service pack 4

I'm trying to connect my Sony camcorder to my Compac computer using GrabbeeX deluxe device connected to a usb port and windows
Vista, but a continuous alert that says "Please upgrade your version of WIN - 2 K to Service Pack 4" can you please advise and help solve this problem
problem.  Thank you.  Jifae

Hi Jifae,

Thank you for writing to Microsoft answers Community Forums.

It seems that the drivers installed for your camcorder Sony is for Windows 2000. If you have a driver CD for Sony camcorder trying to remove the drivers for your computer and reinstall the drivers. Also, you can access Sony website to download the latest Vista drivers for your video camera.

If the problem persists after trying the above steps, you can access the link below visit our Windows 2000 forum and post your question.   Given that this error is related to Windows 2000 Service pack 4.

It will be useful.

Kind regards

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    Hello world
    "I have a ' Toshiba Satellite Pro A10: P4 - M 2.2 GHz/XP Pro/15" TFT/40 GB / 768 MB.
    I have installed Windows XP Service pack 2 in my book.
    After the update to Windows XP SP2, the only way to start my computer after putting in "sleep mode" or "hibernation mode" is witch power off and then start up.
    I reinstalled "Toshiba Power Saver", but nothing came of it.

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    Kind regards

    Obviously the Service Pack 2 does not match current preinstalled saver.

    First installation, you have is to wait for an updated version of Toshiba Power Saver, which is XP Service Pack 2 tested. But so far, you have no "Standby" or "hibernate".

    Installation of the second. If you need to "Standby" or "Hibernate" feature, uninstall Service Pack 2 and wait until there is a solution to the problem of energy saving.

    The two sounds is not perfect, but I think the second installation is the best way. Toshiba will surely bring a new Service Pack 2 tested Power Saver version.

    Good bye

  • Satellite 5000 with Windows XP, Service Pack 1 is installed and now my sound card does not work

    Everyone knows this problem.

    I have a 5000 Satellite with Windows XP. I installed SP1 and now my sound card does not work.

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    Does anyone have this problem?

    I reinstalled the Yamaha drive a couple of times and always the same: no sound?

    I bought this unit in Holland and it was great until the problem of Service Pack. I heard that Comcom was a dealer right here. Maybe I'll have to make to them, if I can't help here?

  • Office XP Service Pack 3 update on Satellite A50

    Have experienced problems trying to update for office XP on the web site of MS on the A50. Machine came pre-installed with XP Professional Office but disks have not been provided, Microsoft recommends using OfficeXpSp3-kb832671-fullfile - enu.exe in this case, but it has not installed. They also recommend asking for Office of the OEM installation floppies when success cannot be achieved. Must be written to Toshiba.
    Has anyone managed to update to SP3 without the installation disc?


    I see you have already posted the topic once. I think that it s better to keep everything in a single thread. :)

    In your situation, I would do the following: install the service pack and if he luckily successfully, you can always go back with the system restore option. There should also be an option during the installation of the Service Pack to save files to "going back."

    See you soon

  • Cannot install Office XP Service Pack 3

    When I tri to install MS Windows XP Home Service Pack 3 it can not do...
    He needs the Win XP disc... and given that the computer satellite phone only comes with a restore disk
    (I tried to put in) what should I do?

    I tried to download the service pack full version which, according to the MOH, removes this problem in most cases

    but not on the model of satellite looks...

    so, how can I install this service pack without cd... they should have delivered the computer with a cd of windows instead of a recovery cd
    Since it is necessary to other times also

    "During the installation of SP3, you may be asked to insert one or more of your original Office XP CD-ROM. If you do not have access to the original CD of Microsoft Office XP, you can install Office XP SP3 Version (58925 KB) full file. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation. "Note: some users will be always requested the original CD when you use the Office XP SP3 Full Version file, depending on your installation of Microsoft Office XP.

    someone at - it a sugestion


    As far as I know on Toshiba laptops, you won't find any XP desktop software pre-installed. On some devices, you will find the Microsoft OneNote and is NOT the same as Office XP software!

    In this case, you need to use the original CD of Windows Office XP to install this product on you laptop computer. If you have no Office XP so I put t understand why you want to install updates

  • Firefox process continues to run. I can't open a new session until I manually stop Firefox 32 process in the tax Manager. Using Win Vista Ultimate 64 Version 6.0 Service Pack 2

    Firefox process continues to run. I can't open a new session until I manually stop Firefox 32 process in the tax Manager. Using Win Vista Ultimate 64 Version 6.0 Service Pack 2

    Firefox is already running but is not responding

    Firefox crashes on exit

    Check and tell if its working.

  • Re: Satellite A660 - drivers graphics Intel & installation Service Pack 1

    Hello, hope someone can help me.
    I recently put in a new hard drive in my Toshiba Satellite A660 No. model. PSAW3A-15J06T, and after you have reinstalled Windows 7 (64 bit), SP1 is not presented as an option to upgrade to windows. I read on the microsoft site, my Intel Graphics HD Driver would make this problem and it should be updated.

    I have had no success finding the right driver to fix this.
    In Device Manager, the driver name is just "Intel(r) HD Graphics" date of 21/04/2010 driver, version
    I upgraded my Nividia driver successfully for Toshiba downloads, but can't find a newer driver for the Intel(r) HD Graphics.

    I desperately need to Service Pack 1 and can not just download it from the Microsoft Download Center either, because the info said to ensure that the drivers are up to date.

    Can someone point me in the direction where I can download the right driver Intel Graphics. I looked at the Intel site, but its way just above my head.

    Hoping someone can help

    According to specification for laptop , your laptop comes with HP Win7 64 bit.

    You have installed the original version of recovery which includes all drivers?
    Anyway, in the past, I've got several machines Toshiba and after a certain period of time under Windows Update was always offered Service Pack 1 as option for the Microsoft Windows Update. Maybe not at the beginning of the specifications of its use with own OS preinstalled. Wait a bit.

    To be honest, it is unclear to me that it depends on display preinstalled driver and I ve never done such an experience.

  • Windows XP Service Pack 2 for Toshiba SM30-604 problems,

    I installed SP2 on my Toshiba SM30-604. But after that, he can't start whitout an electric cable connected, so when I want to start I need to sit near a wall outlet. I already get an update on the site but I can not find it.



    This doesn't do not feel directly related to Service Pack 2.
    You say that you need a cable to be able to start. OK, what if not? , You get an error message, a warning (If Yes, what is the error message or warning said) or does the machine start simply not at all (in this case means that no light, no on-screen text)? To be more specific, and I will try to advice.



    Post edited by: Tom Mannerhagen

  • Firefox 4.0 is now compatible with the browser ZoneAlarm and Windows Vista Home Premium, 64-bit Service Pack 2 system?

    Firefox 4.0 is now compatible with the browser ZoneAlarm and Windows Vista Home Premium, 64-bit Service Pack 2 system? Earlier when checking for updates it had compatibility problems. These issues have been resolved for me operation secure with Firefox 4.0?

    According to the guru on the ZoneAlarm user forum, Firefox 4 and other new browsers won't be compatible with the new version of ZoneAlarm, releasing. See:

    "You must update the following plugin:

    • Adobe PDF plugin for Firefox and Netscape 8.2.6
    1. Check your plugin versions on one of the following links:

    2. Update of Adobe Reader (PDF plugin):
      • Within your existing Adobe (If you have already installed) drive:

        • Open the Adobe Reader program in your list of programs
        • Click Help > check for updates
        • Follow the instructions to update
        • If this method works for you, go to the section "download full installer ' below and go to"after the installation"below
      • Download the full installer (If you have NOT installed Adobe Reader):
      • After installation, launch Firefox and recheck your version.
  • Update, Qosmio F - SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Service Pack 3 fails

    This update continues to be marked by the automatic update from microsoft, but fails to update no matter how many times I try to treat it... Why is it so?

    What is the aim of SQL servers and do I need? Deleting it will solve my problem?


    Check out this page of MS:

    You can download here the full Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Service Pack 3.
    But please check the Instructions on the page of Ms.
    You will need Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later and you need to follow some other measures that are mentioned on the Web site.

    See you soon

  • Problem installing Vista Service Pack 1


    I searched the internet for hours now and have found many people with the same problem but I couldn't find a solution.

    I just bought software that requires Vista service pack 1 which I thought that I had already but I didn't so I installed it.
    It goes through the whole process of installation and the last section after restarting, it goes to a black screen where it moves well as files or something but locks files 37898/94821 with the message:! 0xc01a001d! (\Registry\Machine\COMPONENETS\winners\x86...).

    If anyone has had this problem and know what to do.
    My laptop is fine without service pack 1, but my new software needs to work so I have to download it.

    Thank you


    To be honest, I never had any problem with my Vista updates
    The Vista updates automatically every time when I m online and when new updates are available

    How have you tried to update the Vista operating system?
    Have you downloaded the SP1 version first on the HARD drive or do you run an automatic update?

    If the automatic update does not work, try to download the SP1 version first, and then start the update procedure:

    SP1 can be downloaded here:

  • Error install Vista Service Pack 2 and the incompatibility of Realtek

    I just want to inform you that service pack 2 install gave me an error message when I installed it on a clean rebuild of my PC Toshiba laptop. Something about an incompatible driver. As I had already installed the latest drivers Toshiba pages, I chose the action 'ignore and continue' to install and the update has been completed successfully.

    I then ran the utility Advisor upgrade of Windows (search just a Microsoft Web site to find) that checks the hardware/driver with Vista.

    Their report indicates that the card Realtek RTL8187B wireless network driver has a problem with Vista and recommends to install the latest version of the driver. Since I do not have the latest Toshiba driver installed, what is the procedure to follow?

    The WiFi with this computer functions laptop, with the only "problem" being a second 45 delay to the awakening of the mode shall be able to open a new web page. This is the time it takes to establish a connection to a router/modem.

    > Their report indicates that the card Realtek RTL8187B wireless network driver has a problem with Vista and recommends to install the latest version of the driver. Since I do not have the latest Toshiba driver installed, what is the procedure to follow?

    You can try the page of the Realtek driver Realtek WLan driver.
    There you can find the latest Realtek drivers for different chips Realtek.

    But to be honest, I wouldn't be worried about this massage.
    Something like this can happen after all installations of Microsoft service packs.

    I remember that many pilots have not been substantiated by SP1 but they ran correctly

    So take it easy ;)

  • XP service pack 2 will not map work his yamaha

    I have installed xp service pack 2 but a message appears saying that his yamaha card would make windows unstable and so I'm left with no sound and unable to run programs such as movie maker windows. Do I have to buy a new sound card? any suggestions?


    I don't know where the problem is, but perhaps put to update the audio driver can help.

    Good bye

  • Support from Toshiba for Microsoft Windows Service Packs?

    Does Toshiba provide the downloads
    for the Microsoft Service Pack
    (For example, Windows XP Service Pack)?

    The easiest way for you to find information about the Windows Service Packs is to surf the site of Toshiba in your country and watch download & support.

    You will find the a Service Pack Microsoft of category.

    For example, the link for the Toshibe Europe is->

  • Upgrade to XP Service Pack 2 on Satellite Pro A40


    I was just request if I need tp update my bios before running SP2?

    Thank you



    No Don t you must update your bios, just upgrade to service pack 2, because it s just something pure windows.

    Can I ask you how you see this idea to update the bios before installing SP2? :)

    Welcome them

  • How to install Vista Service Pack 1 - Equium P200

    have now tried many times to install the sp1 update. This on Equium P200. update remains in loop and finally returns to disc installinfrom of old settings.tried. This is same, but came with the 0x800f0826 error code. the link that took me to just given microsoft siteand same things to try as before.

    Looking for a not found error code. someone in words can tell me what this code is very simple and then in simple steps how to install the sp1 update. I've been using the automatic update and when checked maually, the only update that has not been installed sp1.

    Try to download the sp1 manually from
    Once you have done so, use a windows account that has administrator rights to install the service pack.

Maybe you are looking for