Serial number original HARD drive for my laptop

I have a laptop HP, series No. [number of Series edited by Moderator], P/n: FE932UA #ABA, I want to know the brand and the serial number of the HARD disk as roiginally came with my laptop. I recently sent my laptop for repair, & I have the feeling that my HARD drive has been replaced. Help, please.


This is something that we cannot help you.

If a laptop is sent for repair under warranty, there is always a chance that the components will be replaced to return the book to the condition that in when you sent.

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  • Copy an old hard drive for Compaq laptop.

    I have a Compaq Armada 7380DMT with a noisy (noise that feels like the dentist worn forest is in your head) drive hard 4gig. I want to copy it to a disk good 6gig, with diagnostic partition.

    What utility actually * operation * so that when I install the new drive it starts in ye olde Windows 95 b instead of saying 'Missing Operating system '?

    I tried Paragon Drive Copy 9 Pro with the copy of defining raw partition and Dubaron DiskImage. Or copied the disc correctly so it could start on partition 2, but he could start on the diagnostic partition if I held F10.

    The diagnostic partition is FAT16 with a very bare Windows 3.1 on it, with the Compaq utility as shell instead of program manager program. The other partitions are a primary FAT32 and an extended with a logical partition to FAT32 partition.

    The PC that I have to do the copy with host is a laptop computer running 32 bit Vista Ultimate SP1 and a couple of USB adapters IDE laptop.

    PS, I was do this kind of things computer since nearly 27 years and still have not seen all "fun and interesting" ways to complicate the life of a tech computer companies have set up!

    I couldn't find any disk copy utility that could copy all partitions AND create the thing correctly. Here's what I figure out to make it work.

    1. with the original disc in, press F10 when booting to access the diagnostic partition. Use the options to make the diagnostic and installation floppies.

    2. make a startup with Windows 95 disk, then make a copy on C:\ of MSDOS. SYS and change the name to MSDOS. BAK

    3. right click MS-DOS. BAK, click Poperties and uncheck the box system, hidden and read-only. Copy MSDOS. BAK on the startup disk.

    4. install the new VIRGIN hard drive and start with the diagnostic disk. It will take you through the implementation of a diagnostic partition and install the configuration files / Compaq PC diagnosis.

    5. Insert the startup disk and restart. Use FDISK to create partitions. PARTITION 2 MARK AS ACTIVE. It is 2. TWO. Not 1!

    6. Restart then FORMAT C:/s so the file system will be installed. To format all the others that you have created.

    7 A:\>attrib c:\msdos.sys s h - r

    8 A:\>copy msdos.bak c:\msdos.sys

    9 A:\>attrib msdos.sys + s + h + r

    10. remove the disc, connect it and the old drive to another PC by any means. USB > IDE adapters will work.

    11. on the old disk, use Explorer to go to the volume, which Windows 95 is installed.

    12. you need NOT hide all files and to display the name of Windows file extensions.

    13. press Ctrl a to select all files.

    14 hold CTRL and click on IO COMMAND.COM. SYS AND MSDOS. SYS to deselect them.

    15 drag with the RIGHT button of the mouse on the new drive, release and click on copy.

    16. when it's done copying, stop and then install the new hard drive in the laptop. Start up and you should be to the old windows on a new drive.

    This process works even to switch to Windows 95 and 98 on a new disc using the Win 9 x computer is running. You must move the page file to the root of C:, or to another drive is not in the Windows folder. Format the new drive with the /s switch and when you copy everything, deselect MSDOS. SYS, so it will copy the basic version FORMAT installed.

    It took me a lot of research to find the last disk of Compaq PC Diagnostics making SoftPaq to the Armada 7300 series, because HP does not have it on the downloads page for the driver of the laptop. This is the version 10.40 a, sp16085 number here the version removes the diagnostic partition configuration option. 10.39 version has, sp12906, keeps the installation program. It's here. FTP://

    I found these SoftPaq numbers on this page.

    Victory over HP trying to prevent people from getting the last partition Diagnostic utilities! Download page of the Setup disk that SoftPaq is listed on the Armada 7300 series.

  • Upgrade hard drive for computer laptop dv6626us

    I searched for the hard drive on my laptop dv6626us upgrades. When I read the comments they seem to all be positive with regard to the replacement of my current (factory loaded hard drive). One of the concerns is that the computer has been delivered to the factory with Windows XP loaded. I don't see the comments of those who have Windows 8.

    Upgrading the hard drive for the dv6626us with windows xp installed at the factory would be compatible with the hard disk depending on whether I have found as being compatible for windows 8.

    recommended update: Seagate portable, SSHD hydrides disk HARD 1 TB Sata-600 n/p.

    The hard drive I have on the computer named above is: WD Scorpio WD1600B EVS - training 60RST0 settings: LBA 312581808.  This hard drive has been charged at the factory.

    Hello mikee1960,

    HP does not have hardware support for Windows 8 on any system purchased before October 1, 2011.  Most of the Windows 7 drivers work in Windows 8.

    Check out this page to see if your computer has been tested by HP with Windows 8.

    You can run the Upgrade Wizard, which will scan your PC and report on what is currently installed on your PC is compatible with Windows 8.  This guide was updated for Windows 8 provides lots of information which is needed for all those planning the upgrade.

  • I have the disc of 12 photoshop elements, but my computer does not have a disc inserted. How can I download and enter the serial number off my drive for installation?

    I bought the 12 photo shop elements. It came with a disc, but my mac does not have a disk. How can I download and enter my serial number on the disk for the installation?

    You can download items online instead. Please see the following links for the files:

    Photoshop elements 13, 12, 11, 10 | 9, 8, 7

    First items 13, 12, 11, 10 | 9


  • Quality/compatibility of the new hard drive for my laptop

    I have a toshiba satellite A105-S2194. I went online to get a replacement from the hard drive. The guy who I spoke to suggested that I get the data of 1 TB 2.5 5400 RPM. I asked if this was no exaggeration for my computer and if she would work with her. He assured me he would. I have windows 7 to load on this subject. My question is. It is true that he did and work in my laptop? It is with Fed - ex delivery and need to know whether to install or send back

    The SATA standard is so clearly defined that virtually any disk 2.5 "will work on a laptop. High speed drives (7200 RPM +) could draw in theory more current that might have been specified, even if the newer readers are more effective. With regard to the compatibility of the BIOS limitation of size should not enter up to 2 TB

    Even if the laptop is quite old it supports disks more large, Toshiba lists only readers that they mounted but Crucial list upgrades up to 1 TB.

  • Incorrect serial number - new hard drive

    I knew that my HD was suddenly completely dead some time ago so I replaced it with a new one. As I had a license for Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, I downloaded the files and found the serial number for My Adobe. The problem is that the installation does not succeed and I get the message that the serial number is not valid. I know for a fact that I wrote it correct. What is perhaps the reason for this? That HD is dead, it is impossible to disable it...

    You must contact Adobe Support by chat or phone when you have the serial number and activation problems.  They manage to disable the original installation, and they might be able to deal with the problem number series as well if it persists.  You should check to make sure that you have downloaded the same version as the one you own.

    Here is a link to a page with options to help make contact:

  • compatible external hard drive for HP laptop - 15-af028cl

    I have a laptop HP - 15-af028cl with windows 10 and need an external hard drive to back up and store files. My older external hard drive is not compatible. How will I know if one is compatible before you buy?


    What is your old external HDD? Any HARD (USB) standard external drive 2 TB down must be compatible with your laptop.

    Kind regards.

  • Pavilion dv6t Notebook: replacing the hard drive for computer laptop dv6t

    I bought a Pavilion DV6t Notebook in 2010 and now get reviews of hard drive failure. I have a HDD 640 drive, I can replace my hard drive with the following: Seagate Momentus 7200 750 GB at 7200 RPM / MIN SATA 3 Gb/s 16 MB Cache 2.5 inch laptop laptop hard drive internal-naked drive ST9750420AS by Seagate

    Thank you.


    Yes, this HARD drive works perfectly.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • new hard drive for laptop

    I have a laptop dv7-3140el and HD samsung HM641JI 640GB 2.5 "SATA 5400 RPM (to replace car failure). To buy a new hard drive I have to take the same or I can take 7200 RPM instead of 5400? What technical specifications should I look for when buying a hard drive for computer laptop dv7-3140el? I wouldn't make a bad purchase!

    Sorry for my bad English


    Here are a few points to note when replacing your HARD drive:

    You are not limited to any particular drive manufacturer.

    The speed of rotation of the disc can be 5400 RPM or 7200 RPM

    The new drive HARD should be at least the same capacity (or slightly more is okay) as the original drive - mounting a drive smaller than the original often causes risks with recovery media.

    The player at the link below is an example of one that would be perfect for your laptop.

    750 GB hard drive for laptop.

    If necessary, the procedure to replace the hard drive begins on Page 47 of your maintenance & Service Guide.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Satellite A105-S4074 - which HARD drive for upgrade?

    I want to replace the Toshiba MK1234GSX (120 GB, 5400 RPM, SATA-150, 8 MB cache) hard drive on my A105-S4074 laptop with a bigger. My question is whether it is good to buy a Toshiba HDD no.

    Available on direct to my computer Toshiba laptop is only the following HARD disk:
    Toshiba 320 GB 2.5 "5400 RPM internal notebook hard drive - SATA"
    Capacity: 320 GB
    Interface: Serial ATA 150
    Speed: 5400 RPM
    Buffer size: 8 MB

    I wonder if such a 320 GB or 500 GB WD HARD or Momentus drive will work very well, for example
    -Western Digital 320 GB / 500 GB Scorpio blue SATAII 5400 RPM 2.5 IN. 8 MB in bulk / OEM hard drive (WD3200BEVT/WD5000BEVT
    -Seagate Momentus 5400.6 320/500 GB 5400 RPM / MIN SATA 3 GB/s 8 MB Cache 2.5 inch internal NB Hard Drive (ST9320325AS/ST9320325AS)

    Also, is it wise purchase a 7200 RPM HARD drive for this laptop? Would this work?

    Thank you


    First on interface SATA there is no capacity limit. This means that you can buy each HARD drive with SATA interface and it should work fine.

    It is also irrelevant if you buy a Toshiba, Western Digital, etc. There is not much difference between the models. It of your choice what you buy! ;)

    Theoretically, 7200 RPM HARD drive should work but don t forget that they produce more heat and need more battery power. 5400 RPM should be sufficient for most applications.

    Good bye

  • sugest a 160gig hard drive for el3103

    can anyone sugest a compatible 160 more hard drive for computer laptop el 3103, at the time where it has a hard drive ata 80gig, want more disk space.


    What is the number and model of your computer?

    Looking for information on the command of compatible hard drive to your computer, it would be best to contact your computer manufacturer for assistance.

    Hope the information is useful.

  • Change the HARD drive in the laptop Satellite P10-304

    I bought a new hard drive for my laptop toshiba satellite sp10, can someone tell me were the hard drive is in the laptop, so I can change it as it does not tell you in the instructions booklet
    Thank you


    For some portable models change HARD drive is very simple and not complicated. Change the HARD drive in your case will be not so easy, and in my opinion, you should contact the service partner. I don't know how old is your laptop, and if the warranty is still valid, but as Tobi said if you open the Briefcase with laptop computer on your own, you can lose the warranty.

    I don't know, but the HARD drive should be placed somewhere under keyboard because on this model there is no coverage of HARD drive in the lower corner.

    Good bye

  • I have wiped inadverntly windows xp from my hard drive of pavilion laptop

    I buy a spare hard drive for my laptop dv1000 pavilion.  What I have to buy a windows xp home edition to install on my laptop or is it possible to download on my laptop of the grace of the internet IE, at the time when I bought my laptop dv1000 the home edition of windows xp is already installed on my computer.


    As you have received the operating system preinstalled from HP, I suggest you contact HP support and see if they can provide you with the Windows XP operating system disk.
    Check out this link to contact HP support:

    Hope the above information is helpful.

  • Replacement hard drive for Portege P2010 - part number required

    Can someone tell me what is the part number for a replacement hard drive for Portege P2010 is? It has the latest version of the BIOS installed, if the capacity of the HARD disk can be greater than the original 30gig?

    Thank you


    Hello Martin

    Unfortunately I was found no specific information. If I'm right, this unit needs 1.9 HDD and I think it can be much more expensive as 2.5 standard.

    Check it please this page
    You will find a few pieces of upgrade for your device.

    Good bye

  • new hard drive for laptop computer tried to install windows XP

    Just fitted new hard drive for laptop computer tried to install windows XP, continues by saying can not find any hard disk. any help would be appreciated

    Hi JohnJelf,

    ·         What is the brand and model of the laptop?

    ·         What is the full error message?

    ·         The new hard drive detected in BIOS?

    I suggest you to contact the manufacturer of the laptop computer for more help and information.

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