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How do I search for my movies in my itunes library with siri? It does not work on my box of gen 4...


Siri has no visibility to personal media...

Research on your Apple TV (4th generation) - Apple Support

When you are looking for content with Siri or the application of the research, the Apple TV checks these content providers, with more to come soon:

  • United States: Film and television shows in iTunes, HBO GO HBO NOW, Hulu, Netflix, SHOWTIME, SHOWTIME anytime
  • Australia, Canada, France, Germany and United Kingdom: movies and television shows available on the iTunes Store and Netflix
  • Other countries and regions: movies in iTunes

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  • You can search for your personal library with Siri on the Apple TV and if so, how?

    You can search for your personal library with Siri on the Apple TV and if so, how?

    No, and it's a real shame...

  • How to search for words and phrases in multiple pdf documents

    Dear Sirs.

    I need to search for words AND phrases in a huge amount of PDF files (over 5000). The problem I found by using the "advanced search" is that I am able to search for single words sentences individual GOLD, but I need to combine a lot of words and multiple expressions in the same search. For example, if I need to look for instances of the word 'Florida' or 'Texas' or 'United States', I can't search for each PDF file that contains the word 'Florida' or 'Texas' or the phrase 'United States', since if I put 'word' in the search options, I will receive all the files that contain the word "Florida" or 'Texas' but also 'solidarity' or 'States' and simple words. I tried placing quotes in the words I need to research such as phrases, but it did not work. I would like to know if there is a way I can search the way I need.

    Thanks in advance.

    Alejandro Araujo.//

    Hello Alejandro,

    Please see this KB doc. helps Acrobat | The search for PDF files, it will be a great help.

    Kind regards


  • search for "informant" retrieves "information."

    When I search for "informant", Thunderbird back emails highlighting the word 'information '. I want only e-mail with "informant." I tried to put it in quotes, but that did not help.

    You know the folder in which it is in? If so, you could try the quickfilter, or an older search via ctrl + shift + f.

  • If Google is my default search, can I go and change it if I want to do a search for GMaps; only the default is in the search drop-down list.

    If Google is my default search, can I go and change it if I want to do a search for GMaps; only the default is in the search drop-down list.
    So I have to change the default to Google Maps then back to Google to search for one.

    I have it! It's the topic: config "hiddenoneoffs" where the 3 elements of google, maps and mcafee have been included. There was no space between Google and maps. I put one in from Google Maps. She appeared in the first box-ff, but not sure about the search in the second time zone. I went back to the subject: one-offs. Safe search was shown with a space after Secure. I took out the space. Safe search arose in the 2nd single search box!
    Weird! This is contrary to how they show in the search parameters.
    Can I have messed that when Firefox has been reset all the search engines on an update, but I do not.
    Either incidentally, I tried to re-installation characteristic but the file comes down as a .dmg that I'm not familiar with and don't apparently is 8.0 to win because he couldn't open it. Thank you once again.

  • When I type a letter (not when text entries are selected; i.e. for navigation not writing) the browser will automatically search for the letter.

    I use letter keys to navigate often, but recently everytime I try, the browser automatically will pop up 'Find in page' and look for him.

    Have you checked the setting in "Options/Preferences > advanced > general" (topic: preferences #advanced)?

    • Accessibility: "search for text when I start typing.
  • How can I search for emails?

    Title says it all. How can I search for emails containing a word or phrase in a file?

    Global search

    Quick filter toolbar

  • The search for bookmarks in the library "Show all bookmarks": output is missing an * important * thing...

    (1) open a library "show all bookmarks".
    (2) search for any article you know is there, but you don't know where he is among the Favorites.
    3) click on any element in the resulting list.
    (4) you will see a lot of information about the item (bookmark), you clicked on.

    What you want * NOT * see is this very important piece of information: the LOCATION IN THE LIBRARY OF THIS BOOKMARK.

    Where this bookmark is placed in the library? In what folder/subfolder?

    I invite the developers of FireFox to add this info. Please...

    Thank you!

    There is an add-on for this:

    After installation and activation of the extension, Parent folder must appear on the list of columns in the Library dialog box.

    If you want to see the full hierarchy the bookmark rather that just the name of the folder, you can set the page modules. Either:

    • CTRL + SHIFT + a
    • "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Add-ons

    In the left column, click Extensions. Find show Parent folder on the right, then click on the Options button.

    Note: The extension was created more than 7 years ago and he's still not a built-in feature, so please don't hold your breath!

  • Y at - it an option to search for and remove emailaddresses double?

    I moved all the emailaddresses to an address book, now there are a lot of double addresses... I want to delete them. Can search for thunderbird and remove double addresses?

    Try this add-on:

  • HOW to search for an image?

    How to use an image to search for something or someone?

    Google images will allow you to do. Go to and drag the image you want to use in the search box.

  • Can I search for a word in the description of a bookmark?

    When I add a bookmark, I often add a description.
    Another reason why a lot of my favorites are the descriptions is that I am an old user of delicious and I imported these bookmarks in Firefox.
    So I would like to search for words that I wrote in the description, because the description is often more significant than the label, the name or the URL.
    But unfortunately Firefox does not resemble the description during the search in bookmarks.
    Nor find any extension.

    A backup of bookmarks HTML includes descriptions, so you could open such a backup in a tab and use the search bar to search the page.

    You can make Firefox create an automatic HTML (bookmarks.html) backup when you exit Firefox, if you set the pref to true on the subject browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML: config page.

    This backup is created by default in the profile as bookmarks.html folder whenever you close Firefox, but you can set the file name and the path through the pref browser.bookmarks.file on the topic: config page.

    The pref browser.bookmarks.file does not exist by default and you must create a new pref to string with the name browser.bookmarks.file and set the value to the full path of the file backup bookmarks including the name of the file.

  • A folder of bookmarks disappeared, but when I search in the sidebar for some sites, they appear, then how to search for the folder?

    The folder has disappeared from the sidebar and I get each of the other folders, but not luck. Yet when I do a search of bookmarks for entries individually, they appear. But it is essential that find the folder to my work because I don't remember all items [300 or more] and their URLs. The search function does not search for files, which is a real problem.

    Hi, you could have a look at your profile. Or, have you tried to restore from backup - open bookmarks > show all bookmarks > import and backup > restore.

  • Search for files in a folder by date range?

    Trying to sort through a few photos in a folder, all confusing to form various phones and cameras and their Photos for Mac app development.

    Is there a way to search for specific dates in some way, via a recommended application or something please? I am busy making albums, for example Christmas 2002, 2003 Christmas and if you are looking for the picture files that are in the range say December 20, 2002-January 2, 2003. They are all in different folders for the moment on an external drive, so scattered everywhere.

    Can anyone help please?

    Thank you

    If you import the photos into the Photo app, they sort by date.

  • The search for 'new' emails are NO emails unread.

    Organization of the emails through filters to specific subfolders to be completed successfully. However, if the records are NOT developed, you cannot see the 'new' emails unread. Thus, in order to 'find' where they are quickly, I try a search for 'new' emails. There is NO search condition for 'unread', so I'm looking for "new". Thunderbird apparently does not recognize emails unread as new.

    How to make this work properly? Where can I get 'no read' versus 'new '?

    Best regards


    Try this:
    View > folders > unread
    Icon of the menu > folders > unread

    Return to view all folders.
    View > folders > all the
    Icon of the menu > folders > all the

  • When I return from the page of google search for a link then button does not return return

    When I return from the page of google search for a link, then button does not return back. Instead, the same page refills. I need to go back click back button twice or even more. How to fix? I cheked it it another browser and there is no such behavior. It seems completele Firefox problem.

    the problem was resolved after remooving extenshion Ā«user agent overriderĀ»

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