Sent separate files for each mailbox

I imported successfully several boxes to mail letters after doing a clean install of El Capitan. The only question that I have at this point is that messages sent from these accounts are all mixed box mailbox sent one.  Before the upgrade, I had a separate 'sent' folder for each mailbox.  How can I this to happen again, where each mailbox receives a separate 'sent' folder?

If you click the arrow next to the "Sent" folder, you will see the individual sent to mailboxes.

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    Yes, the resource files will be compiled into your project.

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    We have a process BPM application that is having some human tasks. Form for each of the human tasks is similar. We would like to share some fragments of page or code between them and create unique web application to manage all human tasks for this application of BPM process. Then, I found the following in the document Oracle "Oracle SOA Suite 11 g Release 1 ( Developer Guide":

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    Hi Helen
    1. I don't know the reason why they mentioned as separate project for each human task. NO, this is not necessary and we can have a single project of UI as MyTaskForms and have all JSPS in this same project for each human task.

    2. for our part, we have like 10 human tasks, while using the same payload. We have therefore 10 .task file. For the first file .task, we Auto generate project and gave the name of the project as OurAppTaskForms. Is the reason why as we did, for he adds all dependent libraries required, tag libs etc correctly. For all other .tasks files 9, we did NOT use auto generate. Instead we used standard New-> JSF human task and select only one task at a time and follow the steps. These steps are covered in the online documentation. At the end in our BPM application, we have just a UI project with all 10 screens.

    3. in ADDITION, all 10 screens have some common data. We put in a reusable JSF Fragment page. And associated with a managed Bean for this set and get the values of this fragment and also certain Actions for a few buttons in the Joint Strike Fighter. Then, we have included this JSF in every file of jsf taskform, uisng the tag include. We have added the include tag, somewhere in the upper part. If all the screens share common page fragment of jsf.

    4. we can refine the above things further. As per above, we have again JSF 10 screens for each one of the .tasks 10. Of course all these 10 jsf have same common jsf fragment. BUT instead of 10 screens individual jsf, we can have only ONE screen of Jsf also. For details, see the docs online. The hard part is, we don't have that one jsf, there may be a few tricks of bussiness, validatoin stuff to take care of in Manager ValidationCallback custom classes. Say for Task1, had to show some buttons, but NOT for Task2. So, we have to manage this logic. Also validation callback, we can always get each task, title also. So that we can get around this problem too. We are in the process of doing now. But first of all 3, we did it before and they work very well.

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    Ravi Jegga

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    original title: backup of files

    My wife and I use the same computer, but have different usernames (accounts).  My question is: when a backup occurs files, two files users are saved, or files for each user must be backed up separately?

    Hi toad133,

    ·         What type of backup that you talk too much?

    If you are referring to the automatic backup there backup everything that you have selected or defined to be backed up.

    If you are referring to the manual backup backs up what settings or files that you select to backup such as emails or files.

    Back up and restore: frequently asked questions

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    Yes, you need to create files for each application mobileprovision. The mobileprovision file include information in the App ID that you define in the iOS Apple Developer Portal. If your application includes push notifications, you must also push (.p12) certificates for each application. But you can use the same certificates developer and distribution .p12 for all your applications.

    Here's what my certificate for my apps folder structure looks like:

    dev. Bringhurst.P12

    Dist. Bringhurst.P12



    push_dev_dpstips. P12

    push_prod_dpstips. P12



    push_dev_nws. P12

    push_prod_nws. P12

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    When you get to the third tab called "View/Edit Options", choose the Edit option for 'Data to copy.'  Then choose the option advanced at the end of the menu "data copy type" and then use the options on the page layout tab target to assign separate discs.

    Good luck!

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    If the two images are on the same page: duplicate page (drag / move in the Pages panel while holding the Ctrl key).

    Then crops the first page to only show that the first Bill and the second page to show only the other. Then extract each page as a new file.

    If the image is on a separate page: extract each page as a new file (via Tools - Pages - extract Pages).

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    We want to start the Apple family of music Plan in our House, but everyone in my family wants to add their own music and to keep it separate from the rest of the members of the plan.

    I have 2 questions about it:

    1. every member gets their own library of music that they can sort and customize without interfering with the music of other members?

    2. each member individually has the limit of 100,000 of the song, or is it 100 000 songs for the whole family?

    We will get the plan until these issues are addressed, if anything like that would be useful!

    Hi Josie1374,

    I understand that you have a few questions about the sharing of family in Apple music. I have some information for you which should be able to help answer these questions. First of all, you should know that each family member in the family of the Apple music-sharing plan will be themselves, individual account, Apple's music:

    A subscription to Apple's music for
    each Member of your family.

    With a family membership of Apple's music, up to 6 people in your family can enjoy unlimited access to music from Apple on their devices. Everyone gets full access and individual music library of Apple, recommendations of experts, radio world-wide 24/7 with 1 beats and radio on demand. This is the world of music for the creations of any

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    As is the case, this information applies to each individual account, which should solve your second question:

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    • You can have up to 100 000 songs in your music library. Songs you purchased from the iTunes Store do not count against this limit.

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    Be vigilant and thank you for visiting the communities of Apple Support.

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    Hi DavidBabbel,

    The question you have posted is related to the area and would be better suited to the TechNet community. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the best support.

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    It is lifted directly from my EULA:

    The manufacturer that you grant the following rights, provided that
    comply you with all terms and conditions of this EULA:
    1.1 installation and use.  You may install, use, access,
    display and run one copy of the SOFTWARE on
    THE COMPUTER.  The SOFTWARE may not be used
    by more than two 2-processor both on the
    COMPUTER, unless a greater number is
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    This means that as long as you are running two or more instances of XP at the same TIME, you agree? Or does this mean that, after you install once, you have reached your limit?
    I imagine that most people (including those who are running Microsoft!) will say that the second interpretation is correct.
    If this is the case, anyone their hard drive as a backup to clone strategy would violate the EULA!
  • scanning of a document of several pages of hp 8500 a909a results in the separate analyses for each page

    I have a MacBookAir operating on the latest version of the Apple software, Lion. I have an OfficeJet 8500 A909a. I want to scan a document of several pages of the scanner in my computer. I want to use the document feeder. The document feeds into the scanner, but each page is scanned in a separate file. I want each page to analyze successively in a single file. I am a new user of MacBook. (My Dell Windows based computer can do this successfully.)

    OK, so you use scan apple in this case. When you are at step 7 in your list, there should be a button to view the details, click on that. You should now see the option to format along the right, set it to the PDF format, and a box should appear saying combine single-file.

  • Separate filter for EACH group of repeat

    I need to test and do not remove unique lines for the item

    The syntax of the repetition of group is
    <? for-each: SUBCONTRACT_RATE_GRID? >

    Is there a way to test and do not remove lines lines unqiue for item ROOM_CLASS_CODE?

    One option is to group the records based on ROOM_CLASS_CODE.

    Not sure if this is your requirement.

  • Separate colors for each Spry tab?

    Is it possible to have distinct colors for each tab in the Panel tabs Spry? I think it would be a style < <. "TabbedPanelsTab > >, but how can you identify each of the individual tabs - through < < tabindex ="? ' > >?

    Thank you.

    Just add a new class for each spry tab...

    • Tab 1
    • Tab 2
    • Tab 3
    • Tab 4

    CSS: { background-color: blue } { background-color: red }
    li.yellow { background-color: yellow } { background-color: green }

    Yay. colours Disco

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