Buongiorno, avrei need di una offer by price dn.3 hd

ST3600057SS HD Sas2 Cheetah 15K.7 600 GB 15000 rpm

MI could dare make su come fare? Grazie.



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  • Reference DELL R710 con disco rotto [GRO]

    Buongiorno, ho a server DELL R710 fuori co.

    HO a disco rotto.

    The error e he following:

    3 E1810 hard drive fault. Review & clear SALT

    MI servirebbe una offer by uno in sostituzione.

    Stiamo contattando by mail


  • The Dell R710 server upgrade to R2 2012 Windows

    Question for the forum:

    I have a Dell R710 server.  There a PERC 6 / i RAID card in there.  There are discs 5 x 2 TB on the PERC 6 / I configured in RAID-5 right now with the 6th disc as a 480 GB SSD.   I currently own WINDOWS 2012 R2 installed.   Windows 2012 sees the TB 5 x 2 as a 7.27 TB HDD and the 480 GB SSD as a second hard drive.

    I heard the Windows 2012 R2 storage solution is best.  I want to convert the TB 5 x 2 hard drives just so R2 2012 Windows can control it.  I have the following questions:

    1. What do I have to go in PERC 6 / I controller and remove the RAID 5 and create a virtual disk for each 2 TB as a RAID-0 disk drive so that Windows can see each as separate hard drive?

    2. each of the 2 TB is a SATA II drive.  PERC 6 / I can only support up to 2 TB to 3 Gbps.  What is the best way to do it?  Can I upgrade to SATA III drives or 6 Gbps?  This server which will support at all?  I have

    3. If I install a SATA III controller in the PCIe slot, how can I plug SATA III drives to the card.  All drives are connected to the server to forward now.

    4 If a disk fails, Dell R710 will still flash light orange on the forehead to show what defective hard drives?  People still hot to swap the drive?

    5. Windows 2012 R2 will be able to tell what defective hard drives?  With 5 x 2 to for the storage and 480 GB put in place in the SSD for tiered storage, which is the best way to configure it for performance?  Simple volume or mirror?  How many drives can fail until Windows cannot recover from the failure?

    Please advise on the best way to convert more software raid WINDOWS 2012 R2.  Thanks for the help in advance!

    1. This is the only way to make available to Windows as separate disks, as the PERC 6 does not support the RAID/JBOD.

    2. the PERC 6 supports a maximum drive size of 2 TB. The material is limited to 3 Gbps. You can use 6 GB/s drives, but they will operate as discs 3 Gbps.

    3. you will need to connect a cable from the backplane to the new controller, instead of the 6 PERC. Backplane may not support 6 GB/s speed, if you plug a controller 6Gbps 6Gbps drives and they bind upward to 3 Gbps, that is why.

    4. Yes.

    5. Yes. How can fail depends on how you have set it up and how much data is there.

  • Reference Dell R710 - ESX5.1 Server Admin 7.4 storage management alerts

    Greetings, I've been deployment OMSA 7.4 VIB to my Dell ESX5.1 host using successfully manage the update. However, all of my Dell R710s servers) report a warning in the Console Essentials OpenManage under the information Section of Agent software for the following: - Server (storage management) administrator - VMware ESXi 5.1.0 build-1065491 no further information is provided in addition to the version of the agent, the description, and manufacturing. Also, under this article the iDRAC6 shows as a "?" but the version of the agent and the description as well the listing agent. This could be linked to the fact that, under the CARS, section reports on RAC connection state as OFF. Step additional needed to get these warnings are resolved? See you soon

    You must configure two separate groups, I have one of MGMT (iDRAC) and another for the hosts, both being discovered using WS - MAN, because as you say they have different passwords, our names are the same.

    I hope this might set you on the right track.

  • Request preventivo sostituzione card mother server Dell PowerEdge R610


    Abbiamo need di UN preventivo per sostituzione card mother relative al server Dell PowerEdge R610 fuori co Service Tag GGFN25J.

    Restiamo in attesa di una vs cortese risposta.


    Alberto Daponte

    IBN Savio Srl

    Buongiorno, the sto contattando via e-mail.

  • Reference Dell R710, Dell and VMware VAAI MD3200

    Hi guys, we have 3 x Dell R710 hosts running VMware ESXi hypervisor v5.1. Our SAN is via Dell MD3200 Direct attached storage. We have activated the option of High Performance. My question is about VMware VAAI. In particular, the recommendation of VMware: it says: "For more information on support VAAI in a particular storage group or required firmware levels, contact the storage array provider." So I'm wondering: is VAAI supported (or not) with the MD3200... and otherwise: should I be deactivation of VAAI settings as recommended by VMware? What are the potential implications for the performance of deactivation of VAAI... or support DO NOT turn it off? Thank you, Steve

    Indeed, you are using a fairly old firmware. The most recent is

    To be able to upgrade to this version, you will need a version quite familiar of the MDSM. I would say to download or later, which is All servers Windows and Linux (not VMware or XenServer) server that manage and/or are connected via iSCSI SAN should have their MDSM, updated software before upgrade you the firmware on the raid on the SAN controller.

    RAID controller firmware:

    Latest resources DVD (

  • How to install the graphics card Nvidia Quadro 4000 in Dell R710

    Hi all

    I read a lot about the installation of the Nvidia Quadro PCIe x 16 card in a Dell R710.  I know what parts I need to order (Dell GP347 PCI-e left Riser), but I don't know how to install the power cable 6 pin required by the Nvidia card.  Where would connect it to the motherboard Dell R710?  Is there a place to connect?  If not, is there some type of power provides I can hang the 6-pin power Cable from Nvidia and power the server?  Any help would be appreciated.

    It's a bit old now, but thought I would answer that I had this work and very happy with the performance!

    In addition to editing card, that I needed, there is NO way to provide the power that the card must provide without a power SUPPLY.  There is a really small box listed on Newegg called "ePOWER EP - 450CD 450W ATX12V/EPS12V modular juice dedicated to the area of graphics card and CPU of power".  Buy and run the GPU power cable to an empty PCI slot at the back of the Dell server.

    I also bought some video cards NVidia Quadro 4000 2 GB GDDR5 PCIe for each of my 5.5 ESXi servers. Also, I left my active integrated video graphics card and it is always primary for my hypervisor.

    Download and install the NVidia ESXi drivers on their site and follow the directions to install.  Reset.

    I use sVGA with my Horizon offices and downloaded a trial version of Sketch-Up to test the 3D.  They have a community of users who post 3D renderings and you can download it directly from the Sketch-up program.  Cruise around and check the performance.

    As a side note, I noticed IE worked worse way by using the GPU when browsing the internet.  Go to settings, advanced in Internet Explorer and has the option at the top of the page "use rendering software instead of GPU".  This change makes IE works as expected.

  • Boot from SAN Dell R710 and Dell MD3200i!

    Hi all

    I have Dell R710 and Dell MD3200i, now I would like to install the hyperviosr in a SAN lun. Can someone guide me that?

    Thank you



    1. you already have SAN LUNS allocated and the WWPN of Hope details. for this info, contact SAN team.

    2. ensure that HBA card installed on the Dell server is configured for SAN bootable at the BIOS level

    3. go in the name of the document below URL to get the Setup instructions for ESXi 5.1: vSphere Guide Installation and

  • Do Dell R710 should be updated Firmware?

    Hello world

    Are my servers Dell R710 running ESXi 4.1. The current firmware of the servers are 2.1.1

    After I check my servers vmware compatibility guide, I got the result:


    Can I upgrade the current firmware to a new? And how I do with Dell Server?

    Thank you

    Hello and welcome to the communities.

    Yes, you must upgrade to meet the needs listed on the VMware HCL. See for a set of instructions that can be used.

  • Dell R710 and ESXi 4.1 NIC issue.

    Please bare with me, I'm a newbe with vMware.

    My question is this:

    Got a new Dell R710 with Broadcom BCM5709 quad. Install ESXi 4.1 CD. Then, I created a virtual machine and install Win Server 2008 R2 64 bit.

    In vSphere Client under configuration-> network-> properties (per virtual switch)-> network-> adapter details maps I see the Broadcom adapter. But in Windows in the Device Manager the NIC comes as Intel PRO/1000MT.

    This is the expected behavior? ESXi support a pilot intel virtual any? or must we show Broadcom NIC.

    If this is not the expected behavior, please suggest a solution.

    Thank you

    Welcome to the community,

    what you see is expected and in design. ESX mask the real hardware and presents a virtual hardware to virtual machines. In this way, you are able to move the virtual machine across different hosts and even VMware Workstation, player,... without a lot of changes.


  • Reference Dell R710 - Configuration of memory

    Hi all

    I'm sure I'm missing something, but I read the two technical papers about memory configuration in the Dell R710.

    I have a server that currently has 48GB stated as follows

    A1 - 4 GB

    A4 - 4 GB

    A2 - 4 GB

    A5 - 4 GB

    A3 - 4 GB

    A6 - 4 GB

    (It then returned on the b-side)

    According to the BIOS it's set to "optimized."

    Now I have sticks of 2x16GB I wanted to install, the only way that I could operate without the whine of BIOS was to install as follows:

    A2 - 16 GB

    A5 - 4 GB

    A8 - 4 GB

    (Duplicated on b-side)

    Giving 72 GB.

    As I read the manual, I should be able to mix the sizes of memory for "optimized" as long I have spend from A1 to A9 and so I have an another 6x4Go sticks left, I want to install.

    My logic is that I can fill with A1 to A9, mixing the 16 GB, however when I try I get the error on the A1/A2/A3 needing to be the same?

    Am I missing something simple? I am unable to make changes in the BIOS, the memory is all of the same type (bought from Dell)


    The question that you are running in is due to the R710 need 3 memory channels to match.  Each game nine media is organized in three channels with three supports memory per channel. As shown below, each processor has 3 channels of memory, allowing only a single channel to the need to match, or filled.  So, with only having a couple of 16 GB DIMMs, you are only able to fill a channel on each side. What I would say is the addition of a couple more 16 GB DIMMS fill A1, A2, B1, B2 with them, and then place the 4 GB in A4, A5, A7, A8, as well as B4, B5, B7 and B8. This gives you two channels on each side, as well as 96 GB of memory.

    Let me know if this helps answer your question.

  • ISO won't boot on Dell R710

    Hello world

    New user of VMWare vSphere.  I can't boot from the installation CD that I downloaded.  The server is a Dell R710 and when I say to boot from the optical drive onboard it seems fair to jump him and continues to the next option (matrix raid or NETWORK card), I don't even see a flash of the DVD ROM drive...

    I tried to burn the ISO on a Mac, on a Workstation Windows 7 with different burning software, tried to burn in faster and slower speeds, tried different media such as CD - RW or just CDR, getting no joy!

    I got to start once in ESXi during my testing in the beginning, but the drive I used then is not good now (it was ESXi 4.1, same version, but it has a lot of scratches and stuff on it now, just gets the text ISOLINUX and stops)

    Any advice?

    Thanks, Mike


    I, also, I had issues installing esxi 4.1 via CD on a R710. I assumed it was something that I was doing wrong, or even the media.

    I tired to download the ISO of Dell and another of VMWare. Both gave me the same result-no workie. I then tried to burn to a different type of disc (Verbatim, I think) a different burner. Same result.

    At last resort, I tried to install via a usb flash drive. I used this guide step by step to build readers:

  • Reference Dell R710 enable HyperThreading on vSphere 4.1

    Hi all experts VM.

    I just buy Dell R710 server and installed Vmware ESX 4.1 on it.

    vmware configuration, I found that the "HyperThreading" does not.

    but I check the BIOS, it is already active.

    It is all set up on BIOS, I missed?

    attach with the show of the "HyperThreading" display not active on client vSpherer.

    Take a look at Intel® Xeon® Processor E5506

    Intel® Hyper-Threading technology no.

  • Sizes of mixed memory in Dell R710 to reach speeds of 1333 mhz and 800 mhz

    We have some Dell R710 which was originally ordered with 48 GB in a configuration of 1333 mhz 12x4Go (RDIMMS). We ordered 6 sticks of memory of 4 GB 1333 mhz additional to complete all 18 banks for a total of 72 GB.  The speed of the memory, then decreased to running at 800 mhz.  We had immediately complaints on the performance in some of our mission critical VM (terminal Server and SQL DBs servers), so we have VMotion their due on a R710 still on the original 12x4Go config clocked at 1333 mhz and complaints went.  I spoke with pre-sales both Dell and after-sales technical support and they confirm that filling all 18 banks decreases speed to 800 mhz, but I get conflicting reports which must be running 12 banks (which is configured as 2 of the 3 banks available in each 6 channels) at 1 066 mhz now which is not. Still, both say that my best option is to return the modules to 4 GB bought recently and also pull the original 12x4Go modules and replace them all by 12x8Go 96GB and should operate at 1333 mhz.  It is really more memory I need and almost three times that I have already budgeted and spent on extra 4 GB of purchase sticks.

    The other option, you said I could do, as well as that of my question is to mix 6x4Go and 6X8Go, up to 72 GB.  I see also that is a configuration of memory available on the Dell Web site during the construction a R710, and he said 1333 mhz as well.  Technical support before and after had these things to say, and it makes me a little nervous because this isn't an absolute 'you'll be fine:

    prior support guy:

    "Everything I read or say confirms that it is perfectly fine to mix the modules in sizes too long as modules within each channel are the same size." I think it can be recommended by most to ensure the consistency of the size but as I said before that we have in our new server system configurations to be cited with mixed sizes what makes me even more confident that is you went this route you would be fine and little or no experience in performance decline. »

    support after guy:

    "Regarding your new question on the use of 6 DIMM 4 GB mixed with 8 GB for a total of 72 GB, which is not an optimum configuration, but I don't think you should really meet a lot of problems with it."  I mentioned before that if you mix speeds, it will downclock fastest at the speed of slow DIMM DIMMS, so certainly would advise against mixing speeds. Regarding the size, the only thing you might encounter as it is booting, you can hear this isn't an optimal configuration, but it should detect any memory and be able to make use of this.  Don't think there is really a performance reached unless you're missing speeds.  «Also, don't forget to reflect your configuration across all channels, if you do not want all of the 4 GB and 8 GB in the same configuration such that put all 8 GB in slots 1/2/3, then put the 4 GB DIMMs in 4/5/6 on both machines slot A and B.»

    So the real question is - if it is not a "optimal" configuration, which makes it means the actual performance of my vSphere servers?  All done and they have problems?

    Thank you


    How about using 8x8GB sticks for each host? You'd get to 64 GB each... I'd like to see if Dell will allow you to trade in the memory, you do not have to purchase new memory inside the host... Or look for another provider of memory which will provide you with the correct memory at a better price.

    Network administrator

    VMware VCP4

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  • VMWare ESXi 4 on Dell R710 shows no other Intel Nic


    I installed VMWare ESXi 4 on a new Dell R710 server with integrated Broadcom 4 Port NETWORK interface and a network card additional Intel 4 Port. In the Vsphere Client now I only see the NIC. Broadcom onboard

    The additional INTEL Nic does not appear upward.  But I can see VMWare ESXi 4 acknowledged the Intel NIC in Advanced Settings Configuration VMDirectPath.

    Any help with this would be great.

    Thank you


    Welcome to the Forums - if it's the Quad Intel NIC check that the - the drivers are located here -

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