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My Iphone SE does not allow me to accept the new terms of iCloud does not give me an option. It appers a windows that give me the options to see the conditions, but as I select take me to ICloud settings and there is nothing about the conditions.

Also as I connect my Iphone to Itunes, it says that I can't use it because I need the latest version of ITunes. And I did!

iOS9 on a mobile device requires iTunes 12.3 or higher, which in turn requires a computer running OSX 10.8.5 or higher.  Update of the system only checks the updates for the current version of the system you run, but that itself can be updated.  It may or may not be possible to upgrade your computer to the system requirements. Find your computer on the web site of model and near the bottom of the specification of the system section, he will tell what versions of the operating system, it is able to run. If you can not run a newer system, you will not be able to sync this phone to your current computer. If she can run 10.8.5 or higher, you can either buy a download for Apple OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion code online, or you can try to install the free El Capitan OSX 10.11.  El Capitan can run slower on older machines and require the additional purchase of RAM.  Making a big jump in versions of system is also more likely to affect the old software.

At el capitan Snow Leopard, it will make my macbook is slow?  -

Mountain Lion 10.8 purchase link United States of America -

Mountain Lion 10.8 purchase link U.K. -

Course OSX Upgrade General information, including configuration required -

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  • How do I keep my wifes calls appear on my phone and mine appear on hers, we share the same acct icloud and itunes? It just started this on one or two updates ago

    How do I keep my wifes calls appear on my phone and mine appear on hers, we share the same acct icloud and itunes? It just started this on one or two updates ago

    Welcome to the Apple community.

    I'm afraid that is what happens when you share an Apple ID.

    Ideally you should each have your own ID and use family share for share purchases, but at least you would be better to have your own ID's for everything except iTunes.

    I suspect that your problem is that you share an ID for FaceTime, you must either stop this or make sure that you have only and that your caller ID is only your phone number.

  • Just installed icloud and itunes. In the Itunes store preferences when I applications boxes music and books and press ok, computer get autherise error message how do I

    Just installed icloud and itunes. In the Itunes store preferences when I applications boxes music and books and press ok, computer get autherise error message how do I

    If you open itunes,

    At the top right, you will see if your signature at.

    Once you sign up on the left,

    Click on Store and then let the House load,

    Yet once, click Bank to authorize this computer is listed.

    Enter the same apple ID and password when prompted.

  • ICloud or iTunes iPhone backup?

    What is not saved in iCloud in iTunes? Get the new iPhone and the need to decide what back up.

    I feel that this article does a good job in comparing the two.

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  • Icloud and itunes on Win10 installation error

    I can't install iCloud or iTunes on my Windows 10. I have read all the troubleshooting and tried all of the suggestions that I have chosen, but have had no success. The error message is:

    There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the Setup did not finish as expected. Contact your provider to support personal or package.

    It's just my home/personal computer, so I don't have any support staff or the packaging of the contact seller. I am at a loss of what to do next (and am also new to using an iPhone, so maybe I'm just confused) and I would sincerely appreciate any guidance anyone can give me.

    Thank you!

    Here is a picture of the error message.

  • I bought an iPhone from a person, but they are always saved in their iCloud and iTunes, the person doesn't remember their password and now I can't get my hands on them. I want to erase the phone and start again

    How can I clear my phone and start again.

    (I bought the phone from someone else), but they are always stored in their icloud

    Must remove their account. This is the only way and there is no work around. No one else can help you.

  • iCloud and iTunes does not work, help me

    Hello world!

    Since yesterday, I have a lot of problems on my macbook pro:

    I found this malware with Avast: MacOS: AMC - X [PUP] and I removed it.

    Then I upgraded the operating system for this version: OS X El Capitan 10.11.3.

    Restarted the computer, iTunes and iCloud began to crash, and the only thing I could do was to force their closure.

    I thought that the problem was the software update, so I connected to Apple's site and downloaded and installed again.

    I also noticed that iTunes works properly when my internet connection is disabled.

    I don't really know how to handle this situation.

    Can someone help me please?

    Try to uninstall Avast.


    Uninstall avast

  • iCloud and Itunes

    How do we continue to request to open a session on these accounts when ever an open my devices? Then say the incorrect ID is used, or the password is incorrect.

    Password - device continues to ask your iCloud - 5 connection iCloud bug fixes IDs, iOS iOS and 8 9

    Try a reset.

    Reset device

  • Why icloud and itunes are separated?

    It's confusing to me and seems that their products would be more user-friendly if everything was in one place. Come on apple, after all, 2016...

    Because they are different things for different purposes.

    Why exactly do you think they should be together?  and how should be together?

    In addition, he is a user to user forum, Apple isn't here.

  • Backup both iCloud and Mac iOS devices?

    I went to a Genius Bar appointment today where the genius told me I can't back up my devices iOS by connected directly to my Mac. He said that the backup to iCloud over wifi is the same thing and I need to do both. He said if I've changed devices, I could do the restoration completely to iCloud, I don't have to restore from a Mac or time Machine.

    Can it be true? What applications I, who hold their own data? Can I count on iTunes store up to iCloud?

    Secondly, whenever I plug in my device iOS directly on my mac, iTunes/Photos wonder if I want to import a large number of photos, and then I end up with duplicates in my library of Photos.

    Of course, it is true. Since the launch of iCloud, Apple gives you the ability to save your iCloud or your like before Mac iOS devices. The advantage to backup your iPhone to iCloud, is that a backup is performed automatically when you load your iPhone and it is connected to a Wi - Fi network. See-> about backups in iCloud and iTunes - Apple Support

    Note that you can do iCloud backups backups and iTunes at the same time if you wish. When you plug your iPhone to your Mac, iTunes will keep the possibility to make a local backup if you want to.

    Regarding your second question, I suggest to create a second thread with it, so that you don't mess this thread with different themes. This will allow people with the same issue find the answer quickly.

  • ICloud or ITunes to back up a new Ipad

    I get a new IPad Pro this Thursday. What is the best way to save, using ICloud or Itunes. I want to backup contacts, bookmarks, photographis and all the rest of my old IPad.

    You can do both.

    Personally, I'm using local iTunes backups.

    On iCloud and iTunes backup

  • iCloud shows my purchase downloaded as not downloaded nor on my iPhone and iTunes

    Well, I swear to you that sometimes I am crazy because of the iCloud function, first of all I want to know what a little problem is that? I am on iOS 9.2.1 and 6s iPhone more and just bought an entire season to see the TV for my camera and I downloaded all the episodes and I can see my episodes on my video player, but when I check my purchased television show iTunes page it shows that of episode 1 as it is downloaded and the rest of them are ready to download once more by the iCloud bias.

    I can't synchronize even (just for this purchase) expect my phone to transfer the episodes episode 1 as I said above in my PC (iTunes), the rest not synchronized and available for download via iCloud again on my PC or my iPhone. If I want to upload them to my phone it would be double file again.

    I know that I know that I had confused the same as you, but what is? Do I need to download again the rest on my iTunes? I don't want to pay and lose my internet because of this unknown problem.

    Is it possible to synchronize the rest of the episodes to iTunes and view it as all downloaded either iTunes TV Show tab or iTunes store page show?

    Come on guys, everyone? makes me crazy as you, I know, but there should be an answer!

  • How to remove Photos from the iPhone/iPad/iCloud and no pictures

    How to take a photo with my iPhone/iPad, allow it to synchronize with Photos on my Mac via iCoud, then delete from my iPhone/iPad/iCloud and removes any Photos on Mac? I want to save the photo on your computer and save space on small devices?

    I keep seeing articles on the iCloud market turn but it seems the photos all return on the devices once restarted. I want to iCloud on use as a conduit to get the photos to my computer, not as a large storage space. I want the Photos app on my Mac where all the photos are filled and stored and choose those which is left each device.

    Right now they are all in the pictures on the Mac, but I'm worried if I remove it from my iPhone/iPad that they will disappear from Photos on the Mac. I don't understand the new Photos app with all the missing features of iPhoto.

    Thank you!

    You can not that's not how works iCloud photo library - it is not a conduit but a total synchronization service whose entire raison d'etre is to keep libraries connected identical - all changes made on any device (addition, deletion or modification) are made on all devices. For devices with limited memory, using optimized photos

    If this isn't what you want then use another service - USB import, iTunes sync, MyPhotoStream for example each do different things and everyone can move photos from one device to another

    And Photos lack a lot of features iPhoto form - in fact much more features than iPhoto including iCloud library there like a bigger and better editing capability and better external editing capability and so on


  • the last IOS installation froze my iphone 6 and iTunes says that it needs to be restored to factory settings.

    Install the last IOS froze my iphone 6. iTunes shows it must have installed at the factory. How can I back up all my data?

    You will get the option to "update" only when force you it into recovery mode. you might get lucky. If you cannot update or restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support

    If she needs a complete restoration to factory settings then get what you can from iCloud and all other internet accounts that you use.

    Synchronize what you can save on your computer also.

    You can re - download apps etc for free, but if you do not have a return to the top, then you can only look at the expensive data recovery options

    If you do not have to restore as new then make sure to run iCloud back ups or regularly back up on iTunes before you do updates in the future.

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