set the configuration of appeal vi for node reference vi call

As noted in the title someone knows how to set the configuration of appeal vi (load with the appellants, charging for each call, load and store on first convocation) for a vi dynamically loaded via call by reference node?

Thank you.


CBR is irrelevant in the present case, since he already receives a VI reference.

If you use the primitive opening VI refers to open this reference, then the VI will be charged the first time you call the primitive.

If the VI leaves no memory (and you do not configure it on the way home), subsequent calls to the prim OVR returns the reference to the first VI you have opened. This is equivalent to the load and keep it.

If you close and reopen the VI reference, it is equivalent to recharge.

If you use a static reference to the VI, it is equivalent to the load with the appellants.

Personally, I have all my default subVIs charge with the appellants.

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    Kind regards


    You seem to be confusing core components and classes Java.  They are completely different.  The error message that you get "Unable to resolve component", says that the kernel is unable to find a file of specific properties anywhere in the directories named in your configpath trees.  To be precise, there is no file named /com/progiweb/fbconnect/pipeline/ in your config directory.  If I read correctly this conversation, it is because the file with this name is a .java file, not a .properties file.  The two most likely causes of your problem are:

    1. you have a file of properties somewhere that mentions/com/progiweb/fbconnect/pipeline/FacebookAuthStatusServlet as the value of something else than $class.  $class is a special case whose value is sought by a Java ClassLoader in the classpath.  Values of the other properties are interpreted as references to the component, and looked up from core in the configpath.

    2. in the directory tree that contains the /com/progiweb/fbconnect/pipeline/ isn't in the configpath.  ATG displays the complete configpath during startup.  If your directory is missing, you have may have specified correct information in the entrance of the ATG-Config-path in your module MANIFEST. MF file.

  • How can I set the maximum number of reboots for my PDF files?

    I want to sent my PDF to a friend, but I just let see only twice.

    How can I set the maximum number of reboots for my PDF files?

    My software is Acrobat X

    You can't - a PDF security options do not allow control over the number of times the file can be opened, even using DRM.

  • Make sure that wire you all the inputs and outputs of your node library function call?

    This document says "make sure that wire you all the inputs and outputs of your node library function call.

    But all the terminals on the right side of the call library node considered "outputs" referred to in the foregoing statement?

    This same document continues to show the right way to allocate memory with this illustration and in the illustration, the right "outputs" are left without junctions.

    Am I right in assuming that the only terminals that count as outputs, those who use the code of the DLL (modify) as output?  If it is true, then all other terminals output associated with the values entered alone so don't really account as outputs, correct?

    In the parameter call-library configuration screen there is a "Constant" check box and the help that he wrote "indicates whether the parameter is a constant."  What is this box? for me in the setup of the DLL call

    Finally, assuming that a call from the DLL that is supposed to write in these five outputs, is it legitimate to use constants like this to book a space of memory for the output values?

    How about if local variables associated with the output terminals are used instead?

    Despite the linked document, it is necessary to connect the corresponding entry for simple scalar output parameters (for example a digital). LabVIEW automatically allocate memory for them. If you do not want the entries for all the output wire anyway, there should not be no difference between a constant and a local variable; I would use a constant to avoid useless local variables.

    For settings that are only entries, there is not need to connect the outlet side. It's a bit simplistic since all parameters are entered only and get one result (other than the return value), you pass a memory address and modify the content to this address, but LabVIEW manages this dereferencing pointer for you. If you want to really get into the details, learn more about pointers in C.

    The "Constant" check box acts as the qualifier "const" on a c function parameter. It tells the compiler that the function you are calling will not change this setting. If you call a function prototype includes a const parameter, then you must mark this as a constant parameter when you configure the call library function node. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry on this subject.

  • Bad Version number of driver Oracle .class file in the configuration of livecycle ES2 for jboss

    (1) I have ojbdc6.jar in the folder lib pre-configured jboss 4.2.1

    (2) I have JAVA_HOME for jdk6 Update 21, JBOSS_HOME to jboss

    (3) creating user of oracle database, password configured oracle - ds.xml, adobe - ds.xml and login - config.xml, as it appear in the installation guides

    (4) I have stuck-up "LiveCycel ES2 database initialization". I have the following...

    Unable to connect to the database; casued by [could not create a connection...

    Caused by: org.jboss.resource.JBossResourceException: unable to save the driver for: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver; -nested throwable: (java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: unexpected error during a load: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver, msg = number of wrong version in the .class file)

    Anyone able to help out this...

    Thanks in advance.


    As you must have in the screen "Task Selection" in LCM "Deploy LiveCycle ears" option is disabled.

    This means that when you have finished the configuration of LiveCycle ears you must manually copy the ears on JBoss, and then start the application server.

    This can be done following the steps mentioned below:

    (1) copy of the/servers/lc_oracle/logs folder ears.

    Once the server is running, you must proceed to the step "bootstrap".


    A useful suggestion is to try the partial turnkey installation that is quick and easy.

    Just one thing to keep in mind however, use ojdbc6.jar for LCM begins with JDK 1.6, in this case.

    In case you give ojdbc5.jar by mistake, check the connection would give bad .class version errors.

    You will need to leave LCM, restart it and tap the ojdbc6.jar to avoid this problem.

    Thanks and greetings

    Hina Rouanet

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    OK, so I was about to buy a laptop, I really wanted to for the last few months. But yesterday, my father told me about windows 8 and that it would be better to wait until it comes out to get a laptop with her already pre-installed. I found the offer of $15.00 for the upgrade to windows 8, plus I also get the great back to school discounts. My father always tells me that it is much better to do it with it already installed... -Is this worth the wait?


    I would recommend you take advantage of the offer of discounts for Windows 8.

    Normally, it would be better to buy a computer with the latest version of Windows pre-installed because the computer could be certified to run the pre-installed operationg system.

    However, in this case, all the computers that are available with the upgrade of $15 are all designed to run the final version of Windows 8.


  • setting the appropriate values of cpu for bb-cputab

    I never fully understood how Big Brother uses the running time between (unix) operating systems to determine the values of the cpu.

    Is there a form published to determine what the correct values must be defined for the file bb-cputab in BBHOME/etc/for more specific notifications?

    as the CPU test is based on the average of the load. Usually, a THE of 1.00 is optimal (a 1.00 availability means 100 in BB jargon, the comma is removed). So by default, yellow is set to 150 and 300 red. By experience, he has been on these values, otherwise, if they were lower would be more false positives. That said, some operating systems (I think Solaris is like that), aggreate load average all processors and not the average, so if you have a 4cpu server, yellow must be red and 600-1200. make sense?

  • How to set the page size by default for printing on a 8450.

    A few days ago, I printed a few envelopes and now when I print from some programs, the size of the printed page remained the envelope size.  I want to print from any program on paper letter without changing the settings each time.

    Thank you

    This document can help you to define the printing parameters for all type of printing. Not only for the photos as the title suggests. You shouldn't have to keep it set every time.

    The printer settings

  • Set the values of parameter SPFILE for Oracle RAC


    in the documentation:

    I can read:

    *. OPEN_CURSORS = 500
    prod1. OPEN_CURSORS = 1000

    If an another DBA executes the following statement, then Oracle database updates the setting on all instances except the instance with SID prod1:

    So if you run the following statement on another instance, the instance with sid prod1 also assumes the new 2000 setting:

    My question is:

    How Oracle will know that it is you run the NDDN statement to apply even to prod1?

    The syntax for these two ALTER SYSTEM are the same. Then why Oracle applies the second on prod1?

    In other words, why the output of these two statements is different with respect to the affected bodies? One is applied on all except prod1 and the next is applied to all included prod1.

    Thank you.


    If you have 2 instance and run you the change of parameter with sid ='* ', which means changing this setting will affect the two instance...

    the two values in the instance will be changed. -->> search for "SID clause allows you to specify the SID.

    This seems to be a bug in documentation...


    Thank you

  • How to set the time of data collection for information Publisher report

    Hello everyone,

    So, I'm trying to set up a report, which contains some information of tablespace. The report must be sent to my e-mail account around 07:00 every day, so I have an overview if we run into a few problems with some full tablespaces. the report and mail notification works well but my only problem is, the data are not updated. There is a comment under each data table in my report which said that the data had been updated on 8 to 13 hours ago according to the target database. is there a way I can trigger the update of data report on a specific time? So I can update the data before you run the report job every morning around 07:00? I'm totally noob, so I hope someone can help me, I tried to google it but I couldn't find anything useful.

    Unfortunately, there is really no good way to 'schedule' collection for this because it is perceived with a dozen of other data points and likely to cause problems.   What you could do, is create a metric custom extension with query data file you need (simple Dungeon it do not go beyond what you really need to prevent performance problems), deploy the metric on all target databases, then disable collection of gui (metrics and collection parameters) and cron the collection to run at a period determined using emctl control agent runCollection : .   You can then create a report about the data collected in mgmt$ metric_current.

  • Set the events in oracle 11g for SAP

    Hi all

    Recently, we have updated oracle database at (AIX 7.1) for the SAP application.

    Some settings of the default event have been set when the database has been executed with version. After upgrading to, these events have not observed pfile/spfile. However, the post_upgrade log shows that these events have been defined (and journal displays a list of events as well).

    Now, my concern is whether the settings of the event have been put already by default (if it is already set after upgrade, don't know why pfile reflecting is not them) or do I have to adjust the settings manually.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Kind regards

    See SAP Note 1431798 for a list of the parameters of the event required. These are correct. You must also run the last Patch Bundle SAP that specifically tells you to set these events after the installation of the hotfix. If you have run the wrapper of dbua SAP by their 11g upgrade instructions, I think that it defines these events for you as well.

  • How to set the type of device on a node in the CEAP

    I am writing a CEAP plugin that creates a camera in After Effects. The camera must be configured on each node, however, the default seems to be two knots, and I can't find any way to control this is the initial method of AEGP_CreateCameraInComp AEGP_CompSuite6, or after the fact on AEGP_CameraSuite2, which seems to be the obvious place to look.

    I'm looking in the wrong places, or is there really no way to control whether a camera is one or two knots when it was created via a CEAP?

    There are a few things you could do:

    fist, you could use AEGP_SetLayerFlag() with AEGP_LayerFlag_LOOK_AT_POI or AEGP_LayerFlag_AUTO_ORIENT_ROTATION.

    If this does not work, you can always go crazy:

    AEGP_ExecuteScript ("app.project.item (compItem) .layer (camLayerIndex) .autoOrient = AutoOrientType.NO_AUTO_ORIENT");


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    I tried to use the buttonMode in a for loop and I get this error:

    Symbol "tablo", layer "layer 4', image1, line 16 1119: access property may not set buttonMode through a reference with static type flash.display:DisplayObject.»

    Codes here:

    for(var i:uint=0; i<=5; i++) {

    any help?


    for (var i: uint = 0; i<=5; i++)="">
    var mc:MovieClip = ('b' + i) getChildByName as MovieClip;
    mc.buttonMode = true;
    mc.addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, f);
    mc.addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, f);

  • OSB - how to set the mask of different file for the FTP traffic?

    Hi all

    I use transport FTP OSB to watch a folder (on remote FTP server).
    For file mask, we can use several types?

    In my case, I want to ask all the files that has the choice of the following file name extension:
    1 *. ABC
    2 *. ABc
    3 *. AbC
    4 *. ABC
    5 *.abc
    6 *.aBc
    7 *.abC
    8 *.aBC

    In other words, any file ends with abc (case doesn't matter).

    Can I set different types of file mask? How?
    I tried to put all 8 masks, separated by ',' and also tried ';
    But failed.

    Or any expression , can I use the file mask?

    I tried to put all 8 masks, separated by ',' and also tried '; But failed.

    A proxy may have only one mask file. You cannot specify more than one file in a single service mask.

    Can I set different types of file mask? How?

    Not in a single proxy service. You must either create a proxy with file mask *. * ( to read all the files in the directory, or you must create the number of proxies with each having a specific file mask.

    Or any expression, can I use the file mask?

    Only the wildcard characters * and? are allowed in the file mask. Regular expressions are not supported.

    Can you let us know more about your use case so that we suggest a good solution? Will be your files with another extension of file system process differently or what all the file extension is treated in the same way? Which application writes files being read by OSB and cann't, it controls the naming of files?

    Kind regards

  • When will Mozilla set the fact that major supplements for Kaspersky do not work with their last update of FireFox?

    Kaspersky URL Advisor, virtual keyboard, blocking the dangerous site and money safe supplements that everything won't work if I update to version 33.1.1.

    Hi kevin, it is still the task of the extension developer to keep an addon compatible with new versions. Firefox came out on a fixed schedule of 6 weeks and trial versions are available months in advance if this is not surprising to any developer - in effect, you pay for this kaspersky, so it is better to communicate with their channels of support on this issue.
    Although most of the time these extensions are not really necessary, other AV vendors like norton are able to release updates for their addons in time.

Maybe you are looking for