seems I'm not the only one having problems with safari after update 9.3 cannot follow the links. Safari blocks. hope it gets fixed quickly. jaa shooting allows to follow the link, but the Web page is not out of good old days. any oher ideas?

seems I'm not the only one having problems with safari after update 9.3 cannot follow the links. Safari blocks. hope it gets fixed quickly. jaa shooting allows to follow the link, but the Web page is not out of good old days. any oher ideas?

The 'list' of relevant articles that I know, they are now

-You can read about the problems in the present statutes and possibly find workaround solutions, particularly in the last

If you are unable to activate your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch after installing an update - Apple Support

Apple iOS suspension 9.3 updates for older devices, work on activation fix | IVous

Apple launches new version of iOS for iPad users 9.3 2 affected by bricking bug | 9to5Mac

GSM of unfixed addresses Apple iPad 2 Bug with revised Activation iOS 9.3, but the larger question remains - Mac rumors

If you are unable to activate your iPad 2 (GSM model) update to iOS 9.3 - Apple Support

9.3 iOS update issues

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  • I'm the only one having problems with Insert NAV in Dreamweaver cc?

    I'm following a couple of tutorial using HTML 5 with Dreamweaver CC, and when I insert the following

    < class header = "header" > contents of class "header" goes here < / header >

    Will tag < side > happy for New side here < / side >

    Happy <>for New label article goes here < / item >

    for new main tag < main > content goes here < / hand >

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    I don't have a problem.  But when I insert the NAVIGATION, I get the following error:

    X while executing onLoad in InsertNav.htm, the following JavaScript error occurred:

    In file, "InsertNav":

    initializeUI is undefined

    I know that I can work around the problem, but I do not have too.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

    As soon as you get a JavaScript error, follow the removal of a corrupt cache file

  • When I connect Yahoo mail, I get a message "of the Web page" that says "out of memory online: 1".»

    Message from Web page blocks the mailbox.

    When I connect Yahoo mail, I get a message "of the Web page" that says "out of memory online: 1".» How can I get rid of him?

    First I would try the cleaning of your story/temp IE files
    -> Tools-> Internet Options click on the browser history under delete-> check all box, and then select 'delete '.
    Restart the browser and see if you are able to connect to Yahoo mail

    If this is not the case, try this:

  • Anyone having problems with effects after that put 5.0.3 update?

    Since the 5.0.3 update a few weeks ago, I had problems with adding an effect to a clip. It seems not to matter type (both are res HD, either a shot on a Canon 5 d Mark II or a .m2t file .mov from a camera of HD Sony HVR - Z5U with a registration unit of memory). I have been using the file types of the same cameras with CS5 since August without any rendering problem, by adding effects, playback, slow response time, etc. Now, it seems doubtful that PrPro can handle adding an effect to a clip.

    Before it would show changes to the effect on the video in real time, but now it takes several minutes for the small front wheel I can access PrPro again. By example, if I add a fast color corrector or levels and try to change only one attribute, it unfolds, crashes, and then finally updates. He plants not (unless I force quit), it just hangs. I tried with just Finder and open PrPRo, and it still occurs. Previously, I could launch Photoshop, Firefox, Chrome, Mail, Finder, * AND * Pro

    Nothing else is it slow (playing back non-rendus, while that rendered or book review), although any reading can be slow sometimes with effect. In addition, there doesn't seem to be picky to a certain video effect. I've done everything I can think of, returning Short or reinstall: log in as root, Pref delete, drives hard various small clips. Initially, working on a FW800 external drive, I have recently worked on internally to test clips, but apparently not to the disc material.

    The fact that everything worked fine before, I can't that assume it was the update. I have the same software on a similar but lesser model home with no problem, but the 5.0.3 update failed with the auto-update and I have not tried to install it manually, is still on 5.0.2.

    Anyone else having this trouble and short of reinstalling, you found a solution? Thank you.

    iMac 27 "(21" model of Home Basic) "

    Mac OS X


    2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 (4 cores)

    8 GB RAM

    ATI Radeon HD 4850 512 MB

    Master Collection CS5

    > Is there documentation available online on how to revert to the previous version?

    Uninstall Premiere Pro. Then, reinstall without updates.

  • iOS 9.2.1 anyone having problems with Safari?

    I can open safari, however as soon as I click on the web bar at the top it closes immediately to the bottom of the app!

    That's it, since I downloaded the new iOS!

    Go to the settings / Safari

    Disable search engine Suggestions

    Disable the Safari Suggestions

    Disable Quick Web Search site

    Try to activate the private browsing mode.

    To Apple bug report:

  • Anyone having problems with crashes after setting the units (lb/po2) on an indicator on the dipstick?

    I use an indicator of money gauge to show pressure. With no set of units, everything seems to work properly. When I set units 'psi' and immediately try to save LabView hangs and crashes immediately after each next attempt to open the file project or VI. I'm using LabView 2012 (12.0f3) 64-bit on Windows 8. It is the first crash, I had. Unfortunately, it seems that the file is corrupted and I lost a few hours of work. Now I'm afraid to continue using this VI of fear he crash of something else and corrupt the file and I'll lose my progress. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I presented the crash to the settlement report, but who knows how long it takes to move to study the problem.

    Hi Arcus,

    If you search the forum you will find a large number of "moaning" on the buggy and incomplete unit support in LabVIEW. My favorite is the square function (available from LV2009?) which will follow "4 m" when you want as the square of "2 m". Of course: meter ^ 2 is always meter. And we're just talking a very basic unit...

    You will also find on the controls of the money bug reports.

    Combine all these threads in your own conclusions!

    I don't use controls of the money, and usually I stay away by using units of our days...

    BTW: I would also stay away from units such as "psi". Just my continental Europe perspective

    (Once I got to work with a machine (treatment of semiconductors) produced in the United States. She had 4 gauges next to each other using 3 different units: lb/po2, inHg, Torr. There must be a reason to do it, but have you ever needed to compare these pressures? Easy to remember these conversions...)

  • Satellite P300D - problem with reboot after update the HARD drive


    I have laptop Satellite P300D - 12 c and recently, I put a new hard drive, the Seagate momentus 7200 RPM 2.5 "500 GB. It works well, but I have a strange problem; normally when I reboot the laptop when it will close something sounds, in the figurative sense I could say "something moves" for a bit in the DVD - ROM drive and shuts down and then restarts.

    Now, when the reboot happens to the part of the dvd - rom drive, I described above it stucks there... "something is happening" on the dvd - rom drive as trying to permanently access a dvd or something and he does the same thing until I force it to shut down by pressing the appropriate button. It happens once in two attempts to restart.

    Does anyone have a solution or a tip or something? If you do not understand something to tell me,

    Thank you very much


    I agree with Akuma. Maybe the drive is loose and so you should try re-allocation of places there.
    Maybe it works

    And updated the BIOS, you can find the Toshiba site: > support & downloads > download drivers

    Good luck and give us feedback! :)

  • Still having problems with Itunes after music updated to iOS 9.3.2

    How can I solve the problems created by the software update Apple iOS 9.3.2 lost all my music will not restore using itunes etc

    What questions are you talking? Music of Apple, it's where you posted what you use? What music has been lost? It's all in your Apple's music. The rest should be in your iTunes library on your computer. I have almost 2K songs in my iTunes library and they have all been there since the very beginning, across all iOS and iTunes updates.

    What happens when you try to restore your phone to iTunes? What it the music has to do with whatever settings you have for music and once again, depends on your participation with music Apple or any other service.

    Try it please take a moment to build a question, describing what occurred, what device you use, what computer OS you use, and what troubleshooting steps you tried to correct. In addition, you use the services of Apple, and have you backed up your phone and your computer.

  • Is a person having problems with playback with blocking sequences?

    Is anyone having problems with playback after creating a multicam sequence? This occurred after the recent upgrade.

    Basically, I merged my video files and audio files into one (fine and dandy), but when I tried to look into the window of the monitor or timeline, he would not play! What is the problem? I've done several times before...

    Let me know if anyone knows this.

    Thank you!

    I talked to Tech Support yesterday and they told me to enter all your audio clips in the sequence Ctrl + (secondary click) click on them and press Render and replace. Then, you close app and load project again you. It has worked for me since I went deep into audio original for all sequences of blocking and rendered and all replaced. Apparently, there is a problem in this version on the audio clips in sequences making making them generate this error, but this type of tech support does not explain to me exactly what was going on. Apparently the Render and replace fuction restarts a little audio clip and allows to you to sequence work normally again. Make sure that you apply to the original audio clips of each cam, no to your chopped pieces place in the timeline you edit.

    Let me know if it worked.

    Good luck.

  • Ive been having problems with my Lightroom 6 (desktop only version - version installation CD), so I uninstalled. But now I can not re - install. Help, please.

    Ive been having problems with my Lightroom 6 (desktop only version - version installation CD), so I uninstalled. But now I can not re - install. Help, please.

    It seems that you try to install the version of Windows on your Mac, that will not work.

    I haven't used a DVD for installation of Age, but I would have thought that the Mac version would also be on the disk.

    I'm not a Mac person, but I think that the executable file would have the .dmg extension.

    Or you can download the latest version - 6.4 Lightroom - from here: keeping up-to-date for Lightroom

    I hope it works better the other link you tried.

  • Link on the Web page does not work in published HTML project

    I use 8.01 Captivate and created a project with a link to a URL of page web (I did by the insertion of the text links).  It works perfectly when I publish as an executable.

    Customer has requested that we publish now in the form of HTML/SWF file.  The link URL (set to open in a new window) does not this version.

    I changed the link at a click box with the action to open the web page in a new window.  Again, it works when you publish an executable file, but not when I publish to HTML.

    The OUTPUT of course links also do not work in the HTML version.

    We use IE11 to launch the HTML file.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

    Hi Betty,.

    It seems to be a problem with the Flash security settings.

    Please follow the steps (these steps are for Firefox and IE) below:

    1. Publish the project to a folder on the c drive.
    2. Open the html of the published output.
    3. Do the right click on the screen and go to global settings.
    4. Go to the advance tab.
    5. Scroll down and click on trusted location settings.
    6. Click Add > add folder and navigate to your published folder and add it. (You can also add full lecteurC so that you don't have to do it again for all projects)
    7. Click on confirm and then close it.
    8. Now, re - open the html file and try to view attachments.

    These parameters are only made when you view the content locally. If you place the output on any server, then you must not make these settings.

    Hope it works... !

    Kind regards


  • topic: Home link on the Web page does not work

    I have inserted a link on my Web page to about: home of the user to the homepage of firefox to take
    It looks like this:
    < a href = "subject: House" > < /a > Firefox
    It seems to work fine on the desktop browser, but it does not work on Firefox Android on the Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N8010 using the android 4.1.2 version and Firefox Android version 33.0.
    The link does not work, however, is recognized as a link, since the long press on the link gives options for opening/copying the link, but if I then select "Open in new tab", it still doesn't open it.
    Is this normal or if the link works?
    Thanks to anyone who can answer this,

    It will not work. It's intentional.

  • When you send the Web page link, the link is not active

    When I want to send the link to a Web page I visit, I choose my yahoo email account and the webpage link is inserted in the email box, but it is not an active link and cannot be clicked for this person to go. They could, however, copy and paste the address into a browser bar, which everyone would know how to do. If I choose my gmail account, the link is active. What is a firefox problem or yahoo? There are moments where the yahoo link would be active, but it seems that it is never active.

    Some publishers have magical powers to linkify automatically a URL. Yahoo does not that for Firefox, although I heard that it does for users of Internet Explorer.

    Instead, you must use the link button. I have attached some screenshots illustrating.

  • Satellite U400 - can connect but the web pages are not displayed

    I have Toshiba Satellite U400 with Vista. I can't access the internet via the wireless network in my home.

    My computer connects with the network and the signal is excellent but Internet explorer is never able to display the web page. I followed the instructions to diagnose connection problems. I reset the network connection Windows network adapter, as suggested. He said while there still seems to be a problem with your connection, he tried a repair but the problem persists. He cannot communicate with the first DNS Server (

    My colleagues can access the internet with their computer, and I had no problem recently with connecting to other wireless networks in cafes and hotels.
    Can anyone help?

    Have you tried another browser like Firefox or have you only tried only Internet Explorer?

    You have DHCP or a static IP address? If you have DHCP make you you get the DNS server address automatically.
    If you have a static IP address, you must change the DNS address.

    In addition, you should try to update the driver for your laptop WiFi. See the Toshiba WLAN portal for an update:

  • Unable to open a link in a web page, immediately goes down load and then when open it shows downloaded to the windows photo viewer, which does not open

    I open a web page, in the web page, there is a link to open another connection. I click on this link and doc is "downloaded" automatically, I click on the download button "green arrow" at the top of the screen, the page opens and says "windows Photo Viewer cannot open the image because the photo viewer does not support this file format or you don't have the latest version of photo viewer! I just want to open the link. Grateful for the advice.

    Where is - what happens? Please provide the URL.

Maybe you are looking for