Series HP Photosmart C309a

I bought this printer, HP Photosmart C309a series, in February 2010 and is just beginning to have some problems with printing photos on photo paper. When I print on paper, the photo is clear and the colors are good. When I print on photo paper, the colors are all washed out similar to look at a negative.

Has anyone ever experienced such a problem and if so, is there a solution before you go out and buy a new printer.



What type of program you are using to print?

What setting when you try to print?  A screen shot would help me.

Please get back to me and I'll continue to help you.

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  • Series HP Photosmart C309a: printer does not print!

    All of a sudden, my HP does not email print.  I can get a header to print, but not the body of the email-sometimes-not even the header!  Help!  I use my printer constantly in my business and need to work!

    cleaned the cartridge 3 times and disconnected the will of the printer-it NOT turn on!  I tried for 15 minutes - it just won't restart!

  • Series HP Photosmart C309a: windows 10CD

    Before upgrading to Windows 10 and the latest drivers from HP, I was able to print to iPad and Iphone but only the elements of my browsers. Bluetooth and Airpriint have NEVER worked on this printer. But at least I could pull up a recipe in Safari and print from anywhere in the House.

    None. The new Center Solution HP now has three buttons where previously he had eight. I can't find where to find my printing in HP on my apple devices applications. I can't always connect bluetooth LAN or wireless Airprint.

    Where are hiding the commands to do this?

    HI @ECWriter,

    No problem. Here's how I recommend you do the installation:

    • Click here to install the printer on the Windows 7 computer
    • Follow the prompts as you go along - if you have a usb cable that allows you to connect directly to the computer at the beginning of the installation. When go you further in the installation, you will be able to connect the printer to your network wirelessly via the printer software.
    • If you are able to install and turn the printer on the network wireless successfully, the installation of Windows 10 should go much smoother. You can use the link above to install the printer on the 10 PC set Wizard and it should be able to detect the printer on the network from there. This will also pave the way for restored on your iOS devices use.

    Let me know how it goes.

    Kind regards

  • Is my HP Photosmart C309a series ePrint allow?

    I set up my printer for wireless connection. I couldn't add it to eprint. Is my HP Photosmart C309a series ePrint allow?

    Thank you


    Your HP C309a printer does not support eprint. Most HP printers that supports the eprint feature has a letter from e. For example:

    * HP Photosmart Premium Fax e-All-in-One Printer - C410a

    * HP Photosmart Premium e-All-in-One Printer - C310a

    The updated model of your C309a (HP Photosmart Premium Fax all-in-One Printer) that supports eprint is the HP Photosmart Premium Fax e-all-in-one printer - C410a!

    click here and click here to compare the specs between c309a and C410a.

  • C309a: HP driver update for HP Photosmart C309a series

    When you perform the update of windows, I have continual wants updaet HP driver for HP Photosmart C309a series.  He did the update, and then wants to do it again the next time Windows Update is run.  If I look at the history of Windows update, it is many, many times.  The screen "View installed updates" Control Panel does not, however.  Microsoft says that it is a problem of HP.


    Thank you


    Hello @Wayne0825,
  • Photosmart C309a don't scan

    My C309a don't scan:

    -When I press the button on the printer, it is said there is a problem of scan and told me to "try to start the scan of the computer, refer to the documentation for more details"

    -When I open the HP solution on the Office Center, it says it cannot run because "your device isn't complete... Please connect the USB cable or re-run the form progam setup from the installation to a network installation CD... If it does not complete the installation or you do not have the CD to access the HP help files by clicking on the start menu.

    -J' uninstalled and reinstalled the software from the CD - it did not work

    -J' downloaded the new drivers from here:

    -J' tried and then install the device. I clicked the USB cable option, rather than wireless or ethernet options, and when I clicked 'Next' he told me to check the cable USB is plugged in and the unit was powered. he wouldn't let me go forward even if I put the computer turned off and removed the USB cable before trying again and reconnect them

    -l' printer prints perfectly fine USB cable... it's not just scan!

    -I had not moved the USB cable to a different USB port... still no joy

    I'm out of ideas

    In response to my own Announces 1/2 day later.

    HP Photosmart C309a will not computer scan.  The HP Solution Center does NOT open.  Can print but cannot open the HP Solution Center and command the C309a to scan a document.  Using Windows 7.  Tried to download new driver and also used the original installation disc without success in the restoration of the HP Solution Center that is used to control the printer to perform analyses.


    Click the Start button on windows at the bottom left

    Click "all programs."

    Clicked on "HP".

    Under "HP" clicked "Photosmart C309a Series"

    Click 'add a device '.

    A program was launched which has detected my existing C309a and when he was finished the HP Solution Center has been restored to its previous working state.  I did this using the wireless connection.  I always have not plugged the laptop in the wired connection on my desktop that I don't want to get out of this comfortable chair and address this issue more. He now works in wireless mode, and that's good enough for now!

  • Photosmart c309a and ie9 does not

    I watched a lot of forums on this topic and can't see an acceptable answers. I have a new HP 520z all-in-one and a Photosmart Premium Fax c309a printer works wirelessly.  Computer came with Windows 7 and IE9.  The printer will not print anything on the web, including e-mail, even when I try to print screen.  My wife is running Windows7 and IE 8 and has no problem.  I run HP Diagnostics and it conflict pilot sez.  I install the new printer and Windows sez can not install I get around.  I see that I'm not the only person having this problem.  Many sites also reveal this conflict.  Help?

    I contacted HP support by phone and they have said that there is a problem with IE9 and the Photosmart c309a no internet print and e-mail printing.  There may be others, but that was not mentioned.  So at the present time, that the solution is remove ie9 and replace with ie8.  Now my printer works perfectly.  They talked me through it.

  • There is a possible fix for a wireless not working on a HP Photosmart C309a radio?

    My photosmart C309a is now unable to detect my wireless network.

    The wireless network Test report indicates that the wireless radio is not working.

    When I run the Wireless Setup Wizard, it just continues when sailing with the bar multicolor without detecting anything.

    I heard that it is not compatible with the new Netgear routers. But it worked for a while until I have reset the settings

    factory default when I encountered some problems with my connection.

    Thanks for any info in advance.


    HI raddoc888,

    If your printer is being warranrty and turns to present a radio wireless defective or damaged then the printer can be replaced. Call our technical support at the 1-800-474-6838, so we can help you with the problem of the printer and check your warranty on the printer.

    Work around for printers of security:

    You can connect the printer to your router via an Ethernet cable and then use the router to connect wirelessly to the printer.

    Out support options warranty

  • Photosmart c309a all in a pr: driver for Photosmart c309a with Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite)

    I plan on upgrading to Yosemite, Mac OS 10.10, but do not know if my Mavericks driver will work or if I need to download a new one.

    If I need to download, can someone tell me where to find it? I'm completely lost in the drivers section. So many links and so confused.

    Thank you


    For someone else with the same question, I found the Photosmart c309a on this list of printers that are compatible with Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite).

    It took forever to find the right search expression to access this article.

    HP it guys, this site is very difficult to navigate. I couldn't yet find my own question in the forum until someone posted a response. And then, the layout of the answer was so cluttered, I wasn't sure what part could be an answer from him or just more links leading to pages across the site.

    Please simplify things. Thank you.

  • HP Photosmart c309a: HP Photosmart c309a will not re - install

    I had printing problems with my HP Photosmart c309a. The print queue says printer is offline. I did a few things that have worked before, unplugged the printer and plugged, computer, etc.. So I decided to uninstall the printer and reinstall it. It worked in the past. I can't get the printer to re - install. I download and installed the drivers, still would not re - install. I used the CD that came with the printer to try to re - install, but it is said that the Windows operating system is not compatible with this printer. I have Windows 7 (64-bit) and use this computer with this OS and this printer for four years without problem. Any suggestions? The system would update yesterday. The OS is Windows 7 Service Pack 1, 64-bit.

    Hi @Ginny545,

    Please become a member of the HP's Support Forums. I understand that you have a problem with reinstalling the printer. I would like to help you to solve this problem today.

    If Setup USB, please disconnect the USB cable from the computer.

    If wireless make sure the WiFi light on the right side is on and solid.

    Here is a link to download HP printer install wizard for Windows. It will check your system and find the best software to install.

    HP print and Scan Doctor was designed by HP to offer users the troubleshooting and problems of the functionality needed to solve many common problems encountered with HP print and scan the products related to Windows computers.  Including issues of the printer offline.  Please try this before you uninstall the software.

    Please keep me informed of the progress of things.

    If you need help, let me know and I will gladly make all that I can to help you.

    Please let me know if that solves the problem by marking this post as "accept as a Solution.
    To simply say thank you, click the Thumbs up below!

    Thank you.

  • Photosmart c309a all in one

    My Photosmart C309a worked very well today, all of a sudden, it prints no and said the wireless radio does not work there at - it something I can do to fix this?

    The lights will market does not mean that the wireless radio is good. It might not work, but always turn. The last thing you can try is a partial reset. If this does not work, you will need to replace the printer.

    To make a partial reset:
    1. make sure that the printer is turned on.
    2. pull on the power cord from the printer.
    3. pull out the power cord from the wall.
    4. wait for 30 seconds.
    5. plug the power cord into the wall, but do not connect the printer.
    6. press 3 and # buttons.
    7. while now buttons, plug in the printer.
    8. when the lights come on, release the buttons.

  • HP Photosmart C309A wrong size paper to print wireless from Mac OS 10.7.5

    We connected our HP Photosmart C309A AllinOne printer on a wireless network to our Mac computer running Mac OS 10.7.5. Almost whenever we try to print from any propgram he respnds with the following error message:

    Paper size error: paper selected in the printer driver does not match the paper size in the printer input tray.

    I have reset the size of the paper to the printer to letter 8.5 x 11, updated all the software of the computer and checked all the preferences.

    What should I do next?  The printer worked fine with 10.6.

    Thanks for your suggestions.  We are VERY frustrated.

    Hi amwsin,

    I suggest to reset the printing of your Mac system. Then readd the printer printing & scanning and test again to print.

    This documents contains steps to reset the printing system: Macintosh: reset the system of printing from Mac OS X

    It will be useful.

  • weight of card hp photosmart c309a

    Could someone tell me please the maximum weight of card that I can use in Hp Photosmart C309a. I can use 250 g/m² with success but wondered if I could use any more heavy for example 285 g/m². Thank you

    Hi craftygran,

    Welcome to the HP Forums.

    The maximum weight of a map is of 200 g/m².

    Here is a link that will lead you to the specifications.

    You will find targeted information to the specifications output paper.

    I hope this information is useful.

    Thank you

  • HP Photosmart C309a: Hp Photosmart C309a print issues

    I bought a new Black XL cartridge and installed, but after printing for a day, it will not print black ink. The level indicates that the cartridge is half full with ink.  I aligned the print heads and cleaned the print heads. I used the Print and Scan doctor on the computer, but is to show that everything is fine. I'm running out of options to solve the problem.

    I found this solution for 309 a does not print black.

    I hope this helps with your question.

  • Photosmart C309a: Want to be able to scan w / Photosmart C309a on wireless network

    I want to add the solution Center HP to be able to scan documents to my wireless laptop.  I've loaded and installed the last HP software for the printer HP Photosmart C309a on my new computer laptop of Toshiba.  I was able to print from Word and Adobe Reader, etc., wireless, but I can't access the printer through the HP Solution Center to scan documents. I am told that installation of the device is not complete.  Then...

    ... When I try via "add a device Photosmart...". "the software detects the printer, but every time I try using (connected with cable) ethernet or wireless, after the network diagnostics, it will fail.  I did at least a dozen times.

    Another laptop with the same software is close is connected via the wireless and works perfectly.  I'm working on that won't work.

    I would try to uninstall, reboot, then reinstall the printer software.  There should be an uninstall icon in the folder/printer HP in the group '' programs. ''

    If you have other software installed HP printer that you don't use I would uninstall that as well.

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