Serial number does not work after the transfer of OSX and apps for the new Macbook Pro

My serial number does not work after the transfer of applications and OS X for my new Mac.  Although the Adobe specifications say it is compatible with the older OS X, it does not seem to have no compatibility issues because

-My old Macbook Pro has Yosemite and was fully running CS5 Web premium without a problem.

-My new computer has the same * exact * OS X transferred in which the suite was fully functional with the trial.

A support of top-level, software engineer, or someone who takes care of the soap operas could

-Please provide a number of test series to test with?

- And/or activate my series?

- Or show how to disable the publication series on the old disk hard if I can't use the old computer?  So that I can use with the new computer?

I chatted with technical support that keeps saying that it's a compatibility problem, to install with old OS X or buy a newer version. But I know that CS5 works with Yosemite (as I use it myself), and the only question I had is that serial # says invalid, which is separate from the functionality of the program.

I'd rather not spend hundreds more to get a new suite, when I spent a lot for CS5 already and know is fully functional on Yosemite.  I have also not return to an older operating system and break things.

Moreover, I used to be a general technical Support and I am a coder of web applications, so I understand that this isn't just some sort of "reboot" of the question

No info to solve this, or a means to achieve at the highest level Tech support, would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Transferred apps will certainly question of activation, because licenses files creation is completely dependent on machine, it willl created according to the particular Machine ID, if you transfer the application from one computer to another, there is incompatibility.

Therefore, it is very necessary that you are using the original installation media.

Download the CS5 products

If you do not agree with the process of removing and reinstalling, try wiping the contents of SLCache and rename the SLStore folder.

WARNING: Do not forget once erase you the contents of this folder, all Adobe applications will ask the new license or re-enter the serial number.

Location: /Library/Application Support / Adobe.

It is strictly recommended to install Adobe applications using the original installation media.

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