SegmentedControl question

I have a SegmentedControl Setup with two options.

According to the chosen option, I want to load a different XML list.

Is this possible? If so, how?

I looked at the sample of Battambang and the JSON file confuses me (fairly new development)

Thanks for your time


Here goes:

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  • noob on SegmentedControl question

    Hi there I started coding, and while I use the segmentedControl button, I do not know how to run a function when you press a segmentedcontrol option.

    As you can see, I want it when the 'new' is pressed, it instantiates a function that does what I want, but how do I do this? I'm just a beginner and I still have to learn how to code any help greatly appreciated.

    Here is an example of code I just wrote which should be able to help you understand the segmented control:

    package{   import flash.display.Shape;   import flash.display.Sprite;  import flash.display.StageAlign;  import flash.display.StageScaleMode;  import;
      import qnx.ui.buttons.SegmentedControl;   import;
      [SWF(width="1024", height="600", backgroundColor="#E8E8E8", frameRate="30")]  public class SegmentedControlTest extends Sprite  {     private var mySegment:SegmentedControl;       private var buttonArray:Array;
          public function SegmentedControlTest()        {         super();
              // support autoOrients            stage.align = StageAlign.TOP_LEFT;            stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;
              buttonArray = [{label: "Black"}, {label: "Red"}, {label: "Yellow"}];
              mySegment = new SegmentedControl();           mySegment.dataProvider = new DataProvider(buttonArray);           mySegment.setPosition(150,125);           mySegment.setSize(300,30);            mySegment.selectedIndex = 0;
              mySegment.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, onChange);
          private function onChange(e:Event):void       {         trace("A change has been made.");
              switch (e.currentTarget.selectedIndex)           {             case 0:
                  case 1:
                  case 2:
              }     }
          private function fillBackground(value:uint):void      {;  ; ,0,1024,600);;          } }}

    Make sure you use the e.currentTarget to get your segmented control and you can access any of its properties. Also note that ounces, you use the SelectedIndex in code when you create, it distributes the Event.CHANGE event. So just be ready for it. Good luck!

  • iOS 10 people record problem/question


    I have a couple of "faces" in the issue of people who are coming in white, but acknowledged same 'face' of many times.  Is anyway to update it for photo comes actually?  At a few faces, I don't know that facial recognition found since it is coming from white.

    Hi JohnP007,

    Congratulations on your iPhone 7 more running iOS 10! I understand that some of your faces in the album of people pull up as a draft and you want to refresh. You can try to use the steps below to fix the faces on the thumbnails in albums.

    Difficulty faces and names mixed-up

    If you notice that there is a photo of someone in a collection that is poorly identified, you can remove it.

    1. Tap the person you want to remove in the album of people > select.
    2. Type Show done face to emphasize his face in every photo.
    3. Press on each photo that is not the person.
    4. Type > not this person.

    Hide people

    You can hide the people or groups that you don't want in your album of people.

    1. Open the album people and press Select.
    2. Touch the people you don't want to see.
    3. Click Hide.

    If you want to see the people that you have hidden, press on show hidden people.

    People in the Photos on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    This should be corrected without delay faces. Please use the Apple Support communities to post your question. Good day.

  • Questions - and answers forgotten

    How to get my 'secret' answers to the questions that I have noted the way back when?

    If you forgot the answers to your questions of security of Apple ID - Apple Support

  • I can't reset the security questions. We received notice as below:

    Hello world

    I can't reset the security questions. We received notice as below:

    "Cannot reset Security Questions."

    We have insufficient information to reset your security questions. "

    Please help me as soon as possible! Thank you very much.


    You will need to contact the Apple Support.

    The information is available here:

    Contact Apple for assistance with the security of the Apple ID - Apple Support accounts

    (I'm afraid that no one here can solve the problem for you - this is a user-based community).

  • Question of cloning for SSD upgrade on 12 Macbook Pro

    Previously, I did an upgrade to SSD on my Macbook Air to 2012 according to the instructions of JetDrive transcend. Basically connection via USB 3 and using Mac OS X to clear (and format) disc utilities new SSD, then restore again SSD and then remove the original 128 GB SSD and insert the new 480 GB SSD.  For about a month and so far without problem.

    Now I'm trying to 2012 Macbook upgrade my Pro partner (on 10.11.6).  I got a Crucial SSD MX300 to replace his HARD drive.  Crucial comes with (or recommend) Acronis software.  And a lot of the messages of the forum recommend Carbon Copy Clone.

    My question is if I can use the same method for the cloning of the HD as my Macbook Air (just restore disk of Mac OS X utilities)?  This time, I'm upgrading HARD drive and I don't know if something is different.  At the same time, if I got lucky the first time, I don't not ruin Macbook Pro my spouse this time.

    Thank you.

    Yes, you can use disk utility to clone your MBP wives, but unlike CCC, it will not clone the recovery and Partition.

  • Question about resolution movie downloads

    If I buy a movie at a certain resolution (780p for example), but I want more later re - download at a higher or lower resolution (SD or 1080 p), can I do so and how?

    Same question perhaps for music. Some of my songs have been bought before the latest Apple codecs.

    Any help is appreciated!


    Once you have made a purchase on the iTunes store, you will see your purchased items in the menu under accounts bar > bought. You can simply select the item purchased and re-upload.

    With regard to the resolution of the film for films that are offered, and you select the resolution, you can download it again and select a different resolution. For movies that are available as separate download to SD, 780, or 1080 points, you would be limited to the original resolution you selected.

  • Why I can't ask questions.

    I just have a question.  I said that I can't ask questions.

    Do exactly what you did to make this post, but your question in there instead.

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    Hello my dear

    -J' forgot my account security questions, but I remember password

    And I'm changing my Security Questions, but show me this sentence

    "Cannot reset Security Questions."

    We have insufficient information to reset your security questions. "

    -I want to solve this problem as soon as possible if permitted

    You should contact the account of Apple security team. To join, click here and choose a method; If this page does not list one for your country or if you are unable to call, complete and submit this form.


  • Bootcamp Windows 10 question

    Hi all

    Stumbled upon a problem, try to install Windows 10 an end 2014 27' iMac w/retina education runs Yosemite 10.10.5. Bootcamp is V 5.1.4. 32 GB, 3.5 ghz Intel I5. Disk of 1 TB of Fusion. Before you try this, I read the guide of Bootcamp to install windows, but also a number of other tutorials and forum messages about potential problems. This research, I learned that for EDU edition you must change the name of the file from Win10_1607_Education_English_x64.iso to Win10_1607_English_x64.iso. Apparently to have the former name of the file may cause OS X to not recognize the ISO. That fact I started Bootcamp, waited while the software downloaded and created a bootable USB key and partitioned my drive giving Windows 70 GB of space. After that, I got the message that my computer is restarts. Upon restarting, I got the black screen with the blue Windows logo and a spinning loading animation. After a few minutes, a blue screen with a message "Windows has encountered and error with computer and must restart," or something similar. He was pretty quick, so maybe it's not word for Word, but it was not a helpful post in terms of saying something specific. When the computer reboots, I am sent directly to OS X, though a bit slower than normal. I tried to restart with the flash drive to see if the installer would start up, no dice. Try now the Option key at startup, the flash player is not available. Went into my settings to see if I could change my startup on Win disk install USB, no luck it no more.

    Now for the question: How can I get the Windows installation again? What I have to start the process, and if so, what should I use Bootcamp to delete the partition that was created? I have re-run Bootcamp and the only option that is checked is the partition and start and install/uninstall windows and delete the partition.

    Thanks for the help.

    Perform the following two procedures

    Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support

    How to reset the NVRAM on your Mac - Apple Support

    If you use a USB drive, not a USB flash drive, you will have problems. It is recommended to use a 8-16 GB USB2 flash drive.

    If the installation program is located on a USB Flash drive, stop your Mac, connect the USB key, restart and hold down the alt/option key and select the Windows icon in the USB port. This installs Windows in BIOS mode. If you click the start EFI icon, it will install using the EFI mode (faster). You may need to change the partition from MBR to GPT using GPT Fdisk.

  • Yahoo account question

    Yes, I understand these are the Apple support forums, but I don't know where else to ask this question and I thought some of you would have the answer to this question.

    I deleted my Yahoo account last week, but I've heard that the 500 million Yahoo accounts were hacked in 2014. I made my account in 2015. Im sure it is hacked since I made my account a year after the supposed hack, but if my account has been hacked and I deleted which would be safe?

    If your account did not exist in 2014, then it is has not been hacked. Removal of the guarantees it will not be new since there was more pirate. Normally, at least the hackers got access to more information in the narrative, as credit card numbers, change your Yahoo password would have sufficed.

  • Text backup question / deleted

    I accidentally deleted one of my iPhone SMS 6 Plus.  They always show on my iMac and iPad but I fear when an AutoSave occurs, it will back up the iPhone and remove them to two other devices. What will happen?  I use iCloud if that makes a difference.

    Hi melissahh625,

    I understand that you have questions about your messages deleted on different devices. I know that it is important to have a handle on your data, so I'm happy to help you.

    When you receive messages, they are stored on different devices. This means that when you delete a device they will not be deleted on the other. This is the case, even if one of your backup devices to iCloud that these backups are specific to devices, as well.

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. See you soon!

  • Question

    Look I went to a new site called, and in any case I tried one of my samples Logic Pro download for someone else to try to collaborate with and help me through my song production. In any case when I go to download, the site accepts only gif, jpg, jpeg, or png. How to record my song pro logic and make a jpeg or jpg file? Please someone... IM new to this site and maybe someone asked this already so I'm sorry if this is a redundant question. Anyway ill be looking for a response from the community here. Thank you

    GIF, jpg, jpeg, or png are all formats of image, audio files or formats of logic.

    I got a peek on the site but I'm not register. I'm going to guess and say you are in the wrong place to download your song.

  • Great list of 'How To' Questions

    I am a newbie to iTunes learn the tricks of the trade, and I learned a lot of ed2345, who led me to still more questions:

    1. a few songs that I managed to acquire have nothing in the kind column. So that this information will be available on the impressions of my playlists, is there a way I can key this information in me?

    2. I was unhappy to see small numbers began to appear to the left of the names of my songs, and I'm sure that must have been added when I said to organize my library. Is there a way I can get rid of them now?

    3 re the small icons 'cloud' next to my name of the song: one with the line through it saying "duplicate". If I delete one of them, I will always have it on my PC? (This whole business of some things being only in iCloud I do not understand yet.)

    4. a few other icons 'cloud' have an exclamation in them, which means that it is not able to be downloaded to iCloud due to an error. In all cases, there are an extra copy of the file in my library. Is this the reason why it didn't download?

    5. I'm fighting a lot to try to understand how certain things can be on iCloud and others do not. I mainly paid my $25 to Match service so I could keep transfer my playlists (and songs) to other computers on my LAN House (at this point, I don't have an iPad, iPhone or etc..). Now, I noticed that in the preferences that I can share my share my library on my network, which is an Ethernet wired with 4 PC and a Mac. If I check that box library share will I still game?

    6. on the other hand, if I want to share a playlist with a friend who has iTunes, I would want to use game for this?

    7. Finally, I know especially with PCs; I just bought the Mac this month. I find it there any equivalent to the files of Microsoft Explorer, except on an external hard drive, I connected to it. Specifically, I can't find the directory structure accessed by iTunes - a feature that could be very useful for me, for example in the collection in a single folder the files of one kind or a particular type (for example MP3). We're not supposed to do that?

    I hope that the answers to these questions will be useful to others, too.

    Thank you.

    1. You can use Get Info and enter the relevant information yourself. Select the album or the titles you want to edit and press CMD + I (Mac) or Ctrl + I (Windows).
    2. You see these numbers in a separate column in iTunes or in the name column, or in the Finder? ITunes is generally tracks numbers which are useful for playback of tracks in an album in the correct order. In some cases where the unmarked files are imported into iTunes, for example those in .wav format, numbers in the file name will become the name of the track in iTunes and other properties such as artist or album will be missing.
    3. See on iCloud library icons and status - Apple Support. If your support is not entirely possible that different versions of the same track are treated as duplicates so that they should not be. If you have duplicates real then they should be cleaned.
    4. Once again see on iCloud library icons and status - Apple Support. This indicates an error with a load of attempt.
    5. iTunes game is a great service if you want to replace any old purchases DRM with DRM 256 k new releases, like on the continuous access go to the entire library of your iOS devices or keep libraries iTunes on two remote sites in sync without manually copying files to and from portable hard drives. If the goal is simply to move a library from one computer to another, it's usually better achieved by copying the folder iTunes set to a portable player and then copying it in the new computer. A network share can also be used.
    6. You can't easily share a playlist with a friend. Normally iTunes playlists are sorted in lists of references to tracks in your library. They work only import if all the tracks already exist in the same paths that stored in the list. Having said that this is something which can be done in a certain measure with music from Apple, because each user has access to a common library of streaming content from the iTunes Store and their rights to listen to it.
    7. Equivalent of the Mac of the Explorer Windows is called Finder. It should be pretty easy to find. Macs are more lenient if you move the files in the same volume, but usually don't. Let iTunes manage physical files on disk when you store the logical organisation within the library. See make a split portable library for images of the typical presentation of the iTunes library. The images come from Windows, but the General layout on a Mac is the same.


  • Step 2 verification question

    I have recently implemented stage 2 verification for my Apple ID. I get a text Message whenever I connect to my Apple account. The other day, I created iCloud and now when I connect to my Apple account on my mac I get the code on my mac. Is this normal?

    For Apple ID - Apple Support two-factor authentication

    Frequently asked questions about the audit in two steps for Apple ID - Apple Support

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    Is it supposed to be a download icon in Safari 9.0.3? I can't tell when something is being downloaded. I had an icon before the update and I knew exactly when a full download. Now, I don't have an icon and cannot find any info about it.

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    Hi experts, I'm looking for just a few ideas in my scenario of installation. I have this router. Its f0/0 will be the Internet connection with a bandwidth of 30Mbps. Its f0/1 will be connected to a switch for internal networks. This link will be sepa