Select the analog channels by custom names

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LabView 2009 SP1

Windows 7

I am rewriting code of LV7 LabView with the 2009 version.  The old code has a vi called "IA waveform" and it allows the user to specify the DAQ hardware and also select channels by simply enumerating as numbers (0,1,2,5,6 etc.) in a channel of the front input box.  I understood how to create something similar to 2009 using daqmx channel, but I list the channels like this: dev1\ai1, dev1\ai2, etc.  Is it possible to choose a figure like LV7?  From what I've read, I think it is, but I have been unable to make it work.  Thank you.



I understand your question, but I don't understand why a list with ai1, ai2, ai0, etc., is so difficult to understand. In any case, its easy to convert numeric values Plains actual channel names. The format based on the string seems appropriate. You must create an array of channel numbers. A string is an acceptable entry in the DAQmx Create Channel function.

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    Entry of son "4000" to "samples per channel" Schedule VI DAQmx. The default value when unwired is "1000".

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    Curious to know if the cutting/possible ovevolting on one of the analog channels would affect the performance of other similar channels. I have two systems, one where signals don't clip and the other channels are still operable. The other has some problems of cutting (which fade eventually btw) on some of the ins anlog. One with the cutting on other channels are apparently unusable while those who did no cropping entry seems to be well.

    I seem to be affected by a situation in which hanging on an analog channel makes so that other analog channels do not work.

    Curious to know if I can see what is expected?

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    This is how it is supposed to work?

    We do not guarantee that all channels will work normally when you're in a State of fault/over-voltage.

    Since it is a MUX architecture'ed, that the channels are analyzed in order in the amplifier of shared instrumentation and ADC.  If the instrumentation amplifier is on track for channel 0 (for example), it will take some time to recover from this error after the next channel is enabled in.  This can cause a number of incorrect following channels (possibly indicated as being on track).

    Of course, we do not recommend to use this device in an error condition. When you said "analog channels does not" what do you mean?  The data on track?

    Some things that might help:

    -Slower sample which allows more time to settle the instrumentation amplifier

    -Skip the chain incriminated in the scan list

    -Make sure that the offending channel is set to the widest range of voltage (+/-10 v)

  • Unknown channel or feature name repeated


    I want to connect NI SMU-5451(waveform generator) and NI-SMU-7966R(Flex RIO) with peer-to-peer technology. I took an example of NOR-FGEN, which works perfectly, but when I use it in my project there is a mistake takes place - the "unknown channel or feature name repeated" What should I do to fix this?


    I saw this post in another place, and there was a proposal to reorganize the properties in your node as well as "Active Channel" is the first.  As mentioned on this post, property nodes run top down and you may need to specify the channel before enabling the peer to peer.  Did you get a chance to try this yet?  You still see the same error?

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    What is the best solution for my problem? I would like to know if my solution is good (graphic use of waveform) and if anyone has a solution to make an effective circular buffer with the waveform data type?

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    There is an example that comes with LabVIEW called "XY table". It shows you how to create a history for a XY Chart buffer. The size of the history can be changed on the fly. You can adapt the VI "graphic buffer XY ' to work with a data type of waveform." This type of data consists of 3 elements: start on time, delta t and table of values. The only thing that you should be buffering is the array of values.

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    13. How can I delete my weather Office?

    To remove or uninstall the weather your computer desktop, click "Start" - "programs" - "The Weather Channel" - "Desktop Weather". Then click the uninstall program. Follow the prompts to remove Desktop Weather.

    You can also remove the application by clicking on 'Start', followed by 'Settings', then 'control panel '. Then click on "Add/Remove Programs". In the list, select "The Weather Channel" and then click on "Add/Remove." Follow the prompts to uninstall the application.

    To remove the weather Services of your PC, you click 'Start' - 'settings' - 'Control Panel'. Double-click services weather "Desktop Weather" icon, and then click the 'Uninstall the weather Services'. This should remove all of the remaining elements of your system.

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    I bougth a BRAVIA 50 "and everything has worked perfectly, but suddenly the TV sent no signal message can not find the signal of channel or something like that. I bougth TV on December 2012 and this February 4 this year that happened. What?, because I could see 7 channels before that. I tried to reset the original settings and I read, but nothing seems to work for some tips. The other features work well. It's just the analog channels. I hope someone knows the solution. Thank you

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    -Software "Compro DTV4" provided with the tuner card has also demanded a new analysis of the channels and all the channels has worked well after the new analysis including SBS. Exclude a hardware problem with the tuner card. I don't like this program and prefer to use the Media Center.

    -All windows updates have been applied, and all drivers are up to date.

    -All signs point to a problem with the windows media center software. Perform an internet search this question gives to think I'm not the only one having this problem but I can't find a solution.

    Someone please help.

    I had the same problem with TDT, Eleven and One HD, after many, many hours of searching I found a working driver.

    I think that this driver is at NXP for a version of Phillips of the card.! f8VSmYLA! HSA6Mg_heMyAkVzyVPzAE1mJbM1qRvESx1kvBkxC00Q

    This driver is x 64, and it works for Windows Media Center on Windows 7.
    Nevermind Compro were too useless to fix their product.

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    HII everyone, I have a photo where the blue layer is totally black and the sound, so I have to know if it is posible to delete this and

    create a copy of the green or red channel and apply it as Blue Coat?

    Thank you

    Yes put what you want in the blue channel to the Clipboard as a copy of the Red layer, and then in the palette layers, select the blue channel and paste

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    If you want more information, just ask... I have version CS5 Photoshop

    Kind regards



    For now, I wrote this:

    app.activeDocument.pathItems.getByName ('path 2') .makeSelection ();

    app.activeDocument.selection.invert ();

    app.activeDocument.selection.clear ();

    and he choose only if the path name is "path 2" else it stops... "."

    So when the personal is way 2 everything is fine but I have 10-15 different names... so it would be great avoid the path names. It is possible to select the first HRAP (if there is more than one)

    or if it is not possible to avoid the path name how wrote if els if block for it to check all path names...?

    ... Thank you

    Hi Voahyeah,

    Here's the Code...

    If (app.documents.length > 0) {}

    var app.activeDocument = docRef;

    var n = docRef.pathItems.length;

    If ((n>0) & (.name docRef.pathItems [0]! = "Work path")) {}

    docRef.pathItems [0] .makeSelection ();

    docRef.selection.invert ();

    docRef.selection.clear ();

    docRef.trim (TrimType.TOPLEFT);

    docRef.selection.deselect ();



    Kind regards


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