, he read regular SD and SDHC cards.

One day I had to reinstall the operating system (without using the recovery disc) and I downloaded the drivers for my laptop's official website, install and the card reader now is not able to read SDHC cards. Is it me?

That's what I installed for the reader:

-Toshiba Value Added Package, where is TOSHIBA Flash Cards inside
-Flashmedia driver
Utilities - SD

I just want to underline that there is no problem with reading mmc or normal sd cards.
My sdhc card is 100% works correctly with other card readers.
Another sdhc card I have does not work, it's just that I put anything inside the player.

Just nothing happens.
Is there something else that I missed, and it is the reason for my problem?

No fix for Vista or something like that?


You the problem with SD cards are certainly related to the software I think that your drivers/utilities are installed isn't properly (in order) or on Vista may miss something.

Maybe you don t know what important thing;
It is very important to install the driver (no matter that drivers;) XP or Vista) in the right order.
For most an installation instruction is placed on the page of the European driver Toshiba, which contains the essential installation order.

As I m not wrong not the A200-1J0 belongs to the series PSAE6E and you must choose this series first to get all the compatible drivers for you series.

By the way;

The Flash Media Driver is a bridge Media Slot driver. This slot allows you to insert an SD card, Memory Stick (Pro) or xD picture cards.
The SD utilities contains utility Format SD Memory Card and other SD functions like utility of SD memory.

These three applications are very important to use SD cards.

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    + The message was edited: model nr. Add the object +.

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    Which version was old BIOS?

    By the way: you can contact Toshiba. They have access to the Archives of BIOS and they can provide you with older version of BIOS.

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    Yes I would like some details;).

    For example: manufacturer who is the camera, it is built, made, he has worked previously, and so on...

    So there is a lot to say, have you ever said to the second part, but I'm missing a few things as I've described above. By the way: you can try to recover your machine, if you really need on your camera, but it is really the LAST RESORT.

    Good bye

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    Wait a minute I m a bit confused.

    When you start your laptop wait until the operating system load and then try to use the FN + F7. If this does not work, try changing the brightness of the display in power settings. It work?

    You can use other functions FN?
    Are you using the Vista operating system?

    By the way: what is keyboard hospital?

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    Maybe they could recommend some mediums if you will contact the guys.
    Here in the forum you will not find anyone of Toshiba. This is a user to user forum.

    By the way; the user who is always pre-installed on your laptop manual provide a list of supported and compatible CD/DVD

  • Satellite Pro A200, Windows XP, 4 GB SDHC card will not work.


    I had a Satellite Pro A200 installed with Windows XP, SP2 for some time - no problem, a great piece of kit. However I have recently bought a new camera and splashed by a Kingston 4 GB SDHC card. The manual for my A200 to indicate seemes that it my laptop is compatible with SDHC 4 GB cards but when I push the card in the blue LED flashes and then nothing happens. My SDHC card does not seem to be recognized by the system.

    I see no error in the log of the events of my OS and I checked the slots operation in trying an old 512Mb SD card and works very well.

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    For reference, this laptop is a PSAE4E A200 model.

    Thanks in advance


    Try this fix XP to enable SDHC support

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    Thank you!

    > seen as 1 million messages like mine and not even 1 right answer on how to solve it!
    I guess you didn't read all these messages correctly

    The user Symbian wrote that her webcam works fine! He used the software/driver for the Toshiba page as well

    Since the Skype reports an unknown error too, I guess that this whole thing has noting to do with the webcam software, but with your Windows 7 installed!

    Seems a registry keys, files or all what it might be, are confused upward!
    In your case, I would try a new installation! Install Win 7 and the Toshiba drivers/software.
    Then test the webcam.

    Don t install any 3rd party software before you would test the webcam!

  • Nokia PC Suite does not work on the Satellite A100-234

    I installed the Nokia PC Suite in my laptop (Satellite A100-234) Unfortunately his does not work. The same cable and Mobile is to connect with other computers.

    Please send your valuable suggestions.


    Could you please be more specific?
    Did you get the error messages or something else?

    Maybe something is wrong during the installation procedure
    So I recommend removing this Nokia program and try to install it again.

    In addition, I would recommend checking the PC Suite FAQ on the website

  • Pad touch and function Fn + F5 does not work on the Satellite a series


    I just install a windows Vista & I have install the driver after download it from the net, but I found this;

    1 - switch between the screen & s-video (fn + f5) does not work but the other work of function (fn)

    2 when I put my finger in the right of the mouse pad you have to scroll the screen & at the bottom of the touchpad, it should scroll left & right on-screen, but it did not work

    So please tell me the solution if it is a problem of driver or program.
    Please give me the direct link



    What cell phone do you have?

    I imagine that your laptop comes with XP and now want to use it with Vista OS.
    Please note that you should install the Package Toshiba Vista value added to use all the features of the laptop.
    Very important is the pilot of common components and the TOSHIBA Flash Cards.
    The Flashcards provides the Hotkey function and function of pitcher who starts the Hotkey function.
    Please reinstall!

    The additional touchpad functionality must be configured first.
    This can be done in the control panel-> mouse

    Here, you should look for the touchpad settings and able to configure touchpad again scroll areas.

    Good bye

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    You use Windows XP or Vista?

    For Vista, you must install the package of value added.
    For XP, you must install the Hotkey utility.

    The two you can find on the Toshiba site: downloads Support & -Online Download drivers

    If you have any other questions, please let us know.

    Good bye

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    On this forum, you can find so many comments about it. All you need to do is check the Satellite section or use the search option.

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    (Toshiba Satellite A300-1ED, PSAG4E, Windows XP)


    Try to update the card reader driver

    Try different SDHC cards

Maybe you are looking for