Separate networks with wireless printing

I have a HP Officejet Pro 8600 and it is connected wireless to router in our company.  The office we have is connected to a separate network and I was wondering how to connect to them using the WiFi feature because USB is used for a separate desktop computer. The printer connects to the router, but is unable to use the IP address, because this isn't the same network.



They must be on the same network. Option: It is an ePrint printer, you can send (email) to his e-mail address to print file formats supported. Supported file formats:

Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Excel (HP highly recommends that preview you documents in Excel before printing)
Text (.txt) files
Images (bmp, jpg, png, gif, tiff)

Kind regards.

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  • HP Deskjet 3050 has J611 series watch in trouble with wireless printing

    Hey there,

    I have just a series of combat a HP Deskjet 3050 printer a J611 and wireless printing to work perfectly. However, for the last week or so is no more.

    The printer is connected to the network, as the result of the wireless network test is proven and it is the same network that the laptop is connected to. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the software. The wireless light is on and I can see the signal strength and the IP address. However, it still works.

    I also I sent an email to the printer to see if it worked. Initially, I received an automated email saying my printer is not connected to the internet and then printing will be delayed. I didn't touch the printer after that, but about 6 hours later it started to print.
    I also tried to connect the printer with a USB key and configure settings wireless via USB does not work either. The computer cannot find a printer connected to the network. There is no firewall blocking the application or the printer.

    My settings:

    Router broadband wireless ADSL2 + -.
    Huawei EchoLife HG521
    Laptop - Medion Akoya E7214
    32-bit operating system
    Windows 7 Home Premium

    Help with this would be much appreciated! Thank you!


    I doubt disturbed the other printer.  Kaspersky can be a problem, but we're going to explore other things first.

    We will set an IP address of the printer:

    -Print a the front of the printer Network Setup Page. Note the IP address of the printer.
    -Enter the IP address in a browser to reveal the internal settings of the printer.
    -Choose the network tab, then wireless along the left side, then on the IPv4 tab.
    -On this screen, you want to set a manual IP address. You must assign an IP address outside the range that the router sets automatically (called the DHCP range). If you do not know the range, change the last set of numbers (those after the last '.') 250
    -Apply the subnet (unless you know it's different, if so, use it)
    -Enter the IP of your router (on the Page of the Network Config) for the gateway.
    -Enter for the first DNS and for second DNS.
    -Click 'apply '.

    Now, stop the router and printer, start the router, wait, and then start printing.

    After that, you will have to redo 'Add printer' using the new IP address.

  • Epson printer WF-2510 with wireless-"printer not connected."

    I use windows 8 and a printer Epson WF-2510 with Wi - Fi.  I'm pri it saysnting ok but when trying to he says not connected printer. Any help will be much appreciated.

    Moved from feedback

    Original title: scanning

    "I'm pri it saysnting ok", you may need to clean it up a bit? ' "

    The wireless printer is set as the default printer?

    The IP address of the wireless printer is correct for your wireless network IP address?

    If you look at the properties of the printer, on the Ports tab, your printer is listed in there?

    You have an installation CD for your printer?  Maybe uninstall and then re-run the installation program, the problem will be solved.

  • Support to network with Hello printing/scanning

    I currently own a network printer all-in-one HP PSC 2600. With my printer series 2600 PSC, can I print using the built-in Mac OS x (and) Windows drivers. Using Hello function of the web browser Safari (Bookmarks), I can find the printer by name, then analyze, check ink levels, and change the configuration of the printer using the web interface that provides the printer. I really like it because I don't have to install any additional software on the computers in my home or at work, and visitors can print/scanning (once connected to my secure network) without having to install anything except Windows Hello (if they have a Windows Notepad).

    In any case, I think replacing it with a HP Photosmart Premium all-in-one or an all-in-one HP OfficeJet 6500 Wireless. I downloaded documentation and prospectus for sales of HP for printers and I can't tell whether a printer can be used for printing and scanning without installing the HP software.

    Just to be clear:
    * The printer will be connected to my network using Ethernet.
    * Printing and scanning will be mainly Mac OS. However, we often have visitors with Windows laptops who want to print and scan.
    * I won't have to install more software HPs for print or scan. I would like to be able to print via the installed system drivers and scan through a web browser interface.

    Is this possible with the all-in-one HP Photosmart Premium or the all-in-one HP OfficeJet 6500 Wireless?

    Thanks in advance.

    Both of these printers have the Webscan application on the built-in web server.  If your friends have XP they will not have a print driver.  OS X, Vista and 7 have built-in print drivers (SL, of course, also built the scanning driver).

    Of the two, I would recommend the Photosmart.  The 6500 (and 8500) have had connection problems which are still pending (search this forum for a lot of messages).

  • Network with wireless bridge and Repeater cable


    I'm about to set up a network composed of 3 routers. The first router R1 is in the basement of my house, the second router R2 is on the first floor and the third router R3 is on the second floor. My goal is to have a single network in the House full (no subnetting) and wifi available at the 1. and 2. floor - so that I can spend on these two floors with no disturbance.

    R1 connects to the ISP. R1 is a DHCP server for the local network. It has the IP and creates the network. All devices on the network should have an IP address in the range of - 254. WiFi is turned off. It should be possible to connect a wired switch, then the computers to the switch.

    R2 has a wired to R1. R2 should work as a wireless access point. DHCP on the router must be switched off. Units to connect to this access point should get their IP address from the DHCP server on R1 (or they have a static IP address).

    R3 is a Repeater that extends the network R2 wireless.

    My question - what type of routers must choose which supported this configuration (R1, R2, R3))? In particular, I don't know how to configure R2 and R3.

    The routers are DHCP server that manages the network IP address. If you connect two routers, you disable the DHCP server on the 2nd router and set up as a simple access point whose IP address is within the range of the main router (cascaded via LAN to LAN), or you can change the IP address of the router 2nd at a different range and keep its active DHCP server (cascading through the LAN to WAN).

    Here is an article that would explain it better:

  • Problem with wireless printing.

    We just changed the internet networks and the printer will not change.

    It is a series of 4800 lexmarks, I tried to change it on the printer and the computer, but cannot make it work. I also plugged the cable in and still no joy. I am running windows 7. Help, please

    You explain what you tried to change on the printer.

    When you've got a new router, the local subnet probably changed.  If your printer is configured to automatically obtain its (default) IP address, the IP address configured in Windows for the printer is no longer valid.

    If you have not changed the default settings of the printer, just go into devices and printers and right click on the printer icon and select 'delete device '.

    Reinstall the printer as you did initially.

    If you had configured the printer to use a static IP address (which is often recommended for printer), you will need to change this.  IP address of the printer should have the same 3 first sections as the IP address on the bottom of the router.

    In other words, if the IP address of the router is, then the printer should have an IP 192.168.1.x, where x is between 2 and 254.

  • LaserJet professional M1217 nf: cannot scan over network with a printer laserjet 1217 on a Mac


    My set up:

    Mac with Yosemite

    LaserJet M1217 more wireless

    Description of the problem:

    I can't scan. Preview, the control panel or image capture, I get the same error saying "cannot open a session.

    I have installed and reinstalled the drivers/printer about 100 times.

    I tried to add the printer/scanner like airprint, or with the name of the printer as a proposed post.

    Just what causes the same error.

    I have the 2.0 version of the driver installed right now. Tried with 1.7, same result.

    I can print without problem since my Mac and my iPad.

    Tried it with an ethernet cable and have the same problem in case someone ask.

    I looked all over google and doesn't seem like someone else has the same problem? Many people have problems printing over wireless, but it's ok for me. Is the scan, I can't go to work.

    Pages of HP does not offer any other driver which has of the Yosemite. HP offers no additional program for Mac and scan.

    Don't know what else to try.

    Little help? Anyone?

    Thanks Geminy02,

    Unfortunately, your suggestions did not help, and I have a few comments about them.
    First of all, your suggestion about the router was the problem is quite impossible, as you will need to check if the ports are open only in the case we're talking about two different network segments. If you have your printer and your computer in the same segment you will have problems of ports.
    Second: if I would have chosen IP protocol to add my printer, I wouldn't take the option scan, as you said, which means I could not done any tests that I mentioned in my original post, and I would never have had to the point of getting the error message.
    Thirdly: the drivers that you MENTION for download are exactly the same as you get with yosemite, so, this could help to reinstall the driver, it's kind of a long shot (and yes I tried).

    In fact, I managed to solve my problem by doing a factory reset of the printer, any sign of a printer in my computer, cleaning and reinstall the printer using the airprint driver suggested by yosemite where to find my bounjur printer.

    I tried ro think what could be the reason, or to see all what I had changed, and the only thing I've seen different in the configuration before and after he started to work was the name of the printer. When it did not work my printer was called simply "printer", when he was working he was the full name that comes by default. It would be very strange, that this is the reason, but I just mention it here just in case someone read. I believe that the factory reset was the difficulty, not the configuration itself.

    Just for the other readers, I can confirm that this unit can print and scan over my wiresless and cable network on yosemite, with the help of preview, capture image or scan property in the control panel. It took me several hours to make it work, but it does, and my best friend was all the time the printers web page, where you can change the configuration of the printer.

  • Set up two separate networks with access to shared resources

    Hi all

    We have a two separate companies in the same building which will both need access to shared resources and the same internet connection. They must be on separate subnets cannot communicate directly with each other. The current switch is a Cisco ESW-520-48P and we are looking to buy an SG-300-20 p for the new entity moving in. Heres how we envisage the establishment:

    • ESW-520 will host network company A. workstations, servers, etc.
    • SG - 300 will be two VLANS. Vlan1 will host any business network (B) workstations, servers, etc. VLAN2 will host shared resources, such as printers.
    • The internet gateway is a system based on UNIX with 3 CARDS. 2 NETWORK cards is absorbed by ADSL connections, while the other card NETWORK LAN, linking to VLAN2 on the SG-300. We would like to define which connection ADSL to carry through according to what subnet traffic is originating.
    • The ESW-520 need access to shared resources and the internet gateway on VLAN2 on the SG-300.

    This will be possible with these two switches? It would be the best way to go about this?

    Appreciate any recommendations that you can provide.

    Thank you


    Hi Tom, yes the ESW can be either an access port to the vlan 2, unidentified or you can configure the trunk for the host devices on two subnets on the ESW, your choice. When the SX300 is L3 it will load the intervlan routing when you assign IP addresses for the interfaces of VLAN locally.

    Default gateways will be the SX300 Lass (interface vlan).  There will always be a route established between subnets so assign each vlan an IP address.

    You'll see ARP of course through the subnets of course. Not sure the DHCP acknowledgement, etc..

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  • Problem with wireless printing: can print test page, but not documents

    PhotoSmart Plus B210a with MacBook Pro running 10.7.4

    I can print a test page, but not a document.  The message from the print queue is "the printer is not connected.

    I started today be able to print from my computer, but not a second computer.

    I followed the advice of HP support including an update of the LION driver download.

    I deleted and added the printer on both computers.

    Now I can't print from my computer.

    Furthermore, why did I have to find in an HP forum on the new drivers.  Should not the printer HP offer update me the information?

    What is the download you have installed? :

    Reset the printing system:

    -Go to System Preferences > print & Scan
    -Right (or control) click in the rectangle listing your printers and select Reset Printing System.
    WARNING - This will remove ALL your printers!
    -Select the sign more to add a printer. Select the default tab on the top of the window. Search for the printer, select it, and wait until the button 'Add' becomes available. Until it clicks.

  • Printer HP C509a range: new/still a problem with the C309a with wireless printing

    Printer is now, do not print, then all the sudden days later, it will print what was in the reference. I checked everything I know how to check. I think to unstalling the software, but when you do that... There is ALWAYS something that lingers to create a problem during the installation again. Is there a good way to get rid of the computer of all the files that relate to the printer?

    OK, here's where I am. Computers 3 1 HP printer. I removed the HP software. Reinsall after I did the "usbready.exe" file in order to load the software.


    1 computer is wired 150 ft. - works fine. The other 1 computer (wireless router) to the point of HP printer

    works very well. It is the 3rd computer wireless to the router but does not work. The software, see TI but not install and plug. In one of 3 different choices. Now, I got a little my limits. I'll try to go in the "devices and printers" see on adding a printer and see if that can cling to the top. He is a friend and 24 far mi but needs to be done. The choice of HP software is the USB connection, Ethernet connection and wireless connection. All 3 see the printer but do not begin upward.

    Get it!... see red

  • Unable to connect to the network with wireless connection on Windows 7.

    Original title: wireless Internet access

    I have good network and internet connectivity when I am connected via CAT - 5 to my router/modem.  However, when I access the wireless network, I always have good connectivity and access to internet but can't send or receive emails or access Web sites.  My client browser and internet messaging turns just until it times out.  Any ideas on the cause of this problem?

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for posting on the Microsoft Community.

    I understand that you are unable to access e-mails or browse the site when you are connected using wireless network. I appreciate your time and patience to try to resolve the problem.

    1. What is the brand and model of the computer?
    2. What internet browser do you use?
    3. What mail client do you use?
    4. You receive an error message?

    This can occur due to missing updates, hardware or software problem on the computer.

    Initially, run the network troubleshooter from the link below, go to step 3.

    If the problem persists, then check out the link below which helps to fix the network connectivity issues. Wireless and wired network problems:

    Hope this helps to solve the issue if the problem persists get back to us. We will be happy to help you.

  • 2 VPN to separate networks with the same intellectual property regime

    We have an office in Bermuda and 2 offices in Chicago. 2 offices in Chicago have the same pattern of IP - I would like to set up a VPN site-to site of Bermuda for each of the offices of Chicago. I have one up and it works fine. When I set up the 2nd, I can pass in Chicago, but not receive. I guess it has to do with the same IP networks. Is there a way around this problem?

    Thank you


    Yes you need to nat all traffic goes to one of the sights of Chicago. This way others will see it as a completely different subnet. It is a guide of

  • Using the scan function on all-in-one printer with wireless print server

    I have an Epson CX7800 and that you have installed the Linksys Wiress G print server.  I was not able to access the scanner since the connection to the print server.    Just printer function works well from what ever printer I choose to print from, cannot use the scanner option.  Any help would be appreciated.

    Figured it out.  Didn't know you had to click on connect before analysis.

  • I have 3 PC home networking with a router. How to connect my new hp 6500 has more so any pc can print

    I have 3 PCs at home with one with XP 32 bit and cable to connect to a router Internet, the secoond PC with windows 7 64 bit and wireless to the same router and the third PC with XP 64-bit with the same wireless router. Currently, two have their own wired to their own printers. I want to replace the two existing printers with my newly purchased HP Officejet 6500 has more which will be located next to the XP 32 bit PC which has currently a cable connected to the router. How can I connect the new HP Officejet 6500 has more to my network to allow any of the three computers to print to the officejet and install the HP software on all 3 PC and if so what progs? I'm sorry if it's a very basic question, but I'm not a computer scientist and the help delivered with the printer documentation does not appear to this lay person to give this information on how to set up a home network with this printer. Thanks in advance for any advice.



    You can choose one of the following 2 options:

    Option 1: simila in the image above

    Connect the printer to the router,

    Connect a PC to the router (not wireless computer)

    Option 2:

    Connect a PC to the router (not wireless computer)

    Connect the printer to the wireless router

    Option 1 makes the computer without a connection to the printer. For the other two computer is the same on the two configuration options.

    Please use the following book to configure things

    Kind regards.

  • My HP6500 wireless printer does not work. get the message that my network not recognize my printer and need to start OneNote before it will work

    My HP6500 wireless printer was working well until 2 days ago.  Now, I get a message that my network does not recognize my printer.  I also have a message that says I need to run OneNote before it will work.  any suggestions on where to start


    1 have had any changes made on the computer before the show?

    2. What is the full and exact error message?

    Method 1:

    I suggest review the links and try to run the troubleshooter and check if it helps.

    Printer in Windows problems

    Method 2:

    Check out the links and check if that helps:

    Network and wireless printing problems

    Solve a problem

    Let us know if it helps.

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