Second hard drive for the dv7 - 7047cl

Can a second hard drive be added to the dv7 - 7047cl?

(It is standard drive is a 1 TB of HARD drive).

If so, how?

Thank you!

Hi Mike,.

You are welcome

There should be no problem with Bios recognizing the 2nd HARD drive, however it may not appear in Windows (under the Start Menu, computer) until the drive has been formatted.

You can format the second HDD as follows.

Hold down the Windows key and press R.  In the run box, type compmgmt.msc , and then press ENTER.  Click disk management in the left pane and let readers load upward.  Right-click on your new HARD drive and select Format to start the wizard.  Windows 7 will affect a Volume label so if your happy with it, just leave the default.  File system is NTFS.  Allocation unit size must be left by default.  Select the option to perform a quick format if it is not already done.  Leave all the other default settings, and then click Ok, and then Ok to start the process.

Once this done, your new HARD disk should now appear when you look under the computer.

Kind regards

DP - K

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  • Where can I buy a hard drive enclosure and a connector for a second hard drive for my dv7-7190eo?

    Where can I buy a hard drive enclosure and a connector for a second hard drive for my dv7-7190eo?

    Gurra wrote:

    Where can I buy a hard drive enclosure and a connector for a second hard drive for my dv7-7190eo?


    The right part for the hard drive kit is 681976-001. The website of the laptop stand is on HP Sweden so run on part number (or your Swedish). I found the cheapest on us amazon for $38 or £42.

  • What cable do need me to a second hard drive on the DV7 - 4104ca. The caddy kit is the wrong cable

    I bought the hard drive enclosure kit (605415-001) to install a second hard drive on my DV7 - 4104ca. The cable supplied with the kit is the same on the main hard drive, but the motherboard has only 1 conntector to cable companies. There is another free connector on the card that uses the same cable that the internal hard drive, but assistance phone HP has no idea what I'm talking about.

    Does anyone know which cable (part number) I need?

    Or even what it is that the type of connector called and then I can source my own cable.

    Thank you!

    You are the very welcome.

    It will be.

  • How can I add a second hard drive for my dv7-3060us?

    I am very short of space on my originally installed HP 500 GB hard drive and need more storage space. I have a new Seagate 750 GB drive, 7200 RPM and I would like to install it. When I opened the folder to access the second hard drive compartment, I was blocked when I have not found any pre-installed connector. What should I do to install this player?

    Thank you!


    Loss of power for 40mins. Please try this:

    the links before shows the TWO caddy and cable for dv7 machines.  This article may help:

    Kind regards.

  • Envy 17-J111tx: second hard drive for the Envy 17

    I really want to add another SSD or HARD disk. My question is what size should I buy and it would be compatible with SATA 2 or 3? I will void the warranty of my mobile during installation it?


    Through 2, 24, 41-43 page in this manual:

    You can put 3 SATA, they are backward compatible with SATA 2 HARD drive also

    Size: 7mm or 9. 5 mm compatible

    You must purchase additional hard drive support (number of HP 720237-001) to second hard drive.

    Replacement procedures are included in the manual. It is relatively easy to install. It will void the warranty if something goes wrong due to replacement by you. Contact HP service center for help.



  • Second hard drive for the Envy 17-1181nr Options


    I have an Envy 17-1181NR. I just replaced the hard drive yesterday, that the original 750 GB disc had errors. I put a 1 TB drive to replace the original, and everything works fine.

    That said, I would like to put an SSD in the 2nd to speed things up. What are my options on GB for disc 2. Can I use this disc 2 as my first (with the OS on it)?

    And other issues, I'm not asking?

    Thank you!

    You can use SSD as boot disk make sure just the OS partition is smaller than the ssd.

  • Second hard drive on my DV7-4083 cl

    I want to add a second hard drive for my DV7-4083 cl Pavilion. Anyone know where to get the caddy & cable?

    A third called newmode made a kit that is known to work with dv7-4000 series. Here is a link to the product:

    the correct caddy and cable

    NewMode has been around for many years and is a reliable supplier. The problem is that there are several combinations different caddy/cable for the various series dv7 and it is confusing.

  • Tecra M10 - 17U use second HARD drive in the Bay of ODD


    I try one of this popular box that allows me to put a second hard drive in the Bay optical slot, I use a Sata to Sata adapter, so there is not really an adapter and more properly connect:

    [ = 2.5%20Enclosure&model=AK-OA2SSA-BK]

    My problem is with the BIOS Toshiba waiting for a STRANGE device in this Sata port and cams out with a "CD" error, disable the Sata port.

    I have a workaround, if I start the PC, BIOS after with what this either in the Bay of the STRANGE, after Windows starts, I have insert the second HARD drive in the Bay of ODD, go to "Windows Device Manager" a 'check for changes on the hardware"and voila, the second HDD works fine , for me, it shows a limitation in the BIOS.

    Y at - it assistance, a Beta BIOS or something else, I have the latest BIOS 3.00 for this machine installed.

    Please check this thread:

    It seems that Tecra M10 does not support a select bay that would allow you to use a 2nd HDD rather than the ODD.
    As far as I know select bay is compatible with the Tecra M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, S1, S2

  • Can I add a second hard drive on the Qosmio X 500-12 q?

    I would like to know if its possible to add a second hard drive to the X 500-12 q?
    I suppose that space is available, but I would like to know whether the connector is here & all
    I could just open the case and plug it in.

    Thank you

    In the document s user manuals I have not found something on HD upgrade so I m really don't know if this will be possible.
    Anyway, as Jeka wrote, remove the HARD drive cover and check if there is place for second HARD drive and also necessary SATA connector.

    I have older 300 x and there is room for two drives.

  • I want to add a second hard drive for my Pavilion Elite HPE 410f. Recommendations?

    I want to add a second hard drive for my Pavilion Elite HPE 410f. Recommendations?  Somewhere in the 320 to 500 GB range and I want a quick unit because it will be used for rendering videos.    Thank you for your response.


    How fast is fast is the real question.

    Have you looked at hybrid drives OCZ? Expensive but probably the fastest option.

    Seagate also made a hybrid hard drive.  Good price... You will need a 3.5 "to 2.5" support if the player does not support.  If you install the drive in an empty optical Bay then you will need a 5.25 "to 2.5" support.

    Your other choice is 7 200 or 10 000 rpm traditional hard drives.

    Another option would be to add a PCI sata and two external hard dirves configured in RAID 0.

  • Second hard drive for 7100

    I have a 7100 Studio (Studio Athlon II X 4 630 (2.8 GHz) + ATI Radeon HD 5450 1024 MB, 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM, 1.5 TB Serial ATA 2 hard drive) and I would like to add a second hard drive.

    I would like at least one other 1 TB - is there an upper limit on size?  And are there other tips, installation tips I should know.

    Thank you for your help.


    A second 1 TB SATA hard drive will work well in the Studio XPS 7100.

    You will need to buy a SATA data cable, there should be an additional power supply connector into the drive case.

    The procedure for installing a second hard drive in the 7100, is HERE

    Tip: Open the case and check that Dell provided the disk for additional hard drive cage.

    Once the drive has been installed, check the configuration of the system, including the SATA port, it is connected, turned on [on] and the hard drive is recognized.

    So for Windows recognizes the additional drive, you must partition, format and assigned to a drive letter using Windows Disk Manager.


  • Second hard drive on the Dimension E510

    My computer was built to accept two hard drives. I bought it with one installed. Now, I have installed the second hard drive in the Bay and connected with a serial ATA cable. How to find it. I see only the C drive in my computer?

  • Add the second hard drive for HP Pavilion dv7-3173nr

    So rumor is my DV7 may take a second hard drive.

    So I got a second drive, open the bottom where the reader will, and there is no SATA connector. Apparently I need a shopping cart or something, but I can't. Am I missing something obvious?

    Thank you.

    Yes you need a shopping cart and a connector. The interface is not a standard SATA plug... There is a cable that connects the SATA drive in a small plug in the second Bay.

  • starting from the second hard drive to a dv7 6199sl


    I noticed that my dv7-6199sl space for a second hard drive. There is the caddy but not on cable. Before you buy the cable

    (I don't know where yet, maybe HP spare parts site) I need to know if it is possible to boot from the second hard drive with my laptop model. Thanks in advance.



    Hi John,.

    My best guess would be that the USB 3.0 ports require a driver to work correctly, try to boot from it (when the driver is not loaded) may not work - this isn't a definitive answer, but I do not know of bootable recovery media certainly has problems booting from a 3.0.

    Regarding the wire to the second HDD, I would suggest sending a request thereon to HP to the Email address in the form below.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Install the Second hard drive on the HP Pavilion DV7-4270us laptop


    My laptop has a space for a second hard drive, but not of connectors. I use Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and I would like to add a second drive in this niche. My main drive is 1 TB and I'm running out of room. I am currently using a 1 to external but it is cumbersome when you travel. What should I do to use the second drive?



    Hi Marty,

    An example of what you need to use the 2nd HARD drive Bay is at the link below.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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