Send, (Gone)

Last week, I lost all of my sent emails and seem to no longer have this facility, (sent emails) at all. I have vista.


Tab | Filter Messages. Make sure that show all messages is selected. If this isn't the answer, either wait for someone who can see this thread, or click Edit at the bottom of your first post and move this thread on the forum of Windows Live Mail.

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  • 'Send to device' option of Firefox for Android has gone... again.

    50.0b1 Firefox Beta for Android used to have an option to send tabs to other devices, but now he's gone. The stable version on Store doesn't have this option as well. There is an option 'Add to Firefox', but his only secondary option is to add to Favorites.

    Everything syncs properly, it's just that option disappeared. Really miss me it.

    Happened to someone else? Maybe just change the place in the menu? Or it has been abandoned?

    Good news, it's back in Firefox 50.0b6.

  • How do you get the file, send a web page, it's gone

    I have more a file tab that allows me to send web pages to another address. How to do that.

    If the bar classic menu set is missing, you can display it temporarily by pressing the ALT or by pressing F10.

    To be displayed, you can use one of the following methods to display the list toolbar, and then select it there:

    • Right click on a place empty on the tab bar (or the button '+')
    • Press the Alt key to activate the classic menu bar > view > toolbars
    • in customize mode > show/hide toolbars

    Does it work? Is always there E-mail link in the file menu?

  • send my button on my e mail is gone

    I can't find a way to send my e mail because there is no send button

    Open a window of writing. If no menu bar is displayed, press the ALT key.
    The menu bar, select View-Toolbars and rekindle the missing tool bar. Sending is on the Composition toolbar

  • How can I walk to "Send later"? It comes up all the time and then I never find where the email is gone. I never write an email that I do ' t want to send

    I never want to "Send later"! For the moment, I have email waiting and fall down 'send now' is grey and won't let me change that. Someone tell me how to recover and keep on 'Send now'.

    The Send button now turns to a send later when Thunderbird is offline. It disconnects when you order him or you lose your network connection.
    In the lower left cornet of the screen, there is an icon online/offline. It looks like 2 monitors. You can change States by clicking on this icon.

    As to where the mail goes when you click on send later, they go to the Outbox. The Outbox is under local folders.

  • Why my send button is gone

    I used to be able to send messages without problem then one day my send button has disappeared and I can't understand how to get it back.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones send/receive using bluetooth option gone

    I got my BB Curve 8520 for a while and a Pearl before this one, so I know how to send and receive data via bluetooth. Everything was good and no problem send and receive data via bluetooth. However, on the fly (or what it seems) the menu options "send via bluetooth" and 'receive via bluetooth' is no longer there. It doesn't matter if the bluetooth is turned on or off.  Anyone idea how to solve this problem?

    Thanks for your help. As it happens, I just found the solution myself. For some reason, under the 'Bluetooth series' and 'options' Bluetooth paired devices, the 'data transfer' parameter was not checked more. I don't know how it happened, but when I checked it again, everything was beautiful!

    Thanks again for looking this good!

  • Lost my trash! I accidentally deleted and cannot find using search... Is it gone forever? and if this is the case, why can I delete things and send them to the Recycle Bin? Help! I need to clear first!

    How can I get my recycle bin back to my desk top?

    How can I get my recycle bin back to my desk top?

    Hey jengalet

    Use the microsoft fix - it tool or other methods in the microsoft link to fix your missing Recycle Bin below

    and have a great festive season

    Walter, the time zone traveller

  • It's all gone

    When I started at Thunderbird today, there was nothing. The program asked me if I wanted to set up an e-mail account.

    Some addresses are ther and my calendar (extensions seems to be there - but google contacts says it cannot sync).

    All messages are gone, all accounts are gone, local folder disappeared. All with very important messages.

    When I check my file system, I can see all the files as usual, so they are not gone, just disconnected somehow. What should do? I need to send things today, and addresses are in these emails, so it's not really funny. Maybe I have to stop using the computer to record stuff, anything can happen. Better to use the paper as before.

    Can I fix by setting the computer to yesterday before this happened? The problem is that there are addresses to come during the day, so they would be lost if I reset yesterday morning (which are the only thing that I can use the time).

    Help? I found a site with info, but English is not my mother tongue, and I didn't know what they meant. In many unknown words - and I do not know if it was really the same problem.

    Looks like the same exact article to me, but if it worked for you, that is all that matters.

    If you please mark as resolved if you work back.

  • Anyone know how to send a web page or a link to this page now?

    We used to be able to "send a link" under the logo of Firefox. This feature is now gone. The new dropdown under the three parallel lines show an advance or option send.

    There is always the question of the Email link on the file menu.

    • Press the ALT key, or press F10 to display the Menu bar.

    You can find this item in the palette to customize and drag it in the bar '3' menu button on a toolbar or Firefox.

    • Firefox '3-bar' menu button > customize
    • View > toolbars > customize
  • Toolbar, message, all disappeared and bookmarks, as well GONE

    Just tried to send the note about the toolbar gohst caught it and now I'm stuck off where was no Add ons - n ° 3-point - nothing - 2 days of work-GONE? Where is everything?

    Uninstalling Firefox will delete all bookmarks, history, extensions and saved passwords. Only if you're OK with the data being deleted.

  • How to regain the ability to send a link when I'm on a Web site?

    Before this latest Fire Fox update, a golden box appeared in the upper left corner. I could do a right click on this box and get a menu including "send a link". Now that the box is gone and I don't know how to send a link when I read an article.

    In case it's useful, I have created a map where the menu items moved between the old menu button and the menu button again:

  • Using Firefox 4 and Windows 7. Whenever I have to start Firefox from a shortcut to a Web site, what happens with the following error "there was a problem sending the command to the program". The requested site is loaded after that. without any problem.

    Using Firefox 4 and Windows 7. Whenever I have to start Firefox from a shortcut to a Web site, what happens with the following error "there was a problem sending the command to the program". The requested site is loaded after that. without any problem.

    If a shortcut is used while Firefox is already open the error will not occur.

    For me, the problem was the FoxClock extension. Once I disabled it, the problem was gone.

    Hope this helps.


  • Cannot send the email from the IPHONE

    I've always been able to send an e-mail from my account on my Iphone until today Apple when he stopped without changing me anything knowingly.

    I tried to disable the Wifi in case our network guys had played with something and a test email, I sent a few moments ago has now gone he took forever. Emails sent with the Wifi turned on just won't do it. I'll try that, when connected to a wifi network, but this isn't looking good.

    I don't want to reset the phone to default settings. I tried to remove the Icloud account - makes no difference. Emails sent on the device other e-mail accounts send without laptop connected wirelessly or through data problem.

    Note that this is on a 6 IPHONE not a Mac.

    An error message will appear after a very long period of 15 minutes or so, saying "connection to the outgoing server" p23 - ' failed. " "Additional outgoing mail servers can be configured in settings > Mail, Contacts, calendar".

    Any help is welcome.

    The simplest solution is to remove the iCloud email account, restart the phone and adding back.

  • HP Envy 5530: What ink HP Instant send me?

    Trying to learn how to use my new 5530 envy, I used a lot of black ink in the cartridges supplied with the printer.   Still have the color.

    My question is - when black ink is gone and I insert the new cartridge of black (from the "welcome package), and if I use this black ink, HP just send me a new black cartridge and a color cartridge also.  In other words, are they still both be sent simultaneously or individually as needed?   (Then send me a color cartridge when the printer indicates that it is necessary.)  I'll probably still use more black ink in my impression from day to day I don't print many photos.

    Hope that this issue of hiking is clear for you.

    Really like my 5530 - especially wireless printing from Android Tablet and laptop.

    They will send the cartridge which is inadequate. If you are about to run out of black ink, you will get a black cartridge only.

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